Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 15, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1895
Page 3
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There's No Use Talking The Crowds that visit our store daily convinces us that Sample Shoes! ? ^Iris what the people want. Why not? They are the est and Cheapest SHOES ON EARTH! It's folly to buy anything else. Glance at these prices, thkn glance at your purse and see if they don't fit better than those old war- prices you've been paying for shoes. At* 73c 98c lOc $1.23: : Ladies' Dongola Oxford slippers. Guaranteed solid leather. Regular price SI.50 Men's lace or congress solid leather throughout. Worth fully twice as much Infant's button shoes, soft or flexible soles. Either Patent Leather or Dongola kid Ladies' fine Dongola kid. New style Jtoes, You've got to pay $2.50 for them in other stores. Ladies' Dongola button shoes, patent tip, stylish and good, others ask $1.5O for 'em Children's Dongola kid, spring heel, patent tip, They are considered cheap at 75c elsewhere. Boy's Veal Calf Shoes., Solid as a rock and worth fully double the money Men's Tan Lace Shoes, Picadilly ftoes, genuine Rus___. Calf. Made to sell at $4.50. They're nobby 75c 48c 75c $1.89 Everything in the way of footwear sold the same way. Everything guaranteed as represented or-money refunded. •AMPLE Ike Oppenheimer, Manager. [fvsta USE, ONLY It is pure and healthful and always ready! Makes delicious Pancakes, Muffins and Gems. Crystal Wheat Flakes Are superior to all others. Crystal Rice Milling Company. Ask your grocer, MARION. IND FRESH FISH! If you want a fine fresh FISH leave your order with F. W KINNBY, —TELEFMONB 172. A fine variety of fresh lake fish received daily. No cold storage goods. We dress and deliver without extra charge. H. E. TRUAX, M. D. Sp«olal attention'gtven to No*e, Lung, HTM •nd Chronic Diseases. Office and Residence orer State National Bank. BourslOtol2a. m.,2to4p, m.,an<17 to8 p.m. All nils promptly attended. DR. F. M. BOZKR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. .* WANTED! REAL ESTATE. ;r/ Wanted, Cheap Cottages Tor Sale. Wanted Lou and Acres For 3aK Wanted Small Tamw Tor Sale. Wanted Bmmeu Bloelu Tor Sal*. Wanted to Exchange rarnu for Citj Property. Wanted Mwcliancllsa to Tritle for Farms. ADDRESS M. M. GOB DOM. SprJ Block JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS jw^ ros Mtti» wnm KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 613 Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 15. Zoa Phora won't do for ailing women, no medicine will. Fancy lawn grass seed, fertilizers for lawns and plants—Krels' Mfg. Co., 414 Broadway, Prince Alberts, nulllfier, very nar. row, square, razor and opera toe shoes new, at Otto Kraus'. Elias Winter will remove two doors east of hie present looatJon until the building now occupied by W. H. Brown in vacated. For Rent—Two front rooms furniih- ed, suitable for two ladiev or gentlemen, or family without :ui|*»i Who, but those who have had the unhappy experience, can tell tbe hor.. rore or appreciate the unhappy experience of persons troubled with sleeplessness? . The damnable hatred of all. the demons in hell for mankind mual; surely bs appeased by the conscious., ness of such human Buffering. The long, dreary, unhappy hours, who can. describe them and why is it necessary? If you have ever been troubled you know what they are, and if you have been spared you have co interest In. ihe knowledge of such suffering. . • Mrs. A. Batoman, Romulus, Mioh., a'fter describing her suffering from sleeplessness extending over a period of eight years, receiving' at times only about twelve hours' sleep In a week, writes of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital, izer as follows: "I began taking ic In common doees and the first night I slept eight hours and a nap the next day. Every night since I have slept eight or ten hours. Oh, how thankful I am lor having had Be. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer brought to my notice and for the benefit received from it. iStop nnd think, eight years of sleep- Wsness and cured in a day, does it not seem'like a miracle?" This medicine Is equally as effective in curing nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleeplessness, mental depressions exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist. ^ Remt Eitate and Loan Ofllee. I have opened a real estate and loan office at No. 400 Broadway, up stairs, Logansport, Ind., and would reipsct fully solicit all persons desirtus of purchasing or Belling real estate, or borrowing or loaning money, to give me a call. Will also attend to any buslnos* en. trusted with me before city council, county commissioners, city or county officers. Will also attend to the adjustment, of accounts, settlements, etc. D. W. TOMLIJfSOX. Insurance and Loans—A few hun. dred dollars of local funds; also Eastern money in any amount, to loan on mortgage security—S, M. Closson, No. 319 Pearl street, : Have you ever noticed how your: system seenu to eraVB special assist-' .utoa in the spring? Just the help, required U glTen by Hood> , Sarwpa-;; HENDEE DITCH CASE DECIDED. Gundruiu TM. White a»d Cat)*) Counties Hauled far tbe Defendant* —Nineteen TSonsnnd l»ollar» Involved. The suit brought by William Gun. drum and others against the Boards of Commissioners of Cass and Wnite counties to set asile the assessments made upon their lands for the construction of the Oliver Hendee ditch was tried Wednesday. Judge McConnell rendered his decision yesterday morning. The contention of the plaintiffs was that the act of tbe legislature was unconstitutional in the manner in which provision is made for joint meetings of the Boards of two counties where the ditch runs in two counties. Judge- MoConnell held the act to be valid and rendered judgment against the plaintiff?. The amount involved is about $19,000. In this case the parlies stood by without objection until the work was completed and then brought suits to set aside the assessments. Some of them had even been con. tractors on the ditch. Kistler & Klstler, Winfield & Taber for the plaintiffs and Nelson & Myers and MoConnell & Jenkines for the defendants, were the attorney? ID the case. Did You Erer Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for your troubles? If not, get a bottle now and get relief. This medicine has been found to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all female complaints, exerting a wonderful influence in giving strength and tone to the organs. If you "have loss of appetite, constipation, headache, fainting spells, or are nervous, sleepless, excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spoils, Electric Bitters ia the medicine you need. Health nnd etrength are guaranteed by Its use. Large bottles only fifty cents at B. F. Keesllog's drug store. Eel Township SundB.v Scno'olM. The Eel township Sunday schools will hold their regular monthly con. vention Friday evening March 15th. at the North Side Union Sunday School hall. I'ROGRAM. Opening exercises condncted by Hm President. Topic: -How best cun the clilldreu Us Impressed with tlifilr duty of uniting with ttio cbnrob." Opened by Rev. C. B. •Wellborn. Discussion. Question Drawer.—Bev. J.-C. Xauflmiin JOHN J. HlLDEBRANDT, President. .1 Household Treasure. . D. W. Fuller, of Canajoharie, >\ 1'., says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in. the houee and his family has always found the very best results follow Its use; that he would not be without it, if procurable, ft. A. Dykeman, druggist, Catskill, N. Y., say that Dr. King's New Discovery is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that ho has used It n his family for eight years, and it has never failed to do all that is claimed for it. Why not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at B. F. Keesllng's drugstore. Regular size 50c. and $1. What IH the Work of the Kidneys? To remove from the blood its impurities. The products of cell wastes which have bson burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood in tho body goes through the kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later tho system is poisoned. Therefore, ' San Jak" is the indicated blood remedy. Xerrons DcMlily. Erery person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or failing memory, is entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have extended medical aid §uch as is fourtd In -•San Jak." Sold by Ben Fisher, druggist. Home-SeeuerM' Excursions soa)h and Santheaatvl* Pennsylvania Unew. Special low rate excursion tickets with twenty day limit will be sold March 5th, April 2d and 30th, from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania Lines to points in Alabamla, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. For details, apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address F. Van Dusen, Chief Assistant General Paisen ger Agent, Pittsbuag, Pa. Beware ofOtntme«t» for Catarrh That Contain Mercnry. As marcurj will sorelj destroy tbe sense of smell and completely derangstha whole system when entering It tnrongli tie mucous surfaces. Sach article* should never be used except on prescriptions Crom reputable physicians, as the damage thw will do U ten fold to tbe good jon can possl- blr derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Core manufactured by If. J. Cheney* Co.. Toledo, O., contains no merenry, and is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous sarfaoes o£ too system. -In boyimg Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the ge«ulne. It is taken Internally and made In Toledo, Ottlo, by F. J. Cheney 4- Co le»tlm«n;ali free. . . , aJli »J «rojzUtj. p clc • ?»c. par bottle. ,,DuiJUp, rnni Tbuman ityle FEW TTTE3 OF LOCOMOTIVES. The Pannsylvonia Company is budding at its Altoona shops a new consolidation compound eight weeel passenger locomotive, and also working on drawings f«r a new very fast passenger locomotive, which will be different in type from anything now in use on the Pennsylvania lines. The new passenger engines will not be ready for service tor gome months, and will first be tried between Philadelphia and Jer»ey City. AH these engines will be decided improvements over any locomotives now In use on the Pennsylvania. Spveral days ago an evening paper published a sensational report 10 the effect that the Pan Eandle had detectives employed in this city whose duty it was to watch the saloons and with a kodak take the pictures of employee just as they were in the act ol guzzling down their drinks. The officials laugh at this and wonder whore ihe rumor originated. It is hardly to be presumed that the officers of a great corporation would stoop to any such mean and despicable trick. Besides it Is cot at all necessary for them to resort to the kodak as they are in full-knowledge of ibe habits acd morals of all their employee who have been in their" service any length of lime. The case of Patrick Boler va tho Wab.i S h Railroad compao'?, which wss instituted ia tue Allen circuit court, has been c.li:ui?ed to the WtOU circuit court und will ba tried at B:uiTion by Judge Vaughn. In October, 1S9S, tho plaiiuilT w-18 urjj ployed as yard eogiueor at Aodrewe. One day, so he alleges, be was pitched bead foremost out of his ca •> window by the drivers dropping down ilirougb a defective Iro-r. In tbe fall Bolcr, who Is a largo man, had tbe bones of both wris'.s broken, disabling him for life. He asks §5,000 damages. There wan a. great decrease in the activity of tbe locomotive industry during 139*. The American Machinist reports a total of only 695 locomotives last pear, against 2,011 in 1893. Three companies which bull; 90 in 1893 did cot build one last year. In 1892 the total was -2,092, in 1891, 2,165, and in 1890 2,300. The great falling off in 189-1 doubtless was due in part to decreased railroad traffic and in part to the desire Of the railroad companies to keep their expenses within the smallest limits. Mart Jamison who a number of years ago ran an engine on the Pan Handle brt for some time has been on the Wabasb, has met with a misfortune over there. Since tbe strike he has been running a passenger engine between Peru and Montpelier and had an accident for which tho officials blame him. He was taken, out of passenger service and is now running a freight engine. A new type of coal car has been built at the Pennsylvania shops and is constructed so that It can be unloaded in a moment. The oar has been tried at different places and under various conditions and has proven to give satisfaction. Several more have been ordered built. "Mrs. C. Wymanof Huntington, led. has been appointed organizer and inspector of the ladies'" auxiliary lodge of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. The stockholders of tbe Pan Handle will bold their annual meeling and. elect officers at Pittsburg, April 9th. Bncklcn's Avolca Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts bruises, sores,, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all akin erup. tiona, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It U guaranteed to give perfect satistactlonjor money refunded. Price 25 cents per boy. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. YEARS OF INTENSE PAIN. Dr. JT. H. ITctt*, druggist and physician, Humboldt. Neb., who suffered -with heart disease for four years, trying every remedy and all treatments known to himself and fellow-practitioners; believes that heart disease Is curable. Ho writes: "I wish to toll what your valuable medicine has done for me. For four years I had heart disease Of the very worst kind. Several physicians I consulted, said It was Rheumatism of the Heart. It was almost unendurable; with shortness of breath, palpitations, severe pains, unablo to eleop, especially on the loft side. No pen can dev ecrlbo my suffor- ngs, particularly luring tho last _nonths of thoso four weary years. ,DR. jTifiL'WATTS. I finally tried Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure, and was surprised at tho result. It put new life Into and made a new man of mo. 1 have not had a symptom of trouble since and I am satisfied your medicine has cured mo for 1 have now enjoyed, since taking It .Three Years of Splendid Health. I might add that 1 am a druggist and have sold and recommended your Heart Cure, for I know what it has dono for mo and only wish! could suite more clearly my suffering then and tlio Rood health I now onjoy. Your Nervine and oilier remedies also give excellent (satisfaction. 11 J. H. WATTS. JJumboldt, Neb., May 9, '94. 'ir 51 lies Heart GOTO If sold on a positive cuV-r'-uv tiiut-the lirst. bottle will IwnoOt. All drufisitwsell it at H, 6 bottles forR..or Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Restores Health Tliv r.i'xt I "O' 1 for IIor*ps. Horses shoulil not be 'fe:l with boiled food for tho reason that, they bolt it: indigestion follows, colic uiul otlu-r ills. Wheat is tho best, all-round food for horses, given with discrcliiiji. Sixty- two pounds of \vho;it sell Jit t,lio same price :is fortv-two pounds of oats. According to analysis, it is tlio more valuable food pound for pound, but it is toe stimulat-inff unless given very cautiously. The fanner might beg-in with four pounds o{ vhcat, per day coarsely grouud, increasing- it to six pounds., and in this way help to raise the price erf the article us well as decrease the cost of feeding- the horses.— Prairie , Farmer. _^___ _ A Remedy Tor IIo:iTex- It is generally understood that a horse having- heaves cannot endure dry feed, especially dry hay, and that greatest relief is found in the use of, green, fresh grass, at a season of thc- year when grass can be bad, but that it can only be had a part of the year. It is found "by a thorough experiment that a horse that could endure no fatigue. and could scarcely breathe when fed on' dry ha}-, can apparently be rejuvenated. and put in sound, comfortable condition by a regular feed of ensilage a.nd perform regular farm work without a show of heaves.— Country Gentleman. Tooth «»d. Ton£ue Combined. Teeth and tongue are combined In the ease of garden snails and slugs. There are, it appears, on the tongue of the common snail J35 rows of teeth and 105 in each row. making a total of H 17,1 teeth. This is understood to be surpassed in the case of the largest British land snail, in which the tongue has HO rows of teeth, with 351 in each row, making a total of 31,1-10 teeth. One'of the slug fa.mily has 28,800 on the tongue, disposed in 100 rows, with. 180 in each. There are also many- fishes in which this combination of teeth and tongue occurs. A glance- into the mouth of the pike or perch re- . veals an array of teeth so numerous as to be crowded, not only on the jaws.' but upon the tongue, palate, floor and sides of the mouth, and upon tho gill arches aud back of the throat. The whelk has a ribbonlike tongue, contained 'in. a proboscis, with which it bores holes ia the shells of tbe mollusks which form its food, and this tongue has strong, suwHke teeth on tbe edges, with rows of finer on«s between. The tongues of many, bird* also are covered more or less thickly with spines, which, to all intents and purposes, are teeth.— Brooklyn Eagle.. —In matter nature allows no atom. to elude its grasp: in mind, no thought. or feeling to perish. It gathers up the fragments that nothing be lost- Thomas. _ _ ___ —Sympathy is that within us which enables us to look at our neighbors a*-OUT other self.— Young Men's Era, Here's the Peddler, with \vashing-po\vder. " Prizes," too, , for any women brave enough to use it. Reckless—that's a truer word for her, when you think of all the harm that cheap, inferior washing powders can do. YThcn ou conside the ruined clothes, paint, etc.. ihatvpu're risking Y.-duidp.'t it seem cheaper to buy' these trifling "prizes," for voursr.-:!". Ifvo-: v.\int thcrn . J Pearl- 'ir.c :s::'^'pocidiud -doesn't give I.-.-.- ^-'<-r-^ It is a prize in itself. I / '-'v i -.---- ^ _ I / Yo:'. cctn nave mere money \\-\ui ' J*ear]inc, bv reason of its absolute csfetv,- ilian. v.-ith an\ r cheap ^ •washing-poT.vder. By the Avay, / did you eve? get a really good thing .from ;a peddler ? ;, .

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