The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1947 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1947
Page 17
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THUr.SDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1947 hungry Kids Come Before Cows fn Food Conservation, /owo Former Soys After Making Tour '^' 1 ' ' BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS , of . SL Anss "''' ' He was 'Just hack from Europ he Jommittce—to iiivestlea jwn way. -• 4 Now he was telling ),ls friends iboul the hungry kids he had seen ijy-liirope—kin's wlio were supposed • ie tile hope or Europe—the new pmru-s or R ]>eaceful world. "I'm Scotch," lie was saying, 'and supposed to he hardbollcd Hut for the sake of those kids over (Jierc, I'm hoping we feed 0*1- I'.ov just a little lighter and keep our • vows just a little thinner, and send 100 million bii«heis of grain to keep them from starving between now snd the next crop season." A hundred million bushels of Eialn! TliiU's what (he Citizens Food Committee is asking for the Inyigry In Western Europe. Everybody Is trying to send these bushels of {-rain to the people who need it so elcsppi-aiely. Distillers, brewers, bakers arc carrying out. programs of curtailed production. Growers are featuring plentiful foods. , How can hompmnkers contribute to food-saving? Once they know (lie terrible, pressing need, they quickly want to know how the whole program set up by the Citizens Food Committee fits Info the big job of sending those millions of bushels of grain. A lot of neople have been uskliig: "How lines meatless Tuesday hrh> to eel grain to Europe?" First you must realize that when you eal meat, you're eating "rain Since three-fourths of all the grain raised In the United States goes into livestock nnr! i>oul!n- feeding, that's where w c must turn for most of ouv grain saying. Usually it takes about five pounds of grain to I produce a pound of meat. And I much more than that for the top- I grade stuff—the steaks you love to j tCjKh. x So It stands to reason. If : tWhomemaker cuts down on meat, j huylng — or serves the cheaper ! :uts that require less grain — the farmer will send his livestock to 'mnr'itct sooner, thus shortening the grain-feeding period, it may sound like remote control. Yet actually your kitchen Isn't too far removed from the feed lot where Farmer McKtnley wanted to keep his cows just a little thinner, his hogs a little lighter, to keep Europe's "kids from being so hungry. Another familiar question: "\Vlial about Thursday — dolnjr without cfTRs? The answer goes something like this. If you skip egss on Thursday, there will be less demand for this product At this very heart of all this foodsavinR is the Aincrican u home- r.iaker. Without her under.<itaivlh><; and cooperation, the whole campaign bogs down. Thai's why the Citizens Food committee lost no time in setting up a. Consumer Sen-ice Section to nlert homemakers in ways of conservation, incidentally, the Consumer Service program, now in full swing, leads to better health arid, better eating ^Anticipating the hdmemaker's ^Sobleiro there'.? a daily program of meal-planning -information and tips on food saving from the Consumer Service Section, headed by Katharine Fisher, who is assisted by'-, well-known home economists and nutritionists. The daily PEACE PLATE builds around a' plentiful food, or a meat-egg alternate. The complete menu suggestion rounds out the main dish int<^ a nutritious McKlnley had paid his whole. Good cooking; methods tip off the honiemaker on how to preserve flavor and nutrition. Color combinations are templing Careful advance planning treads lightly on the budget, includes waste rutting Ideas for tile appetiz- i Juice. 2 tablespoons mayi top all this, drops Tabasco sauce, I |n s use of leftovers. To ..,, „,„. the PEACE PLATE recipes arc the Kind that will be family favorites — to be copied into (he recipe books —for iliey are well-tested, taste i good, A coin radio has .been designed especially for hospitals, where rc- ceptimi generally is difficult, A quarter will bring forth three hours of radio entertainment. Eggless Menu: BREAKFAST: Orange juice, cooked wholewheat cereal, ral- si" toast, butter or fortified margarine, cotfce. milk. LUNCHEON: Tomato juice, sandwiches with baked bean spread and cheese and nut spread, fresh pears, tea, milk. DINNER: Fresh vegetable nnd chopped chicken loaf, gravy, baked 'potatoes, canned peas, celery, prune and cream cheese pie, coffee, milk. Tasty Spreads Widely Used in Sandwiches FOIl those school hox sandwiches, make lasly spreads that carry (heir load of Rood protein food. 1-Yoin a valuable new recipe book prepared by (lie Servel Homeinnker's Institute come these suggestions; linked Dean Spread Two cups baked beans, mashed, 'j cup nut meals, chopcd, '1 cup celery, chopped, 1 small onion, iiimct'ct, '; cup tomato catsup, '.$ teaspoon snlt, 1 tablespoon lemon mayonnaise, 2 .- - -. e, I teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. IJiend thoroughly. Stole in re frlgeralor In a jar. Peanut nuttcr-Oranse S|ire;ul Onc-lialf cup peanut butter. "4 cup honey, 'i teaspoon salt. 13 cup orange Juice. Mix ingredients (oRct'her nnd beat with on egg beater until smooth. I'lacc in a covered jar. store in refrigerator. Variation: Lemon juice mny replace a part of (he orange juice. Pure, maple syrup mny be I substituted for honey. ('hcrse and Niti Sjirrad One-half cup cream cheese, '2 tablespoons orange juice, '.; cup ', mils, chopped. ', teaspoon pimento, chopped, n teaspoon salt. 1 (able spoon butter. - , Blend the cream cheese aim I orange juice tORCIher. Add the | nuts, pimento, snlt and butter. Place in n covered jnr. Store in re- ! frigeralor. : Beavers use their tails to .slap out signals on the water surface and to steer themselves while swimming. Mocha Queen Two thick chocolafe layers covered with coffee-flavored icing * ~~ ^-~~~- ^"^^^v^-^v^w^ ^^ ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY! Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 FS BAKE : ^J-'.-i-^ Gl V/estfield Mgid GRAPE JUICE - - lc Sale Buy o Box for 34c TREND, New Suds - 126 Size Ql. 2for35tf 85c GEORGE WASHINGTON GIFT-WRAPPED (l&.oi.) 75c CAMEIS .IFt-WRAPPEO(Corton) $T.99 Washington State Delicious APPLES - - - Swift's Stroined Baby BEEF - - HUNTER'S BACON lb 770 COUNTRY STY 1,10 f. x,vyu;i i IA 1 o 1 1 I, I'/ *SAUSAGE ,,,77" PURE JJKKF GROUND MEAT lb .39 e FKICSU BEEF LIVER lb .49 e LEAN ANU AIKATY PORK RIBS Ih 49 c CITY SUPER MARKET 109 West Main -We Deliver- Phonc 2668 PICKLES Slnmlnrd Swocf 2-Jb lonf Wisconsin—Windsor Spioiul PEAS School Dty No, 4 Sitro L Can, /9f Cranberry Sauce OCMUI Spray. Strata*. No. 300 Can PEACHES CHERRIES No.-IV4 C*B Avondalt Slittd or Halve* No. 1 Ca« Kroser Red Soiir Pitttd 23* 27- zr Hurshcy. l-'or Your linking Nefds. Belier Bakery Buys KROGER BREAD 2 27 Heller. Twisled Pouch. LAYER CAKE ^ 59 Apple.siuire, A Vniuc. GRAHAMS S 23 Kroifcr (,'i-iickors. 14 Kroner. I''rcsli Dinner. Type. Holiday Treats CORN I'WLESAIOE . ^^ ^^ • m • ^ | Kroger—From Cholct Apple* ASPARAGUS "cV IT 25' 2 *i. 85' Can Kroger. All Green Cut. LIMA BEANS * Sliindard Green and White CORN Standard SALMON Humpty, Dumpty Chum. TOMATO JUICE «£ 2? Kroger. Kich Red Flavorful, Shelf-Stocking Values For Unking aw { Nibbling- MJJCEHHUTS S 45 Kimcy Assortment. PECANS In Paper Slicl's. RAISINS 2 '^ 35 e Siinmald Seedless. ' SALAD DRESSING "^ 3T Chocnhile Covered. Medal Flour J0-!b. Bag 1.04 Kroger Macaroni or Spaghetti : Value Priced. BAKING POWDER Clabber Girl FLOUR ^ Avondale—50 IJ>«, 3.89. Enqlish \ SWAHSDOWN «* ciiyiian \ Cajw Flour ^>'-iJ '4v ^x W •r n, iv for (iifK U.o!\\ Bag . ' ' x Fruit Mellowed I" Sherry ib. $1.89 Holiday Cake 5 Ib. 2.J9 '( HUMKO . 4-Lb. Ctn. The Dainty Cooking Fat r DIME BRAND Condensed Milk MARSHMALLOW Hipolile Creme Can 25 e Christmas Trees Full Drawn tabl«R«ody niui Ciinmlifin Siinicc and Kir. All vSizcs—lic.uilifnl Helfclcd for Symclry and fresli green (n\\n^c. and up T!K- Kroger store manager in Lohiinon. Indiana, recently lic- carno a momlier of the Lebanon School Hoard. He is also in liis fifth year as a Lebanon Cily Councilman. Anil (His is only one example of the fact that Kroger stoic people are active in their communities—that Kroger is a good citizen everywhere. GRAPEFRUIT 10 lb I'incsl Qualify—TCXJIS Seedless GRAPES 2 Sivcel Kcd Calif. Kinuerors. APPLES Rome Realities—imlf liuslie) 1.7!) PINEAPPLE FRYING CHICKENS , We Feature Cut-up Chlekent. 45- CHUCK ROAST 52^5 U.S. Graded Good or Choice—lb. 55e 25 ' PORK LOIN ROAST 65< Wash. St;i{e r ||,. mesh CQc Kiincy Wincsnps W hac VV Oianl Si/.e each Fresh Cuban—Ripe, Tnnjr.v. DATE NUT ROLL 2 A Desert Sweet; 29 C 29 C Rib or Loin. SPARE RIBS Lean and Meaty FRANKFURTERS Abrot Skinlets lit. per tube TOMATOES Firm Ripe Slicing Qunlif.v. POTATOES 10""',"" U. 5. No. 1 Washed Kcds 2r WHITING Dressed for Pan-frying. 59 C fADD RiY "' LAKr Goorf *°*lr>g ib. - 49e 49< . 45< \9t - 15* ORDER Hams and Poultry For Christmas Early Spic & Span pkg. 23t Ivory Soap %; 39* Lux Flakes ' 39*

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