The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, DKCKMHKR 11, 1947 Arab Snipers and Hagana Jews Face Each Other Like Cagy Boxers Waiting for a Mistake BLYTHF.VIU.K (AHK.) COUK1KR NKWS ,s!sM; By Kliav Simon Unllfd 1'rrss Sl»(f Correspondent T£L AVIV, Doc. 11. (UP;—Bare- it Arab snipers and khaki-clad ws o( Hagana face each other MOSS the no-man's-laud ol Jaffa and Tel Aviv like cautious boxen waiting for each other lo make a mistake. Both Jews nnrt Arabs want, to fight on the defensive, and neither has an immediate objective or i plan of attack. There Is little lo indicate that this is the No, 1 front of Oie Holy j .wur. There are no barbed-wired.' barriers, no mines, and (inly a few blasted windows and burned buildings. Nn-Man'l Land Described • The Arab city of Jaffa and the Jewish city of Tel Aviv are separated by tightly-built slums whose twisted, narrow streets and dilapidated houses were abandoned by both Jews and Arabs when trouble besan. A road runs from the Mediterranean coast, through the no- mini's-land, past Arab and Jewish suburbs and on the Lyclda airport, 11 miles inland. On the inland side uf Jaffa and Tel Aviv, the road is flanked by orange groves now loaded with ripening- fruit—and snipers. But the road is open lo anyone who cares—or dares—lo pass.'Recently the mayors of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, each Inspecting his own defenses, encountered each other on this road. They just glared, and continued thel!' Inspections. In the built-up areas. Jews and Arabs are stationed'Jiight and day on either side of the boundary. Jews carry illegal automatic weapons is« cd by the Hagaria underground sanitation. Hagana orders tho Jews to their posts, and sees that the lighters are trained and well disciplined. Arabs are bossed by the exiled (rand mufti's Jaffa National Committee. They carry prlvntcly-own- rd guns and generally come and go as they plessc. Both sides have instructions not to attack. The Arabs await orders /ram the mufti. The Jews feel that peace at this time is to their advantage. Skirmishes, Not Ritllcs Under the United Nations plan tn partition the Holy Land into Arab and Jewish states, Tel Aviv would go to the Jews. Jaffa would go to Ihe Arabs, but would be surrounded by Jewish territory. Friction between the two cities is likely lo continue even after partition is completed. So far. the fighting—except on one occasion—has gone like this: Arabs from (heir side of the road playfully pdp a few shots over the Tel Aviv rooftops. Sometimes the bullets hit Jews who are going about their own business, but sel- 5i|lom strike the barricaded Hagana ir.fn. But HaRruia always returns the fire, aiming at the (lashes from Arab ilflcs. The Arabs' first organized assault o» Tel Aviv enme Monday night. Hundreds ot Arabs grouped at DID Arab suburb of Snlame, and crawled in the darkness toward the Jewish suburb ot Halikva. But Arab discipline was poor. Hagana outposts could hear the Arab whispering "alclhomc" — Arabic for "at them." Arabs armed with sten guns advanced shoulder-to-shoulder — the Jews lei ihem advance lo within 100 yards ol the Hagana positions. A blr.zc ot Jewish gunfire riddled the Arab ranks. The Arabs fled, and the old long-distance sniping resumed. Hagana scouts frequently go behind the Arab lines for a look around. Several have been picked off by snipers. Riff-raff irom both .*;des sneak across-the road to burn and loot. Siile Slrcets Deserter! Behind the Arab Ibies in the Marushlein slum quarter near the coast. I found the side streets deserted except for a few trucks manned by volunteers of the Arab na- jada organization. They were removing lurniture from houses which Arab residents wanted lo evacuate. The streets were muddy and covered with tilth. Municipal street sweepers have not worked for 10 days. At Intervals, guns cracked from windows and rooftop. 1 !. British patrol cars rolled by occasionally, halting at. each corner while. gunners in the turrets scanned the streets ahead. On the Tel Aviv side, I found men In civilian clothes—but with suspicious bulges under their coats —maintaining order and urging Jews with no business so near the front to leave. Jewish policemen also were on duty. I was drolling the streets when suddenly I heard a man' leaning from the second story window shout to a companion: "There goes an Arab carrying straw. Get into that doorway. You can get him." - A .policeman aimed at the Arab snd fired. He cursed because he thought he missed. I heard an explosion down the street. "There was a bomb m that .straw," the policeman said. It's for Good Luck Danielle Grenicr, frcnch dcnlistry student who was recently named 'Miss Cole d'Azur." poses with her Rood-luck charm. « human skull, n Pans. She hopes it will bring her luck when she competes for Ins "Miss France" till?. Photo by NBA-Acme slaft correspondent n«n« Henry. Tiul Vital Inclination that over-. comes panic durliiK outbreaks Their moi-1.1 <i).so Jirl]> ji.vsiirc belter'trcnt- incnl and care o! the stricken. Polio patients and Iholr parents frequently are thr most InsplrUm and devoted volunteer workern lor (lie niinunl. nmrch or dimes bv wlileli (lie nubile supports (lie National FoundiUlon for infantile Paralysis, according i^ Mm, gyd. ne.v A. BceBs of Lincoln, Neb. "I know a six year old boy who's been lu'an Iron lung for move timn n year collected Homilc* from Ms visitors - Including me - at Ihc polio unit of ukrvllle Slnlo Sanl- tnrliim. s l>c said. "Then he sent his rolU'ctlnii to his hometown ampler -to help some other llule Buy.' " Mrs. MIHon nidge of Jacltson warmly prulsod the work o( Mlu- isxlppl hluli 6 chool» which established science courses to teach Mu- dents (ho nature of polio and how lo fight It. In Louisiana, said Mr», Rodney 'faun at New Orleans, a polio course al- clinrity Mosrjllal attracted molh- ers of victims, mother* who (cared lor I heir children, lirnndmottiera, registered nursc.i, jrny Udlc* and nurses nldcs. PAGE SUrifd Ciuton The Concstog* wagon of pioneer d»y.i w« s ih« flrat American vehicle lo pass on the right, when mMtlnc another vehlcl*. other Their Teeth Gr»w The incisor teeth or. a rodent continue growing throughout the animal's lifetime, and must be kept worn down by usage. In one case, an Incisor of a woodchuclc grew too long, pierced the skull, and curled Into two complete spirals. Women Form Polio To Assist in Caring ATLANTA. On., Dec. 11. CUP) — The dramatic work of the shock troops who fight an Infantile paralysis epidemic — the polio cmcr- I gcncy volunteers — was detailed today at n national conference of women Interested In combating the dread disease. Mrs. Leo J. Kalk ot Boise told how Idaho women swung into action when a poliomyelitis epidemic developed suddenly last Summer. On. July 1, she said, there were only Isolated cases but.two weckjj later the count had grown to 11, with 10 of them in the Boise area. By November. 233 cases of Infantile paralysis were diagnosed in the state. But the polio emergenc/ volunteers — the PBV — jumped into action, funds were raised and housewives nnrt businesswomen all over the state began nursing patients. : Idaho Women 1'rcpared After this experience, PEV courses were scheduled for every'Idaho county in 1048. "We do not anticipate another polio disaster but we plan to lie prepared if it comes again," Mrs. Palk said. Mrs. Bibb Graves, widow of an Alabama governor, said: "Knowlii" the truth about this disease and the work of our chapters frees people from rear of the illness and the fear of being unable to afford proper treatment." Mrs. Leo p. Dwyer of Rochester, N. Y. told how Monroe County rEV'.s Invited polio patients to their meetings, cave the girls corsages, the boys -'cigarettes and chewing ' gum. and thus built an alliance between worker nnd victim. How to Injoy Your lfi£#*V .* /afifcfc Jy^ AT LUNCH. t/AND DINNER r In BI I0u * cci/te from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN PIGS IN BLANKETS Hro*vn Mayrosc' Link sausage in a fry pm ovcf ,low heat. Prcpwe powder biscuit dough; roll out lo (4-incK thickness. Cut mio squares measuring about jy, inches. Place one Mayrosc Pure Pork diagonally on each square. MOISICB oppose corners of dough with and p.nch togc.hcr above sausage. Place on . rack in .n open pan. Bike :n a hoi oven, 450° F., 10 to 15 minutes KCYINDER: The ncme "MAYROSE",f,., t, ig h. ?H quality meol prodiKl;. such o> .. . May,on Slic.d Bocoo, Mayrois Smoled B«lf Tongue* and Moyroie Pyr* tord. Alfc for them t>y. MAVROSf. Do your farl Cc in& iht Ciiiztm ' Food Shock Troops for the Victims • "We have trained about 125 women who were particularly helpful (luring the polio outbreaks this year," she related. -They helped care for about 150 patients from our own and surrounding; counties.." In Florida.' said Mrs. Car] K Dunaway ol Miami, 60 workers who represent 200,000 women help ... in Kidney Trouble Try Mountain Valley, Ihe famous health water from Hot Springs, Arkansas. A H 0 0 t h ] n K natural a i d thai lius been pcrscrlhetl for more than 75 j't'ars. Delicious lo drink - . . not laxa- livc. C ROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blylhevlirc, Ark. NEED AN IDEA... On Inexpensive Christmas Gifts? Here's a lip on Iww .lo mm-mber your whole list nt friends and ti.ssoclutvs—colorfully, tlmtiniit- ftili.v, iitul nflitllc tost. (ilv« WINK, Ihe "perfect (fin"—welcome t-verywliorc. Kosler's lui.s single bottles or assortments, Ml in bright j-lft wrappings? Like these: For the man or woman who likes to cook: Italian Swis sColony BURGUNDY or SAUTERNE ea. 79$; both for $1.50 For (fie man or woman who likes to entertain: ROMA CHAMPAGNE . . L $4.25 RENAULT SHERRY . .$1.50 both for $5.00 FOSTER'S LIQUOR STORES 120 West Main Street 106 North Broadway Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; ftlu T. L. MABRY 4tl MISSOURI ST. Ml. J«J travelers followed ta> tb« m, and the cuttom h *"«in« t*T~il City Radio -Semce- Dial 2407 For Eixrt ftepak* Kt tat Mate St. Felix A. Cam«y The more you drive it,, the more you like it! Every mile gives added proof of BIG-CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST One look will till yog ft o | C( ,. y . rol«t ouf-ijylsi all other can Itl Itt fltld. II bring) you imorter dtlign — imarter colon—imdrler uphol- >l«ry and oppoir,lm«nlil II olon. offers a luxwiou, Body by Fiih.r al Toweit pricci. You'll find ChcvroM enomeen gi»« ipeciol Ihoughl — cjlm "loygM—lo Ihe lafely of your family; for here a r « a U™'ir«.l •ody by FiiSer, Ihe Knee- Aclion Ride cod Poiilive- AclfonHydroufic Braliei—feo- lurei combmcd only in Chevrolet and higher-priced carl. As moro and more Chevrolet owners are discovering, years of service mean nothing to a Chevrolet! This car has cxfro strength in every part-built-in ruggcdncss and reliability- the excellence (hot ondurc-s. [t will serve you for scores of thousands of miles, and the longer you drive it the sfronner your appreciation of its value-for it possesses Big-Car durability ond dependability tmoquafod in its field. And only Chevrolet offers oil the other advantage* of BIG-CAR QUAtlTr AT LOWEST COST described for you here. You con'l beol o Chevrofel tor oil-round pcrrVmcMce wild economy. And ClevrcM'i World'i- diomplon Valve-in-Heod Thrllt- Moiler Engine, unique in i1i price rang., wringt Ihe lart ourK« of cneroy oyl of av«/y" gallon of fuel. You'll enjoy moxlmum riding- moolhnen ond'«odin«!t, loo, becouns only Chevrolet, of oil car. In Us field, bring, you tn< firn>, ea.y, balanced mo»em«nl ol lh« Unilizcd Knte-Aclion Sid.. The demand for new Chevrolet* ^rpcmes all previous record. That means ,1's wise lo S afe a uard yogr tran.portation by brina- mg your pnllnf carlo us for skilled service, now and a. r. ffu | ar intervals, pending delivery of your new car. INOtPfNOfNT PACKING COMPANY 301 W. Walnut CHEVROLET lOWEST-PRICED MMF , N ,T S FIElo LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality 110!/ 2 E. Dam St. Phone 4641 16 In. TRICYCLES Ovwltnd COASTER WAGON JS.9S W.»3 Come To Our TOYLAND! ,,, It's tlio most complete toy ilispluy in Blytheville. LOOK AT THl£- All Kindt Dolli ...*1J« noil iiuigitft ftjs ChrlflLmtn Tree LIGHTS BLAN HEATH Phone 826 SUPPLY 419 West Main Street Auto & HOMf FARM DITCHES DRAGLINE EXCAVATION R. M. HEUCHAN P. 0. Box 883 CONTRACTOK Blythevill*, Ark. Phone 4821 First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phono 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON' CHARLES BITTNER Have You Tried Bowling? Regulation 10 Pin Alleys! Enjoy This Healthful Sport Regularly at CHITWOOD'S 10 PIN BOWLING ALLEY in 500 Block on East Main Street Phone 4929 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION PhorM 578 S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK - 9konz 3646 0*425:5

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