The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1947
Page 14
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\ PAGE BLYTHEVILLJ! (ARK.)' COURIER 'NEWS Republican Bigwigs Studying Moves by General Eisenhower For Clues as to His Strategy By Lsle C. Wilson (United. Press Sl.ifl CorrcsiicmiJail) ' WASHINGTON, Dec. 11. (UP)-Gencral Ike's 1948 slrnlcyy was aimed unmistakably today at milking Die Republican Party clrait lilin for next year's presidential nomination If the p.ii'ty mints him on the ticket. + That is about the only explanation of Eisenhower's plan to delay until around May 1 taking residence as a civilian in the Pr<l;l- dent's house at Columbia University, New York. Columbia announced yesterday that Eisenhower would move in then 8iid_ would begin •work as president oT""the university on June 7, after the annual commencement exercises on June 1. Army sources said Eisenhower was expected to take I wo months leave after turning over to Oen Omar N. Bradley tile olfice of army chief of staif. Pitting Ihc Eisenhower clues together, It appears therefore that he will remain active as chief of slalf until about March 1 and will not complete his leave and become a civilian until about May 1. Eisenhower scarcely can announce for the presidential nomination while he remains In the army. By May 1 it will be too lain to begin any major effort lo win convcn- lion support in Ihe stales where there are significant presidential primaries. "Willing" to Be "Drafted" But Ike is being counted more than ever now as willing to innke the presidential race t( the GOP wants to drafU him. Congressional Republicans are mulling over a va- riely of reports of a dinner which took place last week in a rcmodcll- Street club- Club members do much of their swank entertaining there and it long has been a political hot spot for top major parlies. Present last Friday night at 19S5 P Street were Ihe. Eisenhowers and some big polltlcnl figures Including: Sen. Arthur II. Vaiuicn- berg, R., Mich., Sen. H. Styles Bridges, R., N. II., Former Sen. Joseph R. Gumciy, a Pennsylvania Republican, Sen. Robert A. Tuft, R., O., Sen. Edward Martin. R.. Pa. Warren Austin. U. s. delegate to the United Nations, Chairman Leslie C. Arends, R., III., o! Ihc House Republican whip, and Rep. lllchard M. Simpson, R,, Pa. Dinner guests came away from 1925 p Street under the Impression that Eisenhower was receptive to the Republican presidential nomination. Taft was reported somewhat nettled by General Ike's gen- eralised discussion of economic problems and what to do about them. Versions of whal was said vary In detail. But several gucsi.s agreed that after the women ha;l gone to the drawing room [or col- fee and the men lo the llbrnry for (heir cigars, Elsenhower opened up pretty freely on dojncsllc problems but without any spwl- flc measures to deal with the sll- uallon. The General Talks The general talked, Ihe United Press was Informed, along the lines lhat the United stales remained Ihe one jlrong element. In n troubled world and tlir.1 all segments of the populallon — business, labor and consumers — must make sacrifices lo hold Iho price line and keep Ihe country slronp, He fell Congress should mecl Inflation problems hcnd-t^i. Taft, VanrtcnbcTB ami others threw a lew questions at Ike. Tuft was said lo 'have Kuggcslcd it was comparatively easy to lalk generalities, but quite another mailer to crawl into the political aremi. or into Congress, anil push Ihrough a specific leyislalive program to curb prices. The somewjiat envious political reaction to the Eisenhower boom In R'.'ncral and last Friday's dinner in particular seems to bo that Ike Is comfortably sitting In a tomb- proof shelter. Aspirants for I Ihc Republican presidential nomination evidently feel that they arc exposed and on the firing line. That wouldn't be so bad but for Hie tact that even Ike's political enemies admit he* Is a glamorous fi- mirc and .would make a powerful strong candidate If he could get a presidential nomination. Too Many Gadgets in Airplane Cockpits Are Confusing to Pilot By William F. McMeJlaml n (United 1'ress Staff Correspondent) Two-Yeor-Ofd Drowns ASHLAND, Va.. Dec. 11 (UPI — The body of two-year-old Prances Jean Lowry. whn drowned in a neighbor's fish pond, was sent to her family's home at Memphis. Tcnn., today for burial tomorrow. The child's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lowry, said Frances drowned accidentally while playltiR in the pontl with her nine-year-old brother and fqyr-ycnr-old sister. The 1!)4G world wheat production, excluding Russia and China, is cs- llmatecl nl J.209,000.090 bushels, largest crop .since 19.10. (lay that Ihc confusing conglomeration of dials. Inslrnmenls, levers and swllchcs In Ihe modern airplane Is Ihc cause of most crashes blamed on pilot error. Between 50 nnd 75 per cent of nli air crashes are blamed on mistakes by Ihe pilot. But Or. I'rttil Flits, chief of Hie Psychology Branch, Air Medical Laboratory, said the complicated plane and not the man Is nl /melt. What must bo done) he said Is lo luilor the plane to fit Ihe man. So Mr, Ihe effort has been to /It the man Into the complications of ills plane. Fills said the coal of Air Force research is a uniform cockpit and simplified instruments for all planes He said Instruments should bfi m simple that at least every oilier American could learn to he an ex| (ici't pilot. I The result, Fills salrt, would be not only the savings of lives and valuable equipment, and also a spoed-up of pilot training which would be vllal In warlime. Ol Instruments Mixed An Air Force survey of pilot errors showed that 50 per cent Involved suljstllion of one Instrimienl for jjnolliiT. In IS per cent, the p<'. lots made wrong adjnstmonls, and lr I another 18 per cent they simply j forgot rflial to do. In six per ccnl, (the pilots did the opposilc of what I they Intended to do, nnd In three ! per cent they used n conlrol they did not mean lo touch. Three per cent of the so-called errors were made because the pilot did not reach the control he wanted to use. Flits said instruments must be designed so that they can be manipulated easily nnd without pulling Ihe pilot under abnormal strain. One experiment proved ,11ml it look (mined pilots 1.1 .seconds to read the standard altimeter dial. And 11.7 per cent of the readings were wrong. Error In reading' nttl- lude Is a frequent cause of crashes, Fills said. Pitts said the pilot's eye scans instruments at Ihc rate pf two a second. This my.kes for confusion. Hut experiments have shown, he said, that knobs of various shapes help Hie pilot lo pick quickly the correct control. He proposed a host of similar Improvements. As for the uniform cockpit. It will lake years lo achieve. Fills said. But, lie added, It Is the goal toward aircraft engineers should work. Read Courier News Want Ads MEMPHIS, Term., Dec. 11. (UP) —Memphis industrial strength In- cre.ised by 78 new firms during M97 and employed some 4,000 people. Ihc Chamber of Commerce reported today. Joe iDavis, induslrlEil chairman for the civic organization, said lhat 8!) new firms went Into business here in 1'JW. Read Courier New» Want Adj THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11,1947 Whit'i IB • Name? MEMPHIS. Tenn. <UP)—A popular restaurant put "Florida fritd 'jimlrhs'" on the menu for the customers' reaction, 8ooi« «m- tomers didn't even' b*t an eye. They Just ordered, not knowing the dish. "Pmlrhs" is «hrimp spelled backwards. SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENDED WHISKEV SDagiatti-Distillcrs Cotpoiatiort. one- for size ONLY BUICK HAS AIL THESE S O you like them big —and brilliant —and blessed with something more than ordinary comfort. 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It has becoivjc the most respected ' single series of any make of car on sheer merit rather than tradition alone. So if your standards are high, set your sights on a Roadmaster. Seek out the car that's topping everything at or over its price in the high regard of the motoring public. Your Bui'ck dealer has it —and he'll take your oVder for a Roadmaster any time you give him the word. A AIRFOIL FENDERS •k FIREBAR POWER * Accuwre CYLINDCR BOXING * SILENT ZONE BODY MOUNTINGS * FUrEWEIGHT PISTONS * BU/COIl SPRINGING * FUtl-lENGIH JOitQUf-TUBE DRIVE * PF.BAU-FIRM STEERING * SAFETY-RIDE KIMS * STEPON PARKING BRAKE * DEEPFIF.X SEAT CUSHIONS * CURL-AROUND BUMPERS * TEN SMART MODEIS * BODY BY FISHER tHI KAMI IS VOADMASTIK - «W ir. Hi, lS-f«,l Ataittj-ycu have your c/ioifr f>J •J.tfcor St.jtir,, >-, ScJant!, a limning Cen-.-rrtiftt an.! iht, <tan:ly Eiltttr ll'agan. milt itJnvnll t:rn, ai illailrauj, a\',nlatlt at l.tlra fail. . m HfN«r 1. 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