The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1047 RIATHFA' (AUK.)' COUIT Stassen Accuses Aide of Truman's Administration Men 'Profiteering' in Food Marts, He Says By Frank Kleazer (United I'ress Staff Correspondent) ^'WASHINGTON. Dec. II (UP!Harold E. Slassen was assured today that congress would lock Inlo Ills charges Hint "insiders" of the Truman administration are profiteering through speculation on the commodity market. The Republican presidential as- iiirant called for the inquiry last nigh' in a speech In which he also asked idwin W. Pauley. special assistant lo the Army secretary, to confirm or deny reports that he had made "substantial" purchases of wheat and other foods this year. While two high placed congressional Republicans promised to look into the -—"re matter, Pauley sak he would be glad lo discuss the subject on the "proper" occasion—but that it, was hardly SinsscrTs business. "Mr. Slasscn," said the Wcsi Coast oil magnate and former olfi cial of the Democratic Nallona Committee, "aspires to be the Republican nominee for the presidency. Even if I were able to contribute Jo his fulfillment of that aspiration, I see no reason why I should do .so. "It happens that 1 am not able so k) contribute. When or if the proper occasion arises. I shall welcome ihe opportunity to discuss fully the general subject which he has raised. Speaks in Pennsylvania Addressing a group "of Hepubli- duties can women at Doyleston-n, Pa,. Slas- " uo : sen said "insiders in the national administration have engaged in S ofiteeririg in food which has Md the price of foort to the iierican people." He said he had written House Republican Leader Charlc- A Halleck to ask an Investigation into "the actions of the administration and Jet-propelled Modern Enoch Arden Still Trying I To Straighten Out Tangled Affairs Brigh.-im Young's Randy Clark startles Cily College of New York's Phil Farbman (20) as he leaps high in the air to take llic hall out rrvv n «f ?K SUr & nS /- d H li ty Sha " = ro < 7 >- Tlle Cougars edged CCNY, 61-56, in Madison Square Garden beforo 17 S'>n fa,.* Warned Against Mergers'.Condemned Man Wants His Execution Delayed Until After Christmas LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Dec. U~ (UP)—Smaller Arkansas cities have been warned against combining llic of several municipal officers j PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 11 (DPI — . .single office, in -instances [ A former circills worker was sen- where the duties arc incompatible, j lenccd ycMcrdny to death In the electric chair for a hold-up ANGOLA. .1,11.. »ec. 11 (UP) — Things bfRiin to look bolter today [for an crrhiR World Wnr 11 vel- erun whose life wr.s Jumrjlrri Into that of A modern Knocb Ardcn by ndotM.'UHUnK'i mixed It motions and a war. ; The soldier. Ivnn Rue Jones, wuil- ed in the l.onlslnna Stnle Penilen- llnry today, Imping for a Christ inns pnrdon. And he \vnllcd also for H visit from hl.i wartime sweetheart and mother of his child, wlio marilwl another man nfier she was misinformed that. Jones had died In nctlon. Jones' personal tragedy, which touched the lives of at least four others, began in Ihe early years ol the war. • He told the United Press that he first met Mrs. Mavis Sharp, then unmarried, while he was .soldiering at Camp llaiktey, Tex. She was . soda fountain Bill, he said, and he began seclnc her regularly because his wife was -fur away in Washington." lie and bis wife had dlscussec a divorce, he added. After Jones was transferred to Camp Vnn Doom, Miss. A child \va: born to the 2:i-ycnr-oln Tc.vas worn an. "I wanted (o marry her (hen l(. protect the child," Jones said, "because, she was a Rood girl." Hut 'le was sent overseas. When he relumed to the United Slates more than three years later. In April, 1!>46 Jones obtained n divorce from his first wife and .started looking for the Texas girl, the mother of his child. But lie learned that the girl, believing he was dead, had married PAGE i nun named Sharp. In Foil Worlh. Tex,. Mrs. Slurp lold reporters she had heard from Jones' relatives that letters written :o him had been returned stamped "addressee deceased." So. like Tennyson's Enoch Ardru, Jones would not reveal himself. Ho began taking to drink for comfort, he said. Later lie married again, lie was transferred to Camp Polk, near Lecsvllle. La., where he kept on drinking and finally, with another person, attempted armed robbery. He was found utility and ended up In the state pcnlnleiillary. Ills fortunes reached R low ebb when he learned recently from relatives that his child by Mrs. Sharp was seriously 111. But then lie found out that she had obtained a divorce last August. Thai made him decide to break Ids long silence and lell his story, lie sairt. He asked Mrs. Sharp to visit him here Uer, 19—because, that is (lie day be will hear from the pardon board whether or not he has earned his freedom. Jones said his present wife, Mrv Louise Ellen Jones of Harrison. Ark. lias ngreed to divorce him so he CRII many his Texas .ssveclheart. I'enllenlinry officials said Jone.t' prison record had been "clean" and pointed out lluvt Ills seven-year army record was "flawless." Reporters asked Jones if he loved Mrs. Sharp. Jones nodded. Down on Entertainment Budgets Down on Etertainment Budgets , (By linllrd Prru) The American family Is keeping 1 » light check on lt.s entertainment budget, » Ulnlcd Press survey across 111* nation showed today. Reports from 18 cities Indicated tint » more careful watch Is being kept over pleasure-bound pennies Ibis year than lasl year. As a resull, the Mlenuance ot »|K>rU event* and (heaters was sjwlty. Many larger cities rcixirled a near- depression In their night chibs. In many localities, attendance at down- lown first run movie houses was \ own. i But wherever there has been a dls- ; lay of quality In spoils, on the le- ' illmale singe, or on the screen,! here have been capacity audiences. In the East, the night clubs are n a slump and movie attendance I n innny cilles has dropped as much is 25 per cent. The big SIKH is events Irew heavily, with most places re- xirllnR link ehinge from last year. In the MlddleWesI, there was a similar picture. Fewer movie tickets old. more night club tables empty. 3(>orls events crowds were sllghlly arifer than last year. On the West Coast, uporls attend nice has climbed 16 per cent over ast year's figures but otherwise at- endance Is down. The high cost of living wax (be Host fremient reason given for the Iccllne in certain fields and the irleclivlty apparent In others. The portion of family funds needed for necessities restricted the eiiUirlalti- mi-iit allotment. Christmas shopping thin time of (he year diverted much of the entertainment revenues Into retail stores. The availability of consumer goods competed with for the dollars available; moters and managers said. Extreme* ; Temperatures in Tibet run th* length of the thermometer In one son* day. During the wlntir, In places, ihe mercury riitt d * nd to To transporl the malerlal used to surface ten miles of concrete highway requires (lie use oft train of M80 cars. The warning was implied in ati I electric chair Tor a hold-up slayliii* [after asking Quarler Scsions Court of officials and insiders of the ad- ' P a "'ey concerning "persistent re ministration in the price situation I I lorts 'h a ' 5'ou have made snbstan- to bring out all the facts as a basis ! *' a ' purchases of wheat, sub.stanlini i sales of wheat, substanllnl purchasi-s opinion given to the city of Paris, i . . ,:- — Ark., by the attorney general's ol- I not to ' Iel tnem execute me until f ]ce i after Christmas. Paris City Attorney E. B. White i 2 i) w ? as 'coi'ivlc'ted last ET t^'V^f I fatally shooting Charles Blaso. 52, sen said he had senl telegrams to ; an employe of a North Philadelphia for corrective legislation. Halleck said: "Of cour:: we will look Into the whole situation and determine what will be done." Charge Goes Unanswered Sen. Homer Ferguson. R,. Mich a member of the Senate War Investigating Comlttee, said that group "certainly" would make an inquiry. of other foort commodities and heavy sales of other food- commodities during the year 1947." j Stassen said he had received a reply form Pauley asking for confirmation of the sender and in what capacity and why he was sending it. ' The Senate appropriations Commit- | Slassen said he answered that he ice only two days ago asked the j was inquiring "in my capacity as ™t , . ly ^ a , nd ABlicllltllre tie-U citizen to you as a prominent of- nniVrT,™\' 0 «,"" , wnc 'hcr any ficial in the government for the poiicj-making officials were specu- purpose of ascertaining 1'ie truth" n,, i m j" e mal ' kct - ; "And to this hour," Stassen said, During his speech last night. Sla.s-1"! have received no answer" garage, during a hold-up on Aug. 17, 1940. His companion in the holdup, Thomas McGrory, now is serving a life sentence in Eastern State Penitentiary. The commonwealth charged it was'Ramage who fired the shot. Raniagc. who worked with Barnum and Bailey Circus for tcvcral years after shooting, was ai.-cslcd recenlly in Los Angeles on a hit- run driving charge and was returned '''' 5 "^^ reVCa ' C " explained that it had been planned to incorporate the offices of city c!rrk and city treasurer in a single person. He said there wasn't enough I duties to occupy two persons. DRESSES Give "Her" A Glamorou* Dress, Gift-Thrift Priced, For Christmas! 9.90 ^'hal j;ood ehccr for your wife, mollier, sister or daughter... a beautiful new dress for Cbrisi- inas! Fine brigbi or dark rayon crepes, glittering with aeqtiins. Juniors', Mi$8et' 9 Women'*, Little or Large Women?! PllfS -S trin < LOVELY GIFT HANDBAGS Top of the lisi — a smart handling 10 complete her Winter 1 wardrobe! Every popular style in sleek nlasiic. patents,, leather grains rayon failles, wool broadcloths, cordes. SMART HALF 'N HALF GLOVES Smoothly tailored 'gloves with capcakin backs, "1 OO rayon sncde palms. Black or brown—4 button J -*-' 0 .length: (i-8*A. FESTIVE HANDKERCHIEFS Delicately embroidered white collons or brilliant prints. Soft while linens — neatly Iriinmcd. WOMEN'S DRESS-UP BLOUSES Painty embroidered or lace trimmed styles in while or pastels. Tailored ones. too. 32-38. GAY PRINTED HEADSQUARES 36" square rayon crepe with reinforced fringe 1.98 edging. Also solid color all wool headsquares. ir IScanlY, Warmth! CHENILLE ROBES 4.98 I<uxiirion!>. tliick-lnflcd chenille robe wilh full, swirling skirt; makes ^_, •v l f}i 1 "'T^'i her feel tall,graceful! Copen.aqui, ^* X t * > » cherry, tearoee. white! Sizes I2"t6. FURRED SCUFF SLIPPERS I'relty rayon plus!) scuffs in drlicaic pink or t\f* blue — with fluffy while rabbit fur collars! 1 MJj EUslic back straps for fil and comfort! 4-9. Announcing A New Class Beginning January 5, 1948 WATCHMAKING and CLOCK KCPAIKIHG "The Trade •< No Depression" f MONTGOMERY-TAYLOR SCHOOL OF WATCHMAKING, Kutilhrrn Mlioourl'i I.t.dln, Tn,df School ,"• Poplar Bluff, Missouri ** Approved by Veterans Administration and Slate Board at Kilnratlon under P. I,. 1« »,,d 34S. Slate Approved Instructor. ENROLL NOW >y I'Oll HIM, INFORMATION WKITF. DKI.MAR 0. ABBOTT,' Bu,l,,,,, M.najter HIS Ul! SHIRTS '•;£'' Gift Selection J'ou'iv Seen i Ciime in Woven Stripes amf'Wliite MaVc him liappy Cliristmas morning with several TijwKcra'fi* shirts from this wonderful agsortmcnt!'All his old.'favorites arc back, plus several new. styles. Sires: 14-17. •Hc«. u.s. rii.oir.. • \ WHITE SHIRTS for Cl,ri 8 tn, a9 and All Yea, Towncrifi wliite sliiro ire .Iw.yi right anil no nun h«« loo miny. S«nforizfd.\Nu-cr«ft* collar. All high count broadclothi (136 x 60).* Try.and match tlni qtialil)' at this gift-thrifl"pric«. ' He's Expecting a New Tie Koulinjs. vrcfict, «alin», wools in llie kind of pal- lrrn« lhal he'd choo«e for himMlf/Comt in and K« them. Choose several to go with that shirt. 2.98 1.49 JlTiilffi Z 1 A ~Bfi"BfflfflH?lfflBnMBi KnowWhat to Give Him? NEEDS SHORTS Boxer or Gripper Fronl'type* in'stiirdy eolorful oxfordi or woven.ttripe*. 28.4-1. Athletic Shiru. 49c A Practical Personal Gift MEN'S PAJAMAS Colorful stripes in slipover »nd notched collar coat styles, Dnw- pants. A, B, C, D. ^

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