The Cameron Herald from Cameron, Texas on June 20, 1907 · Page 7
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The Cameron Herald from Cameron, Texas · Page 7

Cameron, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1907
Page 7
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On» RidfcNew*. This week TO trot in our list first which fe verv ta* for cur little 'Kkige . Mr, PraAik Morrow was cc*erated upon Ttairsda-y for appendiritts by Jbrs. Cireer & Demon. On Sund:vv tOtb he had the mumps. However, be Is young yet, and we will be flad to *ct him in our circle again1 Henry Knrtl >. 'ha? two big cheeks! Pnik and August Mddh&Hu hnvcj he sswjne troubte, but thatt’s. all right boys, there's no danger. Three chfldien of Mr. )oe Hdlfis are sick in bed. Mr. John Bowea, Jr.,<of near Wutt iwas down Sunday arWl by what 1 learned his siiter, Miss Annie, is q»iet sick and our pastor Father Spinne- ve^r went «over to administer the flhe last sacraments His sister, Miss Frieda Bowrr, is up again. LATEF—Miss Annie Bowers *Jied Mcmday night. Another game of beseball was play- d at Hollis Grove Sunday evening. The farusers are not quiet so'busy, but are in need of a Attic rain. Yesterday 1 heard 1 man khx he; was going to make ¿odder thifr w#ck.j 1 don’t exactly mean to follow him,' because the corn locks very green yet.j The two past excursion to Galveston sieved up our hoys and they Are dy to swing the mext one au<J take bath io the salty 5*r»ne. l>ot. 24 white embroidered aist pattern«, sold 75c. 3i.oo, $150, white sale price 48c Wagner’s Stung Tvrice. When Bishop Cantield and « friend; attempted to explaiu to three young women how to get to the Hotel Bel- jmont from Thirteenth street and Broadway at 2:30 o clock yesterdayj Homing they believrd that they were oing only their duty as Americans nd western men. Both hail from Detroit, but in their short stay heie, ave gained a working knowledge of e city's streets and its ways. The three young women, Cantield explained later in the Tenderloin poll* station, didn’t look like most of the young women he has seen «lone on the street after midnight. ¡They were modestly dressed and certainly not at all bold. “We are college girls.” said one of the w >men. **We’re down for the heatre and have had dinner. Now are mixed up as to how to get to he &lmont.” Cantield explained, but just as there as a thankful “Goodbye,” Cantield remembered that he was from De- and in New York. He ‘'frisked" imself, as the police say, and found hat he was minus a wallet contain* ng $100. “Now, look here, young women,” ie said, “I know that I’ve been done, was the stranger, and you took me n. Better give up that hundred 01 11 call a policeman." “Oh!” came a chorus. “We uldn't have done such a thing. ‘Money or a cop, ’ declared Cani*ld. Then the wailet was produced from he gutter, It was empty, but alter n argument one of the college giils pparently tixed her shoe lace. \N hen he arose she held a roll of bank otes. Cantield counted it and found e ,*:»o short. 'Be a good fellow,” begged one oung woman. “You’ve got $80 ck. You are lucky. Ut’s have e $20 for luck." ‘No,” declared Cantield, and he got remaining £20. “I am sorry this has happened, oung women,” lectured Cantield. This is a bad business. Why don’t all turn over a new leat ? I am you^can make an honest living, ink of the sorrow this would bring your parents if it were known to m. Be good; do try.” “Th^mk you for your kind words,” ie reply from one who placed hand on Cantield’s shoulder. “1 sure vour words have done us Hasn’t it, girls? Goodbye.” Ten minutes later Cantield decided had better put his wallet in an pocket for safe keeping. He’d stung again. The rirl with her i on his shoulder had been too tor him. ‘I don’t mind the loss of the $80, field explained tater to Lieut. McOwn hi the Tenderloin police station. “but to be done twice by the saror thief! Still 1 am some better oft I still hrve the S2<). Let 'em ht^e it if you can’t catch the young w«<men. The lesson is worth $80.” "Anil I'tkought your kind words touched them!*’ exfclaimed his friend. “Forget the words,” directed Can- 1ield.—New York Sun. 40 inch white mercerized chif- ton, worth 35c. White sale pnee 19 cents. She Showed Them —a True Story Recently the branches creeks and all tire streams in this parts of the s4ate were swollen on account of the rains. A grandmother of some forty odd summers went strolling one Sunday afternoon recently with her daughters, a son-in-law and some of her grandchildren. They strolled by the brook, some caught on grapevines or swung on the branches of tall trees. Finally the grandmother told ¡how when she went to the log schoolhouse, they had a grapevine swing to which the children clung, that swung them over a nice swimming hole. The children were anxions to be shown. So the gallant son-in-law cut a vine the end of which swung gracefuBly over the turbulent stream. The senior of them all, forgetful of her increased weight and years, seized the vine, took a Darius Green leap and imaginig herself a schoolgirl again swung far out over the water—the unexpected happened—the vine broke a splash, and grandmother was immersed in the muddiest of water. For once the son-in-law was not spiteful, but rushed to the rescue. Having to pass many people on the way home, all gathered around grandmother to shield her from public gaze, while a wet streak down the road showed where she walked. 27 inch white wash silk, 3 qc white sale price. Would Have Brought $1000 in the 50’s. l.ula M. Cockrell, a colored woman of Temple, has been elected Goddess of Liberty for the colored firemen’s Juneteenth celebration in Wilkin’s addition. There were three contestants for the honor—votes being obtained at a money value of 5 cents each, netting the promoters a total of __ _______ Persian Lawn worth 20 cents, in white sale only 12 / j cents. Diagnosis. “How nervous Miss Neurich is She cannot be still ,1 moment; always moving around.” “Yes, she is wearing her first silk underskirt.” A prompt, pleasant good remedy for coughs and colds is Kennedy’s Laxative Cough Syrup. It contains no opiates and does not constipate. Children like it. Sold by Face's New Drug Store. A fair minded man only a clear head, but heart. possesses not also a clean No greater mistake can he made than to consider lightly the evidence of disease in your system. Don’t take desperate chances on ordinary medicines Use Hollister’s Rocky Mountain l ea. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets. Ask your druggist. The praying Cnristian is always a doing Christian. FOR TM; BU I S. If vou are Hue, dejected, and feel like the world has it “in for you,” the chances are your liver is taking a few day off. Put it to work by using Simmon’s Liver Ruritier (tin boxes); its the best regulator of them a"- _... . It is easy to be generous when we have too much. You can’t tell a woman’s age after she takes Hollister’s Rocky Mountain Tea. Her complexion is fine. She is round, plump, and handsome; in fact she is young again. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets. Ask your druggist. MENDENHArL’S Chill and Fever Cure At Paces New Drag Store. 100 ladies hats at just half price in white sale. Wagner's Policies may change but priripTe* are eternal. CURED HEMORRHAGES l»f THE IWGS “Several years since my lungf were so badly affected that 1 had many hemorrhages,” writes A. M. Ake, of Wood, Ind. I took treatment with several physicians without benefit. 1 then started to take Foley’s Honey and Tar, and my lungs are now as sound as a bullet. 1 recommend it in advanced stages of lung trouble.” Foley’s Honev aivd Tar stops the cough and heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold. Refuse substitutes, (¿eo. A. Thomas & Sons. When we get rich enough to stay up at night until we get good and ready to go to bed. and (^ti lie alx;d in the morning until we want to get up, we are going to knock off work and call it enough. A man who is in perfect health, so he can do an honest day’s work when necessary, has much for which he should be thankful. Mr. L. G Rogers, of branchton, Pa., writes that he was not only unable to work, but he couldn't stoop over to tie his own shoes. Six bottles of Foley’s Kidney Cute made a new man of him. He says: “Success to Foley's Kidney Cure.” Geo. A. Thomas h Sons. “Pa-un." “What is it, Janes?’” “How did the world manage to get along before Mr. Roosevelt was born?” ______________ HERE’S GOOD ADVICE. O. S. Woolever, one of the best known merchants of Le Raysville, N. Y.,says: “If you are ever troubled with piles, apply Bucklen’s Arnica Salve. It cured me of them for good 20 years ago.” Cures every sore, wound, burn or abrasion. 25c at Pace’s New drug store. Nature provides not onlv food for the bodv, but also nourishment for the soul. _______________ There is no case of indigestion, no matter how obstinate, that will not he speedily relieved by the use of Kodol. kodol contains the same juices found in a healthy stomach, forms to the Pure Food and Laws. Sold bv Pace’s New Store. Con Drug Drug The wisdom of youth looks unwise to old age. Sheriffs Sale. THF S TATt: (>1 TEXAS. I County of Milam. f By virtue of a certain order of saleissueit out of the District Court of the 2!>th Judicial District of of Texas, in and for Milam county, on the 13th dav of June, in h certain cause wherein the State ot Texas is plaintiff and J. J. Little and all persons owning or having or claiming any interest in the hereinafter described tract of land are defendants, ifyon certain judgment rendered in said Court on the “Joth day <>t May, 1907, in favor of the said, the State ot Texas, Plaintiff, and against the said I. J. Little and all persons owning or having or claiming any interest in the hereinafter described land. Defendants for the sum ot Four Hundred and Fifty and 0o-l©u Dollars, and interest thereon at the rate of (t per cent per annum from the date of said judgment, together with all costs of suit, and foreclosing a tax lien upon the hereafter desciihed property, I have levied upon and seized, and will, on the tirst Tuesday in August, 1907, the same being the Nth djy of said month, at the court house door of said Milam county, Texas, in the city of Cameron Texas, between the hours of to o’clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p m. on said day, proceed to sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title and interest of J. J. Little and of all persons owning or having or claiming any interest in and to the hereinafter de- Hi ribed land, levied upon as the property of said defendants above named, vi/.: A part ot the C. M. Matthews league, abstract .'47 in Milam county, Texas, decribed by metes and bounds as follows: Beginning on the county line between Milam and Burleson counties, at a stake 25o varasN. h 5 W from the N. or N. W. corner of the Beverly Terry Tract, on said league, from which a P. O. brs. N. 37$ F. vrs, and another N 18 W. 2 \ vrs. Thence N. f>5 W. 1417 vrs. to N E corner of Phelps & Johnsons tract, from which a P. O. brs. N. 8 E. 6:j vrs. and another S. B E. 9j vrs. Thence N. 35 E. 2820 vrs more or less to corner on Rodrigue/ S line, from which a P. O. brs. S. 13 W 8^ vrs , and another S 71 E. H vrs. Thence N. 71 E, passing a corner at 648 vrs. to the N. E. corner of this survey, at 1098 vrs., from which a B. J. brs N. ho, W 5 vrs., and another brs. S. 30 W. 74 vrs. Thence S. 65. E. 576 vrs to the N. corner of the E. P. Moore loo acres, from which a B. J. brs. S. 71 E. 1$ vrs. and another N. W. 21 vrs. Thence S. 31 E. 1741 vrs. to corner on boundary line of Milam and Burleson counties. Thence S. ------W. with said line. 8470 vrs to the place of beginning, containing 1290 2-6 acres of land, more or less. Said sale will be made by me, as aforesaid, to satisfy the above described judgment. and the proceeds of said sale will be applied to the satisfaction of said judgment. Said sale will be made subject to the defendant’s right to redeem said property in accordance with the laws of the State of Ttxas in such cases made and provided. Given under my hand this, the !3th day ot June, 1907. J. E. Holtclaw, Sheriff By E. J. Bradley, Deputy. Boy’s 50 cents yacht shape straw hats, only tf cents in white sale If the wives of some workingmen were paid time and a half for over time after eight hours, the family could tour Europe three times a year, WILL CURE CONSUMPTION. A. A. Herrtn. Finch, Ark., writes: "Foley’s Honey and I ar is the best preparation for coughs, colds and lung trouble. I know that it has cured consumption in the tirst stages." You never heard of any one using Foley's Honey and Tar and not being satisfied. Geo. A. Thomas & Sons. I he other day we read a novel without a female character in it. The novel was as insipid as sugared water and as dull as a schoolboy’s jack knife. Get a free sample of Dr. Shoop’s “Health Coffee” at our store. If real coffee disturbs your stomach, heart or kidneys, then try this clever cotlee imitation. Dr. Shoop has very closely matched Old Java and Mocha Coffee in flavor and taste, yet it has not even a single grain of real Dr. Shoop’s Health Coffee Imitation is made from pure roasted grants or cereals, with Malt, Nuts, etc. You will surely iike Health Coffee. Sold by Cameron Drug Co. The charitably minded need charitable judgment the least. the You cannot beat a carpet with feathers. PACES HEW DRUG STORE GUARANTEES MENDENHALL’S Chill &.nd Fever Cure Better than any other. tvery man is the master or the slave of his business. mmhm iw v -f'-y ' - r 4 i * ti MAKES TME a EAS/ A ffW dOfWiof th’« i*‘mi'dy will invariably cum an ordini.ry attack of Unrrhœft. It cmi nlwajH 1 ♦* dt'iM-ndfd «por', <*v«*n in tin* Uiurn s«v*»rt> ut acks of »ramp colic und cholera inorbn*. It is equally mv%•***« ini for aunimer diarrhoea and cholera iitfantmu in hildrvn, and i« t] tueaii« of Paving the lire« of tnanr children each year. When reduced with wat**r and nwt*eten»“d it in pl«a*ant to takn. Kv**t y 111 au of a family nhould k*'t*p tbi* remedy in his home. Bnv it now, P rice . S ic . L aroe B ize . f»uo. If you want to drink real coffee, buy a sealed package of Arbuckles* ARIOSA and grind it in your own kitchwi as you want to use it Roasted coffee loses its strength and flavor if exposed to the air, and even it* identity as coffee after grinding. Loose coffee sold out of a tag, bin or tin is usually dusty and soiled by handling. Don*t take it! Caarfn wnK J] iwmimmu at Natomal Pm F«aj L**. Cmm SUl 2041. «W « Vuhnu. There are some men so m:an that they will not smile when a baby waves its tiny hand at them. I will mail you free, to prove merit, sain les of my Dr. Shoop’' Restorative, and my tk>oK 0:1 eitiic Dyspepsia, The Heart, or The Kid evs. Troubles ot the Stomach. Heart or Kidneys, are merely symp toms of a deeper ailment. Don’t make the common error of treating symptoms only. Symptom treat mem is treating the result of your ail nent, and not the cause. Weak Stomach nerves the inside nerves — neans Stomach weakness, always. \nd the Heart and Kidneys as well, have their controling or inside nerves. Weaken these nerves, and you inevitably have weak vital organs. Here is where L)r Shoop’s Restorative has made its tame. No other remedy ever claims to treat the “inside nerves.” Also for bloating, biliousness, bad breath or complexion, \ise Dr. Shoop’s Restorative. Write me today for sample and free Book. I )r. Shoop, Racine, Wis. I he Restorative is sold by Cameron Drug Co. liven once in a while we meet a man who has been ruined by success. And now and then we meet a man who has won by failing. BADLY MIXED UP. Abraham Brown, of Winterton, N. Y., had a very remarkable experience; he says: “Doctorsgot badly mixed up over me; one said heart disease; two called it kidnev trouble; the fourth blood poison, and the titth stoma;h and liver trouble; but none ol them helped; so my wife advised trying Electric Bitters, which are restoring me to perfect health. One bottle did me more good than all the tive doctors prescribed.” Guaranteed to cure Dlood poison, weakness and all stomoch, liver and kidney complaints, by Pace’s New Drug Store. 5oc The chief end of civilization is ; justice. fOLEYSKlBNEYCORE Make* Kldnc;-» and Bladder flight No Operation Mrs. Malinda Akers, of Basham, Va,, writes: “1 had what doctors call ‘prolapse,’ and couldn’t stand straight. I had pain in my back and shoulders, and was very irregular and profuse. Doctors said an operation was needed, but 1 couldn’t bear the thought of the knife. After taking three bottles of Wine ot Cardui, I could walk around. Can now do my housework and am in splendid health.” Cardui is a pure, vegetable, medicinal essence, especially adapted to cure women’s diseases. It relieves . excessive periodical pains, regulates irregularities; and is a safe, pleasant and reliable remedy for all sick women. In successful use for over 70 years. Try it. FRZZ ADVICE Wrtt* Mt a in'«/ all Y'wif •ymptont, «nd <*« «til ttni you Frv* Adv* ». in plain wai«4 AJdrttt: I ad*«'AJ'itor, It,n*n'. Th* Chauanautfa «»JktiwU .Cinlli- nvQga, Tenu. At Every Drug Store In $1.00 Bottle«. WINE OF CARDUI Accept no Substitute for MENDENHALL’S Ghill and Fever Cure Get it at Paccs New Drug Store. D r . M. C. S app , Physician and Surgeon, Residence Phone 245 Office at Dr Keece Drug Store T. N COX. M. Q. COX. cox & cox. Attorneys at Law K oh I ostate and loan agents. Nonh side Courthouse Square l'amo run. Tex a«. Kenldotioe Phone ^24. Office Phonej61 DR. G- B. TAYLOR, ripeciallat on Kye, Kar Note and Throat. Glaase« Scientifically Kitted. Oe«. A. 1 hon*as A Hon Drujr* Htore f W. T. Hefley, L AttorneyCounccllor at Law L Office First National Bank Building, Cameron, Texae. J. K, Krriiiinn W. A. Morrimtti, FREEMAN 4 MORRISON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. Practic* in <11 Hi *1 Court*. St au- ami »ptit-rik., OBIo« up atatr. Mi'll, y tildu »Hameron, Taxa» James B. Moore, Insurance and Notary, Up stairs in the Moore Building Cameron, Texas. T. H. Henderson J. I/. Ixx'kett, Jr Henderson & Lockett, Lawyers Complete abstract!» of Milatn County fand titles in office. C amkhon . T izar . W W. (MiMXiKa, O. L. tin t> ( ’ Il AU11KKH A KIDD ^ All OKNKYB-AT-LA W, lluain««« atu!n»l«'l to In all the court*, I'*» ui aialra In tb<- .lohn « N .-her building, »ui «id«« public »<juart*. Cameron .... T«ia* D*. W W Oasia, l)s. J. L. Dsvaoa, Phon« 7. County Health Offlwr. Phono 70. ¡Drs. Greer & Denson* I ¡Physicians & Surgeons., DR. J. P. CKEEL. DENTIST. Crown, Bridge Work and Filling» guaranteed to gire satisfaction. Offic«ov«r Greek-Ain erican Kitchen.

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