The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1947
Page 13
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WEJNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1947 (ARK.) COURIER NE\V» PAGE THIRTEEN Classified Advertisements Fotbtr b«d (01 tale, nboue 4260. ISIlO-pk-U Olrl'i blo'de, new tlr«t. («nders. and paint Job. Call «ls, l] : 9-pk-u Practically Dew gLrl'a blcycl*. Phone Soon to Reach White House onarch electric stove, used only 5 month*. Inquire at city Super Market. N«w platinum wedding bead, s«v«n dlamonu. ID flshUM mounting. Phone 777. 12'9-Dk-12 Cankrter tingern t»nd hen*. Cflll 3439. Next to camp Moultrle. ATIMTCOMBAT boots, field ehoe». boot top*. ,us*-d, WholM*l«, Render•on Shot Co. Doolphaii, Mo. 12 5-pk-13 Unrl<?ht pluno. phone 1R8. Ohnclr Bro«t>on. 12 a-pk- Rt Ufi Bvrivtnnre 3t. Woo-'sto-V St?"-iarrt t'-f—ivrlicr. 121 list K'ntuckr. Plsfme 332T. 12 a-nk-1! Lost and found Two university students' lo«t the! no i« booth containing tlielr year* work. Lxams were approaching, lj desperation they ptkit«d » Ckas&lflrc AU lu the local paper. Tnc all-lm portaut books w«re returned the ncx day, saving th« lads R "flunk." In their final exams. the 'blame for deUyt IB'passage of inflation controls, ^ Suggestions tor carrying out Ihe program have "bwn va^ue and at times confused," he »atd. However, he said that many or the President's recomm«tidatlona have such obvious merit that the Republicans will htv« dKficuUy in turning them down. "Privately," he added, "many Republican members will admit that the cost of living upswing will be the big Issue In 1918 unless Help Wanted, Male Wanted experienced b>*r salesman under 40 year* of age. Salary and liberal cOmmLulon. Living quarters furulshed far alngl* man or with wife. Apply In peraon to D. M. Moore. Oseeola, Ark. 12:9-plc-12 We HAVC AN OPENING lor a youns man with sales experience In our furniture and electrical appliances department. Permanent poaulon. good salary, and oomml&ston. Apply to Mr. Kesaler. attratgomary Ward. , 1J9-CK-12 LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 10. I (UP) — Differences '-etween S«ii- il« and House on stop-gap aid to ', Europ* probably will b« composed I within a week and the bill sent to the White Houae, Congressman Brooks Hays predicted yesterday. In hU weekly newsletter, the Little Rock representative said "it is obvious that Ir the President had waited until Uie regular session to submit tile aid proposal, valuable time would have been lost H winter's cold would have aggravated food shortage problems and would have given tlie Communists another weapon." Hays added thai in his opinion passage of the aid bill will do t great deal to help the Italian and French government! defeat the present Communist uprisings. Hays also urged continued vigilance in the Pacific, pointing out that recently discovered secret documents indicate that the old leadership in Japan Is waiting only for American withdrawal to destroy all reforms and to set the stage for another military autocracy. On the domestic front Hays said that, the administration must share tomcthlng is done about It. To dnt« nothing substantial U being done by the Congress," FHKCKLBS * HIS KRIRNDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB Whal? No Ideas? PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Trices Kirby Drug StoreS . in Kidney Trouble ill II , Try Mountain V»lley, th* (amaui I h»llh water from Hot Sprints, ' Arkansas. A aoot h ins natural a i d thai has been perscribed for more than 75 rears. Delicious to drink . . . not laxative. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blvlhtvlllt, Ark. ' Ill •! I i I i I \\\ • 11 MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 ^Panted ? experienced colored tractor driven with fnmllle.1 to lhare. cron aUo, %ooA houses. Charlie Standlfer. Ht. 1, Onceoln. Ark. 12110-Bk-H Position Wanted Practical nur»e wants lot, Hatemlt; ASWS preferred. Call 3434. Private Rooms Bedroom, Blew 611 W. Ualn. beat: Phone IMS. ll|2B-pk-l]!28 Bedroom 31* H. 8th, cnone 2318. iij-jo-pit-n as Comfortable bedroom. Kaa heat. 2001 \V Main St., phone 2818. 128-pH-lS Comfortable bedroom. Cloae to town. Men only. 3W W. Walnut. !2:3-Dk-I!3 Llsthl 2920. hoiuekeAplnc room. phone 11125-pa>lll3 FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Organizations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Streetl NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor , Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Mustek In Charge DIAL '1357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. PIPE DOWN--- \ HOW V'ALl* MrjHTV BETH WANTS I SWEtT OF f'ALL TO THE FLOOR/ A DROP WHAT \ WELL, ALL V'ALI. ARC- so if A VAIL WANT TO TA« POUC ME TO THE PAHTY SOOO "You go down and tall them how late it is—I remember used to go home wishing t could take a sock at your father!" i riilSCHXA'S i'Ol' A Lesson for Koih of Them By AL VERMEER / think tic should be made Bedroom, BM heat, to business or professional woman. 1017 - Walnut). Phone 2518, . 1218-cJt-tl Bedroom, kltchea prlvltegee op-ttontl. Phone 3480. " 12!10-pk-13 Bedroom for coiiole and kitchen url- TlleRes. Phone 2822. ia]0-p1c-18 Ir. Room Tucfiney. Home coked mealn. "<jlM8ftnt atmosphere, and all orlvl- le«es. Phone M35. 1219-ufc-U Wanted to Buy WANTED to buy farm trac ton and machinery. 6tat*» price and condition. Olio UuaMlmjm. Occeola, Iowa. ll!8-pt-12:8 WK BUT FUR AND PECANS Highest prtcM paid. 8«« ui bcfor* you sell. JOE HESTER'S GROCERY 3, Highway 61 Be tow SwJH Oil UIH All Eize homes, duplexes, lota, stora building*, farmi, confidential U*tln«r Caab buyer*. Phonn Field. 13M. WANTED 20000 POUNDS PECANS Don't Bell till you Get our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 Eut M>tn St. Phone 973 Two or 3 bottom breaking plows. Phone 7M, Ohirles Brogdon. e To By ETHEL HAMILL - dra H«M. IK.. Oiiliibureifkr NIA SERVICE, IMC A rejl(l*Tit of Baltimore In search of a Ktuffed porcupine wax unnble to find what he wanted • In , his own citv. He olaced an ftdvertlsemcnt In a Washington newspaper Within « te.f daya. the advertiser Rot lust « it he wanted from a. reader's new In distant Vermont. Burial Associations Elect State Officers LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Dec. 10 (UP1 —B. A. McConnell of Hartford has been* elected president of the Arkansas Club of Burial Associations. Other 1948 officers are Verlyn Heath of Paragould, first vice president; Avery Shinn of Russellville, second vice president; and Paul V. Griffin of Little Rock, secretary treasurer. XXXVI "V-YOU'RE just imagining things." Maurine h:d changed again and this time, there was no pretense about her. "Because you hate me. that's why!" "No. I'm not imagining anything. You knew: about Acadia. That first night when it was mentioned while you and Joel were singing together, you knew all about it. You said you'd seen some mention of it on an old map of Uncle David's. But that wai only Her creath caught "No! That much of it wasn't a lie, after all. That's exactly where you did find out about Joel's home town—on one of the Senator's maps." As she turned toward a bewildered Joel, she was trembling with realization. "Joel, don't you see? Don't you understand?" His bright head shook slowly. "Afraid not, Cammie." "I told you once what Uncle David's special interest i« in Washington. He's working on postwar commercial air transportation Joel, if he had a oiar. ot land which included your father's farm —that could only mean that they are planning to buy it up for one ot their dozens of big new air fields. And condemnation prices are always high." "But I was already planning to sell—" "You'd get triple the price from them that your acreage would bring in any ordinary sale! No wonder Maurine has been so anxious to get her hands on it—with or without you." * * • '"PHE younger girl's red lips curved back unpleasantly to show her small white teeth. A kitten-like quality still dune to her. but with no suggestion now of cuddlcsomeness. Her claws were out She was ready to rake with them, ready to scar. Maurine flashed. "So now 1 sup- "Aren't you smart one?" pose you are going marry lim and cash in on the fact that [ had looked over i few of Daddy's papers? Well, Miss Sherlock tlolmes" — and her laugh was aarsh, metallic — "it'll still be in !he family, anyhow!" "I'm listening," rumbled Beeiy, at Cam's shoulder. "But blast me if I can believe it yet She ain't even possible.** Maurine's eyes annihilated him as if they had. been twin atom bombs. "There are a good many novelties left in life, for you, my friend. What's so impossible about wanting an income of my own, that ! don't have to account tor when the Senator gets into a disapproving mood? What's so impossible about wanting to beat him, just once, at one of his own deals — buying in some land he's after cheap, and making him pay for ft through the nose? What's so impossible — ?" "You know," said Beefy — for a sergeant, curiously soft and slow — "this Here's a young one just spoiling for a dose of something 1 bet you the Senator iiever gave her She needs it bad." Joel met his old friend's eye glanced sidewisc toward Maurine and then with a nali-grin lookec back toward Beefy again. "Sergeant.'' he murmured, "would you mind very much seeing that my future wife's cousin gets nome safely to the Dean's hou^e in Cartersville? Of if you should happen to stop alonr the way and make like a top sergeant — " "He wouldn't dare!" Maurine gasped furiously. "No telling " There was a dreamy look i;: Beefy's eyes. "I got kind of an itch in the palm of my nan riglu this ninute." "If you so much as lay jnc (in- ger on me. you — you ape — " "Come on. you!" cut in the ser- VIC FLINT A Call From Camion By MICHAKK O'MALLEY nnd RALPH LANB leant, suddenly hard as nails. If vlaurine had any intention of urther argument, he gave her no time to get started. His big hand closed down hard around her wrist and he was moving her :hrough the doorway before she could gather breath for a shrill, 'You brute. I'll see to it that the; Senate of the United States—I" • • • TT seemed unusually qiliet in the modest lobby, once they were gone. As quiet, Jam found herself thinking, as the Inside of a church: Her eyes were meeting Joel's once more. "Here we are," he said, almost whispering. ^ "Here we are," Cam echoed. "The girl who thought she couldn't fall in-love, and didn't want any more romance in her life. The guy who didn't dare fall in love, because he needs training for a job he has to do. Well—what are we going to do about It, Cammie?" "Whatever it is," she cried, "let's do i'. quick! Oh. Joel, we've made so many mistakes about ourselves and each other. We've had much too little faith." "Look, I'll have the farm money soon. Enough to keep us both until I'm really going. We could get married now. Here. Today. In my old home town." She nodded wordlessly and then she went in.o his arms. The sure confidence in them thrilled her as he held her close. "All those -mistakes!" he sighed. "A.jd to think we've both been this way about each other right through every one of Ihcm. Why, Cam. I've ' ^cr in love with you ever lhat very first kiss." "Which one?" It was absurd to sound so happy. "After the>fire? Or at the Kandy Kitchen, in that milling mob. the afternoon you first came oark to CTartersville?" "Neither one. Four years ago. The very first lime. Cam. remember? I've been waiting for thin one moment ever since then." It had been a moment well worth waiiing for. Depp like their river. • Bright, like the look in their eyes. Exciting, like the ben! of their hearts Ulter heaven. THE END I WO..IBetONG.6KAYtlN6. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M 6CNNG TO DO ABOUT THIS BUSISKS, BUI r« COINS TO 00 SOMETHING. 6ind that's howl Jot into Nte case. Camfon phoned me. lit SAY III MEC' HIM: A BIR CATCH LIKE ALEXANDER CAMION DfHSN'TSWIM tvlRY DAV INTO A PRIVATE DETECTIVES NET.' T 1 KNOW WHAT \'t,\ U01UG TO DO ALL RIGHT, BUT I'M NOF ANVBOOV MY PtANS MY NAME IS CAMIOW, MR. FLWT. A FRIEND GAVE W YOUR NAME AND5AID I COUIO TRUST YOU. CAN YCUMKTME IN TEN MINUTES AT THE ENTRANCf OF PARK? By LESSL1E TURNER WASH TUBES KtGHt kN'COPS COULDN'T FISURE WEREN'T THES STORED )M A HUGE METW- CRKTE THAT HAD TO BE Iff TED OUT T.HRO f. HIGH WINDOW OU- TO THE PkWOINIWS ROOF? WKt RIGHT PU1ZUH& 1H' WINvOY* HAD BEEN W1K6D OUT OR T«ISTet> OUTA !U DR.kCPM'-SSWUlD WSnW THE 6HK INCREDIBLE WWTW WAS «Ml HfREly &BOOT H TON Of- OLE DEttHDRKVED EGO WUCC! KIMW Hoisr...euT KEVIER FOUND ^ TR-iCETHMMIT) BtEWUSED! CUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams CURLVS HELPIM' SOPA CJU1TSMOWM' AM 1 HV5 CUT HIM DOWNJ TO ONE IM THREE HOURS- I WANT TO WATCH SOPA SMEAK. ONE FROM ROCKIT SCEAPIM'S WITH UNIT. JERK.Y CRUMB ORTVJO Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople MARK ME,FATHER'i. .._,_ I WAS riURSlMG *l,000 ICi W I SHE MIGHT BURST irJTO A TEWVpEST AND SWEEP WE CLEfrfV— T. MUST MAK& DsDucriosvs FoRTAXES ASHD A F6VO SMALL DEBTS .' OH, I'LL KEEP vcv > MWCW BATTENED DOW M.' ~~ 6L5T \We OOGWTA POT A GUARD CMER. VOO to KEEP Voi) FBO TAKlMS OOT THAT CHECK EVeRV HALF HOUR AMD START£,) 1WG A FLIMG.' HARD TO V<EEP SECRET•= RKI) RYDER Devlin Says Bv FRED HARMAN BILL HUPP CAUSED YOUR FATHER AI.I.KY OOP Ooolii Wins By V. T. HAMLIN IK GOING TO TAKE A SHORTCUT THROUGH THE SWAMP TO SAVE TIME' S£ ZEL SE TAKING IS NOICATION. -THEY'RE HEAPINS FOZ THE SOUTH By EDGAR MARTIN Who's Anxious? HOOTS ANT) HKR BUDDIKS CMi V wt- VOOV f owx -W AOM.1CE. WE.

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