The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1947
Page 5
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, DECEMBER 10, 1947 Policies Church Women BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS Are Time Buyers America Has Been , Engaged in Holding \AcHon With Russia , iTlie United • since the ( _ _ Brooks Emeny, national president of the Foreign' Policy Assn.' said here yesterday. "America has been largely a holding action "Eme- n.v said, "with the Soviets consistently on the offensive." n«l. fortunately for the future, Krncny added, "the leadership in Washington has at last begun lo present to the American people in clearer terms the basic prob- World Fliers Complete Adventurous Trip TETERUOnO, N. J., Dec. 10. <UP> mi™' ,,„ —George W, Truman and Clifford in ,iVm fit F , AL1 ' S ' P*-. >*c. V, Evans, Jr., landed at Trlerboro 10. (UP) — The Women's Division airport today, completing in 122 Plan Crusade Against War , ~ .... • • vim.** a i-'i VIMUll of the Metlitxilst Church board of missions today called on Christian women of the world to orj{aii- rusnde for the [Heven- I of «'."•»•» by ,»,e Wo- themselves to a "concentrated effort to combat tile cause of war, to halt the cynl- cism. (ears and suspicious cvWent in onr press and Increasingly pre- ent among our people." Anolher resolution approved by i tin- division deplored continued imprisonment 0 [ conscientious ob... v.,.,n-i IVIUJ.T tile na.sic prou- -..-i., ...v...,,ji-j,v in i uji.MjiL'iikiuun v>u- lems involved and the alternatives J ccl< "'s and the refusal lo grant of policy to which they are giving ' a'wiesty and restoration of civil rights lo those already discharged Communism, can be 'satisfied", "they will become dau^crou, 1 ; nnd consistent sources of major di.s- tutbance." Emeny told the New Orleans Chapter of the FPA Hint. Moscow, "whose very strength lies in i| s ability to feed upon human misery," stood ready to be the "ruih- less beneficiary of further disintegration in the vacuum areas." I churc i, speak. Emcny said the Marshall Plan ln accordance «' was, however, an indication that lhe government was attempting to plan in terms of overall strategy in relation to major objoclive.s. "While America," Emcny added, "has been, in the past 30 years, a erect niiiny new churches and Improve present structures for the 347.000 Negroes among Its members, "Our whole approach lo the Negro .should be rcstudled and a new developed." he stfld. "To- days, 23 hours and four mtimlcs their flight ttround the world in tlie. -smallest plfines ever lo attempt tire. (rip. he pilol.s, both veterans of lhe air force, took off from Telcrboro last Aug. 9 In the 100-horsepowcr Plp-r Super Cruisers "City of Angels" nnd "Cily of Washington." Flying wins-to-wing across oceans and terrain never before spanned by sue!h liny aircraft, they circled the world on a 23,000-milc roiile with .slops in 21 countries. The smallest plane previously to irutke Hie round-lhe-world flight nas (he lute Wiley Post's Winnie Mae, a ,V15-hors.cpo\ver Lockheed Vega, described at the lime as "Iho thine on wings," which Post piloted twice on a. 15.500-mile course, in eight days in 1931, and in just a week in 1933, ThcN last leg wa.s their hop this moiiiing from Ha.iri.sburg, Pa., where they landed yesteniav after a weekend iventhet delay at Dayron, O. Kulihi-r KiKits Mot Nriv v. f.' ..- ,-•-.. -.- -.- i Rubber boats, which eame Into day Methodism has an opportunity I prominence in World War II, arc with the Negro. The next decade not new. More t'-an ion years ago, will determine our success. l>t the John c. Fremont and Jim Bridger ' 011 mB >' wc ™ l our convictions." :ubber boat on (he Great Salt Lake and did cousidtr- deciding factor in the climalic stages of world affairs, we have ;icv- er before had to face, in all its' unvarnished form and on day to I basis, the power of political Negro Prowler to Face Series of Felony Charges LITTLE ROCK. Ark", Dec. 10 (UP)—Twenty-nine year-old North Little Rock Negro James, Harris has checkup on lhe silualion. Board Chairman J. Miles Roberts said the study will bc made in conjunction with lhe Pine Bluff Real Estate £!oard. gain. Youth Suffers Wound As Boys Handle Pistol Ihe assault charge would be filed : within the next few days. They said Harris admitted a number of crime.-;, including attacking a young Little Rock matron last month. ; Harris was arrested Monday throuEli ttie cool-heiulness i of 19 PINE BLUFF. Ark.. Dec. 10<UP>| year old Ella Lee Waggoner. —Physicians at Pine Bluff's Davis) Miss Waggoner awoke lo find Hospital had placed ten-year olri i Harris peering over the transom of' Jimmie Idekcr under an oxygen | her Little Rock Apartment. Instead tent, but liis condition,was still i c-i of screaoiing she carefully slipped Carried as serious today. j the telephone under the covers and The boy w as wounded in the chest; phoned police. i nnd shoulder by a bullet from a 45 I ! caliber automatic pistol, which dis-! J? cn » Cnntrnl ^*i»fv I charged accidentally when he had ; *, *-° ntro ' itUdy ] K ten year old schoolmate, RUSSCH i Planned in Pine Bluff i David Ammons. were examining it. i • The boys were believed to have' PINE BLUFF Ark Dec 10(UP>-~^ been rummaging through a closet; The Jefferson County Rent Control in the Ammons borne looking lor j Advisory board has announced that \ Christmas gifts, when they discover- [ it will request an extension of time ! ed the gun. I from the national housing experli- i Mrs. Allie Merle Ammons said | ter in order to make a complete 1 she had repeatedly warned her son i rent study In Pine Bluff -•• i p'ne muff MrS- Arthl ' r Mckor ° r ! charged that the decision 'in "b^m '_ ' o' controls was made without a full FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO PLANTERS GIFT and TOY CENTER! Better Than Ever Before COME IN AND SEE THE NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY CHAMPION GROUND GRIP TRACTOR TIRE OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Unncircds of ftplrt lesls prove the new Firestone Cii.-impinn Gidiind Grip Trnc;tor Tire cleans np lo I00 r ; more efTectively. pulls vlp lo 62% more, lasts up lo 31", longer and elves » smoother ride than any other tractor tire. No broken cenler tire can duplicate Ibis performance! GROUND GRIP TIRE The greatest advancement in power farming since Firestone put the form on rubber! Th« new, Firestone CKimpiort Ground Grip tr»ct<T tin, enffineersd and bwkt for maximum effki««cy and sverv- ic* on all snrfae**, ranpinsr from concrete to soft mn«. Th« p<Uwt*d <n»rr*d,Triple-Br»eerf truction hors inrf » heiirrilen«<i trearf si ake t*»e tire onl' * -n, 207 W. Main St. Blytheville Arkansas Oil Dealers Fight Tax Increase Mrn.K HOCK. Ark,, Dec. 10. lUl') —Arkansas' oil dealers have begun mi apparent itll-niu drive on gasoline |. W s, on the basis of resolutions pio-eilt.'d at the linnl M..S- 51011 ot tin- mil annual conVmtimi of Ihc Oil Dealers Assoclulion, One <i( die resolutions eallcd for a pledse fioin all candidates for governor In Wig 10 oppose rises in gu.<nhno IriXc.s. A .second resolution culled on the h-dc-ral government to eliminate, or repeal Its tax on gasoline" and 1 b- rliMthii! oil, iimlestinj. thut the was levied as tin emevgeiicy revel produc'.uiK measure. Much of the oil men's wrath provoked by Inures which slim ... i hat gasoline levies in Arknnsns for UI4li itinoimted lo $10,000,000. The oil men re-elected lhe enllro .-l;iU' »( I9-II odicers (<> serve lor I he coming year. They arc M. H, Springer, ihalnmm. Paul J. Waix and Janu-s MeMmry, vice crmlr- PACE nv* inen; niul W. V. SrnrbnrouKli, KC-C- n-l.-iry. Tliej- nro nil from UMo Hock. , llll'l til SlM-ll KnaKes uiulernu « lu'riwl of Wind- ness ntid iilxslfnence from food when slieUttliiii their ^kills. In clutiiKlni; skins, the old one becomes dry iijj ( j wit In-red, i\nd the snake forces it buck from the lipi by pushlm; Jik'iilnst u^oimh MihMunce, until li is then nil eiisy mullor lo .slide out, Kliilily-imc |ii'r 'cent t>l Cilaeier llilljoiuil juirk is ari-e.s<ilb!i> (inly !))• null, 'llu- park Is in Montiinii. 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