The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 1, 1898 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1898
Page 5
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- r-v ..!! I' THE OTTAWA EVENING JOURNAL, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1. 1893 SPRING HATS i ; r Arriving Daily. Exclusive Shapes ; - Shown only by ; .' HENRY J. SIMS . & CO. MANUPACTVRINO PURRIBR. - 108 SPARKS ST. PHONE 1244. CURTAIN ENDS From ili to. 2 yards 35c per end These are exceptional value and if you haye a small window requiring: a curtain these will answer the purpose, 'and the price well, all we can say is come along and see them. f (L H. Megloughlin Best Quality Gas Coke5 for Sale . ; , ' -. I. Bushel, ' ' .:'S ! ' j . - ''-' 2 -Bushels .'. -2S '' " v - , I Chaldron . $4-5 j ,-. : Apply 23 SPARKS STREET : The ; Weather . Meteorological office, Toronto, Ont, Feb. L A severe1 itorra la central near . Long Island. ' N.Y and an Important high and cold wave la situated to thai; " northward of Lake Superior. - Snow has fallen over Ontario and Quebec, heavily In many places, and a vale, and snow storm are now setting in iver the Maritime Provinces.. - r Minimum and maximum tempera tures tEaqulmalt, 40, M ; Calgary, IS, M s Qu'Appelle, II below, t ; Winnipeg. U below. 10 below ; Port Arthur. 12 te- . low., s below ; Parry Sound, sere, II : Toronto; M. S3 : Ottawa, IS below, 10 ; : Montreal, to below. ; Quebec, tt Tie- lew, ; Halifax. 10 below, 1 . . - Probabilities 10 a.m Ottawa ValleyHigh northerly sad north westerly winds, decreasing daring the night, clearing and - Tory sola to-day and .Wednesday, with, temperature ' considerably, below sero. , ; , .i M00 NAMES WERE ADDED 'j Oatarto Oraad Kdgs a a V. V. Baa Xad a - , Yseref oeosss Toronto, Ont, Feb. L Two weeks 'from to-morrow, the twentieth annual session of the Grand Lodge of Ontario of the -Ancient Order of United Workmen will ' convene In this city. Considerable Interest attaches to this gathering front' the fact that it' Is the; i fret annual meeting, of the Grand . lodg sine that body acceded from the Jurisdiction of- the Supreme Lodge of . the United States and decided to go' ' It alone. '' - . At the time this action was 'taken there were many prognostications that the Order in Ontario would either go to pieces Inside of a year or Its mem- ; bershlp would repudiate Itl own Grand lodge and alump back In a body to the Jurisdiction of the Supreme Tribunal. Neither of these forebodings . nave, however,' been - realised. In an ad- - dress Just' Issued to the delegates to the forthcoming ; gathering. Grand ' Master Workman Fred W. Unitt says over the caption, -"Ontario Victorious, Graded Assessments, Reserve ; Fund ' and Separation," that the past has been ' one W the most successful are in the hlsiofy of the Grand Lodge of Ontario, notwithstanding a heavy death list. '. Five thousand new names were added tt the rolla during the year, and less than ten percent of the lodges . have found It necessary to suspend members for non-payment of dues. ; Under the new graded system of assessments, forth sty months ending on January . 1, the Grand Lodge realised sufficient ' to cover ail claims and leave $48,000 la i the reserve fund. JUnder the old1 ays-; tra the whole of these funds, would have been sent to the treasury of the Supreme Lodge In the United States. . . "Of all tonic preparations, Vln Mariani' Is the most potent for good." Every physician throughout the .'world knows that dunng the last thirty years Wanani has popularized Coca, and that Vin Mariani is the original preparation.' asajysmtsf ststlew tt s ' ssrttalsrtf SsntsstUsass SUi suiotm iuctumi,ai. VIM MARIANI ft everywhere recommended by the medical profession as the 'standard, uniformly reliable tonic-stimulant. -SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Dosei-A. wise fins fan three times a day. UWRrjCCA, WLS0HC0, SMrtrtiL 1 iXii..-vrrjjwrm i .- - k i in length at from 15c to & Co. sparks su PRESIDENTS DINEOGBTHER. j Washington, D. ' C: Ffa. I. President McKlnley'a dinner n honor of President Dole will take place at the White House this evening, which happens jtq be the first open data on the President's calendar sine the arrival hers of Hawaii's president it will be quit as elaborate a funcUon as the President's dinner to the diplomatic corps, although tie guests will not be so numerous, , . t re The Luetgert murder case will go to ins Jury early next week. ; Joseph Paris a carter of .Montreal is now a victim of small pox. Charles RouthJer, aged TO, was foand aoad in bed In Quebec yesterday. Gen. booth was given an enthusiastic reception in Hamilton .yesterday. The Nultv murder trim! It la hwM will be concluded this week. Only a lew mora witnesses are to be examin ed. , . Baron Oarlingford of Marseilles, formerly president of the- Board of Trade and Lord President of the Council, la dead. ' . - r . Mrs. J. C. R. - Dorr, the ' Vermont poetess, is very low with pneumonia at her home In Rutland, VL, and Is not expected to live. - Joseph Clement of Montreal Is nn-der arrest in Toronto charged with Buncoing a xarmer ox nla watch and chain valued at U7& : It la authorlttvely announced from London that no Anglo-Japanese plan , of campaign Id certain ventualitles has been decided upon. .- TWentV-flv inurifiu itmvriitm wuu1- i are sUll tn Placentla Bay, Newfouna- jana. out tn herring are scare and the nshery Is practically over. j ; , Sir Daniel Lysona, who died la London, Eng., yesterday, was sent to Canada to-organise the militia, at the time of the Trent affair in U(T. About a per cent of the men formerly employed In the engineering wcrks throughout ; England.- went .to wcrk yesterday. The others will be given work gradually. . Th alx year oid child of Mr. and Mrs. C W. Burrows, London; Ont., was given strychnine powders In mistake for santonin last evening and died a few hours afterwards. The Russian auxiliary cruiser Sar- iun, oeionging to tho volunteer fleet, with. IS quick-firing guns and 1,(00 :. troops On board, passed through the Bosphorua yesterday on her way to Yiadlvostock. Rev. Father McGrath of South Boston and Daniel Cunnlnrham nt nf-n. -MeM injured In the Maine Central atl-' read accident,' have died, making four deaths In alL More than 30 people ver Injured. . ,, A BerUn despatch says the Reichstag adopted the Increase of the salary of Prince Hohenlohe, the Imperial Chancellor, to 100,000 . mark The social Democrata, Frelsinlges and the South German People's- Party, opposed the prososiUon. , ' The Manchester Guardian hears that . the difficulty In the far aaat has ceen solved by the opening of Port Arthur . ti trade, on the same terms as ICiao Chou, Great Britain withdrawing her demand for the .opening of Ta Lien Wan.- ... !-: .1 ; .- "At a cabinet council at Madrid yesterday, Senor Gullon, the forelgs uln-. later, announced that the relations of Sl-aln with the United States were good and he expressed a hope that aVom-.mcrcial understanding would soon be arranaed. Emperor Wllliam.nt la reported, has pardoned Herr Trojan, editor of the f Kladderatsch. who was sentenced a lew days ago to two months' imprison-meat In a fortress for Less MsJeste for cartooning th Emperor. . . Dr. Schenk the discoverer of the secret of aex announces that his life is a burden In consequence of the multitude of enquiries he has to answer. Daily he receives hundreds of letters dally from women in all parts of the 'world. ,' , - - Principal Grant has declined to con-' sider any more challenges for a debate on prohibition, .claiming that he : has done his duty by expressing his views which are before the country for comment and criticism. - .Abraham Teblft the defaulting Boa-, ton leather dealer and a woman were ; arrested . .by the Canadian- Mounted 'Police 'on a C.P.R. train near Qu'Ap-pelle. The woman hao (20,000 In bllla and bonds lh her bustle. They had also '$3,000 worth of Jewellery a them. :. A BRILLI ANT SCENE tAtjDEY'S RjNK..... ' i- Five Hundred; Fantastically Attired Skaters r-Were ; 1 Last Dey's Rink was a frcene of gaiety and merriment last evening on the occasion of th second fancy areas carnival given by the management this season. . The affair was' most .successful and proved a great! drawing -card. Fully five' hundred skaters in costume were there to disport ' themselves, aad aix hundred spectators looked.- on the pretty scene. Many of the costumes worn , were handsome, while others were extremely, comical. ' AU viewed together, .however, mad a . striking color effect. , i ' j - ', The good condition of th toe, the extra choice selections of music reudared by Prof. James Barrett's band, and tha usual efficient 'management of Dey brothers were the triple combination which want far towards the successful, outcome of th carnival. ; ; ; ' Thv Ladles. j Among the ladies in costume were: Misses Maggie Stewart. Laiy: Mary Foster, Gypsy Queen; LPurcelL Night; Gertrude Garfoote, Housemaid; Afcnes Proulx, Folly ;" Florence Tayi r, Oyisy Glri; Dolll GsAithler, Mold of Honor; Rosle Kelly, Bailor; Lou Clark, 8unny Italy; Jean Clark,- Jocluy; Eva Trough-ton. Italian Princess; Miss Campbell. Queen; Florrle RobltaUl. AU NaUons; Iddle O'ConneU, Red Riding Hood; W. MulhaU, Summer Girl; Mary McMullen. Grand-Ma: B. Clark. Riimiwr Via Ala Kelly,. Glri of the Period; Mamie Mo- J iJUgott. Grand-Ma; Annie Gallagher, Britannia; Agnes Haves, Fairy Queen; Katie Foley. , Gypsy . Queen; little Powers. Young Canada; S. Louise Eer-trand. Summer; ( Kate Ryan, Sailor Girl; N. Beddlngton, Italian Girl; Maud Mason, Silver Coins; Ettie Stanley, Jubilee; May Cummin gs. Sailor; Louisa Brown, Queen! of Hearts; DeUna Mc-Phee, Queen of Jersey; Aggie O'Brien, Italian Girl; Lena Duahimer; Th Cat Came Back;Mfs. Biggs, Scotch Lassie; Louisa Lapensee, Winter; Maggie Harrison, Erln-Go-Bragh Annie Jordan. Lady of the Lake; Maris. Smith. Summer; M. Burke, Dewdrop; B. Potter, Lily of the VaUey; Miriam. Daly. Old Mother Hubbard; Jessie Bingham, Summer Girl; Annie McLaurin,Summer Girl; Tina McLaurin. Sailor Glri; Daisy WheaUey, Gypsy; Julian Annie Carroll. Spanish Girl; TlUie Maloney, Sun Flower; Purslde, Summer Flowers; Addle Bone, Jubilee; Sophia McCul-lough, Red Riding Hood; Mary Mc-Mullen, Young Canada; Annie Hickson, Snowshoer; Lily Armstrong, Just Tell I Them That You Saw' Me; -' Magnet , O'Doaneli, Queen-of Scots; M. Newham, ' Nurse Girl; A. Hall, Swlaa '.Peasant Girl; Axlllah Coulter. Hockey; Badle Kennedy.Snownake; Julia Tapp, Trained urse; Lillian Waddell. Snowshoer; Gertie NoeL Sailor Girl; Gertie Ken. nedy, Spanish Peasant; . Clara Tappj Army Nurse; Llsste . Stanley. Mary Klondike; Mary , HartneU, Snowflake; Alice Brewder,' Snowshoer; :Nelli Armstrong, Young Canada; i May Armstrong, Snowflake; May Hudson, Queen Maud Mason, Sailor; Miss MulhaU. Girl of th Period Carri Walker, Sailor; Agnes Tllley, Domino; Maggie Johns-ton, Ffower Girl;. Alexins Coulter, Bailor; Annie Moffatt.Young Canada; EtUe Stanley, Magician Lady; Annie Gallagher, Ghost; : Jennie Boure,- Italian Prlnoess; Nellie Boure, Miss Canada; Susie Wallshaw, Nurse; iA.-'- Smith, Queen of the Sea; Sadie Etherington, Snow .'Drift;, ; Stella Jones, Princess ; ' Nellie ? Bowden,i Dancing Girl; - Maud ,i Pownati,' Bellej Esther Lalley; ( and Llxxie ! Cook, Two Little Girls In Blue: Liszt Graham. Lady's Maid; Emma Cutting, simmer; Olive Diaon, Sailor: Jessie Balborie, Grandmother; Lily Roche,. Summer Girl; Bella Jardlne, Queen, of Scots; . Sadie Pooley, Japanese; Daisy Pooley, Folly; Florrle Foss, Italian Girl; Edith Leatham. Queen of Diamonds; Gertie, Pooley, LltUej Copper; May Noel,. Scotch Lassie i Gertie B. Boyd, Klon It MUST COME TO MONTREAL ,i i i . C.P.B. Seams to Have, the Western Beads is. .- . J:ttsdrasp j' j- - i Chicago, Feb. 1. The Canadian PaOi-fio has announced that it will not' be represented at the meeting oi tha wstea'n roads to be held- to-day fox the purpose I . considering tha rates and . arrangements far Alaska business.' It ieclared to-day that all tha demoralisatioa that exists in tha Klondike business is the fault of the large and unauthorized- commissions Uat are being . paid by tha 1 western roads and to the low rates made by those lines s id their eastern, connections. , .-.....; There is no necessity fo a meeting, according to ho Canadian Pacific, and U declared plainly that if the western roada would chance their actios there would be no trouble over Irate. to Alaska. The western roada will bold their ntretinf to-day, and the outcome probably will be the. appointment ot'a ooni- nutteejwhifh confer i with I 1 1 will go-to Montreal and General Passenger Agent R the Canadian Pacific McNicboll of Ratesr are nf w in a fearful state of oVmoralization jto North Paoifi coast poinls.' "Been ha vln an addition! put on your conk, I see," kaid Mr. Tuff, Mugs; Yes," replied. Mr. Baryl Howes, feel- lng the lumpl th policeman's club had raised. "FlM Job, too. j Hardwood-fin ish. ' Anxious Wife Know where my bus band Is, sir 1 Klondike Karl Th' last time I seen your husband, mum, he was goln', over th mountain! Th Magistrate Can't you and your husband livi together without fight ing T Mrs. Mulcahy , yer 'anner not happily. Freouent and 'constant.1 advertising brought m all I own.--A.' T. Stswart. sBriglhtaed?U! at the Night; dike Queen; Bella Davidson. St Patrick; Dolly Gauthier, Maid of Honor; Sadie Garland, .Queen of Klondike; Annie Glover and Ethel Moore, Ghosts; M. Blshoprick, Summtr; S. Campbell, Lady of the Century; B. Stewart, Star of the Night; Lily Hasel, Girl of America; Tillte Mitchell, Grandmother; Mrs. McCulIough, Grandma; Louie A. Collins, Red, White and Blue; Kate Padden, Red Riding Hood; M. Campbell. Italian Queen; L. Gauthier, Princess; L. Clarke, Sunny Italy; Maggie Jordan and May L. Powell. Bill's Daughters; & Padden,- Summer; Mary King. Snowflake; Ida Walker. Mother's Darling; A. Bell, Russian Girl; E. Graham, Snowshoer; Miss Bell, Wild West; Beatrice Arton, Bailor GUI; Jane Clark. Jockey; Loo Clark, Sunny Italian: Eva Trough ton, Spanish Nun; Maud Kelly, Mary Queen of Scots; M. Bryne, YeUow Kid; C Brouse Red Riding Hood; A. 8. Roland. Shamrock; G. Noel and M. Neill-gan, . Twins; Nellie Turner, Evangeline; : Lizzie Johnstone. Italian Girl: Maria Johnston. Summer Girl; Minnie Marier, One of tho Few from India; Gertude Noel, Only Me; Ida Klock, Hockey 1st; Lizzie Towers, Hockeyist; E. Jones, My Own Dear Self; Zllla Coulter. France ; Mabel Chamberlain. Primrose ; Edith WaddeU and Stella Coulter, Mamma's Pets ; Ella Devlin, .Spring ; Jessie Baynham,' Red, White ana Blue ; M. Rice and S. Beatty.'Tw.n Sisters ; May Meagher and L. Casey, Two Little Girls In Blue. . The Gentlemen. The genUemen skaters in costume ccmprlsed : Wilfrid Olver, Tlrae-KP-er in Klondike ;, George LanibyJtUe Boy Blue ; Willie Lamb. Klondike Tramp ; Allen Wilkie,' Jockey ; Dan. McCarthy, Klondike SportV Harry Firth. Bloomer Girl ; . Stanley Cooch. scowahoer ; J. Conley,, Nigger Sport ; Tom King. Ship Steward : George Tal bot, Highlander ; Oliver Marier, Rag Pickers Walter McAllister, Knight ; George Broker, Irish Gentleman from Ccrk: Tom-McBride, Ah Wing; E. Mason, 'Clown ; Victor Atkins, Tramp ;i Harry Sunderland. Tramp ; William Fsdale, Bicycle. Rider ; A. Ralph, Santa Claus ; C. Sunderland, Clown ; P. J. Mason, 8nowshoer 43rd ; J. Fitzgerald, Hockey Player; H. Clarke, Boys' Brigade ; 8. G. Lindsayyt Squayr ; H. Hawn. Diamond Dick ; W. Highland, Irish Jockey ; O. Saunders, Jockey ; B. MulhaU. Racer; W. McBwan, Racer; G. McCaaig. Domino; J. O'NeiU Pink Domino ; A. McCullough. Red Headed Nigger ; W. H. King, Manhattan Beach Sport ; O. Clarke. Hockey Player ; J. Mason. : Topy ; .Joseph Nevina, Jr, Snowshoer ; Tip. McLaughlin, Sh-jw Struck ; II. Therien. Duke of Orleans Samuel Donaldson, King of Dlamonls Can. O'Hara. Little Bowery Girl : Geo, A Williams, Nigger ; Howard Haron, Diamond Dick; Albert Spencley, Clown; C. Cook. Farmer ; O. Roblllard, Cow boy ; Burn. O'Hara, Bum Coon ; Gesrge Pell. Little Red Riding Hood ; Tom Lesrie, Hockey Player ; Harry Shou'.-dlce, . Prince of Wales ; Jack Mason, Ruby Bain ; etas forth Walker, the Hero ; Kenny Wilson. Baboon ; C. Mcon, French Dragoon ; A. H. Randall, Black Domino ; Harry Sunderland, Jerry the Tramp ; H. Salmon, ,Trampi H. ' Jenkleson. Sloppy Longchln ; B. .Llr.k. Monkey ; Pat. McLaughlin, Red Headed Coon ; Jim Barr. Butt Trapper; George Clark, Bar-tender ; D. Stewart, Pripce Daffy from Dahomey : Mty- nard Peterkin. -Bean-seller; H. Halg, R.R.C.I. ; A. Thomas, Dutchy ; JT. Llt-.tlejohn. Jockey : H. Wilkes, Tramp Minstrel ;,- W. Lawless. Government Dude; W. Pinard. Klondike Billy ; W. McGutre. Snowshoer Hugh Powe-a, Electric Hockey Player : John Learfe. Bloomer Girl ; 'J. Bambrick. . Ji'iffalo Bill ; J. McNeil. Coon : S. Walker. Our Bum : J. Lawsori, Calamity Jane : L. Beyle. Mamma's Pet;'W. T.yn, Prince Albert ; R. Burnett, Tramp. ;''.' THE BURLEY CO. WINS Seohnea oivsn Upholding ths Right of the Company to Its water Mine Judgment, was delivered yesterday at Toronto by Judge Rose In the case of - Caldwell vs. The Burley Gold Mining Co., in favor of the defendants. This -case la one of considerable public in- ! terest, particularly In Ottawa, where a number of prominent business men are Interested, among them being Mesrs. T. Birkett, J. Coates, L. Cran-nell. E.,8eybold and A. W. Fraser. .The property affected is known as the Sultana Water Location .adjoining the famous Sultana mine in the Lake of the Woods district. A patent was granted over 12 months ago to the agents Of the Burley company for the . mineral lands under the water near the . Sultana, but ,Mr. Caldwell, the owner of the Sultana, brought an ac- tlon two months ago to set aside th ! patent. The. case lasted for six days, ; and some seventeen lawyers altogether I were engaged on tha case. The proper ty of the Burley company is said to be worth half a million dollars, and the Sultana. Jt is said, is now being negotiated for on a basis of $1,100,000. The shareholders of the Burley company are an residents of Ottawa. First Telephone Girl What did Belle say when you told her your engagement was broken T - Second Telephone Glrl-Oh, she aald It only meant another ring off. TMd. RedCrossPhannacj Cm-Nicholas A rbso-orc Toilets, Perfumes. tc Family Prescriptions a specialty. t , M. S. BOLLARD, Chemist, etc ft ... MILLS ARE STILL IDLE Cotton Hill Operatives are Yet Out oa "j Itrik Boston, Feb. 1. Despatches from New Bedford, Lewlstou, Blddeford and Saco, where about 12,000 cotton m operatives have teen out for two weeks, state that the situation in these places Is unchanged. Both sides are Ann all along the line, and from present indications the mllbj will remain closed for many weeks. A reduction f 10 per cent. In wages went into effect in the" Atlantic and Pacific cotton mills in Lawrence, Forest Dale, B. L, and two or three other places yesterday morning. HIS HEART IS ALL "RIGHT Tali Kaa's Chlst Organ is Very Much est of . , ! rises Toronto, Feb. j Frequently cases of men having their hearts on the right aide have come to light, but seldom nave cases where the whole of the inner organs were transferred been re-Ported. As la result the students J of Trinity University are much excited over the fact that they Possess the body of. a full grown man, CO years of age, whose organs are all turned from their proper to the opposite side. The case is puzzling both the medical men. and is proving to be a valuable subject for the students. The heart, which should be on the left aide, la on the right. The liver la on the left. The arcle of the aorta goes to the right and the Innlommate artery is to the left side. The lunga are also turned. Dr. Wlshart told a reporter that the case was a remarkable one. Never before In the history of the Toronto or Trinity Medical schools has a case of the transposition of the organs of the thorax and abdomen come to light; He said that he was endeavoring to find ' out something of the man's life, but he was having considerable difficulty, as the body was not that of a Toronto man. The body will be preserved after all the students have had opportunity of viewing it, and kept as a curiosity. RETIRED FROM THE GUNS. Washington, D. C.. Feb. L Rear-Admiral R. A. Beardsiee, recently in command of he Pacific station, but who lately has been on duty in this city aa president of the naval examining and retiring boards, put his own head In the guillotine to-day when he retired by operation of the age limit. By the same token Commodore C. 8. Norton to-day became a rear-admiral. Admiral Beardsiee Is the first of eight rear-admirals who will go Into private life during the present year. The health of Prince Bismarck la improving. There has been a marked diminution In his pain and Insomnia. S Stretchers I 50C 1 2. fer Pair JJ 1 G.EH0LBR00K, 1 g 7 ; 103 SPARKS BT. j aSa,aVaaa.aa. -a. A av a.a.a.AAaa. S a A A A A A S A S. TV WW WW WW i PRESCRIPTIONS, DDPCtpoiDTIOMC: PRESCRIPTIONS, I PRESCRIPTIONS I i Accurately prepared and prompt- J Iy delivered. ; H F. MacCARTHY t CHEMIST t 282-28 Wellington Street. X Fbon 485. aaaAAAaaaaaAaaj Tf f f Tl W WWWW W W W Winter JFootwear All lines of WINTER FOOTWEAR at greatly reduced prices. . All first-class goods. No shoddy. G. NEELIN, 68 RIdeaa St Sparks St. Store to Let From the first of Msv next, or earlier, the whole or portion of 113 and 115 Sparks street, formerly occupied by Messrs. Orme & Son, and latterly by Mr. G. M. Holbrook. Extensive modern improvements will be made to suit tenants for stores or offices. Cunningham & Co. i - CARLETON CHAMBERS, Phone 130-3. , Ko. 74 Sparks St AU that bread should1 be, light, swest nutritious, easily digestible, as perfect as the finest flour and skilled hsnds can make it. Full weight. Lowest current price. Delivered everywhere. GEO. W. fcriOULDiS BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, Corner Somerset and Cambridge Sts. I'hons 1396. . Look Around- There may be, if not in your jewellery cam, some other quiet and reserved little nook, a piece of Jewellery voti don't wear, because it is out of order and don't look nice. Bring it to as and let us tell you what we can do with it. A.ROSENTHAL JEWELLER, ' 85 and 87 Sparka Street. Bread FOR SALE A new 2 storey brick veneered grsve roofed dwelling. No. 114 Bouiier St.. with modern conveniences ; also vacant corner lot adjoining. . C, H. CARRIES RE 22 METCALFE STREET. Six Weeks' Sale... FROM HOW UNTIL All poods will be sold at the following discounts "For Spot Cash." - . . ' - . . 25 per cent off all Jackets and 25 per J- This sale will Family Staples at R. M. ; P. S. All sales MOCCASINS and all Kinds of FELT BOOTS at Cut Prices -AT- RETALLACK'S; : 63 KP ARKS STREET. P.S. A Few Satin Slippers Left A Yard of Roses (or ierhaps a few yards) designed by skilful artists has brightened many a home.- Our ptetty wall papers have brightened many aa eye. Our tasteful, harmonious combinations of coloring and our first-class workmanship havs gladdened many a heart. Our work praises UaelL We are advertised by oar satisfied customers. It yoa are nt oa of them you should be. P. STEWART. PAINTERS AMD INTERIOR DECORATORS.' 2ii AND 23S ifARXS STHEBT. P. S-Wall Paper wall assorted from to. roll upwards. , ' HOCKEY and SPRING. I All qualities and prices.' v Hockey Sticks and Pucka. Children's Sleighs and Snow Shovels. CUTLERY And otbe rseasonable goods. A new lot of Cole's Hot Blast Stoves. W.GRAHAM Hardware and Houssiumiakiags. 185 BANK STREET. ' :-Phone 15. Choice Ivory and Ebony 'Hair Brushes. Military and Cloth Brushes. Cut Glass and Fancy ' Atomisers. '-' ' Cut Glass Perfumes. Mirrors, all kinds. 4 Suitable for. Xmas and New Vesr's gifts. R. A. McCdrmick Prescription Dru st. 75 Sl'AUhJs bl Fhon 1. it. 3 BUV NOW. ; p LOW PRICE 5 I C.C.RAY I 5 . 53 SPARKS SrREET g S Telephona 461. , . AT THE GOLDEN THE 5TH DAY OF cent off all Overcoats, i j 10 per cent off Cottons and Flannelettes. 20 per cent off in all other "Departments." afford an opportunity an immense saving. McMORRAN SUSSEX STREET. ! ' . for Spot Cash only.-R. M. McM. , To ttiy Lady Patrons E. MTLES In accordance with rr ly eurtom, begs to retarn slncers thanks to the ladies' who have for so many years favored him with their iSSs. K. MILESfsatill suparinte ndlng th ladies' department, so ladies can be assured of psrasnal a-tteatkm In ail requirements of Hair Geods and Tolls. -. - . . . ' ; , ' B. M1UB13, Hair-dmser at Government House to His Excellency The Earl op - Aberdeen, family and Suiter Discount! :.Sale ,','' 15 to ' 20 PER CENT , NO GOING ON. ALL FURS stabject to the same ' redaction. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITX. T. NOLAN 40 Rldeau St- For plain, colored, figured and window glass glazing and glass repairs leave your order at . DUFORD'S 70 RIDEAO STREET, Notice to Merchants Butchers, Bakers, Hudwais, Fish Dealers, Grocers, ate. Cl:sn aewspapari for sal at 0o. to 76a. par 100 lbs. . Ottawa City Rag Stora SU KING STREET. OppoaiU York Streat DRESSMAKING MIBA MUNSIB First Floor, Bank Street Chambers. Latest styles and complete satisfaction may always be relied upon, as indeed very many ladies in our fashionable circles know, and others can be equally well pleased on entrusting their orders to us. . -, . Phone 1271. Headaoarten for Klondike Tents, Sleeping Bags - Beat, strongest, cheapest. Cull at J, Ja. jarvis 868 QUEEN STREET. , . See samples. Get prices. P. ' 6y Awnings ss usual. 1 Price away down. -)', isein Advert lllON FEBRUARY NEXT ' - -;. - i5 Capes, ! ! to all to purchase IMmiAiT NAPthwAf.1 NaWaaUUUj V. AlVllUUVVka - 66 4 58 RIIXEAu STREET. '.W are prepared to execute orders tor. ... m Metal CelllDzs and Sidinzs. Cornicn . 1 n..c .. r '- - ana nooiing . In Galvanized Iron or Copper, and Corrugated Iron Work. This Branch of Onf hnai nX im nnrUs ths. attnas.sfaans4a. eao of Mr. J. B. Doagtu, who will ire promo 1 Deraontvl attantHm to ar- AU as. . JLCsUKUal UUIUibvOCft. n : 1 : a.. j Telephone It 27. Ur. M. BAYLY '' ARCBTTEClC ETft -, J 22 METCALFE STREET. OTTAWA. OAT HULLS 5 CIS. PER BAB ' ... At New Edinburgh Mills THE- y9 H0RET TO LOAS Money to Uend. : If ONE T TO LEND AT PER CENT. oa Improved utty er r arm x'roperty, GEMMII.L 11AX. BarrisUrs.. RuDinoHeailna Springs NATURAL ilTBIA WATER. '. ELIMINATES URIC ACID. ;! ; Aids Digestioa. l) Strengthens ths- Nervous Syatem. ! A mm. alaan. FieaMiaglT f f 11 ia i eiooa tn all torms os osin musses ana is a Bpaciuo in itaeumauam and uout AOOipn. a., vnrun - .General Agent for Canada. '; rtff'ina; UstroDolitaB Life Boilillaav. . ., . Ottawa. " . WOOL AND CARDING DAVID MANCHESTER '. ROLL . CARDING sc SPINNING MILL First class work and reasonable charges. Highest price paid tor wool la cash and goods. A call won't be tim. wasted. , 444 WELLINGTON-ST, Ottawa." ' THE EVENING JOURNAL' ia publish ed by THE JOURNAL Printing Company of Ottawa, Limited, P. D. Ross, Managing Director, 34 Elgin -fitreat, OtUws, 4 - . -j . BMaVBam.W.ttlMBkSB ufioiir the Jouroal a" : a i

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