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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, July 3, 1897
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TwelvePages The EVENING JOURNAL Pages 1 to 8 VOL. XII-NO. 172 OTTAWA. SATURDAY. JULY 3. 1897. PRICE TWO CENTS JOHN MURPHY & 60. Blouse and Shirt Waist Department. A Wholesale Clearance of Ladies' Blouses. Blouses of a high class character in this great marching sale. Finding our Blouse Department a bring it to its proper equilibrium, no 300 Stylish Blouses, beautiful pattern and colorsand compare well with New York and Boston for style, fit and by far lower in price. Perfect fitting collars, positively. were 75c. and 85c. TO CLEAR AT 556. each. Now is the time to buy Blouses. Hundreds of other Blouses to choose from. John Murphy Co LEATHER BELTS The very newest. Just received at popular prices. These are not old or inferior goods that we are trying to get rid of, but the very newest, and we mean to put them at a price that will bring them within the reach of all. Official watches inspectors for the C P. Ry. OLMSTED & HURDMAN photo ru Jwllr and TOEING THE WAR HARK...... i Massey Harris Wheels Now $65. Volumes of suggestions in those six words. G RANTB ROa, Agents COR. SPARKS & BANK STREETS G.H. MEGLDUGHLIN 111 SPARKS STREET. Open at Seven this Evening LEATHER BELTS AT Bell LEATHER BELTS AT I 9 eta BLACK SILK BELTS In different widths, worth 36c to 50c.. at 19 cl LEATHER BELTS AT 2B ctm WHITE KID BELTS AT 38 ctm SPECIAL PRICES IN BLOUSES, HOSIERY, GLOVES. VEILINGS AND PARASOLS. G. H. HEGLOUGHLIN lit SPARKS STREET. r 5 Every J Garment f .. 1 0 0 i 0 vjuaranicea ior a year 4 at Ottawa's Leading r Tailoring House. " Prices Right. The Big Boston O'REILLY and other qualities will all have to join little top heavy we have decided to matter what sacrifice on our part. r SPARKS STREET. Opticians. RAIN or SHINE The weather makes no difference with us. Modern, up-to-date appliances, enable us 10 take nood plctules. In lemem the weather may be- Don't delay the picture you have promised , yourself and your friends for a fine day. Likely It won't be convenient then. COME TO-MORROW. RAIN" or SHINE. JARVIS' KTUDIO 117 SPARKS STREET. Telephone 1361. Slashing Reductions IN PRICES OP, Baby Carriages, " Children's Waggons, . Velocipedes, Tricycles, Etc. Wf are determined not to carry any over so h-ve cut the prices accordingly, if ycu wan: any of these foods an early call will repay you. Cole's National MTg Co 160 SPARKS STREET. FARMER ASSIGNS Desert his Wife ana Takes a Servant Qlrl with Him Toronto, July 3. John H. Ijivls, a ycung farmer residing near Whitby, has deserted his wife and children md taken with hint a girl named Gordon From Brooklln. Before leaving Lav'ls made an assignment to Anthony Plowman, who Is a heavy creditor, and Wft no provision for Mrs. Lavls. The v.ife had a constable visit the house and seize such articles as she could claim. BOTHERED WITH MUSTARD Quebec Fanners Bars a Pest as Bad as tie Thistle (Special to The Journal.) Montreal, July 3. A section of Quebec province, lying north of the St. Lawrence and between Montreal anl Three Rivers, to the east. Is over-run with a pest that equals the dreaded Russian thistle in destroying the farmers" peace of mind. This pest is the mustard plant, which the French-Canadian farmers began to raise several years ago. In their (rardens. The tiny seeds were carried all over the section and multiplied with amailng rapidity. Now the fields of hay and grain are so clogged- with mustard that a yellow mantle seems t) have been shed over the land. Each year sees the pest growing greater, and this season especially, when taken In" connection with the light grom-th cf grain and hay, due to continued wet weather, mustard Is literally king of the fields. TRACED TO MONTREAL NEW YORK MURDER SUSPECT SAID TO BE IN CANADA Evidence 1b ths Mystery of the Unknown MutUated Body Being Slowly Probed - Alleged Strong Class New -York, July I. The World today says: Guilt of the murder, of 'William Guldensuppe was brought nearer home to Mrs. Nack and Martin Thorn yesterday. Reporters of the World In the Identical carriage In whlrh Mrs. Nack took her famous ride lat Fat-urday, followed the course of that journey. They discovered facts which Indicate that the party In the Surrey on Saturday consisted of Mrs. Nack, Thorn and another woman whose. Identity Is suspected. That to dispose of a portion of the body or of other Incriminating articles was the purpose of the drive. That on their way, at a secluded spot near the village of CltfT-slde, two miles below Fort Lee, they burned certain things, probably clothing which had been stained with blood. That from this place they could have gone, and probably did go to the spot near the Harlem river, at One Hundred and Seventy-sixth street, where on Sunday, the next day. the bundle which contained the second fragment of the body was found: that they then drove back towards their home, and were seen passing through One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street at high speed at about t o'clock. That the carriage was returned to Its owner at about .30 o'clock. Mrs. Nack and the other woman having left It at some point unknown. The horse and carriage were In a condition that Indicated a lone and hard drive. Traced to Montreal. The World, through Us correspondents and reporters, has traced Thorn from this city to Saratoga, thence to Troy and thence to Montreal, where he went with the avowed Intention of taking a steamer to Europe. Two steamers sailed from there Thursday. They will stop at Quebec and other points before getting beyond psllce reach. HELD UP A COP But Uw t Tramps got ths Worst of ths Deal Toronto, July 3. Five tramps struck Wexford Wednesday afternoon, arriving by a freight on the C. P. R. going east. They were of the most Impudent wriety, going from door to door and demanding meals and whatever they tcok a fancy to. They finally struck County Constable Sanderson, who was working In the field, and demanded money. The constable, with the help of neighbors, gathered them all In. and brought them to East Toronto, where they were remanded to Jail to await tbtir trial. They gave their names a James Dodson, Frank Johnson and Frank Huntley. HAS OHIO A VOLCANO ? Earth Cracks; Tress ar Swallowed; Smoke Pours From the Ground Chllllcothe. O.. July 3. Residents of Bainbrldge, this county, were thrown Into a state of panic last night by a series of volcanic eruptions In that vicinity. The disturbances were preceded by violent rumblings like thunder.after which the earth cracked and opened, swallowing small trees and shrubbery. Smoke came from the fissures In thick volumes and the people fled In terror, fearful that flames might burst forth, or the ground open and swallow them. These manifestations were also accompanied by a violent quaking of th-5 ground, which caused dishes and windows to rattle. The vibrations were perceptible ten miles away. The disturbances continued for several hours, and smoke was still pouring from the crevices to-day. An attempt was made to sound the depth of the r)ures, but. they appeared to be bottomless. ' Choice Hungarian and Millet at K. McDonaldV CABLE C088IP THE WEEKLY OVER-OCEAN BUD GET VIA ASSOCIATED PRESS THE COLONIAL SECRETARY'S BIG RECEPTION WHICH MADE LONDON PEOPLE TALK. SOME ADVERSELY. THE QUEEN WILL NOT ABDICATE-ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY'S SCHEME TO HEAD THE WHOLE ANGLICAN BODY. THE METROPOLIS DOFFING ITS JUBILEE ATTIRE. London, July X. The Jubilee functions are ended and London Is reluctantly doffing Us holiday garb. But the undressing apparently takes as long as the dressing. Carpenters are still slowly tearing down the stands. Most of the princes and special envoys have departed. The familiar belief in "Queen's weather," which has become a fixed t-uperstltlon, la almost justified by the remarkable weather which greeted every public appearance of Her Majesty and a surprising feature since the beginning of the festivities has been the many rainy days between them. More Than His Share. General Nelson A. Miles. U. S. A., has been a rather embarrasing element in the United States special mission and to the British government, as he iralsted upon taking more than thry intended him to do The government had provided rooms,' servants and a carriage at the Alexandria Hotel for Rear-Admiral J. N. Miller, U. 8. N.. and General Miles. But the 'invitation was not extended to their wives. Gen. Miles arrived first with his wife and occupied both rooms, leaving Admiral Miller the room the court officials had intended for the servants accompanying the two officers. Admiral Miller thereupon declined to remain at the hotel, and repaired to loda-ings In Half Moon street, where his family was Installed. The coort officials were greatly distressed and wished to take a suite of rooms at the Victoria Hotel for Admiral Miller, but the latter declined. Chamberlain's "Jam." The secretary of stat for the colonies, Mr. Joseph. Chamberlain, provided royalty with a new sensation on Wednesday. Wishing to have aa ovt whelming social show, Mr. Chamberlain took the late Sir Julian Gold-schmld's big house In Plccadllly.and invited 2.900 guests to a banquet and reception following it, all of whom apparently accepted, resulting In the greatest crush London remembers. The sudden bringing of eight or nine Hundred carriages into Piccadilly quite upset the police, and made an interminable Jam, In the midst of which the Prince and Princess of Wales drove op St. James street. The Prince rinding that the police were unable to Immediately clear his royal way, ordered his coachman to drive back to Marlborough House, and. for the first time In the life of Their Highnesses their progress to honor a commoner was barred. Inside the house the crush was terrible. Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain vainly tried to edge their way to the foot cf the stairs, In order to receive the Prince and Princess of Wales, and Mrs. Chamberlain's cha-firin at the failure of the Prince and Princess of Wales to arrive was very evident, and was made worse by the condolences of many present, who. wishing to go on to the reception of the Earl and Countess of Derby, were Dsolutely unable to leave the prem- Ises, as the continued arrivals for a long time prevented Ingress and egress Hundreds were unable to get in at all. and the Duke and Duchess of Tork were obliged to make their exit by way of the kitchen and the area steps. The fiasco is the talk of the town, and many bitter remarks are circulating In society. The old tories are delighted at what they call Mr. Chamberlain's bad breeding and want of taste, etc., and predictions are made that the Prince and Princes of Wales will never again accept their Invitations. The Anglican Headship. The United States and Canadian bishops are being royally entertained everywhere. Every bishop has more invitations to hospitality than he can possibly accept and the same is the case with Invitations to preach. The Archbishop of Canterbury received them all most cordially and Influences by the wholesale, It is reported In the press, are .being brought to bear In favor of the Archbishop of Canterbury's great scheme to obtain the adhesion of all the colonials, and of all the Americans. If possible, to such an acknowledgment of the Archbishop of 1 Canterbury's headship of the Church of England and its offshoots as to practically permit him, in a large measure, to control the internal affairs of such churches. The idea finds but little favor with the United States bishops but. some of the colonial bishops warmly advocate It. The question Is probably too broad a one to be decided offhand. Dr. M. E. L. Godkln, editor of The Evening Post of New York, has taken a house near Sheen for the season. WIU Not Abdicate. The sensational stories circulated by a New York newspaper regarding Queen Victoria's alleged blindness and her alleged Intention to abdicate In favor of the Prince of Wales' after the Jubilee festivities, which have Juft reached here by mail, are exciting great demlon among the few news- Continued on page A) WILL BEGIN MONDAY Tender Awarded for Extension to the Archbishop's Palace Everything Is now ready for the extension of the Archbishop's Palace on St. Patrick street, and work will commence Monday. The contract was signed last evening. Mr. Andre Chailebois of Ottawa, 1 the contractor to whom the work has been awarded, his tender being the lowest $10,577. The others who tendered were Mr. Richard Tobin. whose tender was the highest. Mr. Bourque of Hull, and Mr. Fauteux. Mr. S. Z. Gauthler of Montreal Is the architect by whom the plan of the extension was drawn-Mr. Gauthler was formerly a resident of Hull, and has been architect for a number of fine churches in this diocese. DRUG ETORE HOURS. The city druggists have fixed on a new table of Sunday hours. Begin-nlns to-morrow the drug stores will be open from J.JO to 10.30 a. m ; 3 to 5 p. m., and 8.30 to 9.30 p. m. TO ESTABLISH A COURT. A large delegation of members of St. Jeseph's Union go down to L'Orignal to-night and to-morrow morning to witness the establishing of a new court of the Union In that place. Ex-Mayor Durocher, president of the Union, will be among those present. Ex-Aid. Chs.DesJardlns will be the installing officer. The members of the Union had endeavored to secure a boat on which to make the trip, but not succeeding In this, they will go via C.P.R. BE SERIOUS EOR CANADA A COAL STRIKE IN THE U.S. WOULD CRIPPLE US There Is not More Than Three Weeks' Supply of Coal In the Country- Bemlnlsoenoe of a Previous Strike Toronto, July J. Prominent coal dealers in this cley are anxious over the outlook induced by the bljr strlke of miners in the States. There is not more than three weeks coal supply in Canada. Hence the result would certainly be most serious if the strike should extend and production cease. Three years ago, in connection with the last strike, coal was at what was called famine prices. Nova Scotia coad had to be brought, to Toronto. The Grand Trunk ha not much coal ahead and the stocks of all railroads are at present very light. A Serious Aspect. Spring Valley. 111.. July . The strikers of this region have voted unanimously to obey the order of the National Board of the United Mine Workers of America to mine no more ccal after July 4. All employees of the companies whose wages rise and decline when the wages of the miners are affected have also been asked to come out. This means that all the trappers and even the cagers who have charge of the hoisting of cars will also come out. This puts a serious aspect upon the situation for If the mines are allowed to remain idle without the constant attention of the trappers It would not take long for them to cave. The miners of this city are very1 determined. They have had their wages reduced nearly 50 per cent, in the past fear years, and 78 cents a day is sbove the average. To-day the men will go in the mines, fix up their rooms and take out their tools, and say they will it main out until the operators concede their demands. All klhds of business in! the city will be more or less demoralized. ENQUIRY OPENED Investigation Into Ounner Dick's Aoddent HowOolng on Major Harris and Lleuts. H. A. Bliss and C. C. Cummlngs of the Ottawa Field Battery acted as a court of enquiry last evening and opened an Investigation into the accident which happened to Gunner W Dicks on Dominion Day, when a detachment of the corps was firing the royal salute at X:-pean Point. Surgeon Lt.-Col. Be!l. Corp. J. Walker, Gunner W. Dicks and Gunner Wilklns were examined last evening. The court adjourned for the purpose of securing more evidence. The enquiry is of a strictly private nature. C. E. OUTING. About two hundred Christian En-deavorers from Skead's Mills, Merl-vale. City View and Britannia had an outing to Queen's Park. Aylmer, ye.4" Lerday. A very pleasant time wis spent by all present. The societies represented were Skead's Mills' Methodist and Presbyterian societies. City View MethoJi!t, Merlvale Methodist, and Britannia Methodist societies. ASTOR'8 BOOK TO BE A RELIC. Rhlnebeck, July 3. Col. John J. Altar will place in the tin box in the corner stone of the new Church of the Messiah, which is to be laid next Wei-nesday, a copy of "A Journey to Other Worlds." of which he is the author. The building committee of the church are John Jacob Astor, chairman; Ernest H. Crosby and Dr. George Norton Miller. W. C T. U. Garden Party The W. C. T. U. will give a garden party at the residence of Mrs. Hol-brook, 25 Cliff street, on Tuesday. 6th from 7 to 10 p. m. The members of the Union and their friends who are Interested In the work arc cordially Invited, and will please accept this Invitation. I. G. Borbrldge. Rec. Secretary W. C. T. U. La : y Churns at K. McDonald's. NOTHING WAS SAVED ONE HUNDRED MEN LOSE EVERYTHING THEY HAD In a Big Fire at the 0., A. Jc P. S. By. Boarding House at Depot Harbor-The Building Desert bed-A Serious Loss The large three-storey boarding he use of the O., A. and P. S. Railway at Depot Harbor was burned to the ground on Thursday night. More than one hundred workmen employed on the erection of the elevators, etc., at the harbor and who boarded In the building lost all their belongings. it was a frame building, solidly constructed and admirably suited for the purposes for which It was erected. It had about thirty rooms and a large dining ball extending the full length end half way across the building. Fro-n fcur to six men slept In a room. Another good sized building adjoining served a kitchen. The boarding he use was in charge of Mr. Fred. Pratt, formerly of Ottawa. The fire broke out in the night, and the" men escaped wth the greatest difficulty. Nothing was saved. The morning train over the llne'yesterdjy was delayed In order that a supply of blankets might be forwarded to the scene of the fire. Depot Harbor Is only I 1-2 miles distant from Parry Sound. BIG FIRE IN SPAIN. London, July 3. A despatch to the Dally Mall from Madrid says that a huge fire has been raging In the mountains of the province of MurMj. in south-eastern Spain, since Wednesday. The flames have extended over an area of twenty miles, destroy ing villages, cattle and other property. It Is feared that there has been considerable loss of life. Dro jjflsts' Sunday Honrs. Commenclnr Sunday July 4th the Ottawa Drnrg-ists will be open on Sundays at the follewine hours only: MORNING. J: SO TO lfcSS. AFTERNOON. I TO S. EVENLNG. t TO :, . VICTORIA PAWn TO-RIGHT 1:30. BIG SNAP THE 2 MACS' Have bought a 5 dozen of Umbrellas at a price. Some are worth $15 per doien, wholesale. The 2 Macs' Price, $1.00 each. See the Ivory Handles in Dogs Heads, etc. Don't Read mis If you do not ride a wheel, for It will not interest you to know that we hare one of ths largest and best Bicycle Liver lea In the city. P. a Wheels cleaned and oiled 10 cents. LIMITED French' Syrup of Prunes- The perfect laxative tor family use. agreeable in taste ; prompt and effective In action. An absolute cure for constipation, and all the ills caused by lc Prepared and tor sale only by ROBINSON, Chemist BANK STREET. Night service. Phone 67. Polar Expeditions ' 1 Are not possible for most people during the hot days of summer and the next best thing is to keep as cool an possible here. By inventing in an ice cream freezer and making your own ice cream, you can keep cccA all The Celt-orated WHITE ' MOUNTAIN KREKZKK does the work for you In KOCH MLNLTBi Robt McAllen COR BANK AND SOMERSET. Ottawa's Greatest Store THE demand for Cool Footwear in a has encouraged us to invest Special Lot of SHOES We have secured them at such figures as enable us (without losing money or making too much) to offer I Men's Buff Oxfords for $1.00. i Men's Dongola Oxfords Jor $1.25 I Men's Tan Oxfords for $1.15. i Men's Dongola, patent leather toe cap, razor toe, for $1.50. i i Men's Dongola Oxfords, razor toe, toe capped, for $1.75. Men's Tan Oxfords, razor toe, toe capped, for $2.18. j Men's Russia Calf Oxfords, tan, capped toe, for $2.75. i We are confident our j values in Men's Oxford Shoes can't be equalled in Ottawa. j J bet!) YOUR FEET may be it right, but if your HAT is "off-grade'' he whole effect Unspoiled. Visit B.,G. &. Co.'s Big Hat Store There you can get any new HAT that you may fancy. ! -New Fedoras 75 cts. up. New Stiff Blacks $1.06. i New Stiff Browns $i.ooi . r Spite big boasting we believe our $1.00 Stiff! Hat to be the very best hat for Jhat money you can get in Ottawa. Strw Hats For Men and Boys. Bfjsou, firalmm 6c CO. Ottawa's Greatest Store BURA. the best Black Tea at money, 3 lbs. for $1.17. ! B., 0. & CO. I i I

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