The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on January 8, 1894 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Monday, January 8, 1894
Page 7
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THE EVENING JOURNAL MONDAY JANUARY 8. 1894. DEATH CLAIMS ANOTHER PIONEER. ALONZO WRIGHT PASSES AWAY AT HK HOME OS THE GATINEATJ. Te Last Hernia of one ef the Beet Knows Ma at this kectloa of the Dominion-Bla Uba4CuMtH Publio lbs ana Private Citiaea. Th nm of the death of Alonso Wright et bii bom on the Gatineau at thro o'olock yesterday morning ni received in tb city with tb deepeet regret In tb oonnt y of Ottawa which h represented for so many yean, tb name of the "King of the Gatineau" wm generally belored' and his death to-day is a greatly mourned. Bnt th good name of Mr. Wright wae not oon- ' lined to tbia city and the adjacent oouhUas bat wae known all over Canada. f IH FATAL ATTACK. For aom time- past Mr. Wright had not been in Tory good health, bnt death wai not looked for. Indeed, it wae not until a few boar before be died that tb wont waa anticipated. Laat Tuesday evening Mr. Wright Tinted Ottawa. Hie Tiait waa principally on businss. After returning Bom in th arening he (offered an attack of pneumonia. . On Friday the patient's oondltlon be-earn wore. Hie attending physician, 1. Davies of Chelsea, sent for Dr. Clarence Church of Ottawa eo that they .might hold a eonenltatioa together orer the case. Dr. Church pronounced the eae hopeless. - TBI DICIASSD'i CABEKB.- The news of Mr. Wright's 'death reached Ottawa about noon yesterday. It soon became known all over the city, and th deep-eet regret was everywhere manifested. Mr. . Wrifht was in bis 69th year. He was bora at Hull on the 26th of February, 1825. He wae the son of Lt- OoL 8. Wright and grandson of Philemon Wright, who ni to Canada from Massachusetts la 1797 and founded the Tillage of Hull, then an Indian trading post. Alonzo Wright was th first npreeentaliv of Ottawa county in tb Lower Canadian assembly. From 1862 until confederation Mr. Wright represented - ths oounty of Ottawa in the assembly. At . th union In 1867 he waa returned to th Hons of Commons for the same constituency by acclamation. He-oontinned to represent Ottawa county until th dissolution of parliament in 1891 Not-with-standinftheen treaties of Bir John Maodonald and his colleague he resisted them all and would not submit kis name to the el eo tors as a can didst. In th Houss of Commons Mr. Wright did not take an fctlre part in tb debate but when he did speak bis uttaranosa commanded th attention of both sides, linos they breathed a strong patriotism-and were pnt in a conTincingtcourteoos and? scholarly manner. Entering parliament as an independent in politics he waa soon regarded a a Conesrrativa from the strong support bs far , th late Sir John Maodonald and his colleagues. HIS LAST BTKtCa IK THE COMM0K1. Th last speech which Mr. Wright delivered in th Hons was on th motion of If r. Dal ton McCarthy to abolish French a an official language in tb Northwest. Mr. Wright strongly opposed th motion. There was only on way, he said, to build op a great eountly and that waa the grand old English way of justioe, fair play and equal right to all. ' ... Ths funeral will take place on Wednesday to' Beech wood cemetery, Ottawa, leaving tb family residence on th Gatineau at 11 a. m. , Mr. Wright was married to Mary, th eldest daughter of the late Nicholas Sparks whom hs leaves to mourn his loss. Jottings About Town. ; St. John' orchestra and ohoir practice thi evening. TBI member of th Fellowship of Bo. Johns meet this evening. Tmxi was a collection in St. John's ehnreh yesterday for foreign missions. AxcBBMHor now returning th visit of his many New Year's callers. To-xigbx th Y. M.C A, educational elisors re-open after th Christmas race. Tsi Earl of Aberdeen' waa to Tiait th Protestant Hospital at 8:30 o'clock thisafter- Tbc band of Hope and Merer of St John' hurch Is getting up a Penny a to be given early in February. Tbb Upper and Lower town teams play a return match at checkers this evening at th Chess and Checker ciub'l rooms. Tbb Ladies' Aid of Erik ins church will shortly give a parlor concert at th residence ef Mrs. Gilbert Allan, 125 Kim street. Bit. Father Eauv of the Basilica is in St. Hennas, Que., whither he was called by th death of a brother. . He return to-morrow. Thxm was ao market at all this morning, only a- few loads of hay being on hand. Thee old at from $8 to 59 per ton. - ' Ths Sunday school festival and Christmas tree of th Anglesea Square AngUcsnmission hall take place Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Rsv. W. K, Anderson or Vankleek Hill and John Higgins of Lechute will assist' at th week-of-prayer meeting at th MoPhail : Memorial hall tiki evening. . : Tbi week of prayer begin to-day. There . will be special service each evening in th Methodist, Presbyterian, Reformed Episcopal and Baptist . Taenia Hurdman ha prepared an ex-esllant skating rink J50 x 35 ft, for th us of th pupils of th Waller street school. It is th best school rink in th city. Is oonsrquenoe of th week of prayer meeting! for women in the Congregational church this week, then will be no drawing-room gospel meeting on Tuesday, January 9. A MUTiao on behalf of diocesan mission will be held inSt. John's churchon 28 insfc. Addressee will be delivered by Rev. G. J. owe af Almonte and Est. J. Robinson of Combennine. Rxv. Dr. Campbell goes to Richmond next Sunday to preach the anniversary services of Richmond Presbyterian church. Rev. Mr. McLean of Richmond will fill tb pulpit of Krskin church. . - District Deputy E. Aokroyd oa Saturday returned from Arnprior when he installed th officers .of Severn lodge,. S. O. E. Though th lodge was Instituted only in August it showed a handsom Increase in membership. . ." ; i - Woaa is still progressing on the earpentor work of the new Contagions disc ass hospital at Porter's island. Contractor Brno expect to get th work through successfully and Architect Stalker say there will be a extra oa th building. CHE PANTCOATVESTERS "' .v- ABl.aClljriBO A ' : Special Diaeoiiat Sal '; . .- - jrar sow . : - Gall Early and . Secure Bargela. BlcCraeken Bros. 135 Bank St As prtvioualy arranged Mr. Lionel Laur aaos baa re tuned to Ottawa. Ha will be pleased t see at Olmsted's jewelery store all thsss whom 90 told, oa his former visit, weald rtqpire retestisg. PROROGATION OF THE QUEBEC LEGISLATURE. BpcecA from th Throaa DismiasLnaT Veov bers to their Homes. , QrjXBic, January 8. Th LegiiUtureroee to-day. Th lieut governor' . spssoh thanked th members of th - oounoil and assembly for their "diligenoe and seal' and claims that the effort to restore equilibrium between receipt and expenditure have been successful, that taxation has been reduced without injuring th credit of th province and wUl be farther reduced next year; that agriculture and colonisation are - making good progress. The province is called upon to rejoioe that th destinies of th provinoe and the Canadian confederation are oloeely bound togther,and reminded that if trial await th country they will be passed through with lees danger- with an agricultural population happy and prosperous. Th speech eonclude t In taking leave of you I pray .that th law which I have just sanctioned in Her Majesty's nam will bear fruit in the happinees of th' people of this provinoe. I pray God to oauss peace to reign in our midst and to shower hi most oo pious blessings upon you and your families. CANADA'S FORTY ROD. Tb Ceasnmptloa for tne Past Tear Below the Average. . , -.. The quantity of spirit held m stock la Canada on th 1st of July, 1883, waa 12,602,-815 proof gallons as oom pared with an average of 11,574,806 gallon during th four preceding year. . ' Tbia is th largest quantity that has ever been held la stock by th Canadian distillers. Then was entered for consumption 2,731,-896 gallons.sgainst 2,545,935 ths -preosding year. ., . Th revenue derived from axois duties aad license fees was $4,142,057 in 1893, which was 1162,653 over the average of th form preceding year. . There war 3,856,955 proof gallon! of spirit produosd compared with 8,498,232 in to previous fiscal year. ' The consumption of spirit per head of th poputetioa was -74 of a gallon, about 5 per oent mora than last year, bn) about 40 per osnt lass than ths average sine confederation. Thar wae a light decrease ia th consumption of beer and light wines during th yar. Th total inland revenue for 1898 was $8,620,230 oompared withS8,076,628 in 1892, The inorea is principally in th revenue for spirit, . Thar we a alight inoreaes la tb consumption of tobaooo, th people contributing about 63 oent per head. At ttia Kewfoaadlaad. U. A St. Johns, Nswfoundland, despatch saysi Election petition havs been presented against th return of all ths members of tb Whit way party at th late election, alleging bribery aad corruption. Th opposition claimed It possess abundant videnoe to prove th eharges. The laeHaa Kedu VtasadL Lord Aberdeen has reoeived official information from th British government to th effect that th latter ha mad arrangements with th government of Russia for th renewal of th modus Vivendi in th Be bring sea' seal fisheries until further notice, on th understanding that vises Is of th (United States an subject to similar restrictions. So th outoom of th agreement will depend upon ths readiness of the United. State to become a party to it Distinguished Visitor, " Llsnt-CoL tteveahill, just retired from coir man d of Her Majesty's Wood at Hong-Kong, and Mr. BavsnhiU are at the RussaH. They an accompanied by Mis Robinson, daughter of Sir. W. Robinson, governor of Hong Koog. Tb party, who will remain ban for two or three day an on their way to England. John Douglas, surveyor of custom in Toronto for th last 36 years and acting oolleotor of th port on occasions and ranking after th collector, handed in his resignation yesterday. Mr. Douglas ha resigned because he says be ha been unjustly treated and insulted by tb notion of tb authorities in taking away hi room ia th custom house, which he ha oooupied aver sino til custom houss was built Senator Howlan of Prinos Edward Island, is in th city on business with th government Mr. Leitnn Here. Rev. Fred A. Leitoh.the new pastor of the Congregational church, yesterday preached his first sermon a pastor. His disco ursee at both asrvise won amast and instructive. Th congregation an well pleased with their cholo. . - - - - Thirteen Joined th Church, Th quarterly oommnnlon was held fa Erskine church on Sabbath morning. Then waa a larg attendance; thirteen new members were received. Dr. Campbell preached a most interesting and practical sermon in th evening on th characteristics of a Christian. - . . Mon Aritfemetie (or th Store. Tb department of education hav issued a supplement to the Publio School Arithmetio named "Publio School Exercises inArith" metio end Mensuration.'' . This cheng has . been mad in order that .fifth ; class work may b established in any publio school. Th new text book oaa b had in any of th book-tor. . - And Sua Thy Com In addition to these that havs already bean published ia III Jovbnax, th following report hav been reoeived by Inspector Smirla relating to th eleotim of trustee in the echool sections of the oounty s No. 12, Marlboro, B.Walpenny; N. 4 Fitzroy, John Landon; No. 18, Glonoeter,J. Gauthter; No. 27,Glouoeterams Whyte; No. 9, Fitzroy, James Teeran. - Lord Aberdeen Bklp a Bink at Toronto. Hi Excellency Lord Aberdeen aad Lord Ava, while in Toronto attending th Board of Trad banquet participated in a curling match at th Granite rink on Friday evening. Th matches fat which tby took ' part were oon testa between th offiosn of th O.C.A. and six rink elnbs ef th city. - His Excellency skipped oo of th rinks. nnishing one snot down. Xne rink with which Lord Ava played gained by. five point. Th Toronto News, commenting on the matches, said His Exoelleacy ho wed by his skilful playing that h wa no novice at th gam. , . Mrs. Casault, wife of Jos. Louis Oaaault of th library ef parliamsat, is dangeroenly iii.: . :t It will fee learned with regnt by many friend tbav-tfr. A. H. Baldwin, on of ths pioaear lumberman of th Chaudir,a lying seriously 111.'; ''. ' , ? . Invalids who cannot possibly can : at Olnf sted's jewel lry store can by arrangement get Mr. Lion! Laurence -to viiit them for th purpbe of testing their sight without any extra charge whatever. Mr. Laarano oannot Tiait aay but IsLvaMa, ANOTHER WITNESS GONE DEATH COMES ONCE MORE TO HOOPER'S ASSISTANCE. Greater Passsa Away Thus Depriving th . Crwwa of Important Testimony ss to Ura. Hooper' etatesaat that 8om oa aad Tried to Drewa Her. JouaiLB, January 8. An important witness in th Hooper murder caa died yesterday morning in th Notre Dam Hospital, Montreal. Hi nam is Joseph E. Grenier. It was h who opened tb door ef Mrs. Deslaurier's houss at LoulatvUle at two in the morning for Mrs. Hooper, who said she had been thrown off th railway bririgs into th river DuLoup by a dark man. Gronier ' took the crasy creature and kept her till Hooper took her away " the . following day. Thus two Tory Important witnesses for ths proseontion an dead, Mr. Grenier, and Mr. Webb of Montreal, Who gave Hooper the prussic acid. ... Hooper's father arrived hen from Port Hop to-day and will watch th trial to it cloae. He keenly feels th fearful position hi son is in. A special train was chartered by the crown this morning to bring Ontario and Quebec witnesses from Laaorai to Jolietta, a distano of eight miles.'' ; TO DAT S aVIDKSCB. Joseph Nolin, operator at Lspiphanle station on the O. P. R., was the first witnees to-day in the Hooper case. On September 13 be reoeived a message from a brake-man which read : "Look out for a oraiy woman who. jumped off atrain. Th message was not signed and to had not been fyled with the other messages. H eould not say what pui beoome of it SAW BOOFCB OX TBB BITKU'S BAHK. Ernest Yien, operator at Louise ville sta-tionswon he saw accused about September 12 walking along th bank of th river at Louisville. Later accused came to the station and enquired about th arrival and de partun of train. Hs asked particularly what tim than was between tb departure of the down express and th arrival of th up train. He waa told then was a difference ef about an hour. MISS BTAFLXT IX JOLISTTB. Miss Stapley of Ottawa, who was ngagod to Hooper, arrived hen last night Prof. EUi of Toronto i expected hen oa Wednesday. - He is aow ia Montreal analyzing th supposed embalming fluid found at th grave of the deceased. Tb evidence will b oon tinned this afternoon. . . THROUGH OTTAWA ON AN OX SLKD. - A Paatora Zzpariene la 1S2C Th Ministerial association this morning placed itself - on record for prison reform by authorizing its president and secretary to sign petition to tb lieut governor of Ontario and tit premier endorsing the prison reforms adopted by the Prison Reform commission of 189L The following pulpit exchanges wan arranged for Sunday, 14th last : Rev. R. R. McKay, Dr. Bensoa. ' Dr. Armstrong, Rev. Mr. Mavety. Rev. A. N. Frith, Rot. G. McRitohle. Rot. J. A. McFarlan; Rev. J. M. Hagar. " Rev. G. Clendinnen; Rev. W. W. Quick. Th : collections of the week of : prayer will as usual be divided among the Protestant Hospital, Orphans' Home, and Horn for th Aged. " Oil fASTCiBAL WOBX. " . f ! Dr. Benson read a practical paper oa "Pastoral work." Those who wen present as . visitors spok briefly. Rev. W. K. Anderson of Vankleek Hill present asa Tisitor.told of having passed through hen on an dx-sled in 1826. He waa pleased to note th moral and spiritual as well a th material improvsment of th city. Tb' assooatioa tnrongn tter. for. iliggin eon-veyed New Year greeting to th Ministerial association cf Lachut. : -, ' Last Want Pewpatelie. Fasquale Sacco.aged 29ysarJ tali an board-ing houss in the north snd. Boston, was murdered last night by Ylnoenz Caro. Th Napanee, Out, Paper company ha assigned to G. E. Cballss. Th failure wa oaassd by a suit taken out by the Western Canada Loan and Savings company for fifty thousands dollars. A meeting of the creditors of Messrs. Daley, Grange as Co., of Napanee, ia called for January 9. . Edward Harlsy of Winnipeg, who was up to a week ago the accountant lor Winnipeg? city solicitor, and than fled to th Pacific coast with 82,000 ef the firm's money, waa on Saturday sentenced to six month at hard labor. Harley was a greatly respected Winni-pegger and had always borne a good character. Berlin telegrams state that th German government is engaged ia Instigating state-, menta that agent of th French government are investigating the riot in Sicily with a view to ranking trouble for Italy, A Jewelry Star Looted it Buckingli&m, ' BucxuoRAJf, Qcb., January 8. L. I, Metis store wa broken into last night and about a ' thousand dollars worth of jewelry stolen. No direct clue as yet to th thMves. Th property stolen ooasisted principally of era tehee, rings, locksts, etc, - fTlHOSE WHO COUGH FROM MORNING 1 to night and from night to morning a life of .mieerr sbonid know that DR. LAVIOLETTETJ SYRUP OF TURPENTINE can cure them, often in . leas than a week. For proof aee next Wedneeday1 Joubmai. ' FOB BAU. CHEAP Rummer bun'e sashes, doors ef all kinds, lumber, house finish, shingles, palnt-,olls,leathT aad shoe findings. R.Hoed, aad. 36 Bosaerer st CHEAP sash and doors for sale.I have bought the balance of AioLeien e-tate. eata aad duor and I am orepared to eell the above at 25 por cent cheaper loan regular price. Now I your rime to cot your wisdows and doors eheap tor easa. & J. Uavis. builder, (tilmour street wsstofBank. im F End R 8ALC The build in; and lot en Ooness-etoo etreet. now eceucied hr the West id Uaotles church es a moetina- honaA. The building is comparatively new; dxe about 3d x sO.fees and la erTkultb'efor a lodge room or soae such purpose. Poaeeiaioa oaa be glea at any lime. Terms cf parmrnt liberal. Tor further particulars apply to Av. UcUonald. Ky Wand market square. 1 ( FOR SALE Undertaking business (ia Ot . tawa) consistiag of two hearsss, on hears body, two mourning carriages, eae mourning sleigh, two delivery waggon, team , horses, harness, two set plume, Mti, and a oomplete stock of coffins, casaats, shrouds, ato., etc, will be sold an bloc or in part to suit purchaser. Time will b given by furnishing approved asenrity. Apply at JomiAL offioa. . f7T W want tots situate on Ann. J? Ull iloLrod. Flora. Archibald. C3 a r Ijl Cataenna Concession, Perey. iTILA AJ JGi Bay, Lyon aad Kent sts wast of Bank sc. The most progieesive part of the lty. Tims to suit siinilississi -For further pert inn iara apply to . , . CH. CARIUERK. . aMtoahest.4cor. SparkaJ FOUND. TJINO FOUND Apply at Tarr"i Bsaaar,7t A. ay bparkast KILLED ON A DEER HUNT. Sad Fatal Snooting; Accident en tne River Blanche News has reached the city from t he Blanche river district in ths county of Ottawa of a sad shooting affair which happened about a week ago and which ended fatally. From th meagre information furnished it appears that two farmers named Blanchett "d Carron wen out deer shooting. They shot a deer and while carrying the dead animal out of the woods Blan-chette's gun accidentally exploded, killing his companion instantly. . , NOMINATED IN HULL. Two Candidate! tor the First Mayoralty by VoxiFopnll. To-day wa nomination day in Hull, and for th first tim th citizens will this year elect their own mayor. Up to th present the mayor has been chosen by the aldermen from 'among their ; own . number. For the positioa of mayor Dr. Aubry and B. Carriere wen nominated aad th contest is likely to be a hot one. The nominations for wards results in contest in all but two wards. In No. S Dr. Graham waa elected by acclamation and No. 3 A ward, which returns aldermen for the first tim under the new charter, elected Messrs. Sabonrin and M. TrudeL Th full list of candidates nominated wen : No. 1 Ward & 8. Cushmaa and Joahna Wright , No. 2 Dr. Graham (acclamation.) No.3 M.Trudeland Sabonrin. . No. 3 A. AO. Falerdeau and Lorain (acclamation.) , No. 4 E. Carriere and Boult ' No. 5 Brisboia and Morin. Thn is likely to be trouble orer the election in ward 1, a then are protests against both candidates. It is claimed that Aid. Joshua Wright did not pay his taxes in time and that th E. B. Eddy Co., of which Mr. Cushmaa is a member, still owe th city taxes. Legal opinions are divided in tb point of law. AafetaodlitCfeBjoh Bnrned. ... . The Methodist ohurcb at Monster wae burned to the ground Saturday evening. The fir is supposed to havs ; staated from- th heating apparatus and sprsad very rapidly. Th buildin? waa ef brisk and oost about $3,000, which is covered ky Insurance. Mr.NaUuaBnUerDoad : An eld and esteemed resident of Hall ia the person of Nathan Butler passed away this morning at . his residence at Creeksid. .. He suffered for aom tim trot th grippe aad than from a relapse from wnioh he died. He wa about 63 year of age and -had been for orer 25 year aa engineer in tbe employ ef the Eddy Go., when he wa highly ee-tssmsd. H leaves a wife and large family tomourahl loss, : TWO DAYS' Sale f : Boy's sleighs, girls' sleighs, baby sleighs, and doll's slaighs, albums, photo frame in silver, glass, brass and plush. WE HAVE MARKED 7 DOWN THE : . PRICES ' of th above Una eo much that th reduction are sun to call forth APPLAUSE For Instance : A good sleigh for 20c A oelluloid photo frame for 80. Doll' sleighe with steel runners 60c These prioee will only hold good until Wedneeday evening. COLE'S National M'f g Co. X. 169 SPARKS ST. N B. Watch our ads. AQXNTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED Male or female to hnnle our new hontehold neooeeaitlee. Vi-.d by every family, sells so every houaewlfe; ass aple ee flour, ho capital renutrtd. The Rreatest opportunity ever offered 10 ecenle. write for circular and full particulars, fiee. Lea c Oo., Lock Box Toronto, Canada, 6m A GFNT8 make ES.(0edav. Greatest kitchen V. uteeUe ever Invented. Retail! S6cCa. ItoJ e soia in every nouee. munuie. poauge paia, Aou. FonhteA MoMakin, CincinnaU. O. LOST. LOST On Saturday afternoon. January eta, on either Spars or Kideau streets. betwcea UCooaor and William streets, a lady's double eased cold watch with blacs, ribbon attached. Finder will be pultably rewarded upon returning to either Joan Durie'i or Jocbnai. office. DOG LOST- mall black spaniel, spot ot ten over eyee and oa feet, arsweiing to the aase of Pineher. A liberal reward will be eirea for ale return. U. Roes, zU aistoalfe eueea. P.I. BAZIN, BAKEER, Insurance Agent 4 . GaBentl Broker. U ELGIN ST, OTTAWA, ONT. .. j rorelm Drafl Cashed at the lowest rare Breenbtmrks. American Silver, Band of England New. Bank ot France Note, Bnglitn and French 0jldboucht aad Sold. ; lllnmlaar of iddressss a saectaUty, OF W. H. DAVIS ARRESTED ON A SERIOUS CHARGE AND TAKEN TO MONTREAL Th Eeqnel to the Baxter Aaaanlt Caa la Csrraa's Law OfSe-A Char; ef Grievous Bodily Barm-OOsr.te Plead Guilty to Cotamea Aaaanlt Xefnsea. Mr. W. H. Davis, contractor, of Theodore St., was arrested here Saturday night and taken to Montreal t answer a charge of doing grievous bodily ham" to James Baxter, broker, of Montreal. Mr. will be remembered, thrash sd Baxter in Solicitor-General Oman's Jaw offio in Montreal a faw weeks ago ea a dispute orer som promissory notes, which Davis had endorsed and which had been allowed to go to protest. Some strong language waa used in tb interview, a a result of which Davis jumped a Baxter aad gave him a sound beating. Ibis morning ia Montreal th preliminary trial began. Mr. Davis effered to plead guilty to acbarg of oommoa assault, but Mr. Baxter would sot allow, the warrant ' to be changed. 8hould a conviction be made oa the present charge, Mr. Devii is liabl to penitentiary. Mr. Davis will likely fight . th charge stnogly. Births and Dsathi Zqual. The birth, marriage aad death returns ia the ony as furnished to the city clerk for the six month ending December 31, wen a follows : birth 629, marriage 214, death 620. MRS. SCOTT SlUm'e Block. TOR LADIES ONLY : ". ' -Q-E21AT- Sale THE EMTIBE STOCK MUST BE SOLD Th ladies of Ottawa wlH aava saoasy by pricing these good befr buying ehwwaer. MBS. SCOTT SUnm'a Block. MARRIED. ' O'Cox son Stsoxxl At th home of the bride, Milwaukee, U.S., en tbe 8th fact., Mr. Daniel O'Connor, jr., sea ef Daniel O'Connor, Esq., Q.C., Ottawa, to Odila, eldest daughter ot Adrian Bteckel, Esq., of Milwaukee. DISD. Waiear At his reildeeee, "Oatinean." Jaa-aary 1 th. ISM. Alenao Wrinht, aged n. Funeral to Pssohwood eemetery', oa Wsdnes- day, at 11a.m. 1 BcTxxa On Monday, th 8th Inst., at SO CreeksMa, EddyrQIs, Nathaa Batter, aged 63 yean. Tbe funeral will take place from above address ea Wsdnesday, the 11th inst,, at 2:30 p. m. . Friends aad acquaintances will please attend. ' r '' Wkih Oa Monday, 8th last., at 47 Daly St., Jamss Welch, sge 6 years aad tea months, son of C Welch. Funeral private. STiABirs At hi resdeno, 60 BeB s trees, oa Sunday, 7th of Jaasary, C. H. Btoaras, aged, 78 years and S months. Funeral, Tuesday merainf T:90, to Wak Bald, Frisnds please accept this netios. HOODIE OO. Undersakers aad Embelaar x Sparks St., aawBMttoaerals rsralahed with every reuiettSkOoee open alchtaaddar Telephone Ha 871 ' Gee. SMpnuva. Leadlnff Fuaeral Plreetor and Xmbal Beet funeral ruraUhlma. Madarat 0 Bank sa, Always Teiepanaes. BIoIMTYRK CODK et ORDE. aAaajanaa, Mucnoa awe worAaraa. . MONXT TQLXKD OM RXAL XSTATK. Ar.Ktena.CL BatVOana joair w. MONEY TO LEND 4 f OUST TO MrTD-v at Mxper eaat aal Aia. ptvreu kjl m iub nnnri. a waw CAaxarow Owtarsasa Br-Aasj ftt. Otmws :&OIT33-3r TO ZsOJCT . Oa In proved real srtata, Apptrt . mjOOVM IsUoCRAKXy A HENDERSON ' . ' BAaanrrxxs, Em. ' Central ChstnbSTS. Ottawa. WANTS. WANTED A ooupl of . street: activ boys to carry rounds forTxa JorajCAU Apply to-morrow morning early. WANTED A bey, a good reader, to read for shorthand practios on hour each evening. Address, stating renumsrauoa required, " Reader," JoraMfAb OSoa. . 1 r- WANTED A rood general servant; mast . hav reference. Apply HQ Elgin et. ANTED A practical muffin baker; ooa-etant emolormmt and eood wsffes olvaa. Apply at M Tork street, . I WANTED A eook with dty refereaosa. Apply to ltrs. Alagee. IS Osoeer ewees. WBO WANTS regular dally help I A retired Britka soldier, active, obliging, honorable, ia ready to work tor 1 or more hours, dally, at 121 cents, after S a, m. He is stroagly reoommended by Dr. Mark. Apply by phone No.. 1 WATOD-A good general eervaat, . Apply 33! Cumberland (front ot George aal by thed-y. waohlag. Ironing of work ot any kind. Apply lit Kent at. 1 A eneral servant; rsfeieuuaa sirsd. Apply 9 Daly eveae. U C TAMPS WANTED Old Canadian. United States and othr saunps ss need IS to 16 years ago. Fsr maa I par fl to $5 each. Gearg Lowe, US 8padina ava. Taroata A COMPETENT end s ipeilesued aeoeunt ant is cpeo to trtat with merchant tradesmen andethere who mayaeed Ue eervlosa to open npacdixt new books, acdlt eld basks and acooonti and reeder stater.ienti ot ao-oonnta, etc Term moderate. Bieieet refer-eneee. Apply to 1C W. JocaKAL oinoy WANTED At theOttawa Bodaese CoDaye a number ofyonns: ladle aad awMlem eat qualify for poslUens se bookkeeeore and ernes; sourse uwransa ana I Ksltfa, prUoipal. 36 O Oeaaor as. aad Kaott-sU. iotm TOUtT. ROOMS to Let Fnraiahed, with or without beard; modern eecrenteneeei hot aad cold water; ao family. ;5 GWoeeter sK aTlsmai Osililw rimhsiiBpsgks ss, -. Ostawa. OTTAWA LODGE OF PERFECTION, A. A A 8. R meets this Koeday svealng In th A A A. B. K. UaQ. lid Spara stxscMM Ts0p.m. E. B. Bmraawoaia. Gao. & Mat. ' T. P. a. K. Sscretiarr. TAALHOTJH1E LODGI.No. SU. A. MM A 11 V - - ,1.1. U 1 e net and Arthur streetst o'clock. Tho. Bam. ' 1. a. vtnminmM At. W. IJ-OBUKKXKDER UOOI V L O, S. T.mwce dik nday ' evening ia Borertdge, EU,rUdaB etieers e'eiook visueaamaai G.LorDAT. EiSDowv, 88CteT-Chlet Tsmpiar. aTIODBT OTTAWA Ne. Xj U, t a. F meets this V J"oocy evening in Wet- une-ton BalL Hi WiUuia toe st. at o'clock. A.U. warrnxa. Jobv A ToaasTT. t uaiai nsngen. rrERRT L a L, Na m meets In the Orange Hall est st, tais aloeday evea-Ing at 8 p. m. Tidkng breta-reu welcome. BW.BBBABaaa, -.BJf Betary. iy Mi 3 -TTAWA LODGE, Na 17, A- a ,v. w. w.Bmvwuaiurme lag la the Workmen Ball. Sparks l. a insos .- D.aroaT. J. aFnrLarr, js. w. RIDEAU SKATING RINK. SctUi of Prices 1883-8i. Members' esasoB Ucketa fSAO. setttls bold to aU akatlag arlvilage for aoaa ada member et their families resident aader their ewa reefs (not being rsatlsrnis oils years aad ajrwarea) at 91-00 each. , Gentlemen's Seasoa Tlokaai.. J.....85 0t Ladies' Bssson Tiokes... 4 08 Boys' (under It year)............... t ee Girls' under 14 years) t W GenUenseo'epromeBadinsi only). Sd Ladies' (promnadlng oalyl..... .... 1 Coupon itnpi of SO - SOD Visitor's ticket (good for eae month) 1 0 . Visitor1! tt&ksttgood for one week) Is -ttoaeeatlakamadjaittoslloarmvala, : Tickets a above oa aal at Messrs. J. L, OrmeASoaatieattastsAsreduda at taerlak. ixmrr a&oxvuvaaTs Monday evealsgs fThanholrli aad Tiesesaomera. Fridavi Tlska! kokUn. kxcxr-rme as Abotb fTrmAran, adasi-. oa ey uoupoa aau aeaaaa passi. SatnrSav aftanooaa ana even skating) Gentlemen liota. Ladles U eta. Qa pons and Beaeea lactam. . The directors' roM will be placed at tbe dm. posel et lady msabers tor tbm boialne et tea oa Friday atteraoona. AppUeatioa wfU be considered la the order tn which they an re-ivedbytaeeeretaryotta crab (Mr.W.H. MMdletoB, Rideaa Club. . Bead every Moaday. To end ay end Saturday evenings; -also Friday aad Saturday aflat- Bankrupt Stoek Fof Said BY PUBLIC ATJCTIOM. Ia th matter of R. J. Oobura of Mountain Station, Insolvent. I BATE been instructed by the a. hTaea, Alex. Mutohmor, Esq., to sell by publio auction at bis ofEoe, 104 Spark St., Ottawa, oa Thnredaynext, lltk day f Jan., lfrM, at 11 a'olook, a. m., th stock ia trad ef the above named insolvent at a rate on th dollar aa per inventory, consisting of : v ' - v Dry Good about... ....,....$ 697 46 . Clothing 177.23, Fancy Good $33L 24, Hat aad Caps $50.73...... 163' SO' Boots and Shoes $313.04, Hardware $139.03...., 452 07 Gnostic $100," Drag $C&S3, Stationary $19.85 - 188 19 Crockery aad Glaaswan tlOo.31, . Wsll Paper $34.03, Fixture -$8.00......... 147 34 ' $1548 38 IavsatoryeaaboanaattbaofEo ef the assignee. Terms of Sals On third cash, balance ia two and four month approved note with interact at th nte of seven per oent. par A. B. Macdokaus . Atax. Mutokmob, Auctioneer. ftmiiiw Ottawa 4th Jan., 1S93. IN TBS MATTXK THOMAS BEESOii, i CITY OF OTTAWA. -mm COTJVTT OP CARLXTOV. FROTINO Or ONTASIO, TAILpB. . I " NOTICE Iff BXBXBT GlVHf that the nerve aamed Tbeaus Beesea has roads aa as-aiirnmeBt bsmeet all his estate aad offsets, la vast for the ef bis oralltore, Ameetlsg Of Ueeredltor st tealdTines ill be aeid at tn ofno of A smutasoer. No I'd Spark! st, Ottawa, Oat. ea Tuesday, the Sthdayof January next ettSSpm forth par-poae of appolatlsg Iniesootrs and the giving et attraction as td disposal at said estate. Creditor are required to ale their elatm against th said estate with me, duly oerUded by affidavit, oa ar befon the day ot sock mast toB' ALEX MTJTCHMOB, Assignee. IPS "parks st, Ottawa. Dated at Ottawa this lad day ef Jaaaary. UBi OFFICES! Papr Bolls for lIplton reflU at Alt H. Jarr Bank tt ' SUpbini' Iaka, TJnderwood'i I&ka. Stafrord'i Zaka, AriieU'i Zakft, - T Rod, Bhai aad Onea Xaksi HucHafO. ' FbwBw 731 . Alf. E Jarvis, BANK ST. STATIOKXB. P. S. Afiwoffloa diarua left J9 r

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