The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 30, 1893 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Wednesday, August 30, 1893
Page 7
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it 1, THE EVENING JOURNAL WEDNESDAY AUGUST 30, 1893. 7 m ALL WELL ON THE SARNIA THE MIS8INQ BTEAMER IN TOW 07 THE MONTEYTDEAN. ' a 3 Expcoted to Beacn Uvsrpoel oa BeJeirday Tbs Kami Found by tba Allan 8teamer in About Kld-Ooean Unable tMaka Progress- WW Her Disabled Vfo:rrBaAi,Augnst 29. D. Torrance It Co., agenta of the Dominion Lin steamships r . - reouvea a nwigg to-nignt tauug mi u i aUsunahip Conopus, at Sydney, N. 8., had ' ' spoken to th overdoe Barnia in lat 63, lob f " "All well.1 She waa In tow of tha . -Allan steamship Montevidean which waa bound for London. - t ' J r. - Tha despatch enow tha ahlp to bars beaa u about mld-ooeaa when esen. ". ; BUT BB BBAJtD OF AOAUt Ef A TIW DATS, Thia waa all tha nawa that Captain East-erbrook's despatch contained, fan it waa : anoogh to gladden tba haarta at Mr. Tor-: raaoa and the few people in tha city who heard of lt last evening. (: -:' - It ia true that tha. Gamia haa not yet ' reached port, bat it ia alao trna that aha ia , J in tow of ona of tha ttrooaeit and largaat ". steamers entering tba port of Montreal, V and there ia no reason whatever why tha . A j remainder of the Sernla . long , voyage , ahooidnot be pliahed in safety. The ' 'it two veaaela should be lighted off tha Ifiih j I coast by the and of aha week.- .. .. ;rp . latib bws, A later deapatoh from Bydney aaya i Tba -' 1 Barnla'a psanngor are all well, though Tory ' weary of tba long voyage. After parting I ''oompany with the Bipon City on Aug. 7, which waa ahortly after tha breaking , of her abaft, tha 8amia proceeded to steam slowly eastward. Boisterous " : weather prevented any aubetanUal headway being made and when the Montevideanjwa aighted her proffered aaaiitaaoa waa gladly, aooe-pted. ' -" !.:.' ' ' , '. i The two veeaele are expeoted to ranch an English port by the end of the present week. ' sj ' ' TUB SABXIA'B rABSXSOXKS.' ' Tba Samia Bailed from Montreal at day-' light on July 30. with 4A passenger, oonsist-inn-of 23 cabin and 17 intermediate. She '; alao carried 303 bead of cattle, abipped by Msaar. Tbompaon a; Co., Tbomaa rear,' ft J. Robertson and J. k CL Couehlan, j The aalooa paaaengera en board are I Mis Monk, tbe Hon. Mr, iruer, air. A. n. . MoMert, Mr. W. a Palmer, Surgeon-Col. Archer, Mr. G. Smith, Mr. M. U Fulu-aat,. Bev. 7. R. Smith, Hail, P. Q-I Rev. X. Bailey, Ottawa, Ont; Mra. W. Montgomery, -Mra. A. R. Montgomery, Mr. J. T. Carrington, Mr. Delroaee, Mr. 3. W. White, Mr. H. W. Pod-cock, Mr. P. Lid with, Mr. A. E. Bourne, J Mr. J. PhiUpaon, Miaa Morgan, Mr. W. B. Ward, Dr.- Oorrio Jackaon, Mra. Thoa. '. Ferguaon, Mr. H. C de Heraaut. Mr. A. W. 'j Wolatercroft, Mr. Jeeae Oiliiatt, Mr. John j Wright, Mr. Fred Leater, Mr. Aubrey. The officer- in charge are : Captain, Cooob;' chief officer, T. Erakine; chief an- ginear, R. Skelleorn; ohief atewart, J. Dran-Held; turgeon,' Dr. Parker, i j . ' .j thb nojvao AVO OaBOO. . Whatever inoonTenienoa and anxiety the j paaaengera might have incurred, they at I least bad plenty to eat, for' the Samia oar- ; riad enough proviaion to laat for npwarda of .twelve , montha. She' alao, , carried a ; valuable cargo ' oonaitting of 2,263 : ' aaoka - floor, 318 boxea meat. , 250 aaska aplit peaa, 2,827 oheeae, 40 oaaea butter, 1,066 bale hay, 44,278 btuhela wheat, 81,444 buahela peaa, 2.82S buaheU corn, ,12,697 pieces of deala, 4,348 piece of board, 76 bale of hop, 2,700 maple block and a larae quantity of amaller item. I ! ,( Including freight and cattle tha ' waa valued at hall a million dollar. Mr. A. H. Taylor reoeived a telegram today from Meaara. Torrance & Co., fully oon-finning the abore,and adding that the Sarnia ia now expected to reaoh Liverpool on Saturday. . j , . i -m i'-' ' j j . WASH OUT ON THE C. P. R. AT NORTH ;j , NATION.' ; i -.:! : Tba PaJBBBTor Be ilea Ppaot A Train Via ! Smith's raits. ... A big waahout that ooourred at North . Nation mUli on the C. P. R., played havoo with the running of train ' on the main line yeeterday and to-day. Tba local train for Montreal which learee hero at 4:30 had to atop at tha waabont and tba train from Montreal, doe her at 9:45 p. m. on ita arrival at North Nation had to atop too. Paaaengera and luggage were then transferred from ona to tha other, tha Ottawa train returning here and tha Montreal train going back to ' Montreal, i . i . The "Soo train which arrive here at 1.05 a. m., waa sent around by tha Smith' Fall abort Una from Montreal, coming to Ottawa via Carleton Junction. Ita Ottawa paaaengera did not teach here till 4 o'clock thia morning, i - - j .. ; , . j Tb Vooraeea Bin. Wasbijioton, August 29. The Senate oommlttee on finance decided to report keck to the Senate the WUaon repeal bill with ' the recommendation that tha, Voorhea bill 'already on the Senate oalendar beanbatitntod for it. , . . . ...;;..,... . . . The committee also reeolred to et aaida tba National Bank circulation bill, which ia now unfinisbed boiinea In tba Senate, in favor of tbe Voorheee bill and to press the latter measure aa rapidly a the temper of tha Senate will DermlL ' ' AtlM.NtnnlalbBwaiL , MoHTUBAL, Aucuat 3a The Pratt buildings, 85, 87 and 89 St Jama at., ware almost totally destroyed with their content by fire laat night, involving a loss of $100,-- 000. Tha ohief loser were: Mann A Courval, architect; N. Duval A Co., American Shoe-Presaing Co.; J. J. Clough.oigar maaofaotar-en; Mathiea ' Bros., wine merchants; 8. W. Mason, manufacturing stationer ; George. Bay, financial agent; Marco tie Bros., auctioneers. Cheese borough Co., vase Una. The property and stocks were partly insured. The Banque du People, and Win. Haas, manufacturer1 agenta in buildings adjoining the burnt property alao sustained losses by falling walla, fire, water and amok. ' I - ' I' Personal, v .. . 1 i ' Alex. McMillan, of Montreal, son of principal McMillan, ia spending a few day holidays in the city. , - Mr. A. O. Cola and family have returned to tbe city from Old Orchard Beach, where they spent several weeks. - Herbert Byeohe, eon'of F. K Byaohe of tba dspartment of Indian affair, arrived home yeeterday from Buffalo on a few wees' holiday. .. .V; : I , ' t Sir Charles Tupper said In Montreal that he scarcely expected to have time to call at Ottawa during his visit to Canada this time. Lady Tupper and Mia Tapper would atop at Winnipeg, j ' ' : :. : ; Tbe 2 Macs' Fanta fit, oorner Spark and Bank at. ' J ' ' 75a Umbrellas for 49c Ponlln's, . ' i !":;..;'-- ; AusabM) ChHni .. : i i - j Flattsbursr. ; ' via Canada'- Atlantic Railway, Saturday, Sept 2nd. Fare including admianon to tha chasm S2.25. CaU at Citv OtEo. KuaaeU iloua Block, for full parUcular. , ; . , FATHER BOUILLON IDENTIFIES NEWS BROKEN SILVER ' ! A Part of tba Bacrea Veasels Stolen tram tba Baallloa, The hearing of tha! chart preferred against Michael New for ihe alleged robbery of dive Teasels from tha Basilica on the 10th butant attracted a large audience to the polios court tnl morning. The prisoner b a thick set man of about thirty year o age with a Hibernian flavoring in his speech. When the indictment waa read he pleaded not guilty.. Father Bouillon of the Basilica waa tbe principal witness; : He testified to the theft of tbe chalice, a ailrar vessel for holding tbe eucharist and the canopy over the oierium, alao a ring and a silver cup aa well aa a pewter baptismal bowL The broken ailver found in the posseeaion of tha prisoner, by Datoctire Hatton,! ha Identified aa part of tha missing articles. The oierium he eaid wat repaired by Mr. Laporte, Jeweller, some time ago and ha witness identified the piece inserted by Mr. Laporte. A portion of tha fringe of tbe canopy we found in to prisoners possession. Tba total value of tha good stolen was $75. I J. B. Lapage aaw a man ia tba church on the 9th or tbe day before tha robbery who looked like prisoner.; I i , Deteotire Hatton said when be arrested prisoner In Montreal ha told him ha got the ailver from his sister in tha States. Afterward ha eaid bs bought it from a man and woman in Hall and paid 75 oenta for it Ha denied to him that be had ever been in Ottawa. - i i - John Huokell, proprietor of the Bmnswiok, aid prisoner slept at hi hotel on tha 6th and 6 th of August and again on the 9th. The prisoner was asked if he had any wit-beat, and he replied, No. Ha waa remanded until to-morrow Mr. OUara remarking that he wanted to look into the wording of the statute a to punishment ; Te Observe tbe Ounpowder Plot : The local Orangemen evidently purpose observing 6th ef November, tbe anniversary of tha discovery ef ths Gunpowder Plot in capital atyla. They took tbe first step at a meeting of Diatriot lodge No. 4. Men-day avenlng,a oommittea consisting of the master of all tba Loyal Orange Young-Briton lodges of tba Diatriot, tba District master ana the Deputy District master, being appointed to make arrangsmeata for a church parade on Sunday November 6. and a grand oonoert jon the evening of Tuesday November 7. j A Kink That Oast Baa. - i Before Magistrate 0Gara thia morning Alex. Salisbury and George Oravelle, laborers, war each fined f 1 and ooata for drank- James Loogh, for kicking Mrs. Allan Curri of Augusta street on the leg, was fined $20 and ooata. ! Victor Laporte acknowledged giving a kick to Joseph Delorme, penalty ona. and one. -; - -. l -' - 1 - ; '! i Daniel Morln of Duke it, for aaaault on Francia PoUkey and John Lanehan of Rochester st .breach of tha peace, will gs their trial on Friday. . I Eliza Finley, domestio of Friel st , who was picked np drank by ths ambulance on Mutch mor at about a week ago, waa asked by the magistrate what aha intended doing. Her father, who waa preeent, eaid aha was 18 years of ags and inoorrigible. She laid with tear in her eyas that if let off the would be ood for tba future.) She waa remanded for a day to allow bar and bar father to ootna to some arrangamentafor future good be havior. 4 L ., I if;: I' ; TbaTsxasrir. - j ; Tha swam of thaa pest, attracting cat tie and bone in the field tbfiaeaann, amounts to almost a plague,; It has' been notloeabls that bothj before and after rain thia esaaon, oattla jiufferad: severely , bat thia Sunday and Monday laat were noticeable, It la said, for the severity of ths attacks upon horned oattla particularly, in soma instances ths poor dumb animals being almost driven mad. The fly : is like tba oemraon house fly bat somewhat ' (mailer . sad the wings have a ting oi green. They light all ever tha animal but cluster ; generally1 ' fat thouaanda on the dank or wherever the little blood res-eels can b moat easily reached, and there tick until satisfied. Nothing effectual has yet been found, although many suggestions har been made, to protect the stock from this voraciona enemy, and the man who will oomsto ths relief of the field stock will bave'earned for himself a place ia tha nioh of fame. ' j r r" ' i i J DEPARTMENTAL jAND POLITICAL I a Four of ths British farm deleratas left for Winnipeg laat evening. Tha Irish delegate was too ill to leer. He will go with the next instalment who are expected bars tonight or to-morrow. Hon. W. B. Ives, presidsnt of ths privy oouncil,leaTes on Friday next for tha North-west to inspect the North wast mounted police; He will be accompanied by Mr. Pope, M. P.. and Mrs. Pope and Comptroller Fred White. jThey will be away about four week, j The statement that1 Lord Aberdeen will sail for Canada on September 17 ia confirmed. Hon. Edward Blak aalls for Canada by the Lake Huron of the Beaver ateamshlp line. A special cable despatch denies that Mr. Blake will resign hia seat for Sooth Longford. Tbe same despatch also lay that Mr. Blake had reoeired marked attention from Mr. Gladstone, daring the home rale debate, and tha former Canadian . experience is said to bar been of great advantage to tha premier in helping the bill over the the numerous obitaoles that bare been cropping np, t ; . j . - . ' . j ; t The) EnffiiBji Mllltavry Tourna- WUl Arrrrshi Ottawa on Friday Koralnx Whsn they ill give foot grand xbibl-tiona at Lanadbsma Park, two exhibition daily, at 3 In tha afternoon and, at 8 p. m. Tbe ground will be brilliantly lighted for tbe oooaslon ' by - eleotrlo ' light The entertainment preeent some charming 1hese, and tbe musical ride of the Dragoon ook exceedingly pretty with the light flashing on swords, belmet, and brest plate and glancing from tha pointed lance of the light cavalry. Tha popularity of tha entertainment grow in popular favor after each performance. So great was the rash to aee them in Toronto, that they prolonged their engagement three days; having to give three performances! Monday at 11 in tbe morning, and the i usual afternoon and evening exhibitions, j : ! MIUTABT ST A FT. Capt C W. Gordon, Royal Artillery, adjutant; Cant R. M. Dawson, 3rd Battalion Kssex Regiment; Lieut W. Rawson Tomer, 1'ftth Hussars; Quarter-Master J. Rymer, 1st Llfo-Guarda ; Bgd. Master W. Mayna, lit Life Guards; Bgd. Sergt-Major J. Lee, 11th (P. A. O.) Hussara; Paymaster Bergt F. A. Gobs, General Staff; Band &ergt.;E. Gervin, Coldstream Guards; Orderly Boom Sergt A. Kempster, 15lh Huasara. i - Friday morning a grand military parade will be riven through tbe principal street. General admission 50c, reserved seats 25c extra; children nnder 12 yeas zia. $4 Waterproof Coats for 92. Poulin's. I im ii i The 2 Macs have opened up three case of Ovsrooating, black wonted. ! I : ' i . . H. M. S. Mobswk will visit Montreal. to morrow, i HIBB'ARD ON THE BRIDGE PLANS. THEY WERE PRACTICABLE BUT NOT CARRIED OUT. Ii They Had Been the Coat of tba Masonry Would Have Been Koch Less A Keport lor tbe Investlsators to Dlrert. Engineer Hibbard In hi report to the subcommittee In tbe bridgennresUgation say there waa no difficulty in practically carry, ing out the work aooordlng to tbe adopted plan and (pedflcationa aa to losatlon and position of piers and abutment and general style of masonry, . although . It waa found necessary to decrease the height of pier and abutments owing no doubt to tbe hardness of material in the foundation and also to change tba bridge eats to receive the superstraction as ahowa on the plan furnished by the contractor and which were accepted f by the joint oommittea. . - Mr. J. B. Lewis he find was placed In full charge of tbe masonry by resolution of tbe joint committee at a meeting held June 25, 1892. I Mr. Hibbard after quoticg an extract from tha agreement with the con tractor dated Aug. 9th, 1392, in which' the orisinal plana signed by tbe city and county engineer and contractor were toe plan decided on for ' eonstructien, goes on to say that had the pier I and abnt-menta been built a originally Intended no alteration in tbe superstructure would have been neoeesary nor would any addition to the masonry at the western abatement hare been required. j i I - , WHY FOT CHA50XO. .' Th bridge aeats of pier and abutments ware built to tha heights shown on the original plana of the superstructure and should have been changed to ult the adopted plans. . Why this was not dona ha ooald not understand, unless it was that the engineer was not in possession of all tbe information necessary to have tha work done properly. Had ths plans sobmitted by tbe contractors for tbe bridge state been carried out, the cost of tbe masonry would not hsvs been so great owing to the fact that tha masonry would not have been carried np as high a it haa been on pier and front of abutments..' r Mr. Hibbard, writing about tha pier work say t "I do nnt consider there was any necessity for m-i- 'ie change from aquar work to kw julciuj from the. position of the piers of the old bridge which stood in ths same position with regard to ths Current, as it was originally intended to place tbe western pier in Question. I fail to find anv evi dence to wairaat tba deviation from the original plan. i ! Bneakina of the eonstraotlon of the ice breaker, be aaya, "Ia tba original plan the ioe-breaker for th pier in the east and west channel are shown alike, consequently had the plan been adhered to the ioe- breaker on tbe wen pier would hare bean suitable." f ABOUT THE IIW MASOSRT. ' About th skew masonry he lays: "When the change from square to skew was decided upon tbe ends of piers and wing of abutments ahoold have been built In the aame position with regard to th osntre line of the bridge that they occupied oo tba original plan, and alao had they been built to the rs quired lengthto receive ths superstructure the extra masonry and iron girder would not have been required at the western abut ment, although . tbe quantity, of masonry would have been more than the original plan called for, the appearance of the bridge would have been greatly improved and th sxtra expense at ths western abutment avoided. I I : ( 1 The above information 1 slven bv Mr. Hibbard in reply to a number of questions asked by City Engineer Surtee and which too oommtttcs asked him to report oponv Tba Palaoe at Wonders. Mr. Smith of ths "Palaoe of Wonder' wishes space to answer the letter signed ?" in yesterday' Jockhai. f He denies that any "swindling" goes on. : Tha only thing approaching a "game" he aaya. Is a drawing for perfume prises. , j , Dsatbet a Toronto Traveller Kara i John MoOee,a Toronto dry rood traveler, died at tha Water street hospital this morning from the affect of aloohoL He went to the hospital day before yesterday. He was about 29yer of age and was s married man. . Hi family ware telegraphed to thia morning, but np to 8 o'clock no reply had been reoeived. ' j Hew tbe Davis fire was round Touiht Tbe Davia fire last evening was first noticed by one of the "shots" oamped at the range who at onoe notified Serst Major MoUovern, chief of the range noTloe force. Tbe Sersant at once pulled the firejalarmboxaud then with four of h;a police guarded tbe boon until tbs reel arrived. A number of civilian bad fathered around and wished to break Into th hooae, but the Sergeant snowing were waa 1 mucn ; valuable plate etc., in the place, and having no appliance to fight the fire, s would not allow them to do so. ' Petty offioers Sullivan and Isaacs of H. M. 8. Blake who are competing in the D. R. A. matches were early on the soene sad rendered tha firemen much assistance. They were in their element on th ladder and the root. ' "Chief of Police,' McGovern'a men and Messrs. Thoe. Bate, Harry .Bate and John A. Cameron aaved : tbe pictures and statuary worth in all probably $30,000 by removing them to Mr. Cameron's residence opposite. AU th volunteer at tha range rendered all assistance in their power. . BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL Cbiosfo Prodnoe. CnrcAoo, August 20.-1:15 p.m. Closing Wheat 61 J August, 61 September, 67i Deoember. . . ' !!'-' Corn 37) n August. 37 J September, 37 g j uctooer, 3,1 i ueoemor,4U aiay. - Oats 23 j n August, 23j September, 24 a i Ootober, 299 b May. Pork $14.60 September, $14.35 Ootober, 512. 75 b January. Lard $7.00 September, $7.80 October, $7.25 a January. Short Ribs S3. CO September, $7.75 October, $6.60 b January.' , MontreaJ Stock Ksonaaga : (Oosus; quotations at 1 p. mj Auk. SO. Ass. Bid. Auc. K. Ask. BIO. 7IJ 711 Canadian Pacinc. Dnluth Com.............. DulntbPref Grand Trunk lt . Grand Trunk 2nd Com. Cable Wabash Com..,.,... Wabaxh Pref Montreal Telescraph, Klehellleu& Ont Mont Street Rr MtLOasCo , hell Telephone liar. Kiectrio , bank of Montreal., Ontario BaDk Banqur dn feupleXD.... MolfKm's liank...i Hank of Toronto Manque Jaoquee-Cartier. . Merchants Bnnk Mer.Bk. of Halifax..... 8uebeo Hauk... nloo Punk ; Bank of Commerce North W. Laud.... II tl Cotton Co Can. Colored Cotton Dominion CoUonXD .... I!! -7i U 127 iai 121 1221 in 165 ' US. ItV M 117 115 im in 12 isi uu lit 138 Al lt'5 100 Hi its' 111 117 a 10 1WI U3 iiij 1M 230 iini l"j 1 j... sit m HI I4! i:t;. I no 111 i:PJ 13 1 132) 121 8 llTJ nn loo 105 ts Waterproof Coat for $2. Poulin '. SHOOTING ON THE DOMINION OF I CANADA MATCH. A 43rd Bate Team Lead-Tne Individual Winner The weather this morning was ideal for shooting when the Dominion of Canada match started at 8:3a . j The wind was a not unfavorable rlght.and the light good.' At the 200 yard range there waa a bod deal of water. The score hers were sot very large and for a wonder there were no possibles, only two 33's being reported, one by biaiT-Sergt. J. Ugg, 90tb Batt, and the other by Steff-bergt Armstrong of the O. O. F. O. Xhere were several from 30 upwards, bat the shooting was not of as high an order a was expected at thi abort range. On coming- back to 60 yard, which range wa being shot at noon, the scoring alao fell off somewhat j OOOD BXTBA 8KBISS WORK. The extra series are banging it up in great haps and an idea may be gathered from the following results of one day'a shooting. Tba following made possible and tho shoot off 1 : oxtra series A, ouo yarns, o anoia. . a . I . Du-oergt. aidsu 4 Sergt-Major Cox Lt. Carmichael... . .5 0 5 ,.5 S 5 .6 6 5 .6 5 5 ..5 8 6 ,.4 S 5 .6 4 6 ..6 6 4 ,.4 6 6 ,.4 4 6 ..4 4 4 ..4 3 S .5 2 6 Lt I. Mitchell Corp. a A,Windat . . . . ...4. It. A. Roberteon...... ,. Capt H. H.CGray J. i. U. MoAdam Q; M. Bergt Ogg. Lt-OoL j! Hood. Capt MoRobble. Major Thomaa... ...... Lpt Hartt Extra aeries "B". 000 yards, 5 shove. ' Lieut T. 0. Bovill mad a possibl and in hi tie off shot made 7. 1 Extra series 600 yards, 7 (hots, Corp. Grayburn, M. G. A.............. 30 Sergt Dryadale i 29 8tafr-rtrgt Savers........ 29 Corp. Ward 1 29 Ejtra series, 000 yards, shots. Lieut -Col Hood - 29 CoL -Bergt Marks .) . 89 . - BOCtAUTIIS. Hon. Mrs. Herbert gave an At Home at Karoscliff last night, which was well attended. The band of the Governor-General' Foot Guards readsred an exoollent programme of mosio and a very enjoyable evening waa spent, winding np with a dance. j ' Lieut -Col. Borland and ofBoers of the Cth Fas. give a ball at tba Russell this evening. Hon. Mrs. J. C Patterson, Hon. Mr. Herbert and Mra. Walker Powell, will be tbe lady patronesses. Th ballroom will be decorated with regimental design pot op by Mr. T. J. Ben bow. A supper will be served in the ladies' ordinary and Bandmaster Carter trill supply th orchestra from tbs G. O. F. G. There are 86 team entries in the Walker match which i being shot with the Dominion ef Canada, ' If ADB SMALL 800BBR THAT DAT. It transpire that In I tha uncompleted McDoogal match the bast aoore as far made at 600 yard is 23. Th marksman that made this More only had 14 at the 400 yard range. A sergeant of tha 8th King' Regiment got 24 at tbe 400 and 14 at 600 making 43 and he won Id have liked to aee lt completed. Other aoore that were completed ranged from nothing to 14 or 15 so no ona will be much hurt by shooting tha range over. I ! 'THB BBGULABJ AJTD THBTB OUJT. The regulars who are here on furlough will have to ask for an extension of lav to take in the laat of tha matches. In tbe last day of th meeting member of the 8th King1 Regiment will give aa exhibition with Lee Metford magsr.lne rifle yith which they are armed. . r They will fire at different range bat osnnot.of oourss take in the long range tor which the rifle la suited. Probably tbey vBl shoot at 1000 yard by firing from dimming s bridge. (Tb rifle carries did straight op to 600 yard. i j A veteran of '37 in th person or Mr. Don-can Dewar waa in th city yeeterday. Ha waa ona of the premier of th Ottawa Valley and 1 now in his '80th year. In hia schoolboy day he was s playfellow of Sir J. J. 0. Abbot and baa for many year resided at St Andrew', county of Argentewill, J LBADEBS iS THB DOMIXIOW OV CAKADA I . ' MATCH. ' Bergt R. J. Taylor, 91, -Capt8. M.Rogers, 90; Staff-Sergt L. 8. Perkins, 90; Pte. R. Moodie, 65; Pte. H. A. Quinney 85; Lieut Hutchison, 84; total, 625 are tba leader so far for the Davis cop in the team competition for the Dominion of Canada match. The individual prize in the Dominion of Canada match ha been won by Pte. Kam. berry, 6th Royal Scots, with 95; Staff-Sergt King of ths 45th Bstt aeoond, with 93. ; In th Walker match whloh will not be declared until late thi afternoon, the 12th York ranger have C20, tbe Halifax, Garrison Artillery 491, the 5th Royal Sootts 4S9, 43rd Batt (lit team) 498, (2nd team) 63rd Batt 507. -. I j Want Labor Day Observed. At a public meeting of the Clerks' onion last evening it waa resolved to circulate a petition among the merchants of toe city asking that Labor day bs observed as a holiday. At noon to-day nearly :half the merchant had given their signatursa. Smith' Pavillion show, oorner Rtdean and (Sussex streets. Ml Augusta Mines, tbe colored nightingale, made her first appearance laat night in Canada at the abov place end scored a decided hit, aa also .did her husband, Robert Mines. Mr. Smith is giving an entertainment that pleases tbe people every evening the tents are crowded, rain or shine, the tent being waterproof. Door open 7:30, performances oommenoee at 8. Admission 10 eta. I Capital Lacrosse Club EXCURSION TO TORONTO ANO NIAGARA FALLS. ! VIA C. P. R. FRIDAY, SEPT. 1ST, 1883 Ottawa to Toronto and return $5 f 0 Ottawa to Niagara Falls and return . . 6. 0 0 V Tickets good on all train leaving Friday, Sept lit, good to return from Toronto until Sept 6th ,- from Niagara Falls until Sept. 7. For tickets and information respecting sleeping csrc-onimodaliou pp!y at C F.R. ticket oltioe, 42 Sparks at. , JAMES WHITE, CHAS. MURPHY j . President. I Secretary. , CECIL J. A. BIRKETT'S Musical and Dramatic Agency, 73 Florence st, OTTAWA, CANADA. Ms, revlwd, cosrected and published. xaeory. Harmony, uounier-poins, etctaugM by r.aii. He-a tr.iph rorords made.. Cdfcc-er n rSnjred. i . bKw?' -ill vcurcd. j fHKAf Summer blinds sashes, doors of j all kinds, lumber, house fin tub. aninirlea. rainU.ol,leaUier and she finding. R, Yiood- lami, m vusisu sa. Log BoMnx. on tba Oatinaan. A gentleman - ih from Wakefield thi morning speaking of the torrents of rain that have fallen within the past two days ay thatthe Oatlneaa ha risen s foot sinoe yesterday. And, adde-l he, .there will be no man in greater glee over thi mid-summer flood than Aid. Bingham. HI log being up apparently in many places for ths sea-aon, are tumbling ' over the rapid in a most gratifying manner. One thousand dollars In hi pocket Tbroogb tbe North Waters in Canoes. -Aid. Henderson, who ha just returned from s trip to tbe head water of the Gatineaa say he had a fine trip. He left here on Aagust 7uh accompanied by P. Haytor of Ottawa and W. J. Louden and B. C. MoLellan of Toronto TJnivrlty. They went to th Kaxubauza by train drove to the Desert and then took to canoe which they occupied while following the Desert river. Round lake, Lake Tomaalne, Kock, and other lakes and river. They war in canoe 350 miles and report having found several valuable mineral deposit and passed through some tracks of magnlfioent timber. They say they had a very enjoyable trip lasting three weeks. I. O. F. HUtb Ccortiof Ontario. Sabnia, August 29. The annual session of tha High Court of Ontario, Independent Order oi Forester, was opened hero to-day with the largest attendance ever recorded st a High Court i . The report of the high secretary, J. B. Halkett, surpassed all previous records. It showed 4,424 initiations for the year ending July 1st, 1693, and a loss of 1,008 by death and lap. Thi left the total membership for Ontario on July 1 laat, 21,145. j Forty-eight ooort were instituted laat year, the progress made being largely attributed to tba good work of. High Chief Ranger MacGilUvray and the High Court Instructor, Bra. Wallace, who has since gone over to tha majority. i The report of the high treasurer, Atwell Fleming, showed a balance in band from last year of (1,754,34, and receipts of 815,670.57 during the year, making a . total M 817,-421.91.- i The disbursements were only $15.17 less tnan toe latter amount Collgay Collet. A will be en from Thi Jovrkal advertising columns, this popular young ladle school re-open oo the 12th prox. Mis Mo-Beatney continue as principal with a staff of thoroughly efficient trained teachers, guaranteeing first class education to pupil In addition to the English, French and German teachers and those in music, th management have secured th service of Miss E. 11 Curry to take charge of the fine art .department of the ! college. Miss Carry is already well and favorably known In Ottawa as aa accomplished teacher. Classes In painting and drawing will be arranged to uit the convenience of th regular day and resident pupil of tha college, and other classes will beheld at each hoars as will meet tbe views of thoa in tha city who desire to take special lesson in art The kindergarten will oontinu nnder Mia Hardie. The fee for all the olaatea are very moderate ' and no 1 expense is being spared to maintain tha efficiency of the institution. During the preeent summer over $4,000 have been expended in improvements on ths building including new heating apparatus, furnishing ate. Circular can be had at tha oollese, or at tbe book store of Messrs. Durie and Messrs. Hop. I Jottings Aboat Town. - . '" ." ' - " i.l Mb. A. Tbompaon' yacht Clipper went up to tha Rideau lakes this morning, j Tus tugs Minnie Ball and the Fearless which were to have left with tow for Oswego yesterday did not, en account of the storm. They went np this morning. . ";j j , i . Hxbbtofdbb the New Edinburgh street ears have stopped at Charles street and there transferred paaaengera for Bockliffa. 1 Thi morning they oommenced running as tar aa Snsaet atraei. . j I ! Da. William Troy of Lawreooe, Masa. ha written hi brother, Mr. Joa. Troy, oi tha county ' registry office to the effect that be ha decided to open an office in thia city in tha course of a few day. . The doctor ia aa old Carleton county boy, hi family are resident there for upward of sixty j years. He Is a graduate of McSill medical college and has many friend In thi dty and throughout tha ooonty and lt was at thtir solicitation that be decided to AnaAbleChMm ft ; PUtta-barg, via Canada Atlantio Railway, Saturday, Sept 2nd. Fare, including admission to the charm $2 25. Call at City Office, Russell Hons Block, foe full particulars. - roR BAxir F 4 OAUIs-'lUIVWrtV rauv flOVUI 1UT i .). ftavnrl tar llafcawtl nHnMt - l(D a a T U tin.. hA 4. Eurrousbes, II Pboshe st, Toronto. TlAKO FOR 8ALK-Cprlght; Nordheimer I make. Good Instrument. Address "Piano, JounSALomoa, i t WOOD FOR BALE Dry, soft In 4 foot leng'bs or eat or in blocks; also bard, cut or uacut. Orders taken at Drum A 0012? Bparks sK Guy's express offloe 17 Bank st ana at Uej'i boat works, ataria itrost bridge, lm 7H)R SALS A new well built brick veneered JP oottaK on th south side ef McLaren at. Ka 3s4, with all modern conveniences, la 11 ret class looalitr; terms mads to suit purchase r. Apply to 8. J. Davis, Jane st, Btewarton, opposite Mstropolltan laetoss ground . i In tj'-T 130 vacant lots sltoated on Ann, V J l Uoleod, Flora, Archibald, Oaf T71 Catherine, Oonooaaloa, Perey, nxJLsili Bay, Lyos and Kant eta. west oi Ilank st Th moat progress! ve sart of tbe dty. Term to mil purchaser. For further particulars apply to C.R.OARRIF.RK, XI Metcalfe sU toor. Bparks.) BU8IKK8S CHANCES. BUSINESS CHANCE The executrix of tbe estate of the late J W Proctor offers for sai th stock and good will of tbs general store conducted by him at 48 BueeexttreetNew Edinburgh The above stand formj an exceptionally cood opening, s (aooees-ful buslaeas having been carried on there for the lat 25 years Location very favorable and stock not extanslve Business capnbo of expansion anl without competition Further Information, as well as an inspection of tbe stock and booki,on application te F B Proctor, Butsex Street North, City i BUSINESS FOR SALE. General store and a took for cole in th village of Wellisfrton, ti mile from Ottawa, on the Hideau river; Shop DUxiO fa, new, stock $7,000.00. Cheap for eaabor on favorable terms to reliable pal IT. Apply S. Mann, proprietor. Btltlavill. i O., & G.V. RAILWAY Fall Fishing; and Haa tin g;. Gentlemen going a far as Kazabazua and needing to remain there over night can te cure clean and comfortable lodging with the best of food at the company's hoarding bouse by loving notice the morning before at the office of the Chief Engineer, Central Chambers, Elgin at Tba boarding bouso is at the Kazabazua station. M Provincial Model Sehool Class-work will be resumed ftlOJiOAY, 4TH SEPTEMBER. . DIED. Grnns-Oo the 30h Auirust at the Presbyter ' ? i bosrital. Kew York, Fred Waymoutt Glbbs. third sou of th late Heaouraba! Thomas N. Glbbr. MOOpiK & CO. Cndertakers aal aabalmen 220 H parks .. mar Bank. fuaenOs tivnish4 -with very requistla. Of0oa,onn aught aad dev. Telephone No. 6J Obo. Shlprnan. Uiadlng rnnaral pireotor and Fmhsnanr. i Best funeral fundshlnss. Moderate prices, : Bank st. Alwaraopea, Telephones. BelNTYRi, OODX ft ORD BABjusTaaa, aouamaa An voiabib. MOKZT TO IiKfD ON KXaZi asBX. 1TATJ0. A. t. MdSTTBS, a a K.S.OOM joani r. MONEYTO LEND riw!vayb BUOOLL at MAY. 1 CAaxarow (iwawaa BrABsa Bb, Otsawa MONXYTOUCND. K. AAA PRIVATE runes oa city, OlO UUU tubarbaa and farm nropartr In lanre and small sums at I and J net eon, , interest. Apply to J. P. Fisher, Barrister, fertsbl Cham hers, 71 B parks st, Ottawa. . wants. t WANTED A competent free era! servant, small family, ood wags. Asnlr aM Bomeraet st , . W ANTE! By a sistis man, one room. u.miiuu wBicn; wiui a pnvaie lamuy. atoaera oonTeniaoot. Sltaated aouth of Cooper sod souia uk vooper aoa , Btete prio, .Address F.W, "ww oi Ana mm, JoinutALOmo. PA1NTKRB AND PAPER HANGERS-SO men wanted at onoe. I require none but practical workmen. : Wa Howe. 2 TWO ROOMS WANTED By a pbysseUn, (fhucle man) one roam on ground Aee,, citable for an office ; also bedroom, locatlti unit be eart of Kent at, and west of tbeoaaal, and aorta of Linger at, or MoKende avaooe; would arefer rooms la m Sri rale awsae; bed room must be furnished ; advertiser will f r-nisb offloe; state locattoa. tenna, eta Ad dress Physician, Jocmkal office. WANTKD-A housekeeper to taks oaarce f a oompany' boarrUaf boas la aoo-neotlon with a railroad. Mustbe a elaaa and competent cook. Boarders ehisfly traiamen foremen and timekeepers and Bum bar averse about 80. To th. riirfat penoe wlLh hnsbaador Brown op daus-hter the ahoy misbt be ths means of rapplylnc aU with remunerative em; ployment: Apply at Room 3B, Central Chanv bers. Elgin street Ottawa: WANTED Cook and housemaid wltb ra fenwee. Apply to Mis. Blackburn, SJ Bussex st. New sbarg-h. . ' ROOMS AND BOARD Wanted by sanMe, man and wlf la the bee pari of city. Noaebut flrst-elara people need answer. Ad dress lOoubxal odes. A T Last W Have It Active scents every-JX. where to taks orders for "fihpsWorls Fair PhotoTapbd.r A marnldeent eollee tioa of oopTriBBI PnotosTaph af Buildings, Scenes, Exhibits of ths World sCetnmsiaa Kx-R02,n-. Splendidly deacrfhed. Authorized by the Official Managameat Oo ohlocsr volume, book on Orsdit, Frei8bt paid, "fnsilan A rents in ths field are ciearlns tram I7.M to $S 00 dally. Drop vsrrtbla( els and baadl this book. Too will maks mooey fast Ftaalv Ulustratsd olroulan and terms free. Ostataad M.fhototraioslT B1.00. Address Otobs Bible Publishing Co., J4B Bearbora saCUoaco. 11L, or 72 Chaissat CVhUaVPs, WANTED Cook sad housemaid wltb rs-ferences. Apply CS Maria at, between 10 and 11 o clock. , STAMPS WANTKD Old r .ji.- QnifA States and other stamp a used BS to S) new; eoune h and arson osi. jobs settn, pnaotp TOaVST. ROOM TO LCT-JCfceap. One larg front room over22tBprkstrset navfas; fiiat-oiass separate entrances and coatatnics: every ponveofeaoe, beta, w. e, aleotrte liabt and heated by hot water. Also for sal cheap oa walnut cup case, bureau and other requisite for barber trads. ICaoulr A. Kebartaea, ta Sparks street. j . . ft OOMS TO LKT Good, eomfertabte rooms r la central localltv. with ar arithaBtkoBntt best of attention given; all modem oonveu eucea, Apply 71 Albert st mo LIT Two rsoasa, eomfortably rarabbed A or unfurnished, eood locality; rent BMdee ate; Improvement, Il Gloooostar t TbOOMB TO LET hnuibsi, sleasaaUy Aoommodated : aim stable and eoaoh boas to let Terms moderacs, Apply btBlatsr it, LKT That aoBd brick haoa lna WalHnab ton st, aow oocupled by Coaaul General y. It i la first nlass oondiuon and t-r moosrn i ponvenienot i-nsseasluii 1st May, alao bouse No. 41 Slater t oar. ef Sain, sessiOB 1st May. For nartionlar apply to maim as av AASuwssm st EjHn st . LOST. LOBT-At mldnlabt last aicht slthsr a the C P. K. stalion or oa tbs way loth Windsor, aa ordinary black hand satchel. Tha Hinder will please return It t tbs Windsor and be rewarded. r T,OST-On Friday! from an TT i m.i n, at fnv til, l i Antr Ml M muw.Iu iA browa spots, tail niij, fuU hind quarien, aa swsrs o tbe name of Bpot Reward wUl as Civea by tbe owner. Martta Baula, , I BXXDICAXa TNEBRimr AND OPrtTM HABTTI treated I privately. Double Chloride of Gold ystean Result Invariably aatlsiaotory. Writ for to ormatson. Lakehurst Banitorlum, Oakrilav PUBUG SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN GLASS, i Applloatlona for th admltotoo of pupil to the Kindergarten Oast will bs reeoirad at tba - . t . , ,. . . Welling-ton StrMt School. - Fee Twenty-fiv cents per month, pay. able ia advance. : ! - ,; W. RBA, -Secistary. .' AUCTION, SALE Of Honsobold Fornltora anal Effects. t have been Instructed by tbe Rev. John Wood to sell at Anotioa at No. Bs Klgta street, m THURSDAY, the Uw inetaat at M a. an. tbe contents of a nouta oomprisiet 1 Piano, 1 h. o. parlor set. h-c ualioa-any chairs, carpets, bookcase, what-oom, fide board, d. r. ohalrs. bedroom seu. cupboard, clock, plotares, two eoos Ing stoves, wriUns table, mirror, crockery, cuUory. springs, bedding, curtains, ate. be ra serve. IB. TACEABKRRT. . 1 Aaetiooeer, -1 35 90 29 SO mUla8t FOR SALE The York House , MBTOATiFB. " This 1. one of the bevt opening In tbe ossa-try for a hotel man desirous of aoquirins a well-established business. It Is the ouly aotsi In Metaalfe and there Is every aoaemmedatloa for the trade. Rare chance. Good reason for soiling. ., A, YORK, atstcalla. I i t pedal atosnbon given ss Oonuasrolsl bsatssat aw-omoa Ckrls Cabaa Bparki at. ; Ottawa, r aMsABTBa Vrlaw.,

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