The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 28, 1893 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Friday, July 28, 1893
Page 7
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:"': I I :- ' -j ,1 : I 1 -4 V CLOSER , RELATIONS j WITH ALSTRA ia. CANADA'8;SH0RT. ROUTE FOR THE BRITISH MAILS. ' Mlaleter Bowell on the How Steamahlp Line Raeolation Indorsing th new Boat Adopted by the Ottawa Board ef . , , , , Cansdtui itMpruihip line nl F. W. Wrd ppeared beta k meetm of the Bord of evening and put forward the possibilities of developing trade between the Dominion aod the Antipodes. f There were present et the meeting: T. Kavanagb, vioe-prwri'lent, in the chsir.Hon. 'Mackenzie Bowcll, Senator Clemow, Thomas Meolariaue, A. Y. Fleck, J. W. McRae, 1. Wicketeed, P. Wbelan, :V. H. Rowley, , O. W. Hurdaian, a V, Mitchell, G. May, !hn ileoey, A. K. Bradbury, J.M.Uarlanil, oke, A. B. xarr aaa . rv uariaua. Lrknurt sd fctch. few word the chairman introduced u4lart, who set oat by .giving a brief history of the negotiation bet ween himself and the Canadian government which ended in- a provisional arrangement lor tbeeatabliihment of a line ef tteamer between Vancouver and Sydney. From the very first he wm rooviuced of the earnestness of the Dominioo which aided him greatly la overthrowing the i Uittioullit . which : arose in hia bwn colony. . New South Wales, 1 against the scheme.' This opposition came ! cnitlly front interested parties. He touched on the advantage whioh would arise from both ' countries trading together, and spoke of the cordial reception which he and Ur. Ward bad received -since they came to lanac I- jt. I I A KCW ZUUni liKlTLSHlB, Mr. Ward said be was an oat and out Britisher, although burn in New Zealand, as far away from Britain as be possibly could be, and I be never saw the liritlsh Isle un til a Jouple of years ago. He delved into the question of developing trade between Canada and Australia' ami suewed that at present Britain got HU per oenk pi the Australasian trade. . ext to Britain came the United Bute. There was no reason why Canada should not ' aecnre a greater part -of that trade; which now went to the United Hutes and also a portion of that don with Britain. i " I ! ' ' ! ' ,: i ' - -i . Canadians might have disadvantage from keini so near the United Htate. but they bsd also 1 their advanUge. "W in Australia,' he said, 'wonli' not object to . bavins a country of 1 sixty million people lying along side -of ' As to a MoKmley tariff, why, w have got area McRinley tantls with n, ; aacb crown oolony being- surrounded ' with a tariff wall." . He spoke of the advantages the Canadian route bad for carrying the British mails compared with the euez oanal. which any nulit oonld be blown np with a piece of dynamite. J ' i. ;. -I -L-j- Bene tor Clrmow moved a resolution fsv oring the establishment of this new line of steamers and placing on record it oonvlo tlon pf the; superiority of the ! Canadian route for oarrying the Britisn mails and 'pledging itself to do all that It could to aid tbe entorpriae. . ; .-'.Ml'. I Mr. Maofarlane in seconding the resolu tion referred to the Question of breferential 'trade, pointing eat that While there might ing preferential trade 1 between Britain and -her oolonle 'there was nothing to prevent one' British oolony from having preferential ' trade with another British colony. He suggested placing a slight tax on foreign raw sugar and allowing tbe pro duct to eome in Ire from Australia, The resolution was uoanimomly adopted. Mr. Huddard said that: acting Premier Bowett did not forget the important point put forward by Mr. Mecierlane. , I " MIMHTla iOWILL'S BEHARK3. Hon. Msckenxle BowelL who was called n, rrf srred to the pleasure which it gave him at petng present ana bearing tbe statements made by the visitors. "I find," hs said, that these gentlemen are 'in jull sympathy with the policy of the Canadian government in so far at it affect the extension of . trad not only with our sister colonies but with other countries. But it was only within the last four or five year , that i it was possible ! to extend the trade -of . Canada with Australia a before that there was no rail communication to tbe i'acitio coast.' He touched upon the rapid stride which Canada had mad during the past lew years. He jhad ! crossed i- the 1 continent by the American routes, but for grandeur of scenery they were not to be oom pared with the CP.R. Coming to the question of trade be spoke ot tbe correspondence which bad taken place; between himself and the premier of New South Wales regarding the establishment of this steamship iim and he trusted that it would not only continue, but bear profitable resalts to it owner. i . . He had been a long time in politic and had seen the development of the country go on with marvellous rapidity but he trusted yet to see ocean-going vessels on Lake Buperler bringing down . their loads of grain , from Port Arthur passing through the canal and' the St. Lawrence river without having to go under the elevator at Montreal or elsewhere on their way to Liverpool. He hoped also to see a fast line of steamships on the Atlantic ; ocean carrying the mails and . passenger to Canada and their lending them across the continent by that band of iron which united tbe Atlantic with' the Pacific and in turn to be carried to their destination . by their Australian friends, y Nor had he forgotten the question of preferential trade. - iioth politioal parties in Canada were of one mind as far as fostering a trade between Canada and Australia was concerned i, The propositioq to renew the subsidy for' this purpose last session was neither opposed in the Common or the Senate. After a few remarks from, Mr. McRae the noara adjourned. At Home." "Last eveilmg a number of Messrs, Bryson, it . aV& cieraa who are stavins at Ohp jviJjonabtfoshig, Rockliffe; gave t noma , u a punioer ot their friends. Royal Albert, No. 4IS,;c. O. F., was TptMBiiwi.; a huge; Don hre been ; built i an 1 l i Chinese I were hung on the trees mrrouuJiuB np, making a very pretty scene. J The l ere eqieruamou 10 vocej and instru- iiusio and cake and tea and Coffee fd around to those seated oh the he Kmprees saHuted the camp as wn wiu mt I . . u, a a. . V I I i . i i 71 I IKWI, . - . -I . now. j L. N. Ponlin. Ball ' i i .! A. C vs. Diamond ropolitan ground day, 'J9 July, sharp. ;. atlsation. v to lay on . the subject, I I : i ; ; r.. - Saturday excursion k coeU SO cents. U N. Poulla. ooara adjourned. I: '! ' j I A Camp 1 Van TJip V i Vises 1 Vs '.!; 'j i ...'J; '"ij jf' ,;;.,!! THE'l EVENTS AGAIN DEFERRED. The Ottawa E eetrto lUUway Sulta Poet- penea once nor. Toronto. July 28. The Ottawa ; street railways ease came before Chancellor Boyd acting si v'v;tion -t btgoode Hall t'.iis morning, jll B. P-iIer, Q, ; mil K G. Code speared ! .r the ; .llcanu and iw.'-H, iieredith. : 'J. C, ' r. ; II- Chryf er, 'A C. for the Street .,jtV way and D. B. iicTvih,lor the cital Ottwa : Upon,'.er'sopenlnghecn' ':nctl!or remarked that he thought the c? M:e whieh could stand unlll the e;id o! vc..m wun- outiniurv to nv ol 'he iarties Voncerned. He' suggested, therefore; that the motion to" ouash the , resolution ; of f tbs city council 'should .' stand , therthird motion day in September and that the actiorj to ' invalidate the contract and for an injunction should stand until the next sitting of the assizes at uttawa or until the further order of the tourt.- 1 I In view of the chancellor's expressed wish toe counsel did not press tbe motion sua the matters stand as suggested by him DEPARTMKNtAl AND POLITICAL. i- I ... . T ' . ! ... ... - Ex Premier Aobott fla!tli AtSt. Anne'i.yesterday.ontheLekeofTwo Mountains, Sir John Abbott was visited at bis beautiful summer residence by ' Dr. Harrison Creeps, a noted Eozlish physician summoned specially from London and Drs. T. U. Ksddickand Browne of .Mont-real. They spent several hoora with the ex-premier, but pr. Crepps was not able at the end of the consultation to give a definite opinion. Ha was to visit the ex-premier again this ffernoon, J t ; j : ; jj ;. General Betbert Ha Arrived. . j Major-General' Herbert. has returned to the city and was busy in bis office at the militia department . all . day. ' Asked it he had anything to . say regarding his visit to Kuglaod be replied that he weut to the Old Country on busioess for the Canadian government and tbat he en deavored ! to transact - the same . to ; the best of hi ability, j As to the nature of that business it was not for him to speak. The major-general was np to the elbows to-day in bqatness whlcb . had accumulated during hia absence. . I -. i The Laohlne Canal Brldxe nee In one point; tbe evidence at the enquiry into the Laohlne canal bridge matter has a peculiar I interesi. This con cern chleny tbe letter wnioa was puo lished in which Mr. Kennedy, superinten dent of the work, notised Air. farens, trie engineer in chief, that he (Kennedy) had Imtructed hi :: men hot to give Parent or his assistant MM Desbarate, any information regarding the work. The Mr. O. J. Desbarat mentioned here was discharged shortly afterward at a week's notice from the department of railways and canals, in ! whose service he had been for eight or ten years, ' apparently giv ing evarV satisfaction. This dismissal oc curred while the canal bridge was only half built, and when Mr. ueioarat, wno was ttie draftsman of the work, wa apparently necessary to it. ' The question is asked, was this dismissal due to Mr. Kennedy political bull ? That no fault was found with Mr. Desbarat a an engineeror government officer seem to be indicated by the fact that a month after he wa dismissed from the ds pertinent, he wa taken on again temporar Ily to be put in charge of some railway work f British Columbia, where be is now, I '. ! Natea. .ii I '."''N't I Hon.' John Hsarn, Quebec, wa in tit city yesterday. .... I - i; .. ; f j J. J. Cnrran, solicitor-general, arrived in the city last evening. tH Pontraotor O'f wi who is eonatmatins' a portion of the Sonlangee oanal, and who 1 in kite uibjr, uwv w. wwyqiwiiin ranldlvi . ! : I' ..' - : 1- II i l i - i . ' - - - i - i I Professor - Selwyn . leave to-night for Chloago, having! accepted tbe appointment of one ot the judge ot mining and mineral at tbe fair. - : I I Captv Smith of Halifax ha been appointed by tbe marine department to conduct an enquiry into the tea of the Aloidee at Heath Jfoint, Antiou. . I J. HUlyard Leech, barrister of Winnipeg, who wa in the city yesterday on business with the - interior department, sail for Liverpool by the Parisian. I ' ' i i The Inward Mall. -j 111. WIUUIIOTI AVJIM UM M. I MHWUf SI passed r ame romt early this morning and will reach Quebec by daylight -to-morrow morning. . - " Jottings About Town. Tn V. M. a A. Junior boy will 'likely go out swimming to-morrow afternoon. Tub tug Minnie Bell noes into the dry dock to-day to nave a new wneei put on. Tim nolice commissioner held a meetins to-day and passed toe usual monthly account. , 'I- t '- i 'i Rxv. Mr. Carrie of Gleocoe. in the Lion- don presbytery, has accepted a call to -Knox church, Perth. I. 'j ; ;; j wiikx near uecxeti i tnaing yesterday about 11 a.m. the steamer Swift brok her crank. 1 A tug was secured to tow her to Kingston. , . . . Two of the small private dwsllion in the block on the east aide of Bank street next to the corner of Queen street are being converted into smalt stores. . Tiih coping on tbe pier at th south-oast corner-of isaos: street rroscytertan church. which wss thrown down some time ago in an electrto storm, is being rs-placed to-day. The Cleveland minstrel in mow white coats and "hate accompanied by their own band "did tne principal streets at the noon hour to-day aad attracted a large share of attention. - ; , L ' j - I . . , A horse attached to a cab belongink to H. Hutchinson ran away on Wellington st. this .forenoon. The animal was centered before it had proceeded far but not before a front wheel bad been torn off and the shaft ot th oab broken. ' , j : Three nooses on Albert street were cur- chased yesterday by Mr. Geo. Keating' of h.emDtville. who has lust returned from a trip to Chicago, end who think that Canada, and particularly Ottawa, offers th best inducements for Investment, i j A well known old resident - of ' 6t. Andrew street, Mr. Wilfred Lavole, passed away yesterday deeply mourned by a host of. friend. - The funeral takes place In the morning to the Basellca and thence to Notre Dame cemetery. ; . ; I . .1 - .';- r I The county of Carieton. polioe constable are up in arms aiainst the new code that cams in force on July 1st which has reduced vuie iv iu their fees, only $ t court ape. as it wis j their fee. ; Under tb new law they receivtr for an arrest, and for attending c. an hour, against-ti lor each case previous to tn - change, some of them say they will cot act, ! y He. J ho. Morrrrr, late general secre tary of Y.. M. C. A , N'ewCMtle-on-Tyne, Ka.. and who Is very rhnoh interested in work for hoys, will '. trts the bovs' meeting to.jightKt ,7:30 the Y, M. C. A. air. Maiiett is on a t.iui through U. S. and Canada and is going bock to .England to fill the position of general secretary ot Leeds association. He is the guest of Mr. F, J. tedarb. -I Thompson's Boots and Shoes at less than factory Dricas. Jas. rraii a sous, aso aparas be. i A Popular Article. In addition to ortlers from outside the city, Steacy'i 50 cent mixture has caught on wonderfully. It is an exceptionally good article and smokers know it. Agent also iur ccieoraieu aiouui BlialUfa V 'V.:: 'j V.-"'-" '-j I:- d1 crossed! Hie bar. THE FRENCH GUNBOATS READY FOR ' yoR ORK. Tbs Bloekads to Commeae To-day China and Kumls Preparing to Take a Baad la. Bokok, July 2S. The French gunboats croissd the bar from the Menem river last night.,,. They,7 will ; ren with the (other vessels of, the Indo-Chlna squadron uoti) Admiral Humann arrive I.' There are no vessels 4u iM river, fifteen hundred of the troops i forming the foreign legioo have been orderedjito hold themselves In readiness to dspart for 81am. To be Blockaded To day. Paris, July 28. Itls semi -officially stated that tlie French blockade jot ths 8im eosst will os put id operation to-day; j ; A Cempromts Bepertsd. I'Lokdok, July 27. The Standard' Pari eorreipondot laysi "l gather jj that M. Develle and, Lord Dufferln have agreed to a compromise on the frontier question.' The newspapers have na Inkling of this and ars as aegresve as evsr." : !. U The Pall Mall Gazette this' aftsrnooo say: "W learn from an authority that is deserving of tbe highest i respect that the Franco-Siameas difficulty lhas been settled Frsnce has agreed te accept Sism's proposal and has abandoned her claims to the terri tory 1 1 lying between the eighteenth and twenty-third parallels ot latitude, I I ; 1 ! i TaUTalh. . !. i ! Paris, July 27. The following1 semi official statement was issued this. afternoon I "It may be taken for granted, that France Intends, in the first place, to settle the aueetions of treaty violations and national ignity which have been created by Siam's attitude. . Frenoe's rule jot action will be not to allow 4y foreign interference in this matter."'; U - .1 . ;.' i I .. The French cruiser La -Peroose has been ordered to reinforce the blockading squadron on toe cismese coast. Tbe Usbats to-day foreshadow th occupation of ' Battamban and Angkor in August. , . , . .-. jj h ! I Roaalaa Bhlp lor Slam. The Petit Parisien publlsheaj despatch from St. Petersburg: stating that the Osar had ordered Vice-Admiral Tirtoff, com mander ot the .Russian i Pacific squadron, to proceed to Slam with all available speed. The despatoh adds that it is andsrstood in St. Petersburg that Russia intend to ob serve an absolute neutrall attitude In the ttFr'anco-Siamese dispute. . . , .:i j j China Will be In the Way, :, Lojidok, July 28. The Pekln eorrwpon drat of th Standard say : "Whilst China ifnot likely to attempt to enforce herright so long as the scene of conflict shall be limit.) tttitli Kt.n.n. T.. a(.k.n- I can state positively Ion th highest BBtnonty mas sne w luuy determined to nphold her dominion on tbe Upper Mekong. If France encroaches above let. 21 "degree an will una China in her path. ( jj . . I Taken Under the Union Jack. ByusET. N. 8. W., July 27. A despatoh from Brisbane says that England has an nex ea tne ooiomon island. ' i ( pad Work Leaked far la Dearer. De-iveb, Colo., July 28. The lynching ot Dan'Arate, the Italian who wantonly killed a man in a quarrel, has had, an effeot upon the rougher element that la likely to cause trouble. Their taste for violence hat been whetted and looting achemes ar .being pursuea unaer cover. 1 I 1 1 I I The state militia and state artillery are ia readiness to answer any call that -may be made upon them. ' The presidents of the bank (till remain inr open ar looking to we saieiy oi ineir institutions , should a riot occur and yesterday -1 afternoon called Upon the officers at Fort Logan to bo ready to come to their assistance (a case of necessity. There are 700 men at the fort who oould be brought in to proteol the hank which are United State tax depositories, i -; j j. 1 ' ' - Tbe number of unemployed i inoreaslng daily, being added to by those eoming from surrounding towns. Every effort) I being made by toe charity organization to take care of them, bat it is impossible to provide foralL i j' - ; ti ' - ; Four hundred men took possession of the Union Pacifio train ia the yard her last night. ' They made the train crew thrown out loaded care aad put on empties and nojr are on their way east in them. It is not pro oBDic wiey wui do rooiosteoi. j I j . Last Klnnt rMapateaaa. A special from Oberlin say half of Wake-ham, a little town ia Huron oounty, Ohio, with a population of 600 ha been destroyed byfiro,.-. , -: ,V. - j .,;;. A telegram was received at Portland, Me., yesterday from Lieut. Peary dated Tilt Cove, Newfoundland, showing ho baa not yet sailed for Greenland. ; - j: j Dick Hall, the noted' Kentucky moonshiner chief, ha been killed by John W. Beloher on the bank of th Elkhora river. 'i ' . -'.-' Personal. ; F. Nelson was n Toronto yesterday. The Nawab of Rampur arrived' In New York last night. ; .: ji r j Aid. Masson and eon left this forenoon on a visit to Chicago. - . Dr. Robillard, jolty health otfieer, Geo. J. Dewar pf the Export Lumher Co, wa in Montreal 'yesterday. . - j ;j : ; Mis. L. Bradley, Carsonby. Ontu. Is visit. ug me Suisse inerry, new Edinburgh. to-morrow from Montreal for England. Js. A. Brook of this city was registered at tb Walker House, Toronto, yeiterday. ; Dr. Clarey of Rcnfrow wa in tb city yesterday, j He registered at the Grand Union. - i i' i 1 1 ii , Arthur Blanahet and Mis Blanchet left the city yesterday for short visit to OM Orchead Beach. ,. ,. . i ' i '--..( I I hi Mr. T. Nolan, the hatter, left for I New York to-day on business.. It i noasibfJ ha may see the. VVorld's Fair before returning. ' Mr. V. Uorman . left yesterday for New York, whither he roe in th interest oi hm attractions in view. 1 ' Mim. aicysity, wue oi unlet JUcVeltv. whose state! of health gave her-friends serious anxiety, is oo a little better.1 Her son, Mr. trod Mc eity will, return to his home In the States early next week, j ill: Mr. Jas. 'Graham, iteneral secretarv at tha Y.M. C.A. st St.l'.iharines.and at onetime assistant secretary ..f the Y. M. 0. A. I in this oity, is here on h i holiday. He will remain In Uttawa abrtut three weeks. ! 1 1 Masons on 'the Water. On' Monday night tbe Ottawa brethren down the river and they always do things well., - A surgestioo that a few of Steeoy's Hun) Club or five centj Straight cigar taken along will t lifil mar the. suocess. 1 1. -r- In durab ty Newoombe piano ar nnox oelled. U Glebe' lbts were purchased to-day Mr. Annie Moeser, Ira' Bower, Jas. Mc- Elroy, Alex. Bannerman and Mrs, Mary JOURNAL BajUv FRIDAY JULY EiJJrttSSANO F1MAKCIJU.. fill.' .' ' ; ' j MoNTREAl,July 28. There is much quiet anxiety over the depression in stocks, snd the difficulty ef obtaining loans.' There has been ' remarkable drop i this year, and the feeling is thattbe bottom. Is not yet reached. The following table shows thedeolines in the local speculative stocks tince th beginning of the present yean ' ' I i : j'' Highest Last Sales. Stock. R Price. Bank of Montreal. ... 237 ' Canad- Pacifio SO Cable j . ..L, 185. Kiche;j ........ 4... 78 Dulunl ; I...; S61 Duluth .x:nrr.on... ......... ' 14$ Korai i'.ectric. ..!.- 2" ' Telephone loVi Telegraph.. ,.. lCi) Street railway.,.......... 193 Gm...I ....a., ear Montreal ootton... 160 Colored; da.........j... ,114 DominioD do. . .' 140 ! Big furobase ef Cable Stock. 205 69 110 150 '21 ISO 122 135, 160 190 100 68 100 Th Montreal stock- marks! . to-day regained firmness on laage sales of eoismer ctal cable, It Is said, to B. B. Angus and Duncan Mclntyre. Two thousand shares were transferred at 110 and th prloe Jumped' at once to 114, steadying the whole markt, This oaql stocx six months ago was worth 180. i ' 1 ' I l Mr. Duncan Molntyre'l purchase was mad alter tbe stock exchsoge -closed yesterday. He bought a block of 1,500 shares of Commercial Cable stock at 110. caylnr la cash ,$164,000.. This is considered an excellent investment, as the stock is undoubtedly solid and worth more, bqt money it so tight that fsw can buy. -i ! I I i Mr. Mclntyre during the day had spoken as loiiows to a star reporter: ; "Now is the time, my boy, to buy cheap stock a ! Selie the opportunity." "Money," M.i.j . v . ii in: . it if .... - there's plenty of it in ths country. It will soon be In circulation again. This decline in stook is only natural. When the market goes against one, keep cool and collected and weioh your obanoe to get evsn with it, I always do that. Ob, I am not doing anything fust now, I am only looking on." It Mr. Mclntyre s "looking on mean a purchase of $164,000, what would hit aotiv participation mean t . 1 i i -' 1 Philadelphia' Credit Ciena The following olrcular ha been received by the local cnttomer of the National Park Bank of New York 1 ' i J i "Our customer are advised of the great difficulty that now exists in collecting on Philadelphia. Our correspondent In that oity cannot remit for collections of any sort and request that nona be cent them. Under these-peculiar circumstances this bank most decline for the present -to take from it depositors oheguee, drafts or notss on Philadelphia, as same, if collected there, cannot be paid to us In New York." ; I Unconditional Kepeal Asked-' Seattle, Wash., July 28. At a meeting of th clearing house aad Disrohante, yeiterday, it wa decided to send a memorial to Congress, asking - for the unconditional repeal of the silver purchasing clans of the Sherman act - ; Baltimore. M. D.. Jul 28. Th Board ot Trade ha adopted resolution calling on siary land s repreeentative and senators on Congress to vote for the repeal of the purchasing dense of th Sherman aot; without delay, i , . . ; ' Tb Leaden Market Steadier. Loxdok, July 28. The', stock mark ia steadier and American railroad securities are firmer under free buying. 1 Otherwia there is little doing, th operator being absorbed in the settlement. Ten failure bay been announced to-day, Sewell E wings A Co. and Thos. S. a Blackbom, broken, and Herbert Bhattook and Joseph Biondell, jobbers. All were small dealer. - . Solreat baa 8npeaded. , Exetee, N. H., July 27. Th National Granit Stat bank temporarily impended Sayment this morning. The institution is eclerod by the officials- to be perfectly solvent, the present embarrassment having been caused by a drainage of the cash supply and delayed remittance Irom Boston. An immediate resumption ot business 1 expected. MiDDiESEORO, KT., Joly,27. The First National bank cloeed it door this morning, j' . i Chloago Frodaoa, . : : Chicago,! :16 p. m. Closing Whest 19 n Jaly, S9J n August, 62 September, "Oj fe December. ' - S - I Corn 37J Jq1t 37S Anguit,382 September, 31 October, 373 December. 38 May. I Oats 24 Jnly,23ib Augut,23f bept., 281 b May. ' l' - t ' - i ' Pork (18.90' a July, !19.60 b Sept, 118.60 a Jan. I Lard $9.40 a July, (9.70 Sept.,- (8:30 Qot.. $7 90 a Jan. - 8hort Rib-$7.15 a July, $7.27 Sept., $7.40 Oct. ;: y ; I . ' Montreal Stock Exohanga (Closlog anOtaUoo at 1 p. ro.l July S7. Ask. Bid. Canadian PaolflcXD. . R7 Crtl I 06 64 riuiuin uom.. 41 PuluthPref.. 13 -1 Grand Trunk 1st Grand Trunk tnd Com. Cable Wabash Com Wabash Pref.. Montreal Telegraph Kichelllena: Ool. ........ Mont. Street By -MtLOaaCo.:.;. ... Bell Telephone...;.,.. ltoy. Kleotrio Bank of Montreal ,. Ontario Pank Banque da 1'euple Molaon'a Hank Bask of Toronto.,..:...... Banque Jacquee-Cartier.. Merchants Bank Msr.Bk. of HallfaxXD. 115 i" ia' Ml iro let i-M i' 112 ito , I6S Hi ilo' 115 ifi" f3S 111 1 li 191 145 nii Us' iiV u; 105 its u 188' 120 220 mi 237" 137 138 M 170 19 '1 117 lis im 120 i5 ; 245 . I i 115 Uuebeo Baak.. I 104 L 14U Tu 115 un nlon Bank.. Bank of 'Commerce North W. Land MU. Cotton Co ex-rlght. Can. Colored Cotton Dominion Cotton HO to (A H Q ,100 Look eut for the Child biter. A young child of Michael' Keeiey.hackman, Cathcart street, was bitten on the ear and band by a dog yesterday afternoon. S A Wreck oa ths C P. R. YANcouvrR, B. C., Juljf 27. Yesterday morning a west bound freight train ran into moil toi, wuicu naa lauen -n un iracx, one mile east of f ale. , I h ear were smaehetl up, ir named Kichardson had his e gine and five brakeman H. w-rushed. The five hour by Paciho Kx press was delayed the wreck. , i i n . Bigger Crowd Than Ever. Ever j evening brings a larger crowd than the preceding to the Electric Park.; The secret of this is two-fold) none but tint olaas attractions are - taken and, 1 the natural beauties of the resort' are of a kind that cannot fail to please ell. If one doee not wish to sit through a whole performance he can wander among the tree and . down, . to the water's edge, which seems like fairyland under the pmtiauce of the electric lights. . ', This week's programme i receiving many woada of praise. AH h visit ths Dark are delighted with "Pvlrewaskif as presented bf Will K. Fox. They are equally prodigal in .bestowing praise on thp entertainment provided by A. O. Duncan, premier ventriloquist..' . . ' : 'i , ' I The Railway Men's. Day Oat A first. nm i lnirm.i,l r.w.n.1 J f Tuesday at Clark 's ! Inland. Rural delight 1 . J ; tt ' . . uu - gwu cigar go wen wgvuier. oseaoys nuns vino nu to put to a Oct. 1893. A Canadian Proud ef hi Country. A -visitor to the Columbian Fair. Mr. Geo. Keating of Kemptville, has juit so turned. He has been a keen observer of the state of trade in general on tbe other side while absent and has taken particular pains to note the standing of Canada and her provinces separately, at tbe fair, as compared with that of other countries. particularly tbe United States. And bi ! opinion is, after the fullest investigation. that Canadiaos have particular reason to be f'tnml .( their country, as represented by ier' product in all departments, even to her representative men. Mr. Keating thinks tbat In the very nature of things Canada mast be benebted by the World's Fair, for in nearly all - products where comparison come In she-is ahead of all other countries. - It was his good fortune to be on the Fair grounds on Dominion day 'when the British troops marched in and were received most enthusiastically, not only by tbe thousands of Canadians present, out by native-born Americana, and if ever there was a proud moment : In hi life, Mr. Keating says, J it was . then. It would be large inducement that would tempt him to live In Chioago, which oity 1 crowded with unemployed workman aad woomen. and Is suffering a regular collapse in many of ner industries, i Xne policing Doom is over and Chicago's last state will be worse than ner orst. I i ! Starting on the Bridge, i . " The Electric Railway oompany started work this morning putting In the addition to the New Edinburgh bridge for the eleotrlo toad traffic. Mr. alall Is superintending the iron work and Aid. feterkin tbe woodwork. The Utter says that the traffio will not be stopped as the boards on the bridge will be taken -up up one at a time and re-laid. Tbe city will pay for the .new .roadway and the -oompany for tbe other work. : . - 1 1 Baseball To-morrow. ; A sood game expected and fine weathera! most certain. Only a supply of Steacy ' five cent straight cigars needed to complete the pleasure. . Bmoxers like them. , ' , I ; i i -i BIRTH. ; : I . : ! Cosrot At Deschonee Milt. Que, on tbe Ttlh, ths wife of W.J. Conror, of a son. MOOPIS a CO. Jadertakers and Kmbalmers 2!n Sparks St., near Bank, funerals furnished with very requ'.ntie. umocopen night and day, Telephone No. 872. - '-II- I Qao. Sbipman, 'r Leading Funeral Director aod Embalmer. Baet funeral ruraUalnsjs. Moderate prloe n Bank sa. Always open. Telephone ft MeDfTYRC OODB ORDK BAkamxma, oiioiToa ajtd aoTiaia. II flpaotal aMeatton given to Oommeretal badness aaTtWllim Caiieton Chambers Spark sa, II ' :-'i.U ' OWW HOKXT TO LEND OM RIAL 1 1 ' U XSTATB. A. W. McSJjfTTK, IJ.O. B. w.Ooca ' I Joaa r. Oasa lyiONEYTO LEND 1 1 BBaaU ft MAT. Barrlstar. ; CtiAaremt Br Ann Sr.- Ottawa MOMZT TO LEND. 815 000 p5! In Urra and small PRIVATE fund on city. suburban and farm property lall sums as land I nee ease. uiKmu Apply to I. P. Flshsr, BarrisUr, Oarlaton Chamber, 71 Hparkt St., Ottawa. WANTS. WANTKD-A good plain cook for small family; also a bouteniald. Good wages. Apply Mrs. Boydea, No. t MacKenxie ave, s WT'ANTKP A sood eboreman for farm If who oan milk, also a good farm hand. Steady job to competent men. Apply to C K Wright st flons. Hull. I SOOM9 WANTED Three bedrooms and a private tHtlngroom : central locality. Ad-s,H. K. JouRRAi. offloe. t WANTED A good cook wl'h references. Apply Mrs. W. A. AUsa.117 Tlttoria st, between the hour of 10 a. n. and 6 p.m. 3 T ANTEb A Protestant female teacher; y v i holding a flrst-etass elementary diploma tram wo rTovinoe oc wueDeo. ocare lerms ana to the nnderelirued at Bookinsham. John laltb, Ssoretary-xreasurer. 8 WANTED By a reopeotahle person who Is a good dressmaker, sewing by the day. Apply 138 SJater st. 2 mlllf 'ANTED A first-class shingle sawyer. Ap ply n m. juason st bobs, uox uau or at STAMPS WANTED OM Canadian, United States aad otbsr stamps as used 25 to SO years aco. For maa I pay fl to hi each. Ueorge Lowe, 38 Bpsdlaa ava, Toronto. VTANTED At the Ottawa Business College T y a number of youne ladies aad gea'lemeo to qualify for positions as bookkeeper and amanuenses; ooune thorousb and practical. John Keith, principal, 33 O'Connor St. WANTED Salesmen, willing to i work. Good pay to right sort of man. Position permanent. Plan established thirty-five rears, write for particulars to Chase Brothers' Cosa-paay, Coiborns, OnU got FOR SA1VR. ISO vacant lots situated on Ann: Moljeod. ' Flora. Archibald. Catherine, Oonoessloa, Peroy. trj rV KUJLJ Bay, Lyoa and Kent eta, west cf Bank st. Ths most progressive cart of the city. Term to suit purohasers. For furthor particulars apply to I ... C. H. CAKRIERE, I 1 22 Metcalfe st, (cor. Sparka) all klnda lumber, bouse finish, shingles, inbvoila.leatbor and shos nndtngs. B. W ood-d. 38 Beaserer St. TOUT. BE3SERER 8 aROVtV-There will be a few oheloe rooms tn let T;ith hoard as this popular resort en the jftith Inst. For further particulars apply A. 1. Beaserer, Orleans, P. O. rfno LET A good com . located store at X the cor. ofaicalea shooter streeta. -la which a thriving 'a established ootonery ess been 1 on lor me last eight and -r obich a license is 5 ranted. -.Any ncedf l altcratioo will be made, .pply to U. fidtt. IM Koohester st. TO LET-Kroio July, 1t. that Urge brick store and cellar No. t2i Sparks sr., extend-ioK about lur fees back, euuludlng half let of land In rear facing oa Queen et, coakalns hot water neaong apparaji; suiiaoie I or manufactory or any other Dnines. Also one back room oa (round fl Jor.ri! Sparks suwell lighted, can be used as an oflloa, Enquire A. Koberteon. taeparksst,: , -. I . mo LET That solid briok house 100 Weill ng-I ton St., now occupied by Coesul General, Lay. It hi in first-class condition aod contains all modern convenience Peeeslou let May, also bouse No. ai alator su oor. of Elgin, pos-seesion 1st May. For particulars apply to K. Nagl. 16 Slater et or Latcbford tt. Murphy, It Kteinsa - -1 ' f LOST. T OST A pair of gold rimmed eregla!iea tj with short gold chain. Monday, on Wellington tt., between No. 172 and 394. Finder will please return to 394 Wellington at, or Joubnai. offlcs. i i S S.,. i.K'S'ARD will be paid to any person -m f returning a quantity of documents, needs, mortgage; also uotes for S7C0, 1.C0Q and Jluu p.r-ble to order. The above oan be left at Taw. Velleneuve Hotel, 12J Rochester st, who will pay the above reward. i 3 MEDICAL. T NEBK1ETY AND OPIUM HABIT treated I privately. Double Chloride ot Gold sysimn Kesnlta lnvaiiubly satlafactory. Write for ia ormatlon, Lakehurst Sanitarium, OakrUle, 28. SPLENDID SQUARE TIMBER. On of tb Finest Bafta ef th Going Down the Ottawa. ' I On the Ottawa under Parliament cliff today lay one of tbe finest rafts of square timber that ha gone down the Ottawa . It belongs to Mr. William klackey, and was out on his famous Amebic do Fond river ; limit, a bit of lurett valued at - three quarters . oi a million dollars. The' raft Itself contain over 120,000 feet of timber, worth aloe oa tH5,000. It u beautiful pine, long, square, clean, free from knots, well out. Some rather interesting fact were gleaned by The JookKArr, to eenneotioa with this i . refu It 'signalises th fifty. . first 1 year of Mr. Maokey' oon. nectlon with the - timber businees, ' sad aot one of these fifty -one years have passed . in which Mr. Mackey has nos owned or been interested in on or more raft eomlaf down the Grand river, j . . During that time, be- has seea the price et square timber vary from four pence (eight cents) a foot no to Sd dsnta a foot, th brio "' tbi year. When he started fa ths business fifty-one years ago, there .were forty or fifty lumber firm along th river.of , ail of which but two representatives remain alive besides Mr. Maokey himseit, namely, H. V. Noel, now manager of the Quebee Bank, and old Mr. MoDougalL father ef Dr , MoDougall. -Time baa swallowed all th . 1 other. . i , T I British Marina aa Route Homo. A party of ten English marines passed through tbe city on the 0- I- iVAtlentio express thls'mornlng. They wer In charge of Liens, Lttle and were . going from Esquimalts B. C, to England. - i Young Conservatiyes ATTENTION. ! Application! for enrolmen,t oa ths Provincial voter' list ar being received by th Assessment Commissioner this week. Every young man who ha been a resident el Ontario for a period of nine month prior to the first instant, and who is 21 year of age, is entitled, under "The Manhood Suffraga Act" to have hi name registered. : It Is well understood that t his will bo th last) opportunity for young mn nos already rai-tared, to be enrolled a Provincial Voters. The Macdouald Club oi Ottawa therefor urges aU Loung men who are in! sympathy with the liberal Coniervaiive party to avail themselves of thikopponusity loaoaurerrgintratiOB. Mr. Prat-, the aeaesemeat commissioner will be at bis offloe every day aid evening this wees: for the purpose of regtscerinf applicants. . Forms of application ass In poabeseion Of the offioers et theMaeDonald Clab aad youog men desirous et being enrolled should without delay consult any one ot the under mention ad, who will glaily afford all necesaary lnfonsation. H. Cfcatelain, Vice P re. Id en t. (90 bussex St, : er In the evaalnc a 385 Sa Patrick h. Oatral Ward, W. D. Morirls,42 Elgin st. 1 ' Wellington Ward, J. Buchanan. Sis Uaeea st, Dalhouie Ward. W. IL Hewlett. 174 Bochc- mt t Victoria Ward, G. Marsaa, 323 Brlrlge st, Bt. Georges Ward. U U Broehr. 494 kins sU By-Ward, W. E, Matthews. U Tork st. Ottawa Ward.C 8. 0. Boudreauit.ll Cburohst. Ulaeau Ward. J. C Wilaoa. 34 Ci elghton sc. necasaarv amdavit 1U ha at Mr. rl.'. (Mix aawnuers oi we cmo quaiinea io laxe to Devlin Block Sparks st- every evening ibis vbu mwi d o oioca uw U. We oanaol too scronsrlr arsre unon vsune Con servailves, not already Broiled as Jvoters. th Importance of embracing; (this th last oppor-tnaity of securing rcgistraUon. . -- .!'- i RG.CODB. ' ,x Preside! Maodoaald Club. FRED COOK, I I T i Secretary. ' -1 I- ' ' ' OPERA-HOUSE One Bight and atatlaaa, rriday, -, sioiy its. W. S. CLEVELAND'S All-United Minstrels in Ortat European Vaadevfll Ca OB BATI KAMIB aBOTI "I III Columbus Flrit Part. DUmaBtiaa vancera, world jrair raaorama, xtaaaa ralrl era.'l BXAB The Sweet SugeralThe Latest Mnsw , noyau menu Bongs. i Beat now eelllsg at Korflhelajer'a. Prices a nsual. i l SALE OF . BANKRUPT STOCK- T ,K.MJis.ris at a rate on tne oouar wui be received by the- aneendgaed easianee g the estate of WILLIAM COD ;ui)u, i , op to Monday, Slat instant, at noon, for tbe he assets ai trad of the above named WlUiam Oodd, i cm aaa sworn ia lo the "Hub" hotel. No. tit Baseex st. Ottawa, ' The Inventory may b seen at tha offloe of tha undersigned, in Rideau sa, or oa the premises, where toe goods may also be examlaed. Terms cash. B. 47BTAKRS. , iiatco jotn Jury, tsgx, j. - assignee. AUGTIOX SALE OF; PROPERTY: Valuable nronertr on Ooonar sfiast aaas . Bank, large lot with I new briok teaemssita, Koe. 37S. 878. 380. coutatalnc U rooms ach.wttk U : ! all modern oon venienoes, large rooma saal tary Improvement, each teneaeat reacag far tVO, twenty dollars per month,- Ibis property will be gold by publio auction at auction room of C a Teggart st Son, so Betntoey, Sth July. ' I at 4 o'clock p. m. Intending pnrckssers oan ar. range with us tor lnapeckoa of the property and regardlag terms. J I , , u. a. auuaBT, i l AaetioBsesv 181 Wellingtaa tk, ear. Bank THE BANK OF OTTAWA.' 11 A branch of this bank ha boon opeaed at ' 12V HI3D:E3;Vp ST.. in this city, under the management of Mr.! 3. H. Neeve. A general banking boalne will be transacted. Interest will ha allowed at current rate on deposit ia th savings department. . M ,1 GEO. BURST, . ,s General Manager. Ottawa, 14 July, 189S. ' f f . VOTERS' LI8T;1l893: r Municipality of the Townabip of Gloucester, County of Cajrlettsjoi XT OTICE 1 hereby (tlvea ithat I have trans i.1 mttted or delivered to the persons mentioned in sections 5 aad of the Ontario Voters' List Aot. 1S89 the codes required by said sections to be so transmuted or delivered of the list, made pursuant to said Act. of all persona appearing by the last revised assessment roll ot tbeaaid municipality to bo eatitied to vote in th said municipality at election for mem ben of th Legislative Assembly aod at' municipal elee- uous ; ana uutt saia us was nrst postea up as my offloe in the town ball of said towaahlo on the (ith day of July, 18S3, and remain there for inspection. , Electors are called upon to examine the said liar, and If any emissions or -anv other arrets are found therein to take Immediate proceed -i Ings to have tbe said errors corrected according lOlaW. I Dated tniaZMb day of July. 1883. I CHARLES BILLINGS. -Clerk of the Municipality of Ulonoestsr, kliiegs' Bridge, P. O. 'I 1" i , s-1 :' : :n; ' '4 ; . , f -sj a - 1 l-- -! s.--lij. i I ' '' ' ' li - -fi : - i'.i- '' 4-'yvs-l ,' W'r'-r : "jV

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