The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1947 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1947
Page 17
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER », 1947 ULYTHEVILLE (ARKI) COURIKR NEW* Advertisements for Sett, Mifct/fofwoui Pr»cUc*U)f new mrr» bicycle. Plicae ~f^_ __ 125-pk-ll Monarch eleetrlg »tov«, u»«l only 5 monthj. Inijulrt >t City 8up«r Market. ___ nit-pk-12 • One b«by crib with good «prlnns ana r»ju«r«*i. practically new. Also high •toilr. contact PtulMQ Bbinlu. 1521 •«rn. Phon« 2SM. . 12i!-pk-10 '•* .."— platinum' w*4dtn( tuad, MTVH diamond* in rUhUll mount int. Phone '"• i2[5-pk-l2 Canaries, alngera and hena. Call 3433. Nut to Camp Uoultrla. Duo Therm Oil Heater. 5 or « rooraa. •<c«llint Condition. Call MM. __ lie-ak-lo , ARMY COMBAT hoots. Held ahoes ooot tops. used. Wholesale. Hender»on Shoe Co. Donlphau. Mo. IJnrlslit rilano. phone 788. Charles Brandon, liifs-pk Olrl's hlcyrle and rfrAerator. Ca y?7L at 115 Sycamore St. fc I2'8-pV:-ll Woo^toctt Standard tTn^wrltsr taut Ktntuckr. Phone 3127. Lost and Found »10 REWARD lor llglit blue . „- riiaua toiu wuh hood, j larse buttons Uowniowii irluay. iVrltt Room Snaro LejLchYltlt. Home I. 12.6-pt-ld Two university atudenta loat their notebooks containing ilielr year's work. Exams were approachlnu. in desperation th.y placed a Claaallled Aa In ihe local paper. The all-Important books were returned the neat, h J V s , a , v '" 5 tbe ll<u » "Ilunk" In their rinal euma: Lost — On» black §ow. weliht 100 ">»• Tiiaaday In rlclnlty of Sandy Kldga, o. A. Oarrott, phon« 371. ln» h« weeiwd, ok*y«i by medicil men. It. tot*) .Th« Jury 6»tber»t«l Iwo hour* slfeol on the lumnuu •yitcrn U y»t in the c»M. lo b« fully tested. Oni-Man Booting Ring Broken Up in Pentagon WASHINGTON D«c. » (UP) — A one-man bootleg ring "imug- Bling" liquor into th« governmeiu'i huge Pentagon Building Jor the put six nioiuha was broken UD today. • « Army officials disclosed the ar- tul of a 42-year old former em- ploye, who, they laid, converted lunutlf into » walking bar and told whisky to Pentagon cafeteria workers lor 25 cents a shot. Building guards finally caught him in the act of peddling a stiff snort to a regular customer yesterday. They had been trying ilncc early summer to track down the only bar In the otherwls* bone- dry Army headquarter*, Dye Used to Overcome Mountain Sickne» BERKERLY. C»l. (UP)—A Caple of dye, invt.Uyleiw blur, nm> cure that mountain 'sickliest people get when they climb to (lie peaki. A University of California biologist. Dr. Matilda M. Brooks, *ayi she tried out the dye in Peru—and stopped the nausea from ruining the days of people who have to go lo the mountains on business 01 Just plain like the elevations there Aviation also might be a field foi the method, she sayi. However, con tinned tisi of th* dye lias not been Dice Game Argument Brings Prison Term BATESVILLE, Ark., Dec. 9. (UP) —Shelby Everett of Mountain Gap, Ark., was to start a ten-year prison sentence today after being convicted last night of second degree murder in the death of Ralp Redden, Batesville lumberman. The charge was reduced from first degree murder. Prosecuting Attorney Millard Hardin told the jury that Everett and Hedden fought over a dice game and that Hedden died In a Little Rock hospital from the beai- . 121 J-pk-10 H«/p Wanted, Malt fe Reliable m»n with c»r wanted to «T«ll on farrnerm In 8. lltaalallppt County, wonderful opportunity. §13 to tto In a day. No experience or caDTtal r«- ojllred. Permanent. Write today. Mc- NESB COMPANY, D«pt. A, Freeport, Wanted •xoerlencad beer nlesman 'inner 4« year* or age. dalary and liberal commission.' Llvlnjj quarters furnished for single man or with wife. Apply in person to r>. M. Moore Osceola.^ ArU. 12i9.plr.-l2 We HAVE AN OPENING Jor a young man with sales experience In our furniture and electrical appllancw department. Permanent position, good aalary, and commission. Apply to Mr Kescler, Montgomery Ward ' ' Position Wanted Practical nur»« wAnts Job. MaUrnltT ease* pre**rr«d. Call 343«. FRAZIER Bus Lines New Location 105 North Lake Street PHONE 2391 Buies to— • AKMOREI. • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. f) • STATE LINK CHARTER BUSES Eat Shop in Connection PRESCRIPTIONS Frwh Stock Guaranteed Bent Price* Kirby Drug StoreS MALONE Piaster and Stucco Phone 2029 FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches; Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Organizations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Street NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder A Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Rimell Muiick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. Private Rooms Bedroom, Gteam httt. Phone 3315 ftll W. Main. lliaa-pk-12128 Brdroom for reni. Phone 3731, Bedrocra 314 ^one 3338 U|2g-pk.l2j28 ComfortebU bedroom, gas heat. 3001 i w. Main at., phone 2818. ComforUbU b«droom. ciM* to town. Uen only. 310 W. Walnut 12f3-pk-l|3 Light housekeeping room. phone »20. Il|25-pk-lll3 - Bedroom, gas heat, to business or professional woman. 1017 Walnut Phone 2518, 1218-ck-tr Bedroom for co»pl« and kitchen prt- irllesM. .Phone 2622. I2i9-pk-I6 Room TacRncy. Home coked rnealir, R leasant atmosnhere, and all urlvl- ?ge». Phone 3835. 12 fl-pk-16 Wanted fo Buy WANTED to btly farm trtctora • net machinery, atate price mod condition. Olto Uujselmari. Osceola, Iowa WE BUY FUJI AND PECANS Highest prices rjkld. See UA before TOU Sell. JO* HMTER'8 GROCERY 8. Highway 61 Below Swift Oil Mill _ I3'3-pk-l[3 All Klze home*, duplexes, lots, stor* buildings. Urmj. confidential llstlriH Cash buy«r«. phone Field. S3M. Good used oil clrculntor. Phone Z134. _ 12;6-pk-lo WANTED 20,000 POUNDS „ PECANS (Don't Sell till you . . . Get Our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 East Main gt. Phone 973 Two or 3 bottom br«»xini plow«. Phone 768. Charles Brogdon. 128-pk-ll A resident or Baltimore in search or & stuffed porcupine was unr.ble to llnd whit he wanted in his own city. He placed nn advertisement In • \\ashlDgton newspaper. Within a «<!«• days, the advertiser Rot lust what he wanted from » re*der> nephew In distant Vermont >Qfd//eftqe To love' *"""" ^ j^Sx M - . _ .A. jT^^^T^u i^X',.-'! By ETHEL HAMILL led by NtA 5UVICE, INC. XXXV JgEEFY DALRYMPLE'S roadster skidded to a stop in front of the <,cadia Arms ID what must have been a record to: the course. And when Joel am. Cam tramped purposefully up the walk to the inn the sergeant was lumbering close on their heels. Maurine. still smart and appealing in the little veiled ha! which she bad donned to wear to the stadium, rose, at the sound of Joel's voice, out of a deep chair near the lobby's rustic Scldstone fireplace. But the eager, wistful smile wavered and fadeo as she saw Cam beside him. "Cam!" It was not precisely what one might describe at a glad little cry. "I never expected to see you." "I'm sure you didn't." said Cam sternly. "If Beefy hadn't all but kidnapped me off a public street corner, I'd still b« where you wanted me to be. Back in Curters- ville, believing tha' Joel had made lov« to me to get • Dean's Award out of Dad. It I'd gone on doing what you expected me to do. Maurine, I wouldn't know even now that he really loves me the way I love him." "I'm quite sure that he doesn't love you, Cammie. I'm here now because we're going to be .carried —isn't that true. Joel?" Maurine's frankly pleading gaze clung to his hewn face in what was obviously the belief that male gallantry would not permit him lo deny her before hostile witnesses. But Joel shook his head slowly, soberly "You know that isn't Ihe truth. Maurine. You and I had all that settled before 1 left you tiore and drove out lo the farm. I love Cam and nobody else. Not ever. I told you that." * • • , " A ND you. Maurine," Cam cut in. without remorse, ''you've told me a gre many things lately which could do with explaining. That telephone call 1 was supposed to overhear you making? That was only a dead line, wasn't it? Only a deliberate fake?" Alter an Instant, Maurine nodded sulkily. "And the mysterious way in which Joel received Ins misinformation about Gary Marlowe, that put me in such a bad light? Couldnt it ere that you were responsible for that, too? Joel, how did you hear?" HiE eyes were on hers, troubled but steady. "Anonymous note. It was waiting (here under my door at Mrs. Funk's, and I found it right after I'd left Beefy on my way to you." "A note?" Suddenly, Cam understood. "Then it was you I heard. Maurine. in the hall outside my door, that night! You'd listened to me singint because my happiness wns spilling over. And you knew from that about Jo«l and me. And yoti wanted for yourself." "I'm not ashamed ot that." Maurine looked so pure, so misused, so like a modern Saint Joan at the jtake, that «veo when one knew her it was difficult to discount her appearance altogether. "I had as much right to fall In love as you have, didn't I?" "Bui nol to write that untrue account of Gary's insurance, putting everything in a light J M I waj cerlain to misunderstand, and then run over to his boarding house with it: That wasn't any special delivery to Uncle David that I saw you carrying. Maurine, how could you?" 'J'HE dark head tossed defiantly. "I've answered that, Cammie. All is fair in love. And what's more, 1 got the idea from yonr sanctimonious friend Professor Powell in the first place." "Herbert? You certainty don* mean to imply that ierbert belMd you?" "Of course not. Bu« I t*a*»d hian talking to one of thos« stuffed facult' cronies of his, one night, in the booth next to mine X Kre- molka'i. And he was bragging how the Dean's interred aoo-in- law was sure to rate T promotion. So I sort of adopted his idea—" Without warning, the deBarx* seemed to drain out of the younger girl. Her red mouth quivered de- fenselcssly and there was dumb agony in her eye*. "Joel," she whispered, -1 bop* you wont hate me too much. I— I couldn't help lovlnj you. From the first minute I saw you, walking Cammie up College Hill. M was wrong of me,'t K? It was wicked. I knew all along M wai Cammie yo« loved. And 1 don't blame you. I'm not worth her little finger. B-but Joel. K you could do just one thing for me—one great kindnes* that I'll never forget—" K wu Cam who mid, quietly, "What favor, Maurine?" "If Joe! ii bent on selling bit family farm anyway, wouldn't it be all right to let me buy itT Oh, Joel, 111 nay any price you aik. If I could )ust<so there sometimw —to the place wher« you'd b«en a little boy—and ]u* think about you—" "Well," nid Joe], uncomfortably, "I—I guess you might just as well have it if you're really sure you want it If Cammie My* it's «U right with her—" "Cammie says nothing of the kind." The sudden ice in Cam's tone startled even herself. "What is there about the farm?" Cam knew inslanlly her liunch was sound. She knew it from the sharp way her cousin'i breath^ drew in. "You aren't the kind tO' go all over sentimental about somebody else's homestead. And now 1 remember, it was more the farm than Joel's quitting college that Connie Heath mentioned. In fact, it was when Herbert mentioned that Joel Intended to sell the farm that you first really got upset. Wha< about Joel's farm, then?" (T* Be C*n«hKle4* PAGE SEVENTEEN FRECKLES A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO68EK OUT OUR WAY R. Williams OWOOH.' THREE MOW.'JCAMT UNDERSTAND WHY "THIS STOOL TIPS FORWARD WHEKJ I'M OM TH 1 BACK END OF fT.' IS THAT HOMEMADE PAWCAKES "lOU MADE THERE? WELL,THAT W30LD UNBALAMCE ANV THIMe--KE.6P IT BACK A WAVS/ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WHAT ARC \Me WITTIrJG r^OWI. 350 M1LE9 AK5 VO(J WEMT UP IN THE AIR WHEKi^OU 9OLD THAT DRWTTEO BED THAT Ntou Re&iSTERera IO.OOO FEET 66FOR£.vlEEM6R Gar ir-5 TWE PtftNe.'-^ LEMme ALOM& TILL X SRlMG THIS 6ULUET DOVW WITHOUT COTTIM6 PATCH OF TlfASeR. FOR TUB J&T ^RE &IM.PW MARVELOLiS, *i,c»o CHECK A&fMri — ITS DATED CORRECTLV.' So uno SMITMJ PUU ANOTH«a\ U.1E CWf ON HIMf IVEU.Y 50V weVr INVITEO TO . TftE PARTY'HAS ASKED Me "93 DO HIM rut KWOWI I'VE IWVITED AIL THE CANDIDATES TO CDMg AMD STATE THEIH. THf ORlGWAt. LARGE CHARGE.' WHOS IK UXM 6UY'< "I can tall you how to cut taxti —you congres»m«n can put youraelv*! on part-tlm* pay!" I'RISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER f V bit my tongue! L shouldn't done They Don'I Tell liy M10HAKL O'MAU,EY *nd RALPH LANS i nu YOU rrs IWCANNV. •WAINS/ WTVI JOtT Wl DIAMOND OUHB6HTH BlS/WACrLET MX M DID AWr/AND I DON'? MIND TEU1N6 WO 1 5U5PKI NOT ONE Of THOSE EI6H1 ftJS (.0*TOWERS THAT RANOUrON US VVU TUl I HI 8OU6HT HIS JfWtUtr. 3MEU A RAX OBAYUM*' A 5CWE1HIN& CROOKED H GOING ON /I Mir THIS MONTM.'f IUCKINeMAMWA9 WASH TUBB3 to Think About By LESSLIE TURNER UMBE HE'S KIGHf. 1 CMJ'T SEE SftRCftSTIC \HOfJ THE MUR.DERER COUlB P05 COP BURM& ME UP, EI^SS... I HIM SfAOtESriVCK. LIKE WE flEKE i \\ f V«|OT ABOUT TH WAREHOUSE RO&BERS DOWN HERE THM WHS MEUER. SOWEP? BUT WE'RE fRETTV COMFIDEUf IT HH5MT A PHEPRWER TO CRUW- PLE HEIWf METM- LIKE TIIM! I MElJER HEN?O OF Pi OSE THM Plain Words, Duchess By FRED HARMAN ^foU CAN'T IWH KWE TrllNK VOHY,HE / HE COULDN'T HAME KILIED ^Y A rta-5 YOU'D FATHER YOU RE AF1RMD W CARRYOLJT YOUR OF WOMEM,HE1?VJELL,IF1 LEAslE, 'T WOriiT B€ LJf^OER PovOER; HET UP OMER QCTKN' BILL HiirT THAT i CAN "trM KlUED RVDtR W Swini' anil a Miss By V. T. HAMLIN (40OOO5 TH NAME. MY LITTLE OOOL*.. AN' A LON<S VKiS FROM t*OO! TOO 8.«,D Y'SOTT* TAKr TM' oooL^? ME? "\ auT^we GOT MOKC LOOK. MISTSt. 1. TRAVEUN' T'DO.. lOU'Vf MADE A 1 C'MON. BABE. ON MISTAKE..!'*) IVCU*. IfEET 'R3RE MES. FCOZYJ NOW. LOOK.SISTse_THEBES A TIME AN' A PLACE FOB. KOUSH STUFF. BUT TUB AvWT IT.' NOW LST'S SET GO I NY WHY. 1OU DUMB Liki! BO* FUlEND. BUT... BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN

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