The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1947
Page 14
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KAGB FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUNTER TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1947 Cabinet Officer Warns Nation To Serve Fuel or Face Crisis; » Krug Sees Critical Shortage With the nation warned that it , ment are being offered fuel users f«ces a fuel famine this winter i to show how maximum efficiency fully as acute as any wartime ! ca " ^ "brined from available **.e the u. 3. Department of ^V« T^^ Uies interior today callen upon the .Mines for widespread distribution, public to save fuel In every way 'Hie same fuel-saving measures iv^n H Y. , CSS COUS( : n ' atio " is 1 1!sl «l 'n these pamphlets and books practiced. It is warned .the avail-(saved more t )i n n , . - »ble coal, gas and oli will be in extremely short supplr during the colder months with some homes and. buildings forced to RO heatless. Because of greatly increased demand as 'a result of 500,000 new homes being occupied since last winter, plus a shortage of dis- , tribution facilities, lowered pro- , - duction of some fuels, anrt in- 10.000.000 tons of coal alone during the last two years of ihc war. \r> Increases .Seen The gravity of the fuel supply | situation is shown In the slate- by Secretary Krug that "on Oct. I. stockpiles of bituminous coal were estimated to contain a 35-day supply, only five days above the danger point, and there is III- ile prospect of adding to stocks ±?UdXr t r;ff' be* a'- i ™*7 »"-«" '"'<- " vkilable 20 percent less healing I Aiitlirscltc production Is « per fuel than is required ! <:cnl holow estimated needs. .Mr. The Iiei«rtment of the Interior I ^'"-h^"'"';^^ s ! 10r ' Ws "' Iml , * , ° f '"• : llion fuel oil this winter, Many of In warning of the shortage, Sec- > the gas mnnufm-turcrs and dls- retary Krug stated that thc lull tributois have told their heating technical services of his depart- customers that there Is danger of DOLLARS -TO DOLL UP YOUR HOME- BETIER HOMES Simplicity in Modern Design Utility, Safety and Beauty Listed As Requisite? of Stairways in Homes The stairway In a home should* «e designed m iiimrily with an eve to utility, bin at. the. same time Its styling should not be overlooked so fnr as it affects the decorative scheme. Principal consideration should be given to the safety of a staircase. It should never rise at an angle greater than 30 decrees, and should have a riser height (the vertical distance between steps) of i t-'< inches with treads (the board yoti w.-uk on) jo inches wide. Plenty of headroom should be provided so that even the lallert persons dr> not have Io duck then- heads while negotiating the stairs Dy the same token, there should be. sufficient spnce to permit the moving of .large pieces of furniture. Every home with an upper story should have a rear stairway if at all possible, as a means or escape in fine of fire. This adds somewhat io the cost of the houre but iis well worth thc money both in convenience and safety. The treads should be covered witn a material that will prevent slippin Entrance Offers Key Impression Of Type of Home The atmosphere encountered at your door .is a lasting Impression of you and your home, says PRAS- TICAL BUILDEH, Chicago 3. Jn some cases comfort and utility have uccn neglected (or the sake of 'design. Big porches are a luxury since they necessitate more materials and m 0 K. l ' Ut Mme ™ rt of l»'°t e c»°" will be appreciated by the man who knocks as well as the man who turns the key In the door. Artistic canopies are easily built Io conform with general lines of the hole, and protect .the door and steps. Prefabricated canopies are available In corrosion resistant metals simple to erect in a few minutes'I nuilt-in seaLs can add a note of' distinction to small porches and eli I minute railings, Most homes find a built-in mail slot pratlcal. large enough to sicommodalc papers anrt magazines without tearing. If exterior mailboxes are used they can depart from the usual monotony of design and Join hands In color and pattern with flower boxes or shutters. New figured 6 lass used In doors allows light ti filter through. Panels of glass block on each side of a wooden door add spaciousness light nnd decoration. Seldom used at the front, but popular at .side or rear, are Dutch type doors-the upper half swing- I ing open for light and air while Ihc I oucr half remains closed and locked. A folding shelf on the 1 . c on. the J side of .such doors permits rccclvlns groceries or parcels easily without opening (he entlre'door New fixtures, new paint job, repairs .— make your old house a new home. Set the cash with a F.H.A. Loan from G.C.P.C. Up to 3 years to repay. 112 W. ASH ST. BLYTHEVIUf Them 292i GENERAL; CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION BE YOUR OWN DESIGNER ...with a KENTILE floor! Why envy those smart floors yon see in model kitchens? You can have one with Kentilc. It's tilc-sct—com- bine colors as you wish. We'll help -you plan the design. Yes, and lay it for you! Ken tile's a rcnl investment in economy, low cost and wears for decades, always looks new. Kcntilc's colors go clear through-need only simple mopping to keep fresh. And it s the modern floor that's practically swin, din and scuff proof. )uft ask „, anything ahoul nt the jaclj. . DEAL'S PAINT STORE Y ° Ur Wo "- " IAO r \ Wo "P°P e «109 E. Main St. Center" Phone 4469 .Simplicity n K o«d modem de«i,m will hist many years, it is nnl n n (hi, L", 7L -""! "P 1 "" 1 "" "f *'»'l <•"><•"' architect,,,... ihiinlirfH "i r,k e * l - m S ch "" ctcr " f "he '"«• P'lthcd roof. Ike * ft in , In I hi ' he ,r m<i011 '" '" "i* l" 1 "^ *"* the rcbli "" "f "'"« s ri tMfnr. 5 ' sur {? ce ' : "" 1 l»«'lsr. iM ,in K »re nil a part of (hi., liVh? I • S 'fn,m Sludy lh * plan for th « ** m ' simplicity of »'i"K. It comprises 10'JO square feel, cicludins Karate. hcnllcss days. The Department of the Interior estimates that In Indiana. Michigan and Illinois gas needed on a peak davs „•()( bc 40 Per cent above distributive capacity. In the face 01 conditions, l>ol)i government and the fuel-industries declare that a Is vitally necessary tl , H nl , human-occupied buildings be properly winterized and that every possible economy be observed in operation of heating plants. Winterizing consists of closing a! crneks through which heat might escape, complete Insulation of wall and roof area, the weather- stripping of all doors anrt windows and equipping these openings with tight-fitting storm sash, fn a typical residence, 414 per cent of the heat Is lost through roof and walls, 26 per cent through glass and doors, ao.8 per cent through cracks and 8.8 per cent through floors Exhaustive studies made by the small Homes Council of the University of Illinois show that wca- | thei-stripping will save 5 per cent of tlie fuel needed to heat an av- era B e house. The saving rises to j J8 per cent when storm windows I and doors are added. Another 13 : per cent is saved with a four-Inch blanket of- Insulation m the roof < "rea, and l!i per cent additional , is snvcrl when the walls arc insulated full-thick. This amounts to a total fuel saving of SO per cent Winlrrlzln; Kffccls Slinwii Other sources estimate that i! ill Hie 25.000.000 single - family I dwellings In the nation were completely winterized, the following savings would be effected: 19843 000 tons of coal, 738.311.000 gallons'o( oil, and H4.229.700.00o cubic feet of, gas. In dollars nnd cents this would amount to more than a billion dollars a year, according to the United States Bureau of Mines Mineral wool, variously called rock wool, sing wool, or glass wool is Ihe most widely-used substance for insulation, according to the Bureau of Mines, which recommends insulation of this type "bemuse of its resistance to fire, short-cir- ciiiLs. vermin, termites, moisture and decay." After the home is thoroughly winterized. further suggestions marie by heating experts for fuel ronscrvaHon include: Never set the Ihermostjl above 70 degrees because at 75 you burn 14 per cen' more fuel: at So degrees, 28 per cent more. Keep the furnace and chimney clean of soot and ashrs Re sure all feed pipes arc unobstructed and that, radiator valves operate properly. Watch the mixture of air and fuel so complete combustion will take place. In coal- fired plant., be sure the (ire-bed never gels thin and that all gases are consumed. s a small light „(, top mid boi- | !""•', ?'i, lhl ' ; st:lircasc »•'» ''dp )>r«- vent (alls. Of course, a .strong hand, rail snould be provided. Qmte often it is possible to » ilizo space placing a closet there which wilt fore cairied no ceiling prices prove extremely valuable a.s stor- \ "Second, and perhaps more Im " le y had Io D«y mucli higher prices '"'' similar houses In their n c w Io cations. The houses in lh, , new locations were not built, 'under beneath a stairway by iwloilly authorization nri ct there ape space. should harmonize with the decora- jive scheme and add Io the character of i he home. Possibilities are almost limitless throng), thoughtful dosisn of banisters, Some homes lend ihcmsclves to-a curvin" staircase; other.'; to stairs rising j n sections at light angles with landing sifter Jive or six steps. The architects designing the better homes trio avoid the ugly, straight, unbroken stairway without a landing Insulation Can HaltDiscomfort Hous 'ng Policy Of Winter Cold S^' Be v' its World War Vets While fair iventher Is still around' Purchasers of houses hum" 'n st "wiT 1 . ldrtC M° " 1!lkC a list «f ;?'?'•"* •ulhorhiTtr 8 ™ r "he ast winters drafts and chills ,-iad Vetwnn., Bmergencv Housing £t take .steps to remedy them -A]- of '""" - l ~~ ---• • " Ousln 8 Act though .most STOP FOOLING WITH COAL INSTALL IN YOUR FURNACE KRESKY PRICES INCLUDE THERMOSTAT and AUTOMATIC CONTROL , SWM* 'Horn. I SIM JESSE W. PROVINCE BUY PROM YOUR LOCAL HEATING EQUIPMENT DEALER M20 85 PLUMBING AND HEATING 2719 $ i *VUl\',<' A I ;,<'•)< m. . new homes nrc ndp- Insulated ns they are built older houses develop uncomfortable weaknesses that ran be remedied by some means of Insulaiion, savs PRATICAL BUILDER, Chica q o 3." Crncks aroiiml windows and doors not only let cold air in but allow heat to escape. \Veathrrstrip is one, answer and there nrc many excellent types available, must fnvnrcd uelng the more permanent metal kind A Plastic crack filler will seal minor spaces left by settling or warping. But where laiccr breaks are founrt a professional job of patching or adjustment is most pratlcal. Storm windows and doors also conserve heat, nnd vacuum sealed insulated double-pane windows that have no condensation problems can replace your regular windows. Insulating si[lin B that looks like brick or stone for application over any existing surface not, only modifies interior temperatures but beau- tilles the home's exterior. Wall insulation of several types can be poured or blown into hollow walls usimtly from the attic, if batt. Wan-' M, i °» *, l tm cnimot cr>sl 'J T ^ Installed. InsuiatliiK the attic floor »"rt roof will B ive the house extra protection and keep heat from escaping above Ihe llvinc area.' or of 1048 who wish to resell them are 110 longer restricted In resales o thc maximum sales prices which they paid for the houses. This lestriciioti was removed by the office of the Housing Expediter in ..menrtments to HEPR-5 and PR•?', Veterans preference, however still applies. Priority authorization taucd under the regulations can-led with 'hem maximum .sale., prices which npplicd not, only to the original sale but to subsequent resale. To- days action removes the maximun-, houses"™ 0 fr ° m '' Millc of 5Ucl1 Not affected by todays amendment Is the veterans' preterence Provision under which the on-ncr of a nrionty-miih house who wishes to resell it mllst E ive preference to veterans before offring it to non-veterans The offering price to a veteran must uc no higher than to a non-veteran. "We have made this change for two main reasons." said Acting Housing Expediter Tighe E. Woods First, the price ceiling on resale of houses found a number of veterans in a squeeze. Forced by occupation or other circumstances to move from one city Io another many of them had to sell their houses, built under priority 'authorization, at thc same prices they paid for them, only to find that BRIGHTEN THEM UP! ENAMELOID Treat your furniture, walls, woodwork. h\vn and porch furniture to new life, gorgeous color, lasting hcautj-! Anyone can apply this hard- drying, dccoraiivc enamel.JiRcsisu . heal, water, alcohol! Quart HARDWARE CO.Inc. - ^ffOUe OF FAMOUS BftAms 126 W.MfAIN ST. -?»HONE 515 —, .,-.,_. j,,,,,,1,1,,-, unti £ portant, we want to be able to con- centratc our very limited enforcement staff on the numerous reported violations of coiling prices on original sales of houses built under priority authorization New Shipment SMITH WAY 50 Gal. Electric WATER HEATERS JUST RECEIVED! -See Us For All I'lumhing nnd Renting Needs JESSE PROVINCE & Heating 127 Kast Vine St. I'hone 2719 Temperature Control For Each Room Advised In addition to tmrmostatlc coy. trol of healing systems, It Is desirable to provide for Individual room temperature control in tnoderoj- homes. This is espically deslrab)^ In bedrooms, where it should be possible to cool the room without lowering the temperature uncomfortably throughout the house. New convector radiators are unusually flexible for this purpose. The damper control, with which most of th» new convectors are equipped, regulates the delivery of heated air from fully open to fully closed to satisfy personal lemperaure requirements. extended co»«f- insurance pro•ou againsl We Have a Few KITCHEN SINKS One with double droinboard, s) i 3 hHy damaged cabinet. A Real Bargain! We Still Have a Few Second-Hand Plumbing Fixtures PETE" the Plumber rr 109 North First Street Phone 2731 Congratulations, Parents >> ^ You're insuring the future of our town and of our country by raising your children right, by guilding them to constructive adulthood . , . The love you give them now, the happy mo- t ments you provide them, the friendly help you offer them, will one day bring about a better world for us all. No profession is as important to the world's well-being as that of the parent! this is "Belter Parent Week" Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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