The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1931
Page 5
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SATU \\ , D AY,_MA Y_iti, (AftK.y coiiiutiit CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tor first illation and one ctnt » wora ror cuch (ubsaquent ltL«orllou. No advertlscruent . latin lur k'ss tliau Wo. Cuu in the words and scud Phone 306 SA1-K l-'OH SALE — Several luce frcsli Jersey rows, at my barn. K, O. Adams, 1'lionc 7^5. TF COKN FOR BALIS—Good white ear cum. \V. T. Kiley. New Madrid, Mo. m j -l«0 iy RUTH DEWBY GROVES AUTHOR OF i-GU KENT I'OU KLiN'T—Apartment In Imjiamt • tiui'iliny- ^e Paitihurst Com-j FOR KENT — 3 room ainulnicnl. (Jthi N'. oth. furu'.blicil Hi'-KlK 1-OH HUNT—Xewly iurnlslicd coi- l.ige, -i rooms :I:KI batli on Davis tlruci. Call 9Uo or 05U. L. L Ward. l-'OH HUNT—V'lmiislicct rooms for | lislit liousekeeiiins. COS Hcarn | street. lliU-KUi i I'OU RENT—CliL-ap. Modem live j'ooni hoilye, close in. Call 7U8 or 125. C-K-18 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any (tuantlty. Marilyn Hut- cycry, ^10 S. Pour'lli St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora lOzcll, 2207 IStli St. TP POSITION. OPEN—Mnu to introduce new, quick seller to business concerns. Bo first in field. J'yr-Fytcr, 2lki (P. P. Bids;., Bayton, O. HOSIERY SALESMEN WANTED^-; Goocl seasonable; hosiery - to • 1'Cr tail merchants. 1'i-iccs liglii. $50 week aiici e.\|x:iise proixjsition. Rex Hosiery Co., High Point, N. C. LOST AND FOUND LOST — Ladies white gold wrist watch. Reward. Mrs R. Pinkcrs- ton, Holland, Mo., Phona 3-F-a. 15P-K13 i'KKSONAIi CASH PAID lor second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main A: Lake Sts. 6C-TF ~ STOCKHOMll'ltS MKKTING of The IllytlicTille Cotton Oil ' Company Tlie Annnai Meeting of the di- rcclors and stockholders of the above company v,ill be held Thursday, June Oth at 10:30 A. M. in the offices of W. A. Gage & Co., Falls Bldg., Memphis, Tcnn. 4C-KG-3 m:i;i.\ 111:111: TuuAi ; BKIEVI, llOltllC.V. •rrrnlr In Ion. \illh TnmiY WILSON. • Indian her knir-xlMrr, IHliM: JJVUItr.TT, l;ul fall* Hi roniltirr Jilui lunl ll U hi* Jiitr 10 Jill tnpi- I.Hler Jrrnr poMiiiinra <br ninr- rfugc il.ite lielloOnp fcfcc IK In Ite- ttiutf n rrnllci ftlngrr. SrrurlnK HTI nudliluii. i.lii. |ii-riilll* Her>-| lo r.u to tUv ftluilln lUlh lirr. \VlillL! tTiillhii: In nn niilr-riioni, lii-r>l klljt dintn ul tl iklniui nnd crmm» iiicliidlir*. One i,r the dlrcvlurc brnr* lirr nnU Klir* hi-r n vrlvile «hl'i sill. ./AVI.(Hill. Iri'ne fntlii anil U [LirliiUH ulicii hhc urnrx nrr aimer hnn Lvrri utvrn a Irkl. Ili>r>l'H hniifK c? n Tttdli> ritrrvr dim :i« nu ivnrd COBIPK Iram tlie At ln*l n Icll.-r nrrlvei nnil «he *llp» nun] for ht-r lint-Mien. Ni-ryotii tlnrlriK Ilic'nl. HIT>| l» i-lniril nlirn prr.s^iilrtl \tilli 1 citnlriict. Her ilt-tory EM lillli-r- Mvrel fur her fnmll} 1 nnii Tummy livlleve »hr ruliln-d Irvru- at hrr rlinnre. However her "^nnB 1 * <"<IH- ftule bcf [ind crlcUr:ilf t,y pill line on n khiuv. ItiTjL imiMM n Mje- t'l-n. und the riiUm;* Irrllt' i|llnr- rvU »ilu T nj- ivhrn hr itrntsi-« her. A <-ruud K.IIIUT.S nt llir liniist- lit ifrri't lU<r>l nTLrr livt tirtil jvow i,t> o.\ WITH Tin: sioitv CMAPTKIl XVI tHRNR and Tmnmy, iliclr ival etullns Iti a quarrel, rclariietl ti Her home a few mlmiles aficr ilie party Ilial had gone to tlic station to meet lieryl. Mrs. Kverclt was al^out to filvc herself over to anslcly when Irene took her aside mid OccLiiruil thai U was no more than lEioy could expect. Look how Bc:yl hml irealcd them all along—not saying n worrl —springing the whole thins on them as If ihey were outsiders! That was just vliat lliey were to her anyway. Rtic diiln't consider herself one of them. It s!ic hadn't fett that way she wouldu'i liave kept her father's name: she'd Imc called herself Beryl Everett "Just tlie same." Mrs. E^vereti protested. "It's not like Ueryl to say one thing and do another. Am she said slie'd bo home on Ilie 11 :y? She could just make it from tin studio, sho said, it slio hurried." Irene laughed. "!f she hurried.' slie repeated insinuatingly. "M:iyb that's the answer. Maybs sno dida' hurry." "Oh. Irene, what do you mean? her mother wailed, lint Irene mail no answer for in the front of th house Ibere was a suddcut comui tlon. "Sfic's here!" sotproae cstlaime "There's a car slopnliig before llie through Ihe front door on n rus Imt sliptieil. When her mother eacheil her Eho was sluing In a eap ot flowe-M, Kilning a laiisli In ho sudden embarrassment ot flail- ng lierselt iincsDCCtcdly facing a oomful of people. She got up, lc.1 erscK hecoiiBrntulatcd nml pralseJ, ml llien aiie-losized. "I didn't cxiicet thore'd be any- ono hero but tlio folks." she ex- ilalned, "and Ix^oulJn't hold In iny longer." ",\o ono would cspcet you lo be dignified dear." Irene raid sweetly. lieryl ilid nol appear to hear. 'Someone's got lo come onl am! help lug In tlio flowers." E!IO In vllcd, "Thc-y'ie dmti[ied on Ihe curb." "Why ilitln't you havi; the lax driver bring them lu?" her iiiolliei askcil. Tax! driver?" Ueryl repented Then slie lanf.hcd. "That was Mr (jaytord'a ear and his driver," sii Bald and stuck nut her chest I unabashed boastfulncfs. "Tliink o thr.t. folks! A limousine! I'll be tho driver's sore. lie has to so a the way hac!; lo New York lonlghi. ilul 1 bad lo liavc some way to gel floral iiicci'b out here. Wail Bill you see what t'uo darling any sent me!" [other know." Ircno declared. Sho was worried halt to death bo- ;uiso yon weren't on tho 11:&7." "I'm sorry," licryl said to her wlhcr. "I expected to beat the ain hero but 1 was a littlo late In C'ttliiB darted." Irene ulso addressed her mother. besides Irene, had drlvon him fnrtlier nnny. Ivcno was ready to claim every- llii:iK to which sho had tho slightest rlt;lit. And It was salvo lo her wound, tho wound lullicted br Meryl's rise to greater popularity, lo tec! lliat Tommy WM her tlnvo, 'Didn't I tell you?" sho said, lieryl that she had only to yield a llttlu cnseil tho undercurrent of aecnsa- to have him. begging for posses- Ion In tlia words iun] resented It. "Several people wauled to conic with me," Bho Enid colitly. -but Slio stopped. After all tt was not nei'cssury to tell tlio neigh- bora that Bho had been tgo skeptical ot the reception lUnt iwiilted her at homo lo risk bringing strangers decided I'd lather come alone," elic lidded liaushllly. "U loo!t a Illtlo time to convlnco Ibem .at 1 was used lo colug about uu- cscorlcd." Ircno turned, away, lilting tier tc-iiKuo (o keen from further display of h'?r lenijier. A little later n member of the narly, feeling ulecny, vcmarkeil that licryl must bo tired. Some onu else, Ililnklns II an occasion siou of her. \V/IU:N Tommy left her at tho " fialc ho hail nl leusl a bull promise that Bbo would murry him soon, it was this smlilen soften- Ini-' on lier pail which had bcuini socin utter lieryl arrived that causcil his Indifference, lo Meryl's finccp.-s lo continuo tlirough her hour ot nhminh. For several days ho lived on j hojio YihlLo Irene \vavcrcd. Slio wonlii; bh? wnuMn'L U was hard to livu ullli Meryl's succCKn, Inn o'j tho oilier band It was Inlciesling. ti:o. Telepbono calls, flowers, fan mall, tm Millions. They did not como in great innnlicrs but tlu-ro FIVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Akern Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 16 (Uf)— Cotlon closed sle.idy. open liigl 937 low close May July Oc-t I>:c Jan March 037 058 091 1012 I 1020 10-10 931 031 94G OoU 1002 1013b 1033b bounded out al:eai| ot them, - and all but Ireno followed, ircd hy iier animation and tiigb ,|ilrits. Kvcn Tommy went aluuij. iverynuc gapped and cried out In ndmiialion of (ho "liowkny" her gang h:id Ecat lo Beryl. 11 was ir.- deed an exceptional offering—a ia- lio made entirely ot flowers, paid for with the proceeds of Iho "benefit" show lliat had ostensibly been for an all-nlBlit celebration, wanted were- t» make. Ireuo feel , lier lo sin;; fur tlicm lint iruin that tlint slio was at [cast In cmnact. TIER rel *-"• for tl: house." Mrs. Kverctt ran to see who It was and just as siio readied Hie door between the dining room anil tho living room Ueryl came tumbling into the ball. Camo tumbling literal!)-, Ivr ibo bad cartwheeled given for Snookx As her friends v;cro carrying It up to the front porch Usryl was by the gaii'^ in person Tlio boys came out nf the dark from every direction and swarmed all over her, eacli striving to be the first of their number to congratulate her. Ueryl welcomed them with open r.rms. When sho got to the light ap,ain she was mucti 01- shoveled and out ot breath but happier Minn she'd been over before In her life. "Did you come out alone, with just tho chauffeur?" Irene asked house. "1 thought successful people always bad a ... a coterie." Sho stuniblcc] a littlo on HIQ pronunciation o: "coterie" but got it out in tlie be llet that Oeryl wouldn't knoiw the difference anyway. itcryl asked to be excused. • • • EU refusal Eccucd to bo a cue lie gathering to break up and presently she v;as alone In lier loom, where E]IG liud 1 wanted to Ue —to stand face to tace with Ihl3 bewildering event lj her life, to ask "Old Faithful" what lie thought, and (o sniffer with an 111 tcnslty Hint shamtil her over Tommy's attitude. 11 had been bitterly disappointing. Mi tiail not been moro Interested than anyone else and she bad wanted some special demonstration from liliu. Of course she waa a fool. She stood by lier window Blaring at tho Kate where Tommj when Tteryl entered Hie "Whatever that Is," Beryl plied good-naturedly. waa Eayiiit Kood-niglil to Irene and i (=cnso of tho Irony of fate swept over her. Here she was, going to bed with the ring of plaudits still In her ears—sound thai she knew would be priceless to Irene. And there was Irene, down there saying goodnight to Tommy—something that she. neryl, would glvo nil thp world's applause to be doing If she! and Tommy were swectbearta. Slio turned quickly from the window as tho lovers kissed. Slie didn't mean to bo spying. Then sliu heard Tommy go whlstiliig down tho street. Irene must have mado htm very happy. 1'oor licryl. Tho very thins that she had secretly hoped would Im- Tommy, niako him realize even If it wa.s only by a family re- laUonslit]>. with the Hfo for which slio yearned. At one time uho Imd thotiglu of Solus to Hollywood to try her for- [nno but comcouc had {old her how that clly turns girls back from Its throsholil hy tho scores by pre- scntinK to them tho truth about conditions tliero and showing them tho difficulty of getting a chance. Irene was no crusader. She guvo up the Idea of going to Hollywood. Tlio sheltered lifo was cood cnort&li for her, sho decided. Uut slio hat) not glvca up tho do- sire to bo a darlins ot tho public. And so slio was torn two ways by having a popular radio artist In tho house. She could shine In reflected glory or brood in darkest envy. Then one ot her girl friends married and altbougb It was a quiet \vcilding with a ebort engagement and no kitchen showers or bridge- luncheons to precede It, Irene saw Iliac a bricio Is, aboto nil other per- BdV -" I to sPEMDtHn wrrH MS iM -me !> •ROOM , -fo see IF WE CAM cMTfce "file to MA Kg A VISIBUS SO I IT ! -"- I WOULD ATTRACT A/tff <30MMA BE COME, COMSJ is A SPQQK I'D sciewce » VE;RILV T Eons, tlio center o! attraction. Suppose fiho married Toinmy— clopcil with hlra as ibcy lind planuccl— «veryono would bo talking about her then. Beryl won hi, at least locally, bo overshadowed for a tlnio. rcrlinf.B— who coultl tell?— It people could be mnrio to Uiiuk ot someone clso ID tbo ranilly for a IHLlo vrhllo they might never think so much of Beryl BE^D. They'd turn noit to a new wonder, you might f liair/j,, kttjUmt lliero was BOUICOLO elso on BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES TSK! TSK! By Marlkj Vca, would marry Tommy— elouo wllh him. lUght away. SISTER hicahfast irartics. If tlie waffles • incal. The following rule will serve are made at Hie table and served | lour persons, crisp and l:ot with crusiicd a'.id susarcd frni'., tlity arc certain to, Old'Fa.sliinncd StraivlKTry Shortcake \x hkcd I ^ nc Quart strawberries, 3-1 cup Dciiuons ami short-' ti:.milutcil sugar, 1 1-2 cm.*, Hour, L-akej can be made fur children i! i ;<, teaspoons baknig ^ powder. 1 tii- craham ciackers or bread and but- '" ' Spots <iuiet at 911). New York Cotton NEW YORK. May IS (TJP)—Cot- ton closed baiciy steady. open high lo\v 937 OUT 925 close May July Cfcl Dec Jan Murcll i)50 037 1010 1019 103-1 E|Mls ijiiiel at 940, oil 10. 1 Closing Stock I'riccs A. T. A T Anaconda Copper Auburn Calerpillar Tractor, Chrysler CUiii's Service Continental Bakin:; Geneial Klcctrii: Onci'iil Motors New York. Central Packard 177 7-8 202 25 5 3 a 1-4 U 3-1 II 1-2 41 l-j 405-8 20 3-4 871-2 71-2 Radio Corp 17 5-3 Snntnon^ 13 1-4 Texas (Jcrp It) 1-2 U. £. 3Url 101 0-8 Nephew Dies at Aunt's Grave CYMMKH. Wales. <U1'> — As tlic boJy nf his aunt was Iw- ini; lowered into the grave. William Henry Owen, a dairyman, collapsed and died of a heart nt- t.u-k. REPAiRID WASHED 6RFASED: EATON AJND SON Main & 5th St BV SISTER MARl' XKA Service AVritcr Do you remember the description of the high-tea in the "Les- cnd of Sleepy Hollow"? Such an array of dishes would bewilder us today. But I'm sin: that- of the "sv.Tet cakes and short cakes, RIII- s;c:' cakes and honey cakes, and the whole family of cakes,'' inosl of us wcnld yield to the shortcake, even as Icabtd CraiK' did OVLT ICO years ago. The shortcake has apiwarcil in many forms since the good old days oi Washington Irving but ncnc of them can ever surpass the old-fashioned tender biscuii-du-.ish shortcake with its syrupy crushed Jruit and rich plain croam. Allliou^h when \ve think cl sliorlcakc it is almost invariably strawberry f-Iiortcakc-. all the iiuils in their seasons arc alluiiui; nuide. into shortcakes and if they arc used as they come into market, it's quite possible to prolong the shortcake season to the beginning of iiilunni. Ra.^pbcirles and black- iprrics, cherries, p.:-.idK-s and apii- cois and even rhubarb all can be .iscd in shortcakes. \Vafllcs are becoming cxU'fincly |JO]iular as a shoitcakc foundation, niut they arc particularly nice for ter are used for the ioudation. To make graham cracker shortcakes, the truit is crushed or shredded and sweetened as usual. Ai range pieparcd fruit between llircc e ra ' I'.n.m crackers and top with mure fruit. Serve, with cream or top milt:. Bread and butter shortcakes are marie by pulling prepared fruit, between" thin slices of bread and hntter. Sprinkle top with powdered sugar, garnish wilh whole fruil and serve wilh cicam. Old-fashioned shortcake makes a very substantial dessert suitable to serve after light 5 tablespoons bnlter or other slioi tenin^ and butter mixed, 1-2 cup v.aior or milk (about). Wash and hull berries and cut in Quartern. Sprinkle with su^ar and let stand while mixing and baking cake. Mix and sift (lour, 1 tablespoon sugar, baking powder and.-ak. Cut in shortening with pastry blender or rub mill tips of fingers. Cut in liquid to make a toft dough. Divide cloush in halves and roll lightly on a floured molding board to fit baking pan. Place in pan which has been oiled and fiourcd. Spread generously w"' soft bulter anil cover with remain- in s'lo'.igh which has been rolled to fit lower section. Put into moderate oven—350 degrees I 1 '.— nnrl gradually Increase heat lo 400 degrees F. T3nkc 25 minutes. When ready to serve, split sections apart. Spread lower section with butler anil cover with a thick layer of berries. This imy be topped with sweetened whipped cream and garnished with iwrfcct whole berries. Serve with rich plain cream. .Monday's illcmi BREAKFAST Shredded fresh pineapple, cereal, cream, pctato oa'.clel, crisp leas'., milk, coffe. LUNCHfiOH—Surprise baked po- tatoc'S, sliced tomatoes, rye bread, filled cookies, milk. tea. DINNER - Chartreuse of rico and ltd Heft from roast beef dinner), new cabbage with hoi dressing, strawberry tarts, milk, coffee. Head Courier News want ads. — "TO , i.t. ntRE VOftKSTS 760 TO A VlhCt- WVWE —OORM\R, — GEt ME ? l-'ItECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS FKHCKLKS HAS IT Al.l, FIXED! Ry Blossei Vlionc 700 For a limited time T have re- cliirrd my prices on prime lea- llior ii.iifsolcs Men's lisht linlfsolcs with Gcorivciir rubber lircls — SI. Men's nirrtimn lir.lfsolcs with Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.25 Men's heavy halfsolcs with Goodyrar rubbrr heels .. $1.50 W. J. KNOX mm -CAM BE' PIKJH....SAV, To C3WE A WO MEST A UTTU6 BOY "l HASCO.V.E 1 TO oua. '\ HCUSC TU1S IS FRECKLES. FU>YO DOUT HAPPEW Tb BEfWS PBECKU6S KG. IM TUE PAPERS, DO •you ? see -^~ VNEU-, U1VJ VoO T4E DODSHKUJTS, COt>£ OM OP T& TOli BOO.'.K YoOa WvOfHEE. LET fr& WAME.... I viJAWT TO TELL YOO SOweTHINS.... 00 VJJ 1VI1MK VO'-J COULD liE£P A SSCRET To ! see.- 1 UOPG ITS ABxir TpAT RUBY THAT VUAS sibueu FCo/,-1 tta. HECTOR.... ive FOLLD\WIWS IT iw T«e PAPERS BOY.' 1 STILL CAV1T TUATS JUST ^*1HAT IT IS....HCW I *NOVJ JUST PCW To CATai TllS r ELLCVJ ^HVO STOL.e iT.— U TO BOSAK 1UTO A AT ELEveN O'CLOCK. MONDAV WISWT....VJ1LU V3O 60 M01TU • BUT . A COUPLE OF was Liiig us OXXOMT CO ANYIVllfJS, CCKXO •z WASH TUHUS swe. BULL IOOKS MTctzX A BfvBY. HE I HAS ft uoNdLovr iO VT'S NEVJER OCCUREPlO HIM / I'M A VHONEY. / ^^\^•^to lS SPtCIM. C^MT TO v;RtC^. COIL'S tAWt-, ft«0 SKC^ UP POPU M \ASIlAN»EASY SECOND THE .MOTION! "N By Crane ; W1S W TO tU r\t 90ES. KOVJ.VMKf KKOV) ISTVUSV fOU !\N.'G f\ CCO?VE OF VtB.FE.CTLY GOOP KECKS -/ NCM «\a\Kd TO RISK Tl'EM FOR ft SlOMD iW 01STPESS?

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