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SC-TK2 VICTORIA ADVOCATE, Fetr-arv l. is Mexico Economic Crunch 6C5 S'hRCETER Prices Pressure Families By Abigail Van Buren Find at least tlx differences in details between panels. By ISAAC A. LEVI Associated Pre riter MEXICO CITY Mexico oil boom brought a touch of prosperity to the working-class life of Carmen Zaquero de Huerta and her family of seven. But no' Mexico is facing a new economic crunch, and hard times are upon the Huertas again.

Prices for basic foods and services are shooting up faster than salaries, and economists predict unemployment, which had fallen sharply, may now worsen. children were used to eating meat almost every day. Now, we rarely eat it Too expensive. Pretty soon we 'won't even be able to afford clothes." said Mrs. Huerta, 49.

The Huertas' story illustrates the problems of ordinary Mexicans as this populous and impoverished land, try ing to move into the ranks of the more developed countries, is battered by global economic forces. Carmen Huerta 's 56-year-old husband, Enrique, an unskilled worker at a steel mill, makes the minimum wage, hich the government raised SI. 15 a pound. Red snapper sells for $4 84 a pound, more than twice the pnee of the fish a year ago. Milk went up to 57 cents a quart from 30 cents, eggs to 73 cents a pound from 39 cents, onions to $1.55 from 48 cents, limes from 23 cents, and fiery serrano chilis, a Mexican staple, to $173 a pound from 68 cents.

"Of course, my grown children help us," said Mrs. Huerta. Her eldest daughter is a secretary and earns $532 monthly. She said her husband spends $41.50 a month getting to and from work. He takes two "peseros" the city's fast, privately owned collective taxis for a 90-minute trip each way.

Otherwise, she added, "it would take him forever" on the slower city" buses. "Pesero" fares, which had been 24 U.S. cents, went up in the past four months to 38 and 46 cents, depending on the distance. Regular taxi drivers disconnected their meters and have begun charging as much as they can since the government raised the price of regu- by one-third Jan. 1.

It went up from 210 pesos a day, or ts 94 a day when the peso was worth 4 25 U5. cents a year ago, to 230 pesos, or JIO 65 at the current exchange rate of 3.S cents to the peso. The 1,400 pesos (S319.50) that Enrique makes each month must buy food, clothing and other necessities for the couple and their five school-age children. Four older children live on their own. Like most housewives, both poor and affluent, interviewed in the marketplaces of this capital, Mrs.

Huerta said the cost of living went up much more than the government figures of 29.8 percent in 1960 and 28.7 percent last year. "I don't know about politics or what's behind the inflation. All I know is that I used to spend 180 pesos a day shopping a year ago and it included a little piece of meat," she said. "Now I try to spend less than 400 pesos without meat." In the past year, the price of beef has doubled to the equivalent of $1.54 a pound for ordinary cuts and (3.47 for prime. Chicken has gone up 20 percent in most markets to tuuu stunt tM a 1 w0 Old Court Surroundings Marshall Statue In New Home DOR AEB: It souther usual day.

Broken stereo, broken s. spilled nri'k. shouting matches, temper tantrums, tears his and ramtf. I am at Kit's end. He's not quite 4 how can I tue these problems already? Everyone else has the answer except me.

Spank him? Make him sit on a chair' Take away his favorite toy? Make him stay in his ruom'Vlgnore him? Give him extra love? Make him eat only natural My head is spinning and my stomach is in a knot. Nothing see ms to His lather sas. "There nothing wrong with him you're looking for jtproblom Grandparents say, -He's just a boy. one sitter avs. 1 never had a problem with him." Another Miter says.

can't handle him either." tt me. A I keep saying I won't yell at him any more a promie sou broken He sees me crying, then he cries too, and ays. "i love xou. Mom." 1 fed so bad Am I his problem, or am I cracking up? BAD MOM. NOT BAD BoY IiKUt MOM: First, lue our pediatrician examine the boy lo rule mil the possibility of some physical irregularity that injv be jfleilini; th- boy's behaimr.

Then describe your (iiistiuiiiHis to the doctor just as ou did lo me. Ak for his moiiiiiiciKlituin. Professional counseling for ou? Kor the child? Or Mh? A phwt'ul (linkup for uu miht be a good idea, loo. Mom. Nobod) said mirilirrhood was a ujece of cake.

But it shouldn't Uirn Mini idhkIIc to sirudel either. DEAR A KEY: My wife, who is nearly 30. is as trim and beautiiul hhh as he was 30 years ago when she was a professional modi Recently while Iking around in our attic, I came across two full-page newspaper ads in which my wife was featured. I had them Irann-'l and hung wi the wall of my office where I enjoy looking them A few months ago we had our garage made into a lovely finished playroom I would like to hang these "ads" on the wail that room because I'm very proud of them and very few-people see them in my office ite thinks it would be in bad taste and look like she was bragging I disagree Among other things, we display her bowling tropnies. my "Man of the Year" plaque from the local Ktuanis Club, and a tremendous mounted fish my wife caught.

Please give us your opinion about hanging these ads in our new room rVPKOl I) HUSBAND I'lUt HUSBAND: "Bad laste and bragging" lo display m- lowliness of years gone by? No way' I think it would make a fine toitwrsatinn piece. DEAR ABBY: Please run a line in your column to remind people that when they write to someone asking for help or advice to pleise enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. I answer literally hundreds of letters a year from people seeking help and inf ormation about their hearing problems. Yet I doubt if five people have been thoughtful enough to enclose a postage stamp tor my time and trouble. I would like to continue answering their questions, but with the cost ot stationery and postage these days, it is a considerable burden Can vou help me? NANETTE FABKAY UK KTH: Ves.

ws. Nanette! 'op. on, For some tips on how to popular, get rt -V S--na si plus a lonq, self addressed, stamped i7 cents) "opuar P. 0 Bo JS9J3. Hollywood, Calil.

90038 Anti-Arms Post Cards Snarl Postal Service Ur gasoline 114 percent to 6 cents a gallon in December, in effort to reduce official subsidies of fuel pnees and to discourage consumption. The city government his refused to allow increases in taxi fares for almost two years. The Huertas live squeezed in a tiny, two-bedroom walkup apartment that their eldoet son bought for them as a gift in 1974 for $8,000. It is in a workers' housing project, Ii-tacalco-Infonavit, a government-built block of concrete slums. "Thank God we don't pay rent," Mrs.

Huertas said "I don't know bow much we would have to pay. Who knows?" Rents have almost doubled throughout the capital, and an apartment like the Huertas' leases for-between $211 and $228 a month. In Mexico, price increases usually cone at the end of the year, when most workers are paid their year-end bonuses, which range from a week pay to more than a month's. Merchants boost prices to reap the extra supply of money, to prepare for a pending round of pay increases for their own employees and to build up cash to pay their annual taxes. But businessmen say sales are down.

Palling prices of oil and such other basic Mexican exports as stiver, coffee, copper and cotton are cutting deep into national revenues, forcing the government to reduce public spending, including subsidies that have helped hold down prices on basic goods. Tourism, another major dollar earner, is down because of the recession and because prices of hotels and meats in Mexican resorts are higher than in the United States. Europe or the Caribbean. These factors are combining to increase the deficit in Mexico's balance of payments the amount it spends abroad against what it brings in by a projected $5 billion this year, to a total of about $16 billion. Exporters and the tourist industry want a sharp devaluation of the peso to make Mexican goods and services more competitive But that would raise the price of imports still further.

Since President Jose Lopez Portillo's administration took office in 1976, Mexico's indus-. trial development has created some 900.000 new jobs a year, halving the country's unemployment and underemployment, previously estimated at 50 percent of the work force. Oil revenues have created many of these jobs. But the economic surge is slowing. Mexico's average annual 8.3 percent economic growth of the past four years may fall to 5.5 percent this year.

Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. When the Supreme Court escaped from the Capitol's basement to a nearby building of its ow in 1935. there was talk of finding a more appropriate home for the statue In 1940, Congress authorized the move, but forgot to appropriate money for it. In recent years. Chief Justice Warren Burger lobbied for action.

Architect White asked Congress if he could use operating funds for the move and finally won approval. "We really implemented the 11940) authorization," White said. "It didn't cost much But moving a 6-foot 11. 3.200 pound chief justice was not an easy task Statue-moving experts and special crane-like machinery did the job. "It has to be handled with great care.

It's an old casting," White said. After undergoing some preservation work and cleaning, the statue was put under the care of Supreme Court curatorGail Galloway. She had it place i in a huge wooden box while court workmen administered final touches. Damage Slight In Attic Fire Firemen answered a call at 8:47 a.m. Sunday at the home of William Wolfe, 1901 E.

North, after a vent from a hot water heater started a small fire in the attic. a stamp on it Air mail 27 kopeks, regular mail 10 kopeks and put it in the mailbox," the newspaper suggested. The newspaper asserted the text of the appeal was adopted at a youth rally at a farm machinery factory in the Don River city of Rostov, about 600 miles south of Moscow. It was printed in the paper, like a coupon, next to NATO's address. "The greed of those who benefit from military preparations results in the waste of enormous resources necessary for the construction of schools and hospitals," it said.

The text added: "We call for the beginning of a constructive dialogue which would finally resolve the problems of disarmament. "Our fathers and grandfathers saved the world from the fascist plague at the price of 20 million lives and tremendous sufferings. Today the world is in danger again. No to world holocaust." Many of the senders signed their names and gave their ages, like "Nicolai, 17." and "Andrei, 15." One card was signed by what appeared to be an entire school class and another had no slogans at all, just a picture of Lenin. The children also had the option of sending a clipping showing a Pentagon building labeled "NATO," with cannons and bombs sticking from its roof.

Most of the correspondents glued the clippings to regular store-bought post cards and greeting cards, including some that had pictures of Soviet tanks, missiles and ships with the caption, "Glory to the armed forces." One said simply: "Happy New Year." BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) Propaganda post cards from thousands of Soviet youth urging an end to the "reckless arms race" are snarling the postal operations at NATO headquarters, an official says. Since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has received seven mail sacks bulging with season's greetings and doomsday warnings from Soviet students accusing NATO generals of threatening to blow up the world, according to a NATO official who asked not to be identified. He said that what may be the first direct-mail propaganda campaign from the Soviet Union since NATO was formed in 1949 has slowed down the postal operation at headquarters here. "They have to go through all the cards to make sure there is no important mail stuck between them," the official said. He estimated the number of cards were "in the thousands" and said most of them eventually are burned with the rest of NATO's tons of discarded paper.

Some of the more colorful ones were put on display in the office of the NATO press service, and others from a sack received last week were shown to the Associated Press. The cards demand that NATO ministers and generals stop "the reckless arms race you are imposing upon the nations," and the "imperial ambitions" that threaten human civilization. The wording is the same on all of them, since it comes directly from a cutout printed in Komsomolskaya Pravda, the official newspaper of the Soviet youth organization Komsomol. "Cut out the text following the dotted lines and glue it to an ordinary postcard Then put Washington People WASHINGTON (APl John Marshall, the great chief justice, has come in from the cold. Beginning Monday, he stands ready not to mention warm and dry' to greet some half-million Americans each year A larger-than-life statue of the man who helped define what kind of nation a young United States would be has a new home inside the Supreme Court's marbled fortress on Capitol Hill.

But it took 98 years and some arm-twisting by the current chief justice to get a roof overhead. The dampness of all those Washington winters took its toll. "There was some deterioration in places." said Architect of the Capitol George White. "We really had to get it inside before further deterioration of the bronze occurred." Marshall, a secretary of state appointed as chief justice in 1801 by lame-duck President John Adams, led the Supreme Court for the next 34 years. His most important opinion, authored in 1803.

established the Consti ution as the nation's supreme law, and subjected acts of Congress to Supreme Court review. The bronze Marshall was sculpted by William Story, the son of Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story a Marshall contemporary. It was unveiled on the West Front of the Capitol on May 10. 1884. taking a perch that in later years offered an inspiring view of the Capitol city's museums'.

GOREN BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN AND OMAR SHAfluT Banishment Charged Damage was not serious, a fire depar.ment spokesman said. tan, who then gave them to Shirley Stockwell. She's a lyricist and singer with Dan Yessian Associates, a Detroit firm that produces commercial jingles. Stockwell drank enough blackberry brandy and smoked enough cigarettes to give her voice a raspy quality similar to Carnes'.

tory in the Republican primary to a crushing defeat of Democrat Howard MacMur-ray in the general election. "I reaped the reward of 'effrontery' by having the FBI tap me for nearly four years," Corcoran wrote to Shaffer. Noting Joe McCarthy's subsequent career as a demagogue, Corcoran wrote, "The real casualties were President Truman himself as well as my friend Bob LaFollette." Footnote: In the same letter Corcoran agreed with Shaffer's assessment of Lyndon Johnson as a. "manic genius." Corcoranwho became a mentor to Johnson, added that while he "loved" LBJ, he was certain that if he ever went to work for him, Johnson wouldn't "love" him. Corcoran observed, "He was a Greek tragedy and a godsend to the country both." trill -in Is it true that if George Wallace seeks and wins a fourth term as governor of Alabama, the state will actually save money? Yes.

As governor, Wallace would be paid $50,000 a year. He currently receives more than $68,000 as director of rehabilitation services for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The job was created for Wallace, who was paralvzed following an assassination, attempt in 1972. He also receives $lfLp00 a year to serve as a counselor to the present governor. And the state pays more than $200,000 to provide Wallace support staff and bodyguards.

not now have the room to ex-' plore scientifically the potential of the hand. We favor a jump to six hearts, but we would not fault you if you Blackwooded and bid seven hearts if you found an ade-. quale number of aces and kings in partner's hand. However, a grand slam could be a risky venture because East has warned you that the suits won't be breaking well. Q.4 Both vulnerable, as South you hold: 10543 7962 0 74 4Q76 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East Pass 1 0-2 0 3 0 What do you bid now? A.

Partner has made the strongest takeout possible. While your hand might not rite a free bid after a takeout double, you should act after a cue-bid-partner will know that you can't have much and that the opponents are trying to keep you out of the You" must bid three spades. Indeed, we could make a convincing argument in" favor Of a jump to four spades were it not for the possibility that your partner might have a heart-club two-suiter. Q.5 Both vulnerable, as South you hold: AKJ104 7A985 0KJ5 8 Your right-hand opponent opens the bidding with one diamond. What action do you take? A.

Double, We would like your hand better if your minor-suit holdings were reversed, but your hand is simply too good for a mere overcall. If partner responds in clubs, you have the values to correct to spades at the same level, and the double reduces the chance that your side might lose the heart suit. Q.6-As. South, vulnerable, you J108752 K976 063 5 The bidding has proceeded North East South 1 0 Dble What action do you' take? A fee? that there is no need to let the double in-. terfere withiyour normal auc-' tion on this holding.

We would simply bid one spade and let nature take its course. If you don't act now, you won't be able to do so with any degree of safety later. OA'1' ivNfi 95 rOU' (J. 1 Neither vulnerable, as South vou hoid: 8 AK94 C-A7653 J87 The bidding hus proceeded: North East SouUi I 2 What act ion. do you Uike? A.

You tould easily have a same. you' might also have a' dreadful fllisfit. What you do know, is that you are looking at three sure lieten.sive ricks- a singleton in partner's suit. A penalty double might yield a bonanza if partner has the. right won't cost n.iii-h if.

by some chance1, the opponents pake -tfcetit con-tract. Besides, partner' can II Aays pull the double if his hand is unsiiited to defense. t.2- As SiHith, -vulnerable vou hold: 63 KQ10854 4984 Thi: hidinghas proceeded: South West, North East Pass Pass. 1 Pass 1 Pass 1 N'T Pass i A ha: aetiordo you take? A. Now that you know that uartm-r has.

at JeasU two hearts in his hand, 'it Js time to tell him of your strength. Jump to three hearts. This is not forcing. In the light of'j'our initial pass, you could hardly have more for this action. Q.3-As Sojith.

vulnerable, vou hold: AQJ8 J1062 C7AKQ5 The bidding' has proceeded: North East. South 1 4 What do yoU bid -now? A. East'sS preempt has achieved its purposeyou do 4,000 Forced To Evacuate AP) Four days of heavy rains caused two sivers to overflow their banksin the southern Philippines, 5. six towns and forcing morethan 4,000 people to evacuate their homes, officials said Sunday. The officials said the affect- ed area in Davao del Norte province as under six feet of water.

More than 700 people sought refuge in schoolhouses. and chapels on higher ground. ROOM By RUDY MAX A (c) 1981, Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service WASHINGTON In a private letter written shortly before his death last year Washington attorney and New Deal architect Thomas G. "Tommy the Cork" Corcoran said that Harry Truman banished him from the White House, and that he was subjected to four years of wire- tapping by the FBI for oppos-' ing a futile Democratic scheme to thwart Joseph McCarthy's bid for Congress. Corcoran's charges were in a letter he wrote last August to Newsweek's retired chief congressional correspondent Samuel Shaffer, in which Corcoran thanked Shaffer for sending him a copy of" his memoir, "On and Off the Floor." "I've been interested in" your stories about Lyndon and God help me Joe McCarthy," wrote Corcoran, -who is given much credit for helping Franklin D.

Roosevelt plan his New Deal. "It was because of Joe McCarthy (that) Truman broke with me and banished me from the White House." The way Corcoran remembered it, Truman and then Democratic National Committee chairman Robert Han-negan pushed for Wisconsin Democrats to cross over and vote for McCarthy in the 1946 Republican Senate primary and thus oust liberal Republican incumbent Robert LaFoI-lette, who had refused Hanne-gan's entreaty to become a Democrat. Truman and his cronies thought McCarthy would be a pushover in the general election. Corcoran, who was close to LaFollette, opposed Truman and Hanne-gan's plan. The plan blew up in the Democratic kingmakers' faces when McCarthy went on from vic In the fine tradition of overreaching, the Indianapolis" Convention and Visitors Bureau produced a press packet for out-of-town reporters that touted Indianapolis as "the friendly crossroads of Ameri-ca" and announced the city's new ad slogan: "Move over New York Apple is our middle You won't find it in your local record store, but listeners to Windsor, Ontario-Detroit's popular radio station CKLW have been requesting the song for months now: a spoof recording, perhaps a -new low in the national preoccupation with Elizabeth Taylor Warner's weight, sung to the tune of last year's hit record by Kim Carnes called "Bette Davis Eyes." Except this bit of snideness is called "Elizabeth Taylor Thighs." A Detroit radiologist, Dr.

Larry Lawson, penned the lyrics and showed them- to a friend, CKLW disc jockey Dick Pur- Will Ronald Reagan's con-, cern with leaks to the press produce any result? Probably not. Other presidents" before Reagan have railed against leaks by high-level staffers to the press, and Richard Nixon was almost obsessed by the matter. But normal commerce between reporters and the bureaucracy and enduring self-interest on the part of some leakers ensure the practice will not be halted by executive fiat. Composer Dies BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) Florindo Sas-sone, one of Argentina's most widely known tango composers, died Sunday of a heart attack, his family reported. He was 69 years oltf.


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