The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1947
Page 11
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MONDAY; DECEMBER «, 1M7 *LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIfcR NEWB Advertisements for Soft, Misc. g room iutl«. maule bunt bcdi. lamps, chalre, dupes and curtaloj. Telephone 61 aim with chair, Urge 4 ihell whal-aot. Phoaa 4t05. i: llit-ck-11 Brown drculitor co«l h»t*r. LU* new. B*Tiattt, uj. Phona JS31. i2;a-pk-» WANTIU lo buy larm tr«cton id machlu«ry. Bute price and condition, Cleo Uuxelman, CMCtol*. Iowa. wo piece living room aulte with ottoman, practically new Blip raven. Cabinet' model phUco audio. Phone 3194. : ' H!«-Pk-ll On rahft, (oM, Fhoni 1TM. Furnlihed houa* trailer ror i«l reasonable price. Phoue 3S03, VirKln Mm U!3-pk>12 TLKX WORKS, all klndi. CHRISTMAS treei, uuii. imlta, and ctndy. JOE HESTER'S QKOCERY 8. Highway fll Below Kvtlll Oil Mill Practically new glrl'j bicycle, Phone 328S. • ]J!5-pk-12 One baby crib with jood aprlnss and mattress, practically new. Also KlRh chair, contact Paulean shanks. 1521 He&ru. Phone 2869. 12!&-pk-10 New platluum weUdlnir band, seven diamonds la llsutall mounting. fllone "I". 12!S-pk-12 Cansrles. ftlngers and hens. Call 3439. Next to Camp tloultrle. __ _ Ira-pit-is Duo Therm Oil Heater. 5 or 5° rooms. Excellent Condition. Call 2404. Wanted to Buy pUn«. Th«y t*k« oft on » <iu»rlfr-ml|f runway uu the farm of their parents, Mr. mid Mn. Wilfred"Moitenson, »u mile* from here, and lahd pa an «veu *hort*r field uetvr th« 'achool. Royc«, who hu.becn flying "on and off" lor about a year, took lea»01>S at an airport heiV and has received his private pilot's 'license. w« BUY rvti. AND PZOANB Bell" ptlc ** p * l<l1 s ** "• >>e'er« JOB JUSTBH'S , OROCCRT 8. Highway «l Below Swill oil Mill . , U:3-yk-l|3 All aUe homee, duplelae. Ion. itore buildings, rarms, confidential llolnii Cain buyin. Phone Field, J3M l2!«-»k.Ii Good used oil clroulator. Phone 2734 ' H'6-plt-lU WANTED 10,000 POUNDa PECANS Don't Bell till you _, Otl our Bid Blytheville Curb Market ' 130 East Main St. Phone 673 121-ck-ll 3 Generations Observe Joint Anniversaries ARLINGTON, Mass, (UP)—Tliree generations of the same family observed their., wedding anniversaries on the same day. Mr. and Mn JamM E. Kimball held their 56th wmjversary while their ion and dau|M*r-ln-law, Mr. and Mrs. A. Allen Kim ball of Winchester, marked thtlr Slsl. At the same lime Die Allen JClm- ball's daughter Ann. and her hui- batid, Kenneth O. Lairabe* o< Btnghamton, N. Y, «xlebrkt«d their sixth anniversary. Germany was admitted to the League of Nations by unanimous vote of the Geneva Conference on September t, 193». Two or 3 bottom breaklnit plows, Phone 76». Charles Brogdon. IJS-i.K-n Refrigerator — 1 K. Weitlnnhouse, excellent condition. Phone 2237 12:«-p!c-lD ARMY COMBAT boots, field Bhoes boot topa, ueed. Wholesale. Henderson Shoe Co. Donlphan, Mo. _ ___ __ 12 p «-pk-13 Upright piano, phone 7W. Charles - Flying Brothers Go To School by Air MERIDEN, la. (UP)—Royce, 1«, and Roiinlt Mortenson, 17, look buck on the days when grandpa used to trudge along the dusty road to school and smile a lltble. Royce and Ronnie fly to school, with the older brother at the con- Olrl'a bicycle and jrelrl iterator. Call / 4171 at 118 Sycamore at. 12'8-pk-l) Woodstock Rtanrtnrd tvoewrlter. 123 sant Kentucky. Phone 3.127 B 12'H-nk-lS Help WonttK/ Don't ralM your big: chance to make •rtra Chrutmaa money. O'Steea'a will pay from no to las wtekly In com. mUalons for extra houra work. Begin today I O'STEEN'S STUDIO 111 Wwt Mala St. Telephone 3IOB HIM-ek-UllO Help Wanted, Malt Experienced Auto • Mechanics Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. llil-ck-l FRAZIER Bus Lines New-Location 106 North Lake Street PHO^JE 2391 Bus« to— • ARMOREL. • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 9 • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES fat Shop in Connection MALONE Plaster and I Stucco j Phone 2029 FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUDSPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Organizations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Street NOTICE David T. Cooly Suilder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop . With Russell Mustek In Charge DIAL 435Y for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. Lost and Found $75 REWARD FOR INFORMATION- LEADING TO . RETURN OF 19^6 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan, Deluxe. Color black. License No. 114X850, Arkansas 1947. Serial No. 22042714 Motor No. P 1569609. Call Blytheville City Police. Heater, red striped , seat covers, no bumper guards, •approximately , 24,000 mile- •'••••- ,«10 RKWARD lor Ljht blu« wo- *»n'» co»t wim hoed. 3 large bultoni I«<U7. Writ. Robert Sharp Rouu 1, 12.«-pk-l6 > ** ~~ On * * I *< : ^ sow. weight 300 Tl "«>»T In tlclnlty of Sandy g«. o. A. Oarrott. phone 371 U| Private Rooms Badroom. • •11 W. Main. ••droom for wnt. Phone 3731. B»dr»m Sli N. »th, pnone H3S. ____^_ ComfprUble bedroom. K ai heat. J001 W. Main St.. phone jsis. Comfortable bedroom. Clo«e to town. Men only. 310 W. Walnut M U:3-p):.l!3 _Llsht housekeeping "room. phone a820 - ll'lS-Dk-1113 Bedroom gas heat, to builneu or Phone Ssi« woman - 1Q1* Walnut. Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS To Love! By ETHEL HAMILL • lerfkfNtASEItVICf. INC 3^ E £. . __ . xxxrv T parlor of the modest homestead, dusty from long neglect, lay before her. It was empty. But in the gray powder which gassing months and years had silted over lit neat carpet, she could make out vague footprints. A man's footprints. They led from where she stood, uncertain, to a second door at the opposite end of the room. The kitchen door, she recognized, because the layouts of such houses were so uncomplex. It, too. stood a trifle open a.s if waiting for her. Just beyond it. as she started forward, a floor board creaked. "Joel!" She was racing toward that small, homely sound already. Now she w«s thrusting the inner barrier out of her way, was plunging hwdlong into his mother's kitchen. "Oh, Joel!" He stared at her. "Cammie!" "Beefy brought me," Cam heard herself babbling eagerly. "He—he said that, maybe you'd want to hear something i have to tell you. Joel—I'm not marrying Herbert Powell. And I never was going to.™ She was no* certain what reaction she had expected her pell- mell announcement to evoke. But certainly it was not the dull, cold lack of interest which lay on his strong-boned face as he looked back at her. "Oh?" he asked politely. "Why not?" "Because—" Her cheeks flushed holly, but she had to say it. No matt«r how disinterestedly he studied the tip of her nose, she had to say it. "Because you are the only man I ever could (ove, Joel, by any possible stretch of the imagination. That's the reason." For one more instant the wintry barrier held there in front of his unblinking blue eyes. Then It crocked, cracked Into a million pieces. A bright misl burned into its place. Cam never knew whether she moved' flrst, or whether 'it was Joel. But his arms were hard around her, where" a second ago' there had been such distance between (hem. ; • • « ~) A R L IN G!" • he whispered, chokingly, into the windblown hair, "Cammie, I love you so!" ' . ."I should have known that," she breathed, clinging to him. "My heart kept telling me so. But everything elM fitted together into such a horribly tight and complete picture—such an ugly'picture. When: heard Manrine talking to yon on the telephone—" "Maurine?" Joel pulled back his rumpled head unwillingly. "But I've never said anything to Maurine, oy telephone or not. that could hurl you, Cammie. I've never talked to. her on the telephone at all, except to ask her for a casual date or two. What did you hear?" "But—but I heard her end of it!" protested Cam. "She didn't know I was coming into the house, and I heard her felling you how she despised you for intending to get a Dean's Award through making love to me. And later.' after I'd cornered her. when she had to admit to me that you'd told her— Joel! Why. she >vasn|t talking on the telephone at all!" "Not to me,- certainly. But why "Because I was wrong about h«r not knowing I was on the'steps. She must have watches me coming up the hill. Of course she knew!" ' "How the dickens did she even know I'd applied for a Dean's Award?" Joel demanded. "Your father suggested-it weeks ago. But I never really intended to use the application he gave me. not until Beefy bent it into me that you'd want—" His shoulders stiffened slowly. 1 think you and I had OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams better have a little talk wlrh Mau- rlne."- "The very mlniit* w« g«t back to Carlersville." "W^ don't have to wait for Cartersville," he cut In. "She's here in Acadia. She's at the Inn in the village, right this minute, wailing for me to close up the house. We came her* rm th* same train." 'Maurine came all thli way with you? But—but why?" 'I didn't know she was aboard. Not until after we'd pulled out of Cartersville. She'd cotn« to Mrs. Funk's, and—well, 1 thought I'd persuaded.her there that some ideas she had were just the result of a lot o? overheated Imagination. Anyhow, ! didn't see her '»fter Beefy and I left the rooming house; not until the train was under .way. And after that—oh. sh'e seemed so upsel at the idea of my selling Ihe old plnce that I liadu'i the heart to cold-shoulder her. Cam—" He was blushing, now, himself. The recital of vfazt had happened on that trip to Acadia. that interlude between the college station and a (lag stop 50-odd miles away, might have ruffled the composure of a man about town. And Joel Conroy had never pretended to b« a sophistical*. His chivalry was native to him. bred in his bont. "Cam. she—darn it. she asked mi lo marry her. She said she'd comfort me. She said she didn't expect me to love her 'right away, and—and—well for Just a Unit while 'here. 1 almotl weakened." Her eyes were on hfs. "Did you. Joel?" "By the time we'd gotten ott Ihe train and I'd taken her over to the inn to wait, I'd gotten my balance back. I told ner so. But she went right on begging m« i.ot lo sell the farm. It seemed almost like a fixation with her. by then Say. if Beefy/s out from with his car." he said, "what are we wait- inif for? She's only five mlnules from here." But before he would let her go. his mouth came down over hen and possessed it. His kiss *>-.s swift, but It was thorough. It burned white fire along Cam's veins. ^* <T« Be CMUBM4) . UlC. T.itttO, U "They ought to rnck* homework more attractive—I'm writing t»»tyi and limerick* In thr«» toap oohttitt and might win thousands of dollars!" - PAGE ELEVEN FRECKLKS A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSE1 Exclusive ' . KIND OF FOHAAAL , Kt~{ WIlATS THIS rJ.C.p BUSINESS 7 I'BISCILLA'S POP The Spoiler By AL VERMEER PAS rryisus WITH i DON'T KNOW VWHW-- NOR noes we VET, BGCAUSS JUST A* SOON AS HE STARTS ON ME THE PHONE HE'S OM SOMEONE' S-S-3T.' WE'LL WAIT TILL HE S6TS TO SOMEBODY ELSE'S HOUSE AW CALL HIM AKI' GET SOME ATTEM Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople E6AD.SIR/A5 A MAMOfi&CTURlf^G TVCOOKi VOO »HLL R6CALL TW6 STlJPEl>lDOOS ECONOMIC UPSURGE CREATED BV IriTHE CASE lT ; MAJOR.' BOV THIS OF VOUR SPLITTING SOLO SOLVO-TAKE «I,OO< MOW, PLUS A. , SMALL ROYALT.V THfXT PHEhSONVEMOM VJILL BEr DWARF6D TEriFOLD BV MM WHY, NORLD WILL EMBARK 3OVOUSLV OPOisl I've had enough! Carfy/e, you sit on this chair^-and Prisci/la, you sit on that one! Stop, it this instant I! Jeepers! Every time we'rs having fun you make us stop! VIC FLINT How It All Regan 8t til ttarted in tha ritzy j«w«iry $tot« of C»mlon <nd W«»t. 1»> M1CHAHL O'MAIXEY and RALPH LAN) »UT 'Mj »EMCO T WILL SO INTHUSIAiTIC THE \MK. CA VllOrl, 1 OIHIRMV./W.BUCH- FOUND WHAT KOv MR CAMION, A3 FAR AS I KtW*. CYRUS VIRY STRAN6E. 6BAYUN6. HE 5f!ME05O'kHH THEN ON ONE Of OUR (MAMONO BRACE 1ETJ. I HAtt '0 HAVf AM01H W «l\000 SALE HIP ,TH HOLM OURF1KGER tt&HAM YOU'RE HO IOHGJR INTtRESlED, IF THERES-- I WANKDSOMI VWERf Ml. CAIUD JWCt HI WAt HERE TWO DAV» AGO. WASH TUBBS Very Simple THW OCCURRED TO IW W PROVED BH EXPERIMENTS Tr*T ^ tAOOER V*OULD LEMIE WE Wt> FWO WHW \ LOOKED SORT*, UK8 K \ SWUD3ED HftMO MUW J TW6 LEOGE....y ^^ 8UT TM 1 KMEK LEFT MONK*. HE 4W1ST-VE COWE UP FOOr WAU-r V6T THERE W6RB NOIM»6R WAKK5 OOWJ THEM EITHER.! TO CRM» TH BOOH W THW CMOKESTACK By LESSLIB TURNE) \- :'•• '• ' BUT IT WftS OVER. TWO f EETUMC?i WELL, THMS M.t W F&CTS, BO 1 )*.... VMEM SOU FIGURE OUT POW'T HESHNTE TO CM.L WE- MW RED RYDER Crash! By FRED HARMA] 7HIIIVEH WHICHOPERAISf W£BcLWNf IS PUtilP DOHN BfPSVUfl'S MEISHT COr* l}«MYNIA1ftYICI.IMC T u By V. T. HAMLlK SO COUSIN 7EL V*!.KffiJl»liW f iVE SOT THIS INTO THE JUNSLSxi-T ^SflSUBEO RISHT. W«MHN« MV / TJJJJ >?«<" T ATMS i» *N DOfJM A.*jn I VOO* LIKi I Sr*5?EAB6e>/l *:J*2«_e? /TAILORED TO Kr NEEL?. _ I GET THAT LUG WHOST AH,'SO FMISOGOOO., 'NOW IF I ON ^\ GOT MV WIFE, I'LL OWE 'IM J THIS IS <3O,NS TO BE SLIP B/ ALLEYJSNO\ TH' BEWIN5 OF MU ^A D*,NG«ZOU5...BUT FOOtt AND PICK K «OTTIN-UF6.'_^^«i W3HTH ~n* UP THIS 7KA.IL WITlkXIT W jf* 221, •LATBD TO OOOLA EARtCD Of ZEL'4 « APPEAR AKCE. iriE HAD REA 105U5P«CT BUT MCZ. •1OTIVI FOf. COlNC AI>TkR- Zf- COOSIN'5 ABPUCTOE. BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIKS By EDGAR MARTU

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