The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1947 •BL\'THKVIU,E (ArVK.) COURIER NEW* Merchandise to Be Available 'n Larger Quantities in 1948 3uf Prices Will Remain High By Austin C. Whwwrln United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 8. (U.P.) — Americans won't be ible to get everything they want' next year and prices still vill be high. But as a whole the nation's production will jurprtss this year's record rate, the Commerce Department today. The report dealt, with just about | verythlng but employment—and the 1. S. Employment Service took cnvc 4 that. Robert C. Goodwin, direc- or of the service, predicted thai em- iloyment In 1948 again would hit, he "dream" mark of 60,000,000 jobs. The Commerce Department surrey uld there would be more au- t«fi, household foods, television acts and homes next year; about the same supplies of iliary. products and processed fruits anit vegetables; but fewer exes. Farmers can look forward to nore agricultural ninchliiery. Bui lespite a seven |>er cent increase n fertilizer production, demand will Hitpace the supply, the survey said Clothing production, It added, wil le In the upgrade, with more !>ias- ileres and corseUs and women's itocklngs. The new "look" will In- iplre designers to new heights, and nay even give the men's clothing ndustry new ideas, the Commerce Department's trade experts predlc- The survey emphasised that It »as reporting trends and not Uy- ng to make a "forecast" for 1948. And it added that even trends slight be upset by the "international tconomlc and jiolitical situation'." Marshall plan requirements and the iteel shortage, it said, will affect ;he supplies of many products. The report saw no signs that heavy consumer demand will slow down or that price reductions are in the cards. In the case of home ^>ulldlng, It said, people have giv- '^m up hope that prices will drop and are going ahead on the assumption that they might just at well Invest now. The report held out the hope that iteel ingot capacity would be increased by 1,000,000 tons by the end of the year, but cautioned that the map and coke bottlenecks remain :o be smashed. More optimistic was the survey uore than 5,000.000 If production In Canadian branches is Included. On the 1848 food front the report Educator Dies; Funeral Rites To Be Tomorrow NEW YORK, D«c. I. (UP) — Funeral services will be held tomorrow for Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, K, president emeritus of Columbia University, who died yesterday. Services will be conducted in the chapel of th« campus where Dr. Butler served (u> president (or 43 year:, from 1902 to 1945. Dr. Butler dle<l yesterday of bronchial pneumonia at St. Luke's Hospital. He entered the hospital Thanksgiving Day alter im at •arm Worker Admits Killing, Then Denies It lack of indigestion. Dairy products—Botli consiimp- \ Tributes to the world famous tlon and production about the same as 1947, with butter production up. Fats and oils—Better than this year, which was good, but subject to changes In animal fat production. Grains and feeds—May not be enough for foreign demands. Poultry products—Egg production down, with prices on both eggs and poultry higher. • Sugar Supply Sufficient Sugar— Adequate; small , chance for lower prices, however. Tobacco—plentiful, with clgaret production up from the record 365, 000.000,000 (b) in 1947. Other fields look like this lo the department. Electrical appliances—Production imy top 1947's record level. Furniture—More popular priced lines will be available. Pulp and Paper—Enough to meet demand except for newsprint which will benight for several years. Railroad Equipment—Freight car production has been rising, but steel supplies will determine, whether the heavy demand will be met. Airlines—Airfreight will expand at a faster rate than any other form of transportation. Trucking—Larger volume can be expected. Passenger educator, iiolitician and worker for world ]>eace, were sent by President Truman, former President Herbert Hoover, Canadian Prime Minister William U Mackenzli King. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey Mayor William O'Dwyer anrt oth crs with whom he h adbecn asso elated in his many years of publli service. The message from Mr. Trumai at Key West, pin., said: "The Pre sldent deeply regrets to hear o the death of such a distlnguLshci American educator and citizen. Murder Trial Opens In Court at Batesville "ormer Osceolo Resident Dies In Mississippi Traffic— Railroads likely to lose some of airlines, whose gains, however, will be at a slowe'j rate than In the past two years. Total railroad traffic Is exacted to stay about the same, however. Lions Plan Convention LITTLE ROCK, Ark., , Dec. 8 (UP) — Lions clubs in Arkansa will hold their annual convention of the automobile Industry, which here mny 23-24. The dates were an- this year is expected to produce nounced following a joint cabinet 1,750,000 vehicles in the United meeting of officers of the two States. The total is expected to be I.state districts yesterday. BATESVILLE, Ark., Dec, 8. (UP) — The first degree murder trial of Shelby Everett of Mountain Gap was scheduled to begin in Independence County Circuit Court today. The charge grew out of the death .of Ralph Hectden, Bates- ment said to have resulted from a villa lumber dealer, la an arBU- Mounlaln Gap dice game. The trial was originally set for the regular fall term but was postponed to permit a sanity examination for Everett. He was pronounced "without, psychosis" by doctors at the state Hospital in Lltle Hock. TAMPA, Fls., Dec. ». (UP) — thin, nervous farm hand who ailicr admitted aiMngllng a 13•ear-old Detroit, caddy "Just foi he hell of It" todny denied Hie rime and said Ills confession wna due Ui a whiskey-fired Imuglim ion. But authorities said the first story told by the faun worker coincided closely with known facts 'n the August shiylng of G-cne f'aul Kennedy on Ihe outskirts o Detroit. Sheriff's officers said 26-year-oU Charles Herbert Webb, a Frens vllle, Tenn.. war veteran with a record of sex offenses, began rnv Ing about a killing late Satmdaj after he wns arrested oil a drunk enness charge. Deputy Sheriff Nenl Keen snli Webb described In detail how h met the Kennedy boy at dusk o & lonely rond near Six Mile, a D« tioit suburb "I put my hands around his throat nnd killed him. Just for the hell ot it." Keen quoted Webb. Then, the deputy said, Webb told how lie dragged the bndy into a thicket where It wits found in a decayed sUtc on Oct. 9. A nation-wide search WHS con- uctcd [or the Ken'iiedy boy afler dlsnpimircrt AUK. 23, He wns elicvcd to have, run awny until his >ody was discovered weeks later a wooded nicu near Ihe golf oui'se where he worked. OSCEOLA, Dec. «—»Mn«»l n»rv- ces for Burd Reuel Moor* of Strln- Blown, Ml**., formerly of diceola, were held here this afternoon, 3 o'clock, tit Swift Funeral H&me Chapel. The Rev. Hmclmlle Conchmiii, pastor of First Melhodlxt Church, officiated, followed by Muonlc riles at the Ermea Cemetery. Mr. Moore died suddenly Saturday at the Klnn'5 Daughter Hospital In Oreenvllle, Mlw.. of a cere hral hemmorage, He wan «* Born in Pnlaskl, 111., In 1«1», h later moved to Osceola, where he llve<t 40 years before going to Mis slsslppl seven years ago, where hi was a member ot' Ihe Methodls Church, a Mason »i>d charter mem her of Ihe Osceola Chapter ot Orde of Eastern Star. He Is survived by his wife; daughter, Mrs. M. D, Caswell Cleveland, Miss., a son, Austin A Moore ot Osceola; three brothers H. H. Moore of Indlo. Cullf.. W. A Moore of New Albany, Miss., an John Moore ol Pulaskl, III; and «l grandchildren. Active pallbcnien were Qeorg Rains, Juke Thiellkell, l*on Ros E. R. Smith, W. W. Prewltl Br,, and A. S. Rogers, The liijh court also took under .ibml&ston a unit qiMitlonhiR th« omlltulloDallly of a 1M1 law ci'e- llnt a 11-hour work' werk lor Ar- ansat flrtimn. The appeal from Chancellor Dodie'i decision uphold- ig the law was filed by the city f Little Rock. BOOTON (UP)-TtU Bmton FW« Cent Saving Bank h»* announced that total deposit* 'now MeMd tvcr reporUd tar a N«w aartn*. ln»Ututto< Th» _. are th* Mrtao of ltd** pv-^M. 'uffmon Ratis Increased For W»st»rn Railroads WASHINGTON, Deo. I. (UP) — n» Intersale Commerce- Commls- ilon today grmled Western vall- •oadj authority to Increase Pull- , mil fare* from 13 to 3.5 CfiH.i per mile. The Increase will 'bring rates of Western o»itlo» up to Ihose of Eastern and Southern roads which recently weie granted similar In- creaaf*. . * * The bbo»t In Pullman rales r«- t>ie»nt*d an luoienn* of 6.C$ |wr cent. -THE BEAUTY BAR- "Your Be*uty It Our Duty" • WELLX MACHINE WAVES . . . • OIL OF TULIP WOOD. .. ..... , • SANDERS OIL • FREDERICKS " Just ask... we like to say "YES" to LOANS AUTOMOBILE SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, Private Service GENEBAL CONTRACT PURCHASE 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE Negroes Ordered Held In Grand Larceny Case Rosa Lee Hayes, Jessie Lee Hill and Jessie Lee Bluett, Negroes, were ordered held to await, action by the Circuit Court on cliargcs of grand larceny and receiving stolen property nt their preliminary hearing In Municipal Quurt Saturday nfler- noon. Bond was set at $500 each. Hayes was charged with the thef of $35 In cash and'a pistol Iron another Negro, Odle "Thomas, las week and Hill and BluetE"were char ged with receiving stolen property alter they were alleged lo have tak en the pistol from Hayes. The case against a fourth Negro O. B. Whirls, charged with acces sory after the fact in connectio with the same theft, was.dismlsse on mo It on of the state. )ead Woman Identified ELIZAI3ETHTON, Tenn., Dec. H. UP)—Sheriff's officers today Idciu Ified the body of a woman found a I [eld near here Saturday as hut of Mrs. Madge Miller Cham- XT.S, wife of J nines Chambers of slmerly Civek. Officers believe she wtis murdered mt listed no suspects. The body \\tis discovered by a la.vserby who said hn saw do^s aging parts ot It a\vny. Thu coroner believed the young woman Kiel been dead from four days to a veek. Burglar J'erslMeni LEWISTOWN. PJU' (UP)— Clyde Bailey, 30j not only returned lo Lhe scctic ot his crime but came back to commit the same crime again. Bailey charged with burglary of Die local Moose home and freed on ball. Three weeks later he was arrested while trying to pry open the window of the sami building. Hospital. Row Now Before Supreme Court LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 8. (UP) — The Arkansas Supreme Court today ook under submission, for possible decision next Monday, * suit deigned lo clarify the right of Ihe Jnlverslty and State Hospital boards o create a medlcnl center on State Hospital grounds In Little Rock. The suit, appealed Irom Pulaskf hunccry Court, was advanced RS matter of public Interest. The right of the boards to create Ihe center wns challenged In » friendly suit by Edward H. Llndscy of Little Rock. Chancellor Prank Dodge refused to grant ihe requested injunction and Llndsey filed the current appeal. Next week's opinion promises to end extefidcd discussion over the proposed center. The program calls for moving the University of Arkansas Medical School from Ita present Little Rock location to the hospital grounds and the construction of a memorial ^ospllal adjoining the present state Imtltu- FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO PLANTERS GIFT and TOY CENTER! Better Than Ever Be/ore Newlyweds Injured . SEARCY, Ark., Dec. 8. (UP) — Stale Patrolman and Mrs. James V- Rudy of Pine Bluff were injured last night, when their car struck a bridge abutment one- fourth mile North of Morning Sun. near here. The vehicle struck the bridge after an unidentified truck failed to dim its lights, officials said. Mr. and Mrs. Rudy, who were recently married, were taken to a Searcy hospital for treatment. Gymnasium Burns REDFIELD, Ark.. Dec. 8. (UP) — Officials today are attempting to determine the cause of a blaze which destroyed the frame gymnasium of the RedfielcT Consolidated School late last night. 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