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The Childress Index from Childress, Texas • Page 6

The Childress Index from Childress, Texas • Page 6

Childress, Texas
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PAGE SIX THE CHILDRESS INDEX, CHILDRESS, TEXAS Wednesday, September 13, 1901 SLUGGED BY still reeling from a vicious blow by Hurricane Carla, was slugged by a tornado that killed at least six persons and injured It was reported almost 200 homes were destroyed by the tornado. Large building at lower right is the Galveston Court House where an estimated 1,000 persons sought refuge from Carla. Jerry A. McNeill, a United Press photographer flying over Galveston in a private plane, took this aerial photo or the tornado damage. (NEA TELEPHOTO) Girl Testifies In Priest's Trial For Assault X15 Rocket Plane Sets 3,645 Miles Per Hour Record EDWARDS AFB. Calif. (UPI)A guess or by ride I in a trouble-beset X15 rocket plane Tuesday earned 40-year-old Joe Walker a new man-controlled speed record of 3,645 miles an hour. was a Walker grinned after flashing over the Mojave Desert at better than five times the speed of sound despite mechanical troubles that logically could have cancelled his flight. Walker, making his seventh flight in the stubby research plane that is designed to investigate the fringe of space, broke the old mark set by Air Force Maj. Robert White June 23 in the same plane. But it easy. Walker, senior national space agency pilot on the project, had just been dropped, in the X15, from the wing of a B52 bomber flying at 45,000 feet over Beatty, Nev. He pushed the throttle all the way forward, the OOO-pound thrust engine screaming with power. Then a red light showed in the cramped cockpit, telling Walker that fuel pressure to the engine was too low. He shoved the throttle back 50 per cent. The red light stayed on. Walker quickly assayed the situation and pushed the throttle all the way forward again. I was Walker joking- ger story. Jack Paar, intrepid man- interviewer, was seen on his NBC-TV show Tues-1 Antonio and Austin .79. day night in segment that the tape-in-Berlin embarrassed the onels. It worth it. The segment featured Paar and Peggy Cass in rapid-fire conversation as they stood together, or sat on a curb, at a check point in Berlin. They discussed freedom, slavery, cameras, the weather, the G.I.’s around them, sad events and a wall. At one point, Paar present- Television In Review By FRED DANZIG United Press International NEW YORK must have a label. We divide ourselves into such categories as conformist and non-conformist, hip and square, conservative and liberal, Babe Rut hist and Roger Marisist. Even the nations mat try to avoid labels in the cold war struggle get saddle with labels. As listed during TUESDAY NIGH NBC-TV news special, labelled these na- her grandmother to see that she tions are unaligned, non-aligned, was an right. Who said Paar non-committed, non-bloc or just appreciate the seriousness plain neutral. of the situation? The program, obviously a non- ------rating inspired gesture aimed at upgrading our non-knowledge of the non-committed, was decidedly non-symetrical. It focused on a non-eventful conference when it might have done better to zero in on what promises to be an eventful meeting next week of the U.N. General Assembly. (Continued From Page One) A tornado demolished a home and damaged other houses at the Pentagon, aroused Congress, puibright community in Red Riv- played into the hands of Commu- er County Tuesday, causing an nist propagandists and tarnished estimated $25,000 damage. No in- the careers of two Army col- juries were reported. Many regions were raked with winds and slashing rain Tuesday as Carla probed its way out of the state. Lines were knocked down and trees were uprooted in many areas. Galveston Soaked Reports of heavy torrential rains were numerous. Here are seme of the reports for the 24 ed his daughter Randy and ex- plained that she had just returned; a from East Berlin and he day, Galveston received 6.67 inches of rain. Dallas, 290 mies to the north, had 4.31 inches. Lufkin had 3.65, and Austin 2.83. Behind the storm, temperatures rose Tuesday to 102 at Laredo and 100 at Presidio. The mercury climbed no higher than 74 at Abilene. Dallas ony had a temperature variance of two low The Channel Swim: The mile course that the Nile River traces from Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea will be the star of a special full-hour NBC-TV news' and a ()f special during the 1961-62 season, for series of daytime specials returns on Thursday, Oct. 19. with a re-j Produced by Gerald Glen, port on a Wrong With with Frank McGee as anchor American The monthly se-j man and editorial guide, the hour! ries of one-hour programs will air, offered taped highlights of the 3 p.m., EST, one hour earlier true that he deliberately Chuckles in News SETS POLICE STRAIGHT ST. LOUIS, Mo. (UPI) It conference of two-dozen neutral nations in Belgrade. Yugoslavia. The conference was a grim disappointment to the West because than last starting time. Theory About star ring Brandon de Wilde, first seen as a Television the neutrals failed to condemn: production in I960, is slotted for the Soviet resumption of Thursday night, Sept. 21, on CBS-, nuclear testing. Only India Prime ly figured the! Minister intervention chances of getting, something to: kept the delegates from display- eat at Mudd; Lake (an a more neutral-against-the- landing area) were pretty West mood, Walker also told of some The hour began with a filmed troubles that bothered him on the report on Yugoslavia and I set 6 fires in an urban redevelopment project, police said Vernon Cuidon, 34, told them Monday. Cuidon said 15 were deliberate and the 6th started by accident, police reported. TV, in place of despite its high ratings as an ABC-TV Thursday night feature, is sched-j FOR READERS ONLY uled to go off the air in November A total of 190 stations, including five educational sta- have agreed to carry CBS- MINNEAPOLIS (UPI) The Minnesota-North Dakota Communist party held its 11th annual of the picnic like an old cooling off and Smoke In Cockpit He also had smoke in the By DON SMITH United Press International AUSTIN Talking through an interpreter, Maria Tijerina. today identified Roman Catholic Priest John B. Feit as the man she saw running from an Edinburg Roman Catholic pit He said he believed this was Church the nijjht an elementary Paint on the inside of the school teacher savs a man at-1 canopy scorching due to the heat, tempted to rajx- her Temperatures on the skin Mrs. Tijerina, an Kdinbrg1 cached 850 de- housewife, pointed to Feit tahrenheit. said in Spanish that she heard thought this opener should have A. 4 was all sorts of popping dealt in more detail with the 1 Vs tnec unun! this week for readers of the party and banging going on around post-war history of neutralism. on Walker said. sounded gradations. motives and voices. A stove, heating up, sec0nd section summarized the Last Rites For conference efficient style. The final segment was the PjStolc an evaluation of the Belgrade meeting by Pauline Frederick, N. correspondent, which newspaper, The Worker. Newsmen and phot ogr a pliers were forcibly ejected. IN Ladewig. director of public works in Port Lavaca, examines damage caused by Hurricane Carla. Port Lavaca was struck by 150 M.P.H. winds and a 13-foot tide. Photo was taken when Port Lavaca was in Carla's eye. iNEA TELEPHOTO) News Analysis Foreign News Commentary By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst Notes from the foreign news cables: explode into open rioting. Daring East Germans already are giving Communist functionaries troubh A new stream of foreign workers is expected to start flowing into West Germany soon as result of arrangements with other nations within the common market community. The foreign Danger Point: The Communists may be letting themselves in for another explosion in East Germany such as occurred on June 17. 1953, because of increased work quotas. in public meetings with their open labor force in West al- opposition. ready totals more than a half jobs thout screams then saw him running from the church with a wadded towel in his hands. Her testimony was translated by Joe V. Alamia, Edinbrg court reporter. Maria America Guerra, 21, pointed at Feit Tuesday and testified that he was the who attacked her as she knelt to pray in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Edinburg last year. Feit has pleaded not guilty to the charge. Miss Guerra, a student at Pan- American College at the time of the alleged attack, testified that her attacker threw' her to the floor after he was not top altitude Tuesday was 115,000 feet quite a bit less than his own record of 169,600 feet. Despite the problems of his flight first for this craft in three months Walker said there would be no delay in flying the research plane at its goal of 4,000 m.p.h. at altitudes between 50 and 100 miles above the earth. believe we can make that flight anytime now anytime the hardware checks related Belgrade to the future, the U.N. General Assembly session that begins next Tuesday. Her comments were perceptive, dramatic and served to convince me that the i program should have been structured with her future U.N. the foundation, with the Belgrade huddle tied in as just one of the angles to that big- Held Today Last rites for Edward Tulles Pistole, Cee Vee farmer, were held at 2 m. today in Cee Vee Methodist Church by Robert alter, Cflurph of Christ minister, and Jimmy Smith, pastor of tin' Cee Vee Baptist Churvh. Mr. Pistole died Monday evening in Childress General Hospital after a short illness. interment was in Cee Vee cemetery. Noon Cotton Prices By United Press International New York: Oct. 34.72, down Dec. 35.25, up 2. 1962 Futures Nit York: Oct. 35.70, nchgd; Dec. 35.73, up 1. Farm Revolt: The chances are at least even that France's farmers will be out before the end of the year blocking the main roads of the eountrv with hundreds of tractors, million waiting work. and for there fi Vi on (Continued from page One) and 26 or more years of experi- able to ence months. The stuff a rag in her mouth and then! salary increase here is held his hands across her face.1 1 tried to scream, kut Increase granted the High These can build your future home Communists recently have or jamming traffic in provincial been calling upon workers volun- towns with farm carts Farmers tarily to work longer hours at the are dissatisfied with farm prices same pay to the Com- and impatient with the way the munist fight against West Ger- government is handling the prob- The next step lem. President De Gaulle has man aggressors could be a general increase in work norms. These, plus a threatened food shortage, plus generally increased Communist pressures in sealed-off East Germany could told them they are in the midst of an evolution and that it takes time. Laos Settlement? Soviet Premier Khrushchev may be right in predicting settlement soon of the situation in Laos But the 14 nation conference ori Laos which has been working on the problem in Geneva for the last four months just now is finishing up its first round bargainin More than 30 artic East and West flatl have been shelved couldn't," she said. "Then one of! unit is 20 per his fingers slipped inside cent base. In the case in mouth and I bit it. He pulled the base is a Master's auav and I screamed, and he De8ree and five year's exPer'- started running ence months employment. Miss GuernTwas the only wit-lThe Crease granted totals $1,333 ness to testify Tuesday. The trial was delayed when defense attor- Because of the of experi- nev Fred Semaan of San Antonio Master Degree and tried to get a continuance increase from a part-time cause defense witnesses were de-j months to a time principal of 11 months, the Labor Shortage: NOTIC Bids will be received in the office of the City Manager, City Hall, Childress, Texas, by 5:00 p.m., Oct. 9, 1961, on the purchase of a troctor truck. Tractor truck will be cab over tilt type or conventional type, having G.V.W. of not less than 22,000 lbs, gasoline type engine, 5 speed transmission, tires 6-900x20 nylon. Specifications may be secured in the office the City Manager. 3idder will submit price on cab over tilt and conventional and will include proximate delivery date. City of Childress reserves the right to re- -Ct ony and all bids and to negotiate. CITY OF CHILDRESS Direct Appeal: The Soviet I nion is expected to increase its direct appeals to citizens of foreign countries in an attempt to justify its nuclear tests. Eastern bloc radio stations have begun broadcasting that the Soviet decision to resume nuclear testing was directed onl war-mongers, not against West German miners, French peasants or British This line of action probably will continue with further to foreign workers in Germany to leave the country war would result in the destruction of West Germany. tained by Hurricane Carla. UI 11 2 Dist. Judge Penn Jackson increase in the system overruled the motion. has been granted J. A. Steed of Semaan, in cross examining Junior High School. His salary Miss Guerra, attempted to get baf the woman to admit she did not a 12.197- Steed has get a good look at her attacker. Hut Miss Guerra said she could Thp mrt. see the man clearly and Feit was the man. The case is being heard before The Wilson Elementary part time principal was given an increase of 15 per cent of the base pay based upon a Dean all-Protestant jury composed' years or more ex- of two women and 10 men. One! increase will total of the men is a Negro. Continued From Page building up a Civil Defense unit at a nominal cost to the city and the county. 1 am sure all of it has been issued to responsible $1,368 for nine and a half months. Under the new law smaller schools such as East Ward and Robert E. Lee no longer have principals but head teachers. The head teacher at East Ward received an increase of eight per cent, based on a BA Degree and 12 experince. The increase totals $54 nine months. Robert E. head new salary is based upon a The kit pictured below puts you on the Payroll Plan for U.S. Savings Bonds. It makes you an automatic saver in about 5 minutes, helps you save up the down payment on a new house a lot faster than expect. You simply sign a card, and your payroll department sets aside from each paycheck whatever amount you say, buys your Bonds and delivers them to you. You see the money, spend it, and soon you even miss it Easy results On this Plan, you can reach any of your savings goals sooner than you may think. For example, as small an amount as $1.26 a day grows up in juat 3V4 years into a collection of Bonds worth $2,000 at including $500 earned interest! Almost double your ijioney back Every $1 you invest in Series Savings Bonds becomes $1.33 in $L93 in just 10 more years. LT.S. Savings Bonds ars ia ran teed by the Government to grow, ou can get your money, with interest, any time you need it. And every Bond you buy is another share in a stronger, safei America. now a good time to assemble your own automatic saving kit? Just see your payroll clerk and tell him you want to start steady saving with U.S. Savings Bonds. Or, you may purchase your Bonds at any Bank or savings and loan associations. people. Ord was assured by the Degree and eight years of teaching experience or $589 for nine months. The J. J. Rhoads part time salary is figured upon 15 per cent of the base pay resulting from a Degree and 26 or more years teaching experience and an additional one-half a month employment, in the case here the increase is $1,721. Commissioners Court, and 1 reassured him, that if the powers FORT WORTH (I that be, diagree with any part of Livestock: our dealings, they will be Cattle 500; calves 100; slaugh- ed to their satisfaction, ter steers not established; few have no way of knowing sales slaughter alves strong to hat one needs for Civi Defense 50 higher: good slaughter calves or for a diaster, neither do I and yearling up to 600 lbs 22.50 know if we need of this type of a 23 00 standard 19 few plan. If the people of Childress medium and good 500-65 0 It) and Childress County believe we. stocker and feed te. rs 19 (Hi need a Civil Defense plan and Completes Course -3 50. few I non believe the plan as presented in a. i i 400 500 ib. 23 50 26.00 the Sunday issue of the Index rora V-dlir. Hogs 100; active on supplj is not acceptable, they should FORT ORD, CALIF. (AHTNC) butchers to strong; ipoK draw up a plan and present it to; Army Pvt. Jimmy D. Downs, 25 higher ow about I 2 either the city or the county or to son Mr and Mrs. D. F. Made 195 250 lb. lies 19.25 the coordinator of Civil Defense Downs, Route 2, Wellington, com- 19 50; mixed 1-3 rade 190 J60 lb; (Morris lligley). pleted the field communications 18.50 19.25 sows 2-3 i 415 485 If we do have a plan, lets re- crewman course at Fort Ord, lbs. 15.50 16,00 move the unsatisfactory parts Sheep 100 not enough for test; and all work together on the pro- few cull to good slaughlei ewes ject free of any personal 4.50-5.25. runt trw. U.S. Too Mfe more than money with SAVINGS BONDS Buy them where you work or bank YOUR NAME NERE Classifieds Get Result's! Classifieds Get Results! School, Sept. 1. Downs was trained in communications wire laying, message center organization and switchboard operation. He entered the Army last April. Downs attended Wellington For tO yart have published Bonds ads ut no cost to the Government The Treasury Dept is grateful to The wy Advertising CounvU and this newspaper tor their patriotic support THE CHILDRESS INDEX

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