The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1947
Page 2
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rwo BLYTHEVrLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, DECEMBER I, 1947 Atomic Science ess Peacetime Ute* Gettinf Attention But There's No Shortcuts' THcycle' Car Makes Its Debut L. M.Tler Start j WASHINGTON, Dec. « (UP) — :U. S. Atomic science is making tre- •mendoun 'progress—but ufopla Is 'oat ju«t around the corner, nu< 'clear expert; said today. < And while the atomic bomb un- 'doubtedly Is more potent than It iuced to be, there is nothing In •ight, they said, to suggest that It '•»«• will trow Into a weapon capable 'of wiping out half a continent at a blast. If man wanls to commit suicide, one scientist said, the present bomb : ii adequate to his purpose." Five years after Enrico Term atarted history's first self-sustain Ing nuclear chain reaction In Chi cago: - t 1. The O. S. atomic project ha 'grown Into a $2,600,000,000 giant ,Thls ye«r the Atomic Energy Com < mission U spending $350,000,000 I: one hatch to boost output of th man-made • nuclear explosive, plu tonlum, at Hanford, Wash. Com- ml«lon Chairman David E. Llltcn- thai believes the total atomic-In- __._ vestment should be raised to $5,000, t,| ve yesterday. 000,000 In the next several year*. ', Seek to StiTC Many Secreli . • 2. The greatest non-military benefit has been mass production of about 100 different radioactive elements with which science hopes to aolve the secrets of many mechanical and living-processes. The com- mislon has abld more than $100,000 worth of these j-adipl-Jtbpes to researchers. They' would have cost perhaps, $100,000,000 It produced In the tedious arid slow prevyar. way wll> cyclotrons. Using these ray- emitting elements as tracers, science Is getting new understanding of such things B~ cancer, anemia,' blood circulation, and what .friction does to bearings. 3. New basic knowledge of the nucteua has been achieved.,Among new tools for nuclear studies Is a fast plutonium reactor at the Los Alamos bomb plant. It will give re searchers a rich source of neutrons, the 'negative atoms" which 'are used as triggers In atomic reactions and . as tools for nuclear study. Another high neutron Intensity pile of a different sort Is being built at Oak Ridge, Tenn. Scientists, work- Ing under commission auspices Imvo made .new discoveries about subatomic*-particles and the nature o: the nuclear forces which hold the ^universe together. * 1:f: ?4.*Ultimate use of atomic eilergj . for ship propulsion^ and to produce ^i electric power has been brough ' closer. Hllenthal thinks a practlca demonstration .plant may be opera ting In eight to 10 years. Accord in to R. "S. NebleU, administrator o power research'wprk'^whlch Oenen Electric Is doing tor' the'/commhslon, 45 tons of tira'pjum 235'would supply all the electric power this country uaes In a year. Last year It used en in Arkansas )ie Violently Three Members of Knobel Family Lose Lives in Accident noslgner Gary Davis sit* at th« wheel o< his Davis three-wheeled coupe-sedan, as the aluminum car Is pul on exhibition in New York City, The ear, which seats four persons, will go Into production a* Van Him, Calif, soon attar OM flnt of th* year and Is expected to sett foe $909 FOB Loa toterotad watcher fc Betty Stark. Carpenters Sign Contract With Fordyce Lumber Co. FORDYOE, Ark., Dec. I. (UP) — Voluntary negotiation* between the Pordycc Lumber Co., and -local 2W1 of the AF of b carpenters and Joiners Union h»ve resulted In a new contract, which became effec- It provides for an . annual , one- week vacation with pay, voluntary union- dues, check-off and' a 70* I cent an liotir minimum wage. Tli$ scnle remained unchanged from the previous contract. 223,100,000,000 kllowatt-hour«. , . No Short Cut to F»ra4SM But there are many reasons why scientists do not expeqt atomic energy to turn the earth Into a para Ise right away. For one thing, the ipply of uranium and other fis- onable materials Is not enexhaustl- e. Known deposit* rich enough to xploit economically are relatlvel; ew and scattered. For another, nuclear fission, the ily atomic process now available man, is not very efficient. An onservatlvfl scientists see no chanc f developing any other method c tipping nuclear power supplies. In ny case, electric power from atoml nergy U bound to be more costl years lo come than power'from oal, oil, or water power. It Is impossible, as Llllenthal sal nsL week, to state certainly that th atomic' age will b« an unmljc« blessing. But It can, at least, be reported that scientists see no possibility that man's nuclear fiddling will turn his planet Into a star. , If there were any danger of that-, ,hey say, it would have happened already. Plan for Battle Against Cotton J ests Studied COLUMBIA, S. C,, Dec. I, (UP) — Top-flight agriculture and induj- r.v leaders opened a two-day con- erence here today to draft a outhwlde* campaign against the il weevil and other cotton pests. Concrete plans for combatting he pests that did some 1102.000,000 lamage In the cotton belt last year were to be made by some VX> re- aearchcrs, educator! and Ucottou In' Pepper Advises Ousting Of Anti-Russian Dulles W1NTERHAVEN, Fla., Dec. (UP) — Sen. Claude Pepper, D Fla., said last night that Rcpub lican UN Delegate John Foste Dulles and "other enemies of Russia" must be ousted "from among those who dictate our foreign poll- • " with By United Frew Tragic death cut. a wide path hrough Arkansas over the w«ek- nd, claiming the lives of at least en person*. Six per/sons died in traffic accidents. Three persons were kilted rom miscellaneous causes, and one was electrocuted. The live* of three members of one family were wiped out when :heir car collided Vlth a truck raller on Highway No. 1 five miles South of Corning. The victims were J. P. Montgomery, 60, and his two daughters, seven-year-old UoLs Jean and 12-year-old Velta Jean, all uL near Knobel. The driver of the (ruck is being held for investigation. The 20-year-old son of the superintendent of the Greene County High School died In a Parngoukl hojpltal from Injuries suffered when he was struck by a car on th« Jonesboro highway near the school, He was Charles L. Butler. The 14- year-old driver of the car told officers he was blinded by the lights of an approaching car and did not see Butler. Nealy Collins, 76-year-old man of carbon monoxide poisoning. The i apparently had been dead more than 24 hours. , James Hellard McClaln, a Sherrill farmer, was killed when a team of mules ran away with the wagon in which he was riding. Houston Stanton, .24-year-old truck driver of Magnolia, was killed when the boom, of Ills truck touched. a 30,000 volt power, line in a Magnolia oilfield near -Kerlln. He died an hour later in a Magnolia l}osp!tal. J. R, CarlUle, also, ot Magnolia and a companion of McClaln's wus Injured slightly. Charges ol murder were filed agalnsl Mrs. Cecil Jones of East Heber Springs'In , connection with the fatal shooting of her husband. She was.quoated as telling officials she shot her husband in tile right temple- with a .22 caliber rifle when he abused and threatened to kill her. She said Jones had been drinking. . • . , . • . A 'man tentatively Identified as Bill Parker of Becbe, died sudden ly but apparently of natural causes at the home of Bill Crosby across the White River from N ; Navy Hlot Unhurt At Plant Hows Into Bridge CARTERSVIIiE, Oa., Dec, 8. (UP) — U. Cyrui Prtcartln, USNR, of New York, escaped .injury tor'f-y when his Navy rtf Hellcat (igl -r plane ran out, of gas and crai / 1 through, the Etowah River brluge near here. • , Preca'rtln, on a ferry flight from Alameda, Calif., Wai trying to make ari emergency landing on thi highway when : hi* plane • hit th« bridge. " r. . . . He l&ald the new type pilot's har- ess . in the cockpit was "the only ilng that saved my life." • Precartln it the , husband of a Jew York model, Jeaiio. cy" before^ U. S. relations !Ruasla will be Improved. Pepper spoke on a radio forum | of dustry lenders gathered under Cotton auspices of thi National 'ouncil. Today's sessions • were devoted principally to discussions-of .selen- itic finds on the effectiveness of various types ot-cotton insecticides and the recommendations of.Dr. R. W. Harned, director of the Federal Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, an the but method* of cotton Insect control. i Robert R. Coker of Hartsville, S. C., was general chairman of the conference, which Included representatives of Georgia. Florida, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia. with Loyal Frlsbie, president the Flojlda Press Association. The TJ. S. Senator said Dulles, an advisor to Secretary of State George C. Marshall, had a "known antipathy for Russians datlrig from pre-World War Two." Late Start, but Good . the Judd Hill community near Trumann, died In a Jonesboro hospital from Injuries suffered when he was hit by a truck trailer. Eugene Cuningham told officers that the elderly man stepped Into the path of his vehicle. MemphLan Dies In Truck H. M. Plasent, a 77-year-old Negro to the Charleston Community, died in a Paris hospital after being struck by a car "on Highway t 22 East of Charleston. State patrol,~T~™ T, ,TT^ „ _i 1 mc " Investigating the accident said JEANETTE, .Pa. (UP)-Bertram the Negro was walking across the Cox, 72, can still show the youngsters a few tricks In fancy rollar skating. Cox • Is' known as the "whizz-on-wheels" around, the local rinks. Asked how he learned to do 't so well, Cox said: "Years of practice. I've been skating atncc I was past 60." New Look Isn't Sato NEW YORK, Dec. ». (UP)—The, Greater New York Safety , Council said today that the "new look 1 doesn't belong in the kitchen. An announcement said: "Just below the knee is the best length, from a safety standpoint, for house dresses." highway and was struck by a car driven by Ncsto Reginato of Paris. Forty-six-year-old James Alexander of Memphis was found dead in the cab of his truck parked on a street, In Little Rock. And Pulaski County Coroner Howard A. Dls- hongh said death was caused from / KEEP YOUR LIFE AND LICENSE- DRIVE SAFELY! More than 300,000 motorists lost. their ^driving privileges—many permanently—in - 1946, the last year for which complete fig- ' u res are available. A frightening fraction of those who didn't lose their licenses lost, their lives. As a motorist, you are respon- , sible before the law for accidents directly caused by your vehicle—as a human being, , ' you feel, responsible for those accidents indirectly caused by your driving. Drive safely! Keep alert on the road, keep your car in "emergency condition"—so that you can avoid accidents, even when they're "the other fellow's fault." Auto Accessories are Perfect Gifts ; for Any Car Owner . . Give :"Him"forXmas! • Seal Covers • Fog Lamps • Batteries "A Well-Equipped Car Is a Safe One" SHELIOH ; MOTOR COMPANY 4439 CHICK THfSf OUTSTANDIMO HA.TUKISI }. Furnirart-soljlmi in |rala«l 4, Manutl fan control for >am- wilnut. ' ' ' mcr optration. 2. Du»l-iniuU<»d c>b<a*c for S. Hi|h power, >Iow tptid coo4 *xt*rio*.. propcllat typ* fan. 3. Patennd, adtMiaMa, r*»or»- 4, Indtitructtbl* filt*r •*- ao in( (rill*. j added expense. Th* cott of titning mf aWrocxn ho*M with your Coro>ir« U«it »v«r«§td »>.JO ptc rooma. J. t. i. Th* Cocoilr* Unit Kw »*T*T b*4i n»»l«J br any otfwr <fp« •< hmer. T.W.C III THI NEW CONIOLI NOW AT BLAH HEATH Auto & H»m« Supply INSTANTLY starts to of CHEST COIDS! In Upper Bronchial Tract. Throat At first sigo of a cold—rub Miuteroli on chest, throat and back. It imlanily alarU Ic relieve coughing and helps break up painful congestion In tlio upper bronchial tract, nose and throat. Muster ole has ALL the advantages ol • warming, stimulating mustard planter yet \K so much easier to apply. Just rub it on for mighty fast ic\\tllln Satrenzths, port. Oroaby said the man asked emission to He -down as h* was wt. feelfnp well. He- died * few minutes later; ' WORN OUT FROM GETTING UP NIGHTS? • If you get up nithu— hay* fnqvuat <U- •irt to put your water— ytt, and hav< backache, du« to exccw acidity in th« UZLOC, b« tUd. you're reading t&u: Tbree ctncratkns ago Dr. Kilmv, • famous doctor, found hnnifradg of bis patlcots with tills trouble. So h. nudt • medicine, at 16 herb*, rootj. vexeUblea, btUami. Kt called it "SW^-RooL 9 kiuliocis of men and women bay* tak«a it— often with amsring renlta. Swamp Root goes light to work to Ituth out kidneys . . . incream flow at urine, helping relieve eiceM acidity . . . io the irritated bladder gets a food flwhui out, too. Many report gectJas; a good nitht'i il*ep after the tttt l*w Caution; talca ai directed. For free trial vupply, tend to Dept. K^ Kilmer a> Co., Inc., Boi 1255, Stamford. Conn.Or— (etfull-iized bottle of Swamp- Root today at your drugstore. YOU NO MOTH CM.... Your Child Has A CoW Works To Bring Refief While Little OM Sleep* AT IEDTIME nib throat, chest and back with good w arming VicksVapoRub.Its special relief-bringing action starts instantly ... invites xesUul sleep. Then it . . . WOaKS KM HOUtS to bring relief even while child sleeps. Often by morning the worst miseries of the cold are gone. Try itl Get Vicks VapoRub today. v_ R«m«mb*r\ .. th* bait-known horn* rtmedy y»u con UK t. rali.v. mixriM of told. i> VICKS VAPORUB. jjj^ •ffl^hiaf iiWuoBen" 1 o WWW 1 tKZ^^±rzz&-*» VINTUll TUli MAT IXCHANGII OnljrCOROAIREgUo tblt triumph of ag •nfioteriof. Arnuioj ihou«h tnit, has k«at radiating »urf.ct «q. feti. Enjoy to the fullest die: sparkling variety of today's great broadcast programs with a phonograph-radio that ha* been especially designed for stalk-free, wide-ranging, dependable standard *w frequency modulation recepliou. Every Faimwoilu • has beeu carefully built to bring you radio at iU best—plu* high-fidelity musical reproduction from the exclusive Famsworth 1 automatic record changer. Farnsworth Model GK-086 is today av&iiable in either blonde or natural walnut fin i she*. Walnut model illustrated, only 41» W««t Main «••"• OS1-A m«xf*rn, new, alt- purpo>« table model In • tfurdy plaitic cobirtet. . . . Cholte of oUomirtfl ivory Tt rxh woffx;! 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