The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1947
Page 9
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER «, -194,1 JbYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PACK XWB Classified Advertisements for Sole, Mite. OM , lood. Phon* . | FurnlBhtd houu trailer for •»!•, nuoatbt* prlc«. Phont.MO], Vlrtlnl* f lllJ-pk-lJ FIRE WORKS, ill klnda. CHHIST— trees, nuts. JrultJ, and candy. JOE HESTER'S GROCERY 8. Klfhwty <l Xlow awllt OJ1 Mill Pj-ictlcilljr new flrl'a bicycle. Phone KM •" " -*- '" One baby crib with food tprUm »nd m&ltr»£. practically n«w. Alto hlith clulr. Contact fiuleu Shinlu. 1921 Htirn. Phom 2*U. . 12.5-pk-10 mir plAtiaum w*ddla« tend, *tv«tt diamond* In flAbUll mountlnir. Phon* 177. ]J!5-pk-13 Canaries. sincere and liens. Call 3439 Next to Camp llotiltrlc. Duo Therm Oil K««t«r, I or 6 room* Ixctllent Condition. Call 2404. 12'8-pk-lo Refrigerator — 5 ft. Westlnthonsc excellent condition, phone 2237. ARMT COMBAT boot*, field shot* boot top*, used. Wholesale. Render son Shoe Co. Donlphan, Mo. 1 129-DX-I3 Help Wanted Don't miss your big chance to make extra clirUtmaj money. O'Steen'a wtl pay from »10 to *2S weekly In com mlulona tor em» noun work. Begin today! O'STEEN'S STUDIO 119 West ualn Bt. Telephone 3208 to Buy nolew will b« about th* only Plor- Idlani who won't b* irumblluc. WANTID 20.000 POUNDS PECANS Don't Sell till you O.t Our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 «»»t Main Bt. Phone »73 Sem/no/e< Get freak On Auto L/censef TALLAHASSEE. Fla. (UP)—The dwindling band of Scinlnole Indl ins In Florida stays one up on th* palefaces" every year when It com«* to buylm automobile Uctnw platea. The Redmen N »re the only Meridians who don't hmve < to pay for their license plntes. • • Th« policy sUrted about. 17 years ago during the administration of Gov. David Sholtz. who wanted td help the Seminoles with thetr problems. . . . Sholtz look his entire cabinet'of state oficlals down the Tamlaml Trail to hold a pow-wow with the Indians, and explained through «n Interpreter that Florida wanted to asslstth* Indians in any way possible. But the Indians turned down his offers, and said they didn't want any help from the palefaces except free licenses to "dress up their cars and make them look pretty." So when the black arid yellow ags go oil sale Dec. 1, the Seini- South Dakota Fight* Bad rVa/n'e fin* PIERRE, 8. D. (UP)—An »xt*n- alve pratri* flit prevention campaign li belnr puthed by South Dakota officials after tha most dt- itructlve fire range In tin history of the state. The fira blackened nearly 150,000 acres of tallje land. Gov. Georg* T. Mkkelson has made the manpower and equipment of, th« ilata highway depart-' rnent, bureau of investigation motor patrol and other agenclea available for ImmedlaU UK In preventing and righting pralrU firca, State Fir* Marahal W. A. Mu«l- ler tut* called upon lownahlp board* and county commlulon*ra to Uk* th* initiative in plowing fin breaki, urging farnwri to Inatall park ar- rtstort on motorlwd farm tqulp- ment, and to purchase rural (ire tlghtlni equipment. Mo rext "VotrlM" for the home owner. Buy a home through Olaaal- fled Ads. Colored girl for houwwork 1 daya of week. Contact lirm. Inn K. Van Patton. 418 8. Ijike St.,' phone 2409. 13!3-clt-7 H«/p Wonted, Experienced Auto Mechanics Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. -' .: I2i5-ck-a' Lost and Found $75 REWARD FpR INFORMATION LEADING TO RETURN OF 1946 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan, Deluxe. Color black. License No. 114X850, Arkansas 1947. Serial No. 22042714 Motor No. P 1569509. Call Blytheville City Police. Heater, red striped seat covers, no bumper guards. approximately 24,000 mile- FRAZIER Bus Lines N«w Location 105 North'take Street PHONE 2391 Buses to— • ' ARMOREL • HUFFMAN • J?R01\I1SED LAND • NO. 9 • STATB LINE CHARTER BUSES fat Shop in Connection MALONE Plaster . and Stucco Phone 2029 FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE . • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS " • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and ...•!. Organizations - "^ BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Street NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop 'With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 foi; FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. FRECKLES £ HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL Bti "Pop'* ttailing—h«'i afraid mothar will do >« ttu*at«na and pick up part of tht) tlpl" I'HISCILLA'S POP Whv Take ChimcesV By AL VERMEER Be a good fe/fotv and treat me to a new lipstick Mhi/e you're "•*-. there. Ah more tobacco! got to <yo to the They were ill out of //ost/ck.f guaranteed new .VIC FLINT Isn't Gratitude Wonderful? Bv MICHAEL O'MALLEV and RALPH LANK age. 11-24-ck tf < 110 REWARD for light blue wol - nian'a coat with hood. 3 Urge buttons. Downtown Friday. Write Robert Sharp. LMchTllle. Route 1. . U]»-pk-lo Loat —.on* black sow.' weight 300 Ibs. Tuesday' In Tlclnlty of Sandr Ridge. O. A. .Qarrott, phone 371. _ nu -pk- 10 Private Rooms • Bedroom, at«e,m heat. Phone «U W. Main. . llps-Dlc Bedroom for rent. Phone 3131. Bedroom 314 H Qth, phone 2338. Comfortable bedroom. Cloe* to town. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. •-•-." ljj3-pk-l|3" Light houaekeeplng rnom. nhone Wanted to Buy WANTED to buy farm tractor* and machinery, state price and condition, Cleo Uusselcnan. Osceola. Iowa. WB BUY FUR AND PICAN3 Hlghmt prtce« p«ld. S«« us before you bell. jo« HEsxzR's ORCX;EBY 3. Highway tl Below Swift Oil Mill 12i3-pk-l[3 Used electric refrigerator must be Writ* PO Bo* 310. Armorcl. Ark. ' _ ^^ 12l3-pk-6 All size home*, duplexes, lots, store buildings, farms, confidential llsttngl. Cash buye™. Phone Field. 23M. Challenge To Love •=— *J • ' By ETHEL HAMILL ; tac.; St»VICE, IMC .oid Oood used oil circulator. Phone 2734. 1216-pk-lO PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS XXX1I1 "P'OING my way. Miss Borgia?" Cam whirled around. De- Q her griei. she had not even heard the tires of the shiny, fast- looking roadster as they rolled to a BCDile standstill at the curb behind her Before she could make Beefy Dalrymple's .ough features come clear Dehind tht gleaming steering wheel. Jhe had to slash away the enveloping'cobweb veil which had settled between her and all the rest of Cartersville. . "Your memory's getting bad. isnt it. Sergeant?" How she found words for him: and now her lips had been forced to frame them, she could not have said. The name Is Austin, remember? Your buddy used to murmur it In his sleep, at the front, you told me." "By me," said Beefy, "it's Borgia." "I won't' argue the point.' II youTl let me cross the street—" Bui the long roadster mad* no move to back away from its point of illegal vantage across .the pedestrian lines of the intersection. "Back in the campaign we ran Into plenty of them dungeons the old girl—Lucretia, her front name was—used to toss her boy friends into, when she got lired of >m." His eyes were like marbles, expressionless. "The guys she didn't poison outright, that is. Lucretia used to play rougn, she did. Sort oJ like you." Cam gasped. "Like—me?" "Can the act, sister." Beefy was no more the friendly hulk he hac seemed behind the lilac hedg« than night wa« like day. There was hatred In his face, in nil voice; the kind of hatred tha pulls no punches. "I know what's back ot those big green eyes o yours. But Joe's gone, now, see' Tht game is all over." 1 don't know what you're talking about," Cam answered stiffly II this is the tag line o! your joke nd Joel's, 1 can't say that it seems ny funnier than the- build-up, 'lease let me pass." 'I3ABY. 1 wish you'd passed by years ago—on the ipposite ide of the street from a aice. lean-cut kit) lik« Joe' Yeah, and could konk myself for not wls- ng to lyou quicker—sc 1 could have saveH him just that many ards of heartache. Well. Princess, that's spilled milk now. But you won't never kick him in the eeth again!" "Did Maurine And him ID time a —?" Dead in the middle of her luestion, Cam switched to another. ""What do you mean, kick him?" "That's what I'd call it when a mouse like you gets a guy like him all over hearts and Bowers, saying she'll wait for him forever and all the rest- And then sends lim a pretty note saying so »onry." Cam stared at him. "But you know why ! wrote that. You and Joel.both know. When Maurine told me,-or rather when 1 made her tell le. all that Joel bad told her—about why he was pretending to want to marry me, so my fathei would wangle him a scholarship award—" "I'm not buying," said Beefy in a hard, flat monotone. "But it happens to be true. Ant you know perfectly well that it is Joe) knew that, the way thing: are run *t Carter. William Austin : recommendation is as good as any award. He knew that all he had to do, to make -certain of all the funds he needed to speet" up hi course here, was just cozen tlv gullible Austin girl for a week o» so. He—he also knew—" Something had 1 changed a fev ruddy layers beneath the surfac of Beefy's battered .'ace. lit via looking at her differently, now "Slap down," h« said aoftly "but I think I believe you! I think ou mean all this crazy gab. Look, nswer me one point of tact Ar« are you not hitching up egal with this professor lerk?" 'Marrying Herbert? Certainly ot! And if you want the whole ruth and nothing but the truth, 'm not m-marrying anyone. Not ver!" Jeefy slapped the shining door if the roadster so hard the wind- hield shivered "1 said to Jo* his^ noontime. I said how it was larn ' funny Herbert didn't know bout'being engaged to you until o*i up and read your letter to iim. But Joe was too broke up o listen. His one idea was to low the ioint and ^et elsewhere, climb in!" Thank you, but I'm still able 0 walk I—*' "Don't talk dumb. You can't walk to Acadia. It's fifty miles." 'T'HSY whisked through the ilttle village of Acadia on Hour and 1 half later, passing aj^ four ol its lores and the modest white Prea- >yterian church and the traffic ilinker ot the four corners with Beefy still driving as if the devil's own henchman was*close behind. An RFD box flashed into view alongside the road, with CONROY marked or it In weathered letters. Beefy saw the turn 'nto an over- trown .driveway and took it on :wo wheels. His tires screeched under them as'he slammed on his brakes. "All right, Cammie. ' got you here. The rest is up to vou. This character we've been discussing—he'll b« some place inside. 1 wouldn't wonder." "• , I "B-but aren't you coming in loo? 1 thought—" 1 got to sit here and mind my car." said Beefy, opening th* door with a firm gesture. "Termite*, might steal it. see?" Cam climbed from her seat slowly, and even more slowly began to mount the unpainted step* rising out of the weeds in tbe direction of the farmhouse's front porch. The door toward which h« was headed stood ajar. Suddenly she was running forward. _ Joel was inside. He must be, h* had to be. (T*. Be CMiinoed) OUT OUR WAY By J R. Williams SOU MAKE ME PUT ALL AFTERNOON N A ART OAU.ERV TO CULTURE ME--THEN ON TM 1 WAV HOM£ PARK ME »i A DUMP LIKE THIS FOR A HOUR.' Our Boarding Hous'e with Maj. Hoople &3AD,FATHER.' DCKfTT£LL A\& v)e%Wou'RE SHA.KINSG L1K& )' A VJETOOG.'—VJlPe < THAT PALLBEARER'S' 5 LOOK OFF -rCXJR FAC£ Ah)O START WAIK ING BEFORE <too DECID; UX3 MILES Of^THE OF THAT MECrtArJlCAL WHV, THE TRIP LASTED NO LOGGER THftM "We ftMMOTe ROUNDS ~- LET \\E PAUSE LOM& - EMousiA TO COLLS:T NW vJirs AMU ) AD30ST KV.W LftMO LEGS/. X Ov*r«cupolnotcoffe«,Iiold tibby ' Aw'Uwhlt hid happtrujd (NO SOMfBOOY CAU GROWL, MERO/GWL5. AND TKIRlV UeW DOtWfT MtWO. AfTt» rr WORKED OUT AC CORDIN6TO PiAM.AmR ANITA DID HER DIME ACT Bv LESS1JK TURNER WASH TUBBS BOIES! ALL O' THM WOULD TAKE TERRIFIC BUT THERE W&S M» IRON SHIELD O«R. IT, LIKE IHf,T 0«E.... K FM.UW& SODS WOuLD'UE CTWJ6M IT UOi TOO: SMOKE! •\THM'VIHS*TK«TS«uf:fZE,BUP... MEBBt Wf. M*MAS\.MOT CUE CWHCE |H ». WUION , n&™"w£ I WE05WS1DEBEO iT IM TH' SMOKE- 'ST&CK! scAfKH.t> TO err WM OOT. tUT THERE'S WJT ». TR*« THAT \HS MURDERER iOEU USED A, LM>OEK! INSTEAD,IT W(X5 TORN LOOSE OfJ ONE SIC* AN' 6ENT OUTATtV WAS. SO THE STACK MUST BE 12 FEET WfiHi By FRED HARM AN REP RYDER IF RYCtR FOLLOWS fAE. lh> W fill (<JE>)tR CO/"\E \ OUT ALNE By V. T. HAMLIN WHCN 1.5 rr. *H» Vs'ORC. AN' Wt AIN'T SUN — ANY MORE.' NTO THIS WHICH WAY OOP HAVE SHOULD' \tOHt T'MC ,THtY CAN FIND OUT WHR6 «HC BE.' WAIT-MO MS NOT VET BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES 'Ray for Gottobyt By EDGAR MARTIN

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