The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1947
Page 8
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BLY'l'HEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS •ATURBAT, DECEMBER «, 194T CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION at* »sr Ua* foe cooMCuilvs la- SSL' lie JJc ptr clay *c « tS*. V* UM VK dar " U tins* f*t Una par dar •? Month pcf lino . , " "^ Count nw a?«r«s words to th« tins. AdoSle«d tot llrw or il« limes and •toppsd before expiration will tMClian- sdtortna number of times ths ad.ap- BW,-sd aad adjustment of bill made.. . ^•11 Cl«aalSS AdrertUln* copy sub- aaltwd b» persons realdlrw ouUtds of th« dtr must be accompanied by each Bate* mar ba aaaltr computed from the AdT*rtlaln|f order for irregular Insertions takes the ons time rate, MO responsibility will bs take., for aaora than one Incorrect Insertion of ***U ads an reatrlctad to their proper classification, style and type. The Courier reserve* the right lo edit or reject anr ad. . . Floritt* EVERGREEN ROPING and CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS Se« us at .once for your ChrLttma& decorations. We bare brought to you from the Blue Ridge Mountalni greenery for your door SWAGS. ROPING. WREATHS, and other material for 'our mantel and table. AUo Holly lor he «me purpoae. PolnRettiaa crown In our own greenhouses. Beautiful blooms, Iftrse and small plants. Buy them where they grow, place your order early. Visit our jtreenhouse and enjor the flowera whether you wish to buy or not. Heaton's Home of Flowers 200 Davis Avenue J2!4-ck-7 Foods Notice Tha family of the lat* W. W. John- aon wishes to express their appreciation forths sympathy and kindnesa shown them' by their friends.^espe- thelr recent bereavmenl. 12i6-nk-7 Now'a the time to soak fruit calce In wine or brandy for chrlstmai. Stop by today, Foster's Liquor Stores. ' -Crappie and cat fish.' 24 liour service. Simpson Oil Co., Stateline. lllH-ck-U We Have 'Em Auto Heaters Will IMM ooratr liar* bulldlni, pproilmslely 40XW. ImronUaw possession Dtslrabls retail location. Write Boa "55" % courUr Ifsws slal- typ« »f business. l-pk>* Apartment For Rent Four room apartment to people who buy furniture. , Write Box AO Ci Courier Kewn. ms-iik-a 3 room furnished spurt merit, olione 1334. _i:!zl P — Apartments Wanted J or 4 room furnished or unfurnished house or spertment. Phone «t* Fresh country eggs, direct from iwultry farm. Pickard's Grocery. 1044 Chickasawba. ll-7-ck-12-7 Mrge paper ahell pecans, Upton Booker. 3 miles South on Highway 81 Next time you are Invited out to dinner take your hostess a bottle of wine. It's « grnclons Rift. See our complete line. Foster's Uquor Store . Business Service Directory Auto Supplies anil Services Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage Look! COON MEAT can be purchased at BIK Lake Grocery «nrl Fish Market. West End Big Lake BrldRe. Proprietor C. R. Brooks. 12!«-px-7 Installed, Tax Included THE FORD • $42.34 Busineii Property for Rent Farmer* Column Tor stle -- 1,000 biuh«l food »»llow corn la 100 bushel lots or all togsther. a. a. csudm, phons u*7. For s»l«--JohB D««rs • tractor, cultivator. mlddU-busUr, tandsm disc, H. J. drain, Fucol*, Mo, For sals — OM VAO tractor with, equipment, P. L. Hollms,rk. Gotnetl, Roul I, phon* 110. ll!2-pk-« Hot WaUr Healer THE ARVIN $38.10 Gas Heater SOUTHWIND $40.35 For •*!• Ollrvr "W" .tractor, with 4 bottom br#*ker, 4 row cult.Tator, I ft. tandem dl«e. A. mod«l John Deer* with 4 row cuUtvttor, I bottom brmk «r, • It, 4lac. Cull 134. U4- For So/*/ Cars & Trucks 1944 2 ton Dodg* tractor and 24 ft Carter tralltr with urpaul.n to fit TJre> on tractor 8^5-20-10 ply. Heavy duty Goodyear tire* on trailer 10-20 12 ply lieavy duty Kire*tont, 1 spare Mn. U. L, Pl*rcc, Uocarravllle. Mo. ' Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. We can rill all jour needs Get genuine parts from our c< ELLIS 'pOOLE. OWNER * OPERATOR South Highway 61 at Stetle. Mo. Phone Steels 19 We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next-tires b*J GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH ..MORE Modiriger Tire Co. » "' MAI * - PH ?iTa E ,£°tr Insurance Protection against all INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance QLENCOE HOTEL BLDO. 124 W. ASH BT Househofd Goods Venetian blinds now In Btock. Ready made X M. Blinds. Deal Paint Stora 10* E Main El. phone <*«j. M Loans Expert Radiator Repair for Less W> bare th« bat In radiator repair •QUlpment. Let our trained men boll •ut axul repair Tour radiator for rou* Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor FARM LOANS 4% Prepayment Privilege Ko Inspection F«e« No Commissions •, A. P.',NEIPIND Insurance Agency 106 East Fourlli St. CARUTHERBVJLLE. MO. BISHOP & BABCOCK $50.85 1944 3 ton Dodge truck, A ..pod Iran* mission, 2 speed deferential and 28ft trailer air brakM. L«M (ban 1,000 mile., on new motor, and good rubber o will trade lor tractor and -xiutpmeii E, E. VanBlbber l',i miles West '41 Ford coupe, Phont £M3. For Sab, farm 1939 DeSota. Good Faint, tire*, Run Good. A buy for »7?5. Bee *t Jim BknkleO Store, « mllea w#*t of Hol- id, Mo. i2:6-pk-10 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 1947 Oldsntoblle a, 4 door Mdan fully equipped. Call 4411 durlnx d«y. > 1MI Chevrolet. 3 pauengtr coup*, very clean. Lw Motor Salei. 1040 Plymouth, Just Ilk* n«w. Lee Motor Sales. 1944 Dods*. a clinn one. 1*9 Motor Bales. 1941 Chevrolet, J door. Beftt •»* Bljr- thevllte. Lee Motor Sale*. 1939 Dodge. JuBt Hk* new. L*« Motor Bales. 1MI Chevrolet, 2 tone, 2 door. Com* In and see It. Lee Motor Salei. 18.19 Ford coupe. These cars are all city driven cara and are unusually clean, Sne these car*; at, l^t Motor Suit*. Blythevllle-Fhone 31 &. 1211-ck-tf PEMISCOT COUNTY . Ftrmi for Salei Tract No. 1: ' ACIUM APPROXIMATELY 4 MII*8 •T OF TTLU. lUMOUsUl Tract No. 2: 3» ACHES APPROXIMATELY < MILES NW OF HOLLAND. MISSOURI, IN THB (AMPORD COMMUNITY: Tract No. 8: 100 ACRES APPROXIMATELY 1'. MILES HW OF HOLLAND. ilU- •OUJtl; Tract No. 4t .M ACRES APPROXIMATELY Hi MILES «W OF HOLLAND. MISSOURI: Tract No. 5: tt ACRES 4 MILES SOUTH Or HOLLAND, MISSOURI, IN THB HZR MONDALB COMMUNITY; Tract No. 6t 230 ACRES T MILES NW OP HOLLAND. MO. Thes« farms ar« all priced at $185 per acre and are lo cated in good communities most of them on good roads have access to good schools churches, and good markets Each and every farm would carry a nic« loan to help finance the purchase price of same. If interested, please call my office at New Madrid, Missouri, and contact either, John M. Leigh, E. M Radcliffe, or myself personally. Fred M. Cope land Telephone No. 33 New Madrid, Mo. CALL 2089 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G.O. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE R. R. AT CHERRY For sale, or Super Bulclc. trade for new Inquire at 920 thcrsvllle. Mo. tr»ds — • a new 1M7 rullT equipped. Will house or cheaper car. Grand Avenue, cnru- 12[4-pk-ll For Salt or Rent 3rlfl5 acres. Five good houses. Ftne level land for cotton, corn, beans. Three miles from Vanduser. Will rent for SB per acre cash In advance or Bell for 190 per acre on good terms. Po- sessicua January first. Also have others. Caleb Smith, Owner, ll&s. East Malone Ave. alkeston. Mo. NOTICE . . . FARMS FOR SALE , . . WE have >t thli time 15 beautiful larma for sal*, located around Slices- ton and Charleston; this land la choice, will raise- anything. Good buildings. Mcjst «ny size farm you wish. If you want aarly possession, you must come right away and aee me at SIkestoii. Mo. Lvman Grow. Office at Gross Hotel. 1212-ck-l AUTOMOBILES OUR DISPLAY ROOM IS FULL OF SLIGHTLY USED CARS. SEE THEM TODAY. ».. 1-1947 Chevrolet Convertible 1-1946 Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan 2-1946 Chevrolet Town Sedans 1-1947 Buick Super Convertible 2-1946 Buick Super Sedanettes 1-1947 Pontiac 4-Door Sedan 2-1946 Pontiac 4-Door Sedans 1-1942 Oldsmobile 4-Door Sedan * Most of these can OK equipped with Radios, Heaters, Defrosters and Road Lights. for Safe, Farm* Not ' ct Why ' spend money- Swap with us. F.lbert Huffman'a Swap Shop. 40j K. Main, Plum* K9. 10122 ck it We loan money at 4% to BUY OR BUILD,HOMES Blytheville in nta- For Information contact r GUY TREECE - JOE ALEXANDER JR EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY lit W. Anh phone 3993 JlHS-pk-12|19 Co. DOUGLAS LAWBON. Her. Phone 2171 I • • ».» ck u | Building Material GOVT. USED Insulation Board Special Sale 8c Square Foot Money to Loan Do you need a !onn to repair or remodel? No down payment. Bo mor- tage, no red tape. PHA APPROVED RATE Sr& ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor fhoni 20M Ljnch Bui!dial BlltheTllle. ArlL. i-23-ck-U Yoiir little girl's love a Horsman doll — and Blan Heath Toyland has a wide assortment. See these and other Christmas toys to make her day complete. ll-28-ck-12-10 Tre«s and Shrubs LAND SPECIAL Ohiiatmaj trees' >nd holly. Dell«rfd ' O I A O \ rrf , Trnmp^iatp Viany size, order DOW. .phone £l*T.Or\CrcS limneuldLC Vi , o Tou ""' Personal . ime-c.c-1 FINEST Memphis Rrown a?Aleas at less prices. Advice on planting Shipments made ot small sizes Beautiful Azalea Gardens. 20V S. Barfcsdal*. W C. Paul. We sell peat moss. llllQ-Dlc-iallO StarV Nuraerr Ordera taken for ornamental ahrub- b«ry. rOB* hushes. eTerKreens. Flowering peach itrees. Fhona Mra. J. O. DroXe'— 387* J1120-pk-30 Have you seen the wagons in Blan Heath's Toyland? Little boys are writing Santa or one like these. .Stop by arly for a complete selec- ion. ll-28-ck-12-10 CALL 4+tt 10 29-ck-U De »oui o«m conenM wor« and .sar. trot a <* iu>ier bi daj or - o- 4W BoisU Blrtherlin hour MONEY TO LOAN W* loan monrj on farm Und and | city property. W« al*o buy not*« CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glenco* Hotel Building VU ck t Business Opportunitie* MusicoJ Merchandise MR. MERCHANT One of the best OPPORTUNITIES for increasing BUSINESS is the regular use! of Classified Advertising. Readers in a buying mood) BEAUTIFULLY RECONDITIONED PIANOS FROM $70 UP PIANOS Moveland's Music Store Typewriter F YOU ARE UP A TREE ABOUT HIS OR HER GIFT Come down to Planters Hardware Co. 12-2-ck-tf •TYPEWRITERS Royal. Smith. Corona and Remington Portable. DON EDWARDS cinity of Blytheville. Nearly mile frontage,, on gravel- road. Lights. 4 good tenant houses. Fine large hay^ barn. One of the best buys in Mississippi County today. Possession January 1948. If you want ft real farm priced at a -saving to you see this one NOW. Telephone 2330 or 693 for appointment. FARMS For Sale Possession for 1948 Pemiscot County 5-80 ACRE FARMS, good Improvements, good roads, fine cotton land. for l|3 cash down payment, balance loan. 420 ACRES cypress land, good roadt. near Steele, price »200 per acre, small cath payment, all toola and equipment at into Ice price. New Madrid County 100 ACBKS at Parma, you build house on MBie, wl.1 sell for $100 per 325 ACRES at O»tron. fine M the best and plenty of Improvement* for so' ACRES, » ta cultivation, on Highway 61. With two housea. black and. priced for aal* at 46400. Well Inanced. In loan. Stoddard County .•••_-* 80 ACRES at Canalou, black mixed ,.ttle River land, two good houses. one Rood bacn. with electricity for he low price of 1120 per acre, the test 80 acres anywhere at the price. Also have several Urge farms, from 120 to 3.000 acre plantations. W. M. BURNS Realtor BlyttieTllta. Ark. — Phone 33«i LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Easy ft r e Never Close GMAC Payment Plan Sales Dept. Open Til 8 P. M. BRING 11 BACK JO CHEVROLET FOR SERVICE-PARTS-ACCESSORIES Tb« Typewriter H. Stcood St. PhOUa 3382 l« rk tf Services For *al« — Atidlne mnch.nea irt ypewrlterB, new and (ised QUALITY SERVICE AND REPAIRING Guy Hu»- tedde. 705 Wftlker> phone 422, C*ni- tbenvlll* MO. iiiia-pk-Hltt Cmtalns laundered 214 S. Franklin. HBhlDB »na ironing. Housh-dry or finished. Quilts and blanketa. Children's clothca. Willie Bella Green. 1112 S. Laltt 8t. UiOl-pk-iallO TRACTORS And Machinery " JOHN DEERE FORD FARMALL "We Sell for Less" ANDREW Highway 61 — JENKINS — Holland, Mo. 12-2-pk-l-^ For Salt, City Property For Sale, Misc. ;rown clrcuMtor coal heater. "Uk* new. Bargain, 125. Fhone 2932. OLD For Sale NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFPICK Used Cars turn to the Business Service53,5 S< Second-Phone 4222 WASHING MACHINES and Electrical Appliances repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. Illl3-ck-12;n Oil heaters. Carbon removed while hot. C»ll 2302, 11118-p^-12il8 Directory for the reputable firms. names of Coo? and Wood COAL YARD •«« FRESH COUNTRY CANDLED * VQGS ID any quantity wanted. Now open ror business. Located Just across atreet from Armory Hall on S. S«- COB4 Bt. We tfcllrer. C. D. GEAN CO. n»M 4222 — I. E. Parkhurst. Mgr. NEW SPINETS OFF ALL RADIOS SHEET MUSIC FOR EVERY INSTRUMENT PIANOS: NEW AND USED at Broofcs Music Store. 10T Eaat Main. Blytherllle Telephone 811. Mule Instruments and supplies of all Inds. Guaranteed radto repair. 1115-ck-tt COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Across from Blythtvflle Compress We Deliver Phone 4489 Venetian retaped and 4207. blinds washed restrung. Phone j See us before you buy! We sell the cleniiest used cars on the market, anc you'll find the price right too! POOLE MOTOR CO. Ellis Poole, Owner and Operator South Highway 61 at Steele Mo. Phone Sleele 49. RADIO REPAIR BT EXPERT Repairman Call Brook* Music Store. 107 E Main SI,. Telephone all. Pianos bought and sold 1115-ck-tf TIME SAVER Jeep owners everywhere uri finding they can SRTC on time - In fArminK. building, or moving merch«ndts«. A Jeep on the ]ob win gel It done I Can he seen Rt POOLE MOTOR CO.. SOUTH HIGHWAY 61 AT STEELE. MO.. PRONK STEELE 49 Hate In atock need of every musl- lan. —See our display of OullRra, Violins. Harmonicas, Strings ""d other musical attachments. Moribund'* Mute Store. 315 S, Second. "If H'R musl- ctl We hure Ul" ilUl-pk-ia|ll IS TOUR PIANO BANGED UP? HM the finish been marred? Have- a representative 'rom MORFXANITS MUSIC STORK Rive K free estimate, for beautiful rcflnlsh Job. 315 8 and St.. Blythevllle. rhone 4222. ,COAL Good Quality LEWIS POULTRY "W« Deliver" raotre tv 113-ck-17 fan SALB, Half milt North. ~. O. Pianos NEW AND USED Music Instruments BAND AND STRING Radios & Repairs WESTINGHOUSE RADIOS COLUMBIA AND VICTOR RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main. Telephone 811 ODD SIZK FBAMK3 MADE TO ORDER TOR DIPLOMAS. riCTURIS ETO. O'Steen's Stvidio for children Blan Heath': Wearing Apparel Prospective farm buyers ATTENTION! We have one of the larges and finest selections of choice farm lands of any real estate firm in this' area. Farms from 40 to 5,000' acres. We have 5 large cotton plantations available—three with cotton gins. Possession given on our farms by January 1948. "Seeing is Believing" Call, Write or Contact us for apiMDintment— H. E. 'Bud' Fisher Real Estate & Loans 101 East Kentucky Blytheville Arkansas H. B. "Bud" nsrier--Broker lelder Peery--3alesman 10 ACRES iliolce land. 1 mllen »outh Blytheville in Highway «1 with good S room house. Priced t^ Bell. S8200. S ROOM HOUSE • nd b>uh. close in tt.OOO. 7 ROOM HOUSE «nd bath, on We«t M»ln. A Rood buy M.OOO. NEW 5 ROOM bungalow «nd bath. Toll will like thU one. $7800, possession with deed. BAHBEHSHOP und ill equipment with 4 room modern*, house. Good condition, on Main Street »7.«x>. OROCERT STORK stock and futures. 5 rooms completely furnished. Walk-out proposition WSOO }ome terms. Living room suite, mapli bunk beds. nmps. chulrs. -drupes and curtains. Telephone stand with chair, large helf what-not. Phone 4405. 1314-ck-ll If interested in a small or large business a visit to oui office will be worthwhile. Johnny Marr REAL ESTATE Phone 4111 or 2596 E. T. Hubbard, Salesman Phone 4129 Record player, 30 gallon tank with 1 heater, oil atcve anil fitting... 101 . Rose St. 12ia-pk-17 Two piece living room suite with ottoman, practically new slip covers. Cabinet model Phllco Radto. Phons 3IM. UU-plc-ll One oil burning heating stove snd S5 1 of Neon tubing with transformer and 1-24" window exhaust fan, 1-25* counter. 1-8' section of shelving. For sale cheap, call Welch Foster. Phone 21J7. 28«8. or 2J89. . Ull4-ck-T (Continued on Next Page) ARMY BLANKETS 100% Wool 13.50 ARMY OOMFORT1 1200 ARMT SHOE PACKS 13 and $3.50 pair ' NEW ARMT MATH ESS 30" X 72" «.75. ; Other money Raving Items at the D * F BARGAIN STORX 110 X. Main Uil-ck-7 Homes in Carutheraville AREA 408 ROOMS. FARM* IN Pemiscot County, 80—320 ACRES. BUSINESSES. AND BUSIHES8 PROPERTY. CARUTHER3VILL« AHD PORTAQKVILLE. OI LOANS And FHA available. List TOUR PROPERTT WITH U» Dogs, Cats, and Pets 5 REWARD and white cocker Black spaniel AH A wen to nam« of "Smoky" belong Ing to Bally McCutcheon. 122-ck-l SHOPPING made easy. At Toyland you'll plcte variety of beautiful toys—including the tricycle Lost— Black and while female setter las .. , seen Nov. 22. SU months old. vacci find a COm- nation tag No. IJ7769. Phonp 2932. UJ-Dk- thut makes pletel Christmas com- ll-28-ck-12-10 Swap Column phont ran Phons 693 Five room houss. 330 Kaat Kentucky. C«ll 2*87. 12,«-ck-13 Lester Wyatt Caruthersvllls. Mo. 4 ROOM HOUSE WITH BATH 224 Ladede. HOUM and new GK T electric refrigerator price »2950. H250 cash, and balance monthly. Can be bought with all furniture--priced rea- K>nftbl«. tlAOO down. Owner hat left town and Mid Mil. LUTHER U ~~GRAY, REALTY PHONIC 513 OFFICE WITH MARION WILLIAM* INSURANCE AGENCY, PHONE 2751. ia!2-plE-7 Phone SJW m Il!22-pk-13i33 I room flat on North 10th St. Small jayment down, balance on tlms Irmdford's Grocery. For Sale- One bird <1og. shot gun and shells Also 3 toy-type srrewtaO bull dogs. See Mr. or Mra. E. R, DlcXln&on. Phone 3982 or 4411. 1J3-PX-7 For hold 784. >ale--COCKER PUPPIES. will till Chrlalmss. Phone S70S or 1 lJ:5-pk-7 Two female hlrd dogs for Mle. 42 GMO truck and 24 foot Vnbor I Pointer nnd setter. 3 ye*m old. Ouar- trallor for car or bouts trailer. Lamb's anteerl. Sam H. Contrs. tutors. Phone Uquof Ston. Manila. Atk. 1112'nlght: TK Osceols, day. llM-tk-Wlt FARMS FOR SALE 140 ACRE FARM on Rra»el roftd. 140 Acres under fence, school and mall route, five room dwelling with bathroom. Barn 40X&0', brooder ho\l« 20X25'. concrete poultry houM 15X40*. Price 14.000. 160 ACRE FARM. BanrtT-claT. «n»four room house.« room dwelling. 2 smult barns. K> acrffl In cultlvfttloni 70 ttn\btr. Good orodi.c live noil. Price M2 50 per acre, Both abOTc rarmi .n Clay County. M ACRK FARM here In Manila. Hl*h BlMe of cuHVTutlon. FoMW«Ion (rtTen January 1> IHfl. We also hKT* neTeral. other farmi and »ome Rood city property. J. C. CHAPJN AND JACK TIPTON Maniln, Ark, Phone 69 135-ck-l» Wtm **.~ Kataellshed' buslnesseft In Blythevllls, sln street and suburban stores wltb ivlnn rooms. Phone Field 2394. i:!4-pk-18 Home*, lorjs snfl smsll. •partmenls, riunlein. suburban. Tse«nt lots. stor» up! nulldlnin. 2394. InrertTBtnt, rfc room house fvill sl7ed lot 3 bloc** from Main street. »1«50 down. tt«lanc« by the month. ... 1 room hou*e with >.', «cr» land M «e of city- . .. We hare aome good Tac*nt lo*« i»r home altet. M «cr« too« tan* crt«d to a«n milen from BlrtheTlUe. mvtl ro«4 hlfth lines. Oacar Alenandtr. 107 W. Main ItMl-Catate and Inaur»n<5e For Sale or Trade V »«« want a bcttar honw we trmtt with you. Bart 1 n«w I room modern I* 10 ""* O. S. Rolllson | PK-n. ,30. ATTENTION MOTORISTS Because of Change of Models La ng sto n - Wrote n, your Buick \ dealer, has reduced prices from, $150 to $300 on all used cars! We need our floor space! On hand now: • 1946 Sup.r 4 Door BUICK SEDAN • 1946 BUICK S ED A NET • 1946 BUICK SUPER 4 DOOR SEDAN • 1946 PONTIAC SEDANET • 1942 PACKARD 4 DOOR SEDAN • 1941 BUICK SUPER 4-DOOR • 1940 BUICK CONVERTIBLE • 1938 BUICK 4 DOOR • 1937 OLDS COUPI LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. 1 Dial 555 For Service Walnut at Broadway

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