The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1947
Page 7
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1947 Higher Interest Rate Advocated Businessman Tells Industrialists of Curt for Inflation NEW YORK, OK, 8. (UP)-Lewis H. Brown, chairmin of Johna-Man^ville Corp., proposed today -a plan Jto halt inflation by "simply stopping the policy of holding interest rates down." Brown, addressing the 52nd annual Congress of American Industry, sponsored, by the National As- fociation of Manufacturers, laid down an eight-point program to check the inflationary spiral. The Interest-rate proposal was one of the suggestions. The others were: 1. Pood prices must be turned downward through suspension for two years of all depression measures, subsidies, and price parities designed to get farm prices up and keep them up. 2. Purchases lor loreign use should be made under a centralized control agency !n cooperation with top experts from business in each commodity purchased. 3. Government should take full responsibility for allocation of short supply materials for. shipment abroad through export licenses. 4. The President and Congress should take n firm stand against wage increases. 5. The government should ask basic industries to stop price Increases for a year. 6. Congress should insist upon at least a $2,000,000,000 cut in federal expenditures from the current fiscal year, and finally a tax re- Puerto Means' Mass Migration to Hew York Adds Problem For Welfare Agencies Seeking to Clear Out Slum Areas ' BLYTHEVILLI (ARK.) COURIER NEW! -. . --. . —fA tidal wave Hundreds of thousand^ of Puerto Ricaus have moved form their !»land home to thl» country—mostly to New York City — In a migration that I* creating the mo»t pathetic human-problem «lnce the Okie* fled from their dust bowl to the promU- ed land of California. They arrive hungry, ill-clothed, frlendlesj, almost penniless. Often they have infectious or contagious diseases. They crowd Into , tenement* already bursting at the «anw. They enter «lum conditlont »uih u few Americans will believe actually exist, and they make those conditions worse. The living conditions they find, ana exaggerate, actually are not so bad as those from which they fled. But lonely discouragement is too much for many, and four out of 10 give'up and go back. Vet there now are between four and six hundred thousand of them In this city alone. Because they are Americans, free to circulate anywhere In American territory, ;hcre Is no real check or count. But the higher figure Is accepted by the city Welfare and departments, which are trying to lelp them. If it is correct, then one Mew Yorker out of every 12 today .Haery th*, ICIBI l> florin* N»w York'* Uae«MBt dlrtrlcia, ta flight from the of theJr orer-trowiM bland. They are erwllng emdMlm hen almtai aa had. A» AiMriwB mifration cannot b* controlled. Ai rltliena the; have «oUa. Maay of them »r» witling hi th* dUtrkt ol prl-Connunkt Conireunun Vlto Marcanioalo. They reapond to hit campalm *rat«rr. The aordld «U>ry la a chalkk-cr U demccrafjr. It ta told hi thre« diapaUhw, of which this l< the Aral. TJ.ey are condensed from a longer eerlea written for the New Vark Werld-T*l*|ram. duction. 7. The government and press should urge housewives and all purchasers to avoid buying commodities in short supply, and to switch to commodities in better Broader Social Security Plan Is Recommended WASHINGTON, Dec. 6. (TIP) — Social Security Commissioner A. J. Altemeyer recommends that the maximum retirement benefits under the Social Security Law be increased from $85 to $120 a month and that corresponding increases made all along the line. ' He also urged the Senate Finance Committee's Social Security Advisory Council to consider: Extension of coverage to all gainfully employed persons, including farmers, domestics, and the self- employed. Assessment of social security taxes on earnings up to $4.800, instead of the present $3,000 base. Steps Up in Class FOXBORO, Mass. (UP)—Leon Direct, 14-year-old harness horse which has von several races atithe •3ry State Raceway here, once was -sold to a farmer as a plow horse. a refugee from Puerto Rico. Barefoot, carrying their all in one bag, they plod down the dusty roads to the airports at San Junn, Ponce. Mayaguez, and climb into charter'planes. In his pockets each has not less than $10, usually not more than $40, to shelter and feed him until he can earn more. That is after he has paid plane rare. Some come by ship, but most ;iy. At first it cost them from $150 to $200. Then from 30 to 40 little charter carriers got into competition. The price slumped to a nominal $30, which usually climbed to around 570 by the time uiimen- tioncd. "extras" had been added. Now the CAB has taken a hand, and the tariff has stabilized at from $70 to $80. For this, the Immigrant is flown from the Caribbean to Newark or Teterboro Airport, In the metropolitan area, or Is taken to Miami and given a bus ticket to New York. From 12 to maybe 48 hours after the takeoff, th e tropically-clad jl- baro is in . a strange,. friendless northerly city, where he can't even talk to strangers because — though he is an American born In the U.S. — he usually speaks only Spanish. There is, of course, no immigration or customs check, any more than if he had come from Kentucky or Kansas. There is no health check, though lie comes from the Force is Only Law Some Nations Know FT. BRACK}, H. 6., Dec. (. (UP) —oen Omar Nelson Bradley, on an inspection tour before taking over as army chief of ilaff, :s!d today that "»onn form of force U the only Ikngume lome nation* under•land." Bradley, back In the Army line* Monday alter two yen™ aj veterans administrator, snld he personally favored universal 'military tl BillllH, "Some torn of prepareditus 1> the beat way to prevent war," he said. "You don't no down the street and Jump on a Jack Demrw«y." He <aid the United Matu could not return to bolaUonlim, • mi* must have iome form of military ftrcnglh lo bick up lt» foreign policy. The quiet, officer named by President Truman lo succeed Oen. Dwlght Elsenhower »pent yesterday wltli (he Miici Airborne Division, "a crackerjack outfit" which lio activated In 1MO. Free De/ivery Cell PICKARD'S GROCERY PhoM 2048 1041 ChfekBMwta All NaUoMl Wtotow •creu <ta*r GrtU« Mote Hid. N»-T»» TU. •Mb Wool lankilaa From on* island'! poverty to another Islands Hums, America'! cltlzeni from 1'urrto Rko arrive In the U. s; They'com* niiMllj b> ctiarler plane at liargaln ralea, arrive hungry and nearly broke. fugees who had gone hungry for tie, is part of the barony of Vito»clays before leaving their old home, I Marcantonlo, the one member of to save the cost of their plane Soon after they lanfl they show up at home relief stations. Often the members of a group ivill carry slips on which—nil In the same writing—the address of the welfare office appears. Police shadowed one group that slopped off Us plane at Teterboro and went, non-stop, direct to a relief station in East Harlem. More than a third of these immigrants had no Jobs when they left Puerto Rico. That was a major reason for leaving. Only one >iit of 10 has any idea where he is going to work when he arrives here. Most of them are illiterate In any language. Many never went beyond the third grade of a school system in which no English Is (aught, and Is so poor that a recent survey showed only 500 texl- lowest economic and health stra- I books for 50,000 pupils. They have turn In an island where disease Is no trades that are useful in New commonplace. Often he lias not eaten for hours, or days. Probably he never had one really, square meal in his life) There fare many cases of men aha women who have collapsed from malnutrition as they stepped from their charter planes onto mainland American soil..pilots, airport workers and others have taken up collections to buy food for such re- Congress whose vote and voice never yet have offended against the Communist party line of any given moment. Marcantonlo's political success a^ rested upon the misery of his Harlem constituent. 1 !, none of whom have suffered more than these vote-owning newcomers. Fleeing from Puerto Rico's squalor to a promised 'land, they have found only more destitution. It Is easy for them to accept Marcantonlo's criticism of the American economic system. They arc ready to try any radical panacea. Labor Proposes Contributions to Large Slush Fund WA3HI^fGTON. Dec. «. (UP) — The AFL Executive Council pro- York, where more than 91 out of ' posed today that affiliated unions 100.settle. . ask each of their 7,600,000 members Such an influx inevitably creates to contribute $1 voluntarily to help distrcssliiE social, health, relief, | elect a pro-labor Congress in 19*8. educational and other problems,' Approval of the request would When Wife's to Blame, No Damage Suit ST. JOSEPH. Mo. (UP)—A truck unclted Into mother and the cns- toimry crunch brought speclnlors to the seen*. But the customary argument did not follow. The reversing truck, driven by a Kansas .farmer, was damaged 1.0 the extent of about $50; tho other, about $300. "I knew my wife was following nft but I didn't realize she was so close," the furmcr explained. Read Courier Mew* Wane Ad*.' BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH which the city Is studying but for which It has not yet found solutions. It has created also a political problem.. Spanish Harlem, where many of these Puerto Ricaius set- bring to almost $18,000,000 the amount sought by organized labor 1 In 1948 to defeat congressmen who i voted for the Taft-Hartley law and state legislators who supported similar measures in their states. I Modern Alemite Lubrication U. S. TIRES TUBES SMITH PONTIAC CO. i. 126 South Lilly Street Phone 4371 Now Open For Business Offering Better Service To Pontiac Owners Offering Factory-Trained Mechanics Offering Genuine Pontiac Parts Offering Better Auto Repairs Bring Your Pontiac to Smith! SUN MOTOR ANALYZER FOR v MOTOR TUNEUPS BATTERIES RADIOS HEATERS MOTORS SPOTLIGHTS My Name's Joe Phone 3151 iThal's me in the shiny blue serge suit.) I'm an average guy. I read the daily paper—the comics first, and then I flip through (he pajfi's for other interesting items. Let me tell you now a GOOD ad goes to work on me. How an Ad Does Its Work It Attracts My Attention As I'm hurrying through my paper, an ad will catch my eye! Sometimes it's the attractive layout, -or an inter- 'eafing Illustration, or friendly, easy-to-read type. Sometimes it's a combination of these. Anyway, that ad's captured my attention, then ... It Supplies Information There's nothing I like more than an ad with copy thai- rolls up its sleeves and gets *-' right at the facts. Copy that's down'to-earth and full of interesting and important information that I want to know— sizes, colors, materials, prices, etc. Now that I know all the facts .....-> It Simplifies Buying Makes it easy for me to buy, or I'm likely to shy away. Give me a coupon, or a telephone number, or any other way of easy buying ... I'm a busy guy and I like conveniencel Just make it simple for me to buy and then ..... Tell Me Where To Buy Don't make m« gaeem where I can buy it. L«t me know where it's being sold, or T, might go to the wrong store. Giv* m« the store name and address. If It's a big store give me the department name. Maybe I sound like a tough guy. but give me an ad with all the facts, straight and simple, and I'm sold, EASY AS PIE. Joe is on average guy BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS «•»»*•. («** FARM <m LOANS ^^r Home Office, Newark, N. J. LON0 TUN mOMPT CL0MMO U»W RATS GALL, WRIT* OK 1U RAY WORTHINGTON 115 S. Third St., BIjthtTllle, Ark. 8«rtlni ThU (lection ?5 Team AulAurJud MorVoo Loan SoWrtMr for THK rkUDKNTIAL INSUIANCI COMFANT OP AMEKICA STUDEBAKE I CHAMBLIN SALES CO. J} Sal M * STUDEBAKER * Strvb P* ATTENTION, STUDCVAKIM OWNEMl _^ Drive by for • frt* check on your olbnatiier H«a>«c JjJ Dtfroetar. Be pnpired for winter. A •" " ** A food MltotU* <x new and uted truota. Alto, a ma RS T U » D £ -B A •tar „ of, late model u**d oar* ... all guarcnte«44 »*Hf*ai aad A* Mn*4* Lw Ouu»Win DU1 21SI BiN K STUDEBAKE K E R RS TOON fr T I SEftV MOlOft COMIJftfo-j "He says he makes this hill every day since he jot that C"rysler hwltery at SEAY MOTORS!" T / BIYTHE5XIU.E ARK Pride &Usrey Genera/ Contractors , DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 BOTTLED HEALTH ' FROM HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS This famous mineral water is delivered to'j-ou Just ai It flows at America's most popular: health resort. For more than 50 years many doctors have prescribed Mountain Valkj- Mlrwrml Water for Kidney and Bladder Disorders and -been Acidity. Pleasant tasting . . . not a laxative. " . CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and DtyisKm Art. •'i'l b l\ 5$ U

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