The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1947
Page 13
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FRIDAY^ DECEMBER 6, 194T •n/TTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURSE NEWS Classified Advertisements for So/*, Misc. For Stic OLD NEWSPAPERS NEWS Office 10110 U „ _ player. 30 gallon tank with ij, heat*r, oil itov* tnd fluliiKB. 101 r ROM at/ i2!3-pk-17 0*4 f*nf«, good, rtione 1J34. i2]a-pk-» ' room suite, nupl* bunk b*d*, ' Umpfl. chain, dnp«» »nd curtain*. Telephone stand with chatr, large 4 •hen what-uol. Plioue 4405. 1214-ck-lL Meiliuk office safe. Weight 1 800 Ibs., dimensions: 3x2x2' PRICED LOW FOR QUICK 3ALE. Phone 3412. 12-3-pk-G Brown circulator coal heater. Like n«w. Btrgsxln, *25. Phon* 2931. . 1211-pk-9 Baby bugfrr with mattreM pad, bu •Inet with mattreM, Dhoti* 4428. Ul4-pk-6 Two piece living room aulte wUti toman, practically new >Hp covers Cabinet model Phllco Radio. Phone ^IQA 11 J.nV_! I Wont-td to Buy WANTCU to buy /arm tract on EI<! ramchlntry. fitai* price »nd coa- ltlOD 4 Oleo UuM«lmaa. Ovceol*, Iowa. UlS-pk-UiB Wl BUY FUR AND PECANS lffhtwt, prlCM paid, **« u* b*lor< you Stll. JO* HJCSTXK'S OROC£KT 8. Highway 61 Below bwtrt Oil Mill Usved eta trio refrigerator mutt be ood. Writ* PO Box 310, .Armorel, Ar* R*ad Courier New* Want Ad» 3194. . 1314-pfc-lL One oil burning hcitlnr itOf e and AS' of N*on tubluir with transformer and 1-24" window •Khauit laii. 1*26' counter. 1-8' •action of their Ing- For «*Je cheap, c«ll Welch Tenter, Phone 2127, 2908, or 3380. I2!14-ck-T Furnished house trailer for sale, reasonable price. Phon* 3903, Virginia Uau. 12'3-pk'12 FIRE WORKS, all kind*. CHRISTMAS tr«««, nuts, fruit*, and candy. JOE HESTER'S GROCERY f>. Highway 61 Below Swift Oil Mill PmctlcmHy new glrl'i bicycle. Phone • .One b*by crib with good iprlnK* and "llu^msi. practlcallT new. Alfto high . enifLr. Contact Patileen ah*nkx, 1321 Horn. Phong 1MB. 12|5-pfc-lO N»w platinum wedding band, wven dUmonda In. fishtail mounting. Phone 717. 12!5-plc-12 Help Wonted Don't mlH your big ch*nc* to mike •xtr» ChriitmM naon*y. O'St«*n'» wll) pay from. 110 to 125 wwklj In com- mlsalon.! (or. extra hour* work. B4gln todayI O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 113 WMt Mlln St. Telephone 3208 Colored glr\ for houaewo rk 3 da; n of week. Contact Mra< Ivan R. Van Patton. 418 S. Lake St., phone 240>>. 1-4|-> nV- T . U|3-ck-7 H«/p Wonted, Maf* FRAZIER Bus Lines New Location 105 North Lake Street PHONE 2391 Buses to— • ARMOREL' • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 9 • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES fat Shop in Connection Want*.. 1 to Buy horn**; duple***, lot*, »lor* , f*rm». conrldenUftI lUtlu**, Cnh buy»r*. Phon* ruld, JJM. 1114-pk-U WANTED JO.OOO POUND* PECANS Don't 8.11 till you O«l our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 1M bit luln n, Phon* 171 C«r B«r. Union UORDEL.E, 0». (UP)—Tlie City Commission has adopted R resolii- tloii prohibiting th« city Irom em- ying »ny p«rsoti who Is a mem- xr of a labor union. Th« action wui Intended "to (uarantec safety. I ", tj ,1, I, Viri; ., . PAGE THIRTEEN w*Uar« tnd h*»lth of Cordtlt eltl- term tg»lnst conditions which might arise from labor dispute* and strike.." MALONE Pfaster end S t u c c o Phdne 2029 FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Organizations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Street Experienced Auto Mechanics * Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Lost and Found $75 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO RETURN OF 1946 Plymouth. 2 Door Sedan, Deluxe. Color black. License No. 114X850, Arkansas 1947. Serial No. 22042714. Motor No. P 1569509. Call Blythevilli City Police. He*t*r, red itriped se»U roveri, no bumper guards, approximately 24,000 mileage. 11-24-ck tf Lot — On* black tow, weight 300 ! Tuwdar m rlclnlt? of Bandy dlt. o. A. Ouimt, phon« 371. HI5-jk-10 Privet* Rooms To Love' By ETHEL HAMILL i AKO*<> Hot**'. Uc.; DHrrih*** fc, NtA SEHV1CI, B«drbom. »t SIl W. Main. . h««t. Phono 3325. UI28-plt-12|2g room*, MU aexg. Bedroom 3H K. tth, rno <*>mforUbl« txxlroom. OlOM to lawn. ta only. 310 W. W«lnut. ™ 12J3-BHI3 B«droom» (or men tmlr. 713 Chlck- «»»wb». uia-pk-t Light housekeeping room. Dhone *»20. I1135-DK-11I3 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock' Guaranteed Beat Prices Kirby Drug StoreS r ", •> XXXII QNCE she had ushered Herbert Powell through the front door, •till protesting, Cam was alone in her father's big house. Its silence closed in like the lid on a coffin. She paced the long hall, restlessly. She paced the front parlor, like • caged animal. Every step she took seemed to jar some new anguish through her. , At last, when she could bear the austere and accusing stillness of the Dean't big house no longer, the sudden force which drove her from It »nd out into the crisp midaftemooo waa not reasoned nor logical. Her departure had, instead, all the characteristics of a headlong flight. She turned down the hill for no more cogent a reason than that thia waa th« direction away from tht stadium. The game would be well under waj now. When she thought o*- those thousands of faces, all laughing, all excited and happy, her b*art turned o»er and began to div*. She reached the bottom ot the hill, then crossed the street from force of habit The twin white lines painted from curb to curb guided her at rails would guide • blindly moving vehicle, and she came face to face with the portals oJ Kremolka's Kandy Kitchen. Cam jerked her gaze from the in- Titation of the familiar facade and act her steps dead ahead along the business block. This was where that silly, sweet ritual about the single soda with the double straws had been' born This was where, so recently, she had sat motionless in the back booth and had looked into Joel's blue eyes with ecstatic confidence 'that paradise belonged lo her. • • • AfTD thinkuiK these things she did not wish to think, she passed the door, to that favorite food emporium* of unnumbered Carter generations. There was no reason for a second glance. Even when she heard the mulTled slam behind her she did not look around. It took Connie Heath's ignoble yelp o£, "Hey Austin, waH up!" to slow the quick and desperate footsteps so dangerously resembling a runaway. "I thought it was you I saw when I was paying my check!" Connie breathed, falling into step beside her. "Say, I've been wanting to ask you. Is there insanity in your family, by any chance?" "Insanity?" "If there isn't, what cooks with our little glamor pledge? 1 saw her racing through the streets like a mad thing, a while back." "Oh, you mean Maurine?" Cam's eyes were hard with the tears dammed up behind them. But no one — certainly not Connie — was likely to suspect the reason for their unaccustomed brightness. "She was seeing somebody off on a train, 1 think." "I thought it might be a misplaced attack of spring lever. When 1 stopped h«r she hardly knew who I was. Just gasped out something about having to keep somebody from selling an old family homestead and then dashed on past me. Very peculiar. Sister Austin, very peculiar." "Not when you know all the details," Cam said unevenly. Connie shrugged. Her step was lagging already. "Well. then. Here's where I heart for the stadium. Aren't you taking in the game?" "When you've seeo one," Cam HUNTERS! »,.' ;/*• li Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boots and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. < NOTICE o David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Miisick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES "on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. managed to answer, without permitting a sob to break it up, "you've seen them all." TIER sister in the bonds of Eta Mu regarded her admiringly. "1 wish I could develop that re-mote, detached attitude about life! No wonder the slag lines whinny over you. ..They can never figure out what you're really thinking— any more than I can. Well, so long." And dim was- alone again. Alone with Ihe gleaming store windows which lined her way and strove with their postwar blandishments to seduce her eyea Into • sidelong glance. Funny about Uaurin*. The thought which had come to her confusedly In the parlor of her (ather'a house came back to her again. No. she never would have suspected that the child could get so upset about anyone outside hersell as she very obviously had become over Joel's departure. What Cam herself had seen was only borne out by Connie's report. The thought of Joel's getting rid of his farm had really wounded her. Who would have expected a girl brought up IB the embassies and houses of fashion in Was) gton, hardened by th« political kaleidoscope which had revolved before her eyes almost since they could first see. to Durst such a savagely sentimental feei- ing about Joel's boyhood home? Maurine never had known a hom« oj her own. except the expensively impersonal suite her father had maintained for 20 years in one big District of Columbia hotel or another How could she even imagine what it might be like Tor a farmer's son to sell the home- place where he had been raised? It was touching and young, and Cam wished bleakly that there were, a tear lelt in her to be shed. She would have liked to be able to weep for Maurine. You never knew what other people were like inside, not really. The. least she could hope was that her young cousin had caught up with Joel in time to say goodby, and that Joel had been reasonably gentle with Ihe poor distracted kid. (To Be ContiDBe*) >or*. I»*T BY t*r* MHvicr. ixc r.M, mo. u, '•. P*T. orr, t2-£ "Yes, 1 took icrne m«dlcine, Mom, but I mixed up several kinds to I'd b« «ure to get the right thing for a •tomach-ache!" FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BUM8B* T«ll», Too? WHAT oo YOU suwosi it* toot WITH THose OLD oowexr INFANTRY OUTFITS 7 Mutwt THE WHfP [ WHAF NOW? LOOK.,MOM, HOW ARE YOU AT Now w*rJ«t>lWe TOUC.H /. PHISCUXA'S POP Oh, ll'H Wonderful By Ai, VERMEER OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams TH' CLERK £EZ, " WE 6CT A ROOM WITH •4 TWIN KPS; AN' HOP SSZ, •NO.THEY KEEP MS UP ALL. J, Nt<3HT DCCIPlW IT'S MO GOOD-POR BY TH' T1M6 HETEUUS EI6HTORTEN, VOU RESENT THAT HE GIVES SO CHA.NC6.TO HWE A PULL WITH HIM.' Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople VOO'Ye GOT THE WROM& SCRIPT, SOM THW FAMOUS 60F-RWAR "5KY- , ROCKET' SLOW . •DOWN/ H\T H\OTl4EK EARTH AT THIS CLIP WE'LL COME OP (JOT MUCH HELP POP = Wv M1CHAIOI, 0 AIAU.KY and RALI'll I-ANU ' IF THAT fHOHf INANOVHH IU SCREAM/ HOW ABOUT A CUP OF COfFK? OH, VIC, I OUlDM't HAVE ODD IT ANOTHER mint IF YOU »ON'T COMB.' t WAS SO WORRIED. 1 COME ON NOW--1N ANOTHER .MINUTE VOU'U HAVcWILLOU6M- RV CRYING, TOO.' WASH TUHBS SIJE TURNER WE KNOW TH*T HE WUKOEREK. Of DR. ADDMAS WOWT USE THIS EXIT TO THE ROOF. 6OV5... AND WME'S MO OTHER WftUP! HOW CONlE SOU TO 6ENZCH UPWIiE WE FOUND THE BOPN OF DR. froths IN THE TOP OF THE 5OWEBODS DOWM OW THE STREET NOTICED THIS SMOKESTACK. HAD BEEM DAtAftGED RECEUTLS. £0 WE CAIAE UP TO IN \IE5TlSMe... (H Will SUCIV FORCE THM THE HEW* WETAL RUMPLED LIKE CARDBOAEDl By FRED HARMAN !OV4E"U KEEP RYPERTOO Busr Ms INTERFERE IV1AH1 T6 TASt Hir*> BOOTS AND HER lilJDDIKS MARTIN ovt! i wt WAVSX -50 ftO Of

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