The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1I4T BLTTHETTLL1 X COUHTE* KEWi FACT CLBVZK Suggegtong For Better Farming Featured For This Section 1 * Progressive Farnwrt. FARM NEWS-PEA! URES Ever? Farm Tenancy Survey Shows Steady Trend to Ownership In Hill County in the Ozarks ™ FAyETTEVILLE, Ark., Deo. I.—In Iht Arkansas Ourk area, t«rt- flncy frequently serves as a step toward the acquisition o( farm ownership, according to a report Just Issued by tilt 'Agricultural Experiment Elation of Hie University of Arkansas, entitled "Tin Social A»p«clj of Farm Ownership and Tenancy In th« Arfcanu* oi»rkj." Th« bulletin, written by Pro!. J. L. ClwrHon of Hie rural economics and sociology department, reports on H sludy of 101 farm owners and 85 farm renter* Jn Bcxme County. The tenatili, ft* A group, wtrt younger than owners, with nn average age of 42 as compared to 81 for the owners, whose farming experience was 40 percent longer. Half of the fanners who were-less than 30 years old were renters, whll« only 14 per cent of those more than 60 years were renters. Slightly more than 4fl percent of al] the owners contacted reported thai they had once been tenants. Renting, for many of thn operators, was an early staye in tfieU 1 farm history during which they accumulated funds towards buying n. farm and gained farming experience, significantly, a smaller proportion of the owners who hart rented prior to ownership last their farms than o( thoge who had never been tenants. The change from renting to ownership is tending to occur later in the life of the iterator*', llir report stales. Of tliusfe operators who became 35 years old before J925, tig percent became owners before their 35th year. However, of those who became 35 after 1025, only 30 percent hid become owner* before they were 'toother point brought out by the "Ftudy was that the rate oT familj succession on farms was low anc that ownership was very largely Required through purchase. Only 14 /arms were reported" as being received through/ inheritance by the Farm Equipment Costs Studied Cost Ratio Between Machines and Crops Found to Be Favorable Hoy For Sale Good H»)f Chop! From J25.00 lo $35.00 • tan. We have some hay we would like In move by January 1st. See C. L. BELL. Webb Dehydrating Mills Incorporated Phone 2917 Blythevllle .89 femlllei Interviewed, although 80 percent of the owners anii lercent ot Die r«nlcr« who had t eared on farms were the sons of avni owners. Migration from IV\« farm from Ihe county is becoming more common. The greater share of the children who left, home were from fnmlLir.s operating the larger and more favorably, located farms, Itv- H6 In Ihe; better houses, and participating more In community affairs. The- children who entered high school, «nd especially those who completed high school or attended college, were found to be much more apl to change Jigm farming and to leave the community. Oxneri Enlarge Holdlnn Owners continually acquired more property throughout their work- IIIB experience, while the value oi pvoi>erty owned by renters changed little from the younger to the older group. However, there was no evidence that the renter families that remained tenants used the income which would otherwise liav* been invested in ownership to raise the level of family living or t-he advancement of the children. When the lamilie.s of operators 5o years of age or older were compared (this being the age at which the tenure status is more or less final), owner families, had more household and cultural possessions, participated more in community and county activities, and sent twice as many of their children to high school. Copies of the bulletin are available from the Bulletin Office of the University of Arkansas College of AsricuUure, in Fayettevllle. Furmers. like other businessmen, tUould make the most Im'prave menls when production und profllv are up, according to O. 1), Brown, Extension farm management specialist of the University oi Arkansas College of Agriculture, As the ctid of the year approach- en, Mr. Brown said, farmers may well consider getting (lie repairs and equipment needed before Ihe booVn are closed and the yeir'i In come taxes figured. The price ratio between machinery and farm produce Is much more favorable lo Ihe farmer now thai it was a few years auo. lie cited figure. 1 ) to show Ihe comparison between 1035-39 prices ni\d those li effect September 16, 1947, A U'o- bottom tractor plow cost 11,211 pounds of lint cotton or ICO bushel o( rice in the 1935-39 period whit now the planter sells only 4,1« pounds of cotton or 73 btishcls oi rice to buy the same machinery, he said. A spring toolh harrow cost 22 bushels of soybeans then com- wred to 17 bushels now, a grain I trill 388 bushels oi oats compare;! o '.'.2C bushels uo\v, a»ri K 10-sMlon nllk cim 19 pounds of buttcifat compared to 10 pounds in 1047. 'This Is an indication of the strength of 1WT farm production nirchasing power. Mr. Brown slat•d, "A beef steer is in similar rc- allonshlp. We should keep In mind, However, that the cost or procluc- ng these, farm products Is higher In 1941 than prewar," Mr. Brown continued. It Is only good business management ( to make the necessary repairs from the year's business before we are ready lo compute the business net income for the year. We cannot afford to let our farm buildings, fences, and machinery get hi disrepair when we can BO well afford lo keep them In top shape," he added. Swine Subject To Influenza Attacks, Too LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, Deo. I — American farmer* were warned lo- .lay that swine Inlluenza may cause new, record - breaking financial losses In (he next few weeks and inonllLS. 'TliU dlseait li a danger to swhie. Just HS It U to people, cold weather." Ihe American Foundation for Animal Health declared, "This year, In view of high prices and food - shortages, widespread oulbrealu would be a major disaster." A five-point plan to prevent swine influcnr.n IOSPCA was recommended: "Keep hogs away from old straw stacks, manure pllet and contaminated lots, where (hey may pick up the virus o( influenza. "Provide cle.m, drnd-free quarters, with ample bedding. "Keep clciin, Iresh drinking water before the hogs all the time. "Combat Internal parABitcs, One species—Ihe lungworni — U knowr to harbor the virus of swine 'Ilu. "Watch for the symptoms ot 'flu jerky breathing, coughing, loss o appetite ,and fever. At the (list aign of disease, obtain a veterinary diagnosis and start Ihe prope treatment," Scarcity of Feed taosts Cost of 'reducing Eggs MINNKAPOUS, Deo. J-By Jan. there will be on U. S. farms three ylug hpns nplwo for every man, woman and child In Iho imllon. h of the three Jii'iit will present ir owner wtlli a doxeu egg* In Jmiunry—tn other words, egg production will be three do»eii In the numlh of 10W, according to the lamUy economics bureau ol rlhwi-stern Natlomil Llto Insurance cumimny. Inspired by the- coming of Spring, [•in will average 13 cggi apiece in Mtiy, top mouth for production, During Ihe entire year they will produce 155 eggs uplece. But a hen will cut hull lo Ilirra- lorlers ol a fiound of commercial feed for every two-ounce egg sho lay-s, the report says. This is-In addition to whatever mlscelhineiiu'i biigK, worms nmt lii'sh-pnlntcd Rurden seeds she might pick uii for dcssc'i-l. , Thus for produclm; a dozen CURS a hen crmrgcn up Iho l"lco of six lo nine pounds of commercial feed, which now oo«t» the poultry J»r- ner niori than hnlf M much M h« RC!S for Iho eug». Out ot the r«- imlndcr h> him to furrdih l » uiit _,«, for th« hem uid get i profit eo hit InvMtnunt. For thi Ttnlmli prlc* o( * doc«n ntt tht ftmtr w«* able lo buy •bout IT pound* 'of f>«d, at the averi|« ratio of ItU period of 19»-», but, M far in lt#T h* hu «nlr ben 10 or 12 poundi with C*IVM per doien tfca, Cotton Dealers Express Disapproval of Controls On Speculative Margins WASHINGTON, Dec. 5. (UP) — Spokesmen for cotton, cocoa am sugar exchange. 1 ; yesterday opposed administration proposals for con- Quick Delivery— Any Time, Anywher* II! 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The passenger broded lor n few blocks, then doubled np his fist, struck Thompson in the face, am jumped off llie bin. trols on speculative margins'!h'the exchange^. 'Iliey testified before the Joint Congressional Economic Commit- Lee which Is considering President Truman's 10-ix>mt anti-Inflation program. E. P. Creekmore, New Orleans •otton dealer, voiced the opposition of cotton deciler.s. Edgar A. G. Bright of New Orleans, Charles sniiigliler of New York and Carl G. Hunt ot Dallas presented similar statement* from cotton exchanges witn which they are associated. investigation Ot 'Disability' Cases Looms •VASIIINGTON. Dec. 6 (UP)—The lUabllily rcUrcnicn'. sy.sfcins of the Army, Navy and Air Force will uo investigated by oinh the Senate - iu the House. Chairman Chun uurnry nnnoun ccd ycslcrdny the; Senate armed Forces Committee voted unanimously to undertake r\n Investigation and'Vv'll] nsk (he services (or ft complete list of officers retired for disability. Already a House Aimed Services Snbcomtnillee has begun work or Its Investigation. The House Committee is drawing up n qucstionalrc Lo nsk the services' 30,000 officers who are drawing tax-free disability pay to Stale their present physlcn condition and what pi%y they arc earning privately. 'And President Truman nlso ha directed military authorities to glvi him such R list by Dec. 15. The Investigations were promotei by disclosure before the Sena I Wnr investigating CominUtee thn Gen. Bennett E. Meynrn wns dra\\ ing tax-free disability rcllrcmei: pny of $550: a month/ The ca^rf fr. Meyers, an Air Force procurcmch officer, Is being heard by R federa grand jury on possible ptrjur liarges. FOUNDATIONS HUGHES & COMPANY R«ddy Mixed Conerett — Buildinfl Material* South 10th at Railroad Phone 3531 AUTO UPHOLSTERY SHOP At LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 307 East Main Street Phone 519 Yes, \ye do all kinds of aulo upholstering, using only the most durable and pleasing materials. 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