The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER'S,'19*7 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUNTER NEWS Big Battle Looms Over Road Funds County Judges Meet In Little Rock to Discuss Litigation LITTLE ROCK. Ark., 13t>c. 5. I UP) — Over Ilic strenuous ol>- I .lection* of prroldenl Cy Boiul, the Arkansas County Jurtpe. 1 ; Awocln- tlon voted yesterday to support a pciidinfr Milt against tlic state seeking Sl.553,000 ni county road funds under a 1947 net. The I'ote was 29 In 12 and was lain- made, unaumous. Fight atininst jointing hi the suit filed by two private attorneys in pitlaski Chancery Court Jasl week was led by Bond of Ct'lt- lendcn County and Judge Q. Byrum Hurst of Garland County. Bond's argument. vva.s that the money was appropriated before passage of the hill in question and that Ihe money wn.s not available as claimed by Attorneys Marcus Fcitz of Joncsboro and Leffel Gentry of Little Rock. FRANCE (Continued trom Vast 1) jiowor plants had only seven flays supplier on hand. Bach day the country Wits losing 150.0C0 Ions. In the nation's porlt, more than 304 coal ahlps were ^landing; Idle, walllnjr. for cargoes or tlrd up by dockers' itrlket. In Cherbourg, IK American coal ship! altme wrre tlfd up. Reports from Lyon said the <-lly vns plunged Into darkness hi (he »rly morning hours when electric ables were cut. A group of sli'ik- •rs forced their way into social se- iirily offices, only lo lie expelled iv police. Forty persons were ancsled af- er a clash at a coal pit near Delain outside Lille between strikers ind security guard*. In the same a yesterday strikers occupied a lit nflcr driving out, 60 guards. In Ijiborcourt, southeast of Lille he masked men armed with ma- :hine piuis entered the rail station •uid halted & train, dousing out the Here's How! (•rations of National Education, General Economy and General Administration. hf council of the republic heard charge by R Socialist member that ' Commimtst.s wore using liberated German prisoners Frenchmen who wanted to go back to work. ''I slulr ma I liberated < it' r MI an prisoners are being used as at like, pic kets. The Communist • are. using German prisoner* against Frenchmen «Jui ivanl lo go liack to work," said Jrau Vlnrulen, cnunt-lllor for tlir I' AX rie Calais District, whU'h Includes many of France's host coal mines. His churRc hroLifiht members of the council lo their feet, shouting and banging their desk tops. Tin council was about to vole un Premier S'human's measure making sabotage anil armcii violence p\m- ishable by heavy lines and prison sentences of up to 10 years. When the council passes the measure it will be law niut can be used to curb the mounting tide of sabotage and . violence. It already has been passed by the National Assembly, over solid Communist op- •ngine fire. The strike of three civil service workers groups followed, an order ast nisht DV the executive coinmis- ,ioti of the general civil service workers fcneintion for & two-day strike starting Monday. The three which advanced the line for the walkout were the fed- I e \ e r, on a blown out power 'flic ministry of Industrial position and dclayiuR tactics. A Bordeaux- tu-Paris train was derailed early today— of [Iclals said the tracks bore SJRDS of sabotage— and the Paris subway system was stopped for 90 minutes nt the height. of the morning rush. Officials blamed the .subway stoppage, how- PALESTINE (Continued from Pane 1) tine. Many of Hie Arabs' previous tlircntriiliifjr Restures have conic from religious Instead ot eovernmentiil leaders, As Moslems worshipped on their Sabbnth. many Important towns In the Middle Knst were virtually closed, These included namnscus tiud Aleppo, Syria, bvit no disturbances were reported. In many are;vs, police acted In advance to avoid demonstrations. Cairo police als:o Imposed n dnyllKht curfew on foiuts to prevent Arab reinforcements from swarming into Jerusalem, As a climax to the prayers nnd meetings, mass demonstrations wen: arcd by the British. The British, 10 h;ive nmv undertaken lo restore der In Palestine, do not want llui peeled (icmoiistratlonfmode worse ' the arrival of thousands of Aral):; om (he vlllaci-s nrournl the Holy ty. 11 was riuleter lust night In Jcru- .lejn than U has been sine* the started lust Saturday. There "Tough Cop" Displays Heart oi Gold MEMPHIS, Tenii. lUP) — The 'Lough coi>' tradition took a beat- Ing in Memphis. . A woman and her two little boys sat disconsolately on a park bench in the middle of the city. They looked llred and confused. A policeman came along, discovered they'd been dcsartcd by their husband nnd father nnd had hiked 100 miles from a Mississippi town. The cop looked at the other loungers, put his hand In his pocket and came up with a dollar. When he parsed the hat, the others came through. Then the officer called n, squad car nnd .sent the little family oft to the Salvation Army. He \vnlclied them go with a grin, winked at a bystander and resumed his patrol whistling—a "tough cop-" Production nnd Ihe National Electricity ration denied reports that a strike of power station workers Imd knocked out the national po\ve; .system. United Press leased wire circuits between Paris and 1/m- don functioned perfectly all inorn- ing. Three unions of the Civil Service Workers Federation announced they would strike today. Other unions in the federation—It lias an estimated total membership of 1,200,000 — announced they would strike Monday and Tuesday, because they are not satisfied with tho wftsc raises I IIP government offered them. The strike situation thus ed lo be growing worse and 2.000,000 workers already were out. Some had been out as long as three i,veeks. Violence and sabotage steadily mounted; there hud been 21 reports of railroad sabotage in les.i than three days. 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While It lasted, 36 IXT- \aux were killed—23 Jews • mid 13 Arabs—and hundreds were hurl In widespread riots, British sources said more Aruus were seen drausliiK btdlct-rldcllcd bodies from (he border urea between Jaffn Mid Tel Aviv after hot flGhtlng there. There was scattered violence, last nl^hl. An Arab was seriously \vtmn- (ted by a Jweisli bus driver whose bus ho tiled to shoot up. Ounmcn shut into the BUS tank ot a taxicab and tinned It into a torcli, Inil the ocucpant.s not out without belns binned, A volley of sluil.s was fired last ntRht into a crowded Jewish sw niliiK pool at dale oil, North of Tel Aviv. Knrnsed members of the Jewish defense army llngana, who we in the-crowd, rushed to an Arab flower garden and set It on fire. No Injuries were reported. A curfew was .still maintained over the. "No Man's Land" between Jnda and Tel Aviv. Secretary Hussein Khalldl of Arab Higher Committee said Ihr committee Imd planned deciionstra- tions today, lint had called them off. "It Is not our Intention to clash] with anybody at this stage," lie suld. "The strike was K token of protest aKalust the United Nations decision." pnlii Arab leaders Imd not Incited (lit) riots, that If they Imd "conditions" would hiive been worse.. iltlsl! InlelllgencK officers n!«o had said'Hint most of tho previous demonstrations were "unorgmilwt." Wh»t'« Wrong With Arab* JOHNSTOWN, P«. (UP)~B*v«n- year-old Kay Bornohus, buck from a IS-month slay In the Dutch West Indies Island of Arubn, Uku n cynical view of travel. "i'here'« DIXIE gives added flavor, extra nutrition to Golden Brown Crisp delicious « hi) for bre*k{«ir or Sunday night «naclt, especially if yoj mve 'em wilh lo<) of fltvor-rich DIXIE. And DIXIE it rich in nourishing food values, too. An economic*! tourct of protective Vitjmin A. Ju»t on« thln« wronj with t Kay. "No bubbl* §u»." FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO PLANTERS GIFT and TOY CENTER! 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