The Courier News from ,  on December 4, 1947 · Page 18
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The Courier News from , · Page 18

Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1947
Page 18
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PAGB BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 194T Nurses' Training Is Offered Here High School Lend* Atttttance to Staff At Walls Hospital An «Bteosivt in-service training pncrim for Dunes to-teach the bMfc prtodpfe* of pratical nursing IMS beta act up at Walls Hospital ben under the co-sponsorship ,o« the h"tr1 f *l and the BlythevUle Pubtte Schools, it was announced today W. B. Nicholson lUperlnUn- d-it of BlythevUle schools. •Hi* program will be under the hnnwdiaie direction of K. O. Lewis eo-ordlnator of the distributive education and diversified occupation protram at Blytheville High School and Mrs. J. M. Walls, supervisor of nurses at the hospital. Mrs. Sam C. Owens, a registered nurse wli: act as instructor, he said. Clanes will be held at the hospital on Monday and Friday night of each week, Mr. Lewis said, anc will run for a period of several weeks Students will receive primary course in the history of nursing, nursing ethics and professional adjustments which are parts of a group of 1 courses to be offered which will Include such subjects as basic nursing arts, pre-natr.l and post-natal maternal care, diseases precullnr to in- Jse First Class Mail for Cards, Stevens Urges Postmaster Ross 8. Steven* today emphasized that Christmas greet- ngs won't com* to grief In the Dead Letter- Office this year If Christmas card* are lent by first- class mall, which entitle* them to both forwarding and directory Mr- vice. "Each year we have to destroy a large number of beautiful Clirlst- mai cards-because they are Incorrectly addressed and carry only third-das* postage," the postmaster said. "We are sorry to do it, because we know each of these cards 1* Intended to convey Christmas wishes to a special friend, who will be disappointed and puzzled at not re> celvlng a card." Postal regulations »re the explanation, he said. They do not require that more than one effort be made to deliver third-class mall because it Is being carried at a lowei postal rate. So It the address Is wrong and ther« U only a one and a half cent stamp on the envelope a Christmas card Is carted back to the Post Office and dumped Into the dead letter bins. Undellverable third-class mail Is not returned to the sender. Tlie Postmaster pointed out, that only first-class mall may be for- forwnrded from one address to an- fx-Gf WHnntn Heoded To Try 'Tokyo ROM' WASHINGTON, Dec. 4. (U.F.l— The government uked ex-GIs yesterday to help it set up a treason case against "Tokyo Rose." Trie justice Department sent out a call for any and ail Pacific veterans who can actually Identify Mrs. in I. T. D'AquIno as the voice behind a Japanese mlclio- phone. Theyzhould contact the FBI. The Deiwrtment said It has Information that six different English-speaking women made the (Tokyo Rose" propaganda broadcasts but Mist D'AquIno was the only native-born American among them. Bhe has been under Investigation for two years but the government still hasn't found two witnesses who saw or heard her individual broadcasts. Two witness- to the same act are necessary before a person can be prosecuted for treason. Seeks Burial Bill Hike WASHINGTON, Dec. 4. (U.P.)— Rep, Robert T. Ross, R... N. Y has Introduced a bill to raise frorii $75 to $200 the government's pay ,ment to next of kin for private burial of war dead in this country. Jet Fighter Completes Test Hop Main LOM Franchlte On Harvard Yard CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)-Harvard Yard — long a stronghold of masculinity — looks like a co-ed campus this year. In 1M1, th« Harvard faculty voted to admit Radcliffe College students to the graduate school of arts and sciences. But it wasn't until recently—when girls were required The Air Force's first swept-bock tighter, XP-86. with Its wing» slanting to the rear at a 35-degree angle, cruises over Muroc All Base, Calif., after completing its Initial flight tests. Now undergoing more extensive testing, the jet craft was designed to approach nearer sonic speed than any other fighter plan* under actual combat conditions. fancy and chlldhocl and tubcrcu-I oilier. Cards bearing a 3-cent stamp lar nursing problems. I arc also entitled to "directory ser- Tne nurses in-se/vlce training effort 1* another step In extending facilities of the schools to meet professional or business Instruction needs of Blytheville and vicinity, he said. At present 12 nurses nt Uie hospital have enrolled In the -'-sics and upon completion "' the series of courses the nurses will be In position to become licensed by the state. Mr. Lewis stated that other nursing groups woul'" be offered the same training as soon as they can be contacted and other pratical train- Ing facilities can be arranged. American Airlines Seeks Permit to Raise Fares WASHINGTON, Dec. 4. (U,P->— American Airlines yesterday asked Civil Aeronautics Board permission- to Increase Its fares 10 per cent effective Dec 12. It thus joined 10 other major domestic airlines In seeking an Increase. Previously, American was the lone ms-Jor holdout against a fire boost. The request. would raise airline fares to 6.S cents per mile. vice," which means that post office clerks will seek to trace down addressees who have moved. These clerks also try to figure out cards addressed to non-existent numbers and they are experts at deciphering obscured or almost-illegible handwriting. "Only cards that are sent first- class may be sealed," the Postmaster said. "You are permitted to 'sign your name on a card'Sent third- class, but if you decide to write a few cheery lines to an old friend or tuck in a little social not«, be sure to put a 3-cent stamp on the envelope." Every year some cards 'ftlso are returned to senders because the stamps fell of! en route, he reported. "Don't Just give stamps a lick snd a pat," he requested. "Affix them firmly." The Postmaster uked that al Christmas cards and packages to oul-of-stnte delivery be In the mall by December 10, and that loca cards be malcd by December 16. Bananas were not known outsld the tropics, except by reputation before the 19th century. Hay For Sale Good Hay Cheap! From 525.00 to $35.00 a ton. We have some hay ire would like to move by January 1st. See C. I.. BKLL. Webb Dehydrating Mills . Incorporated Phone 2917 Hlytheville 4U1CK RELIEF FRO** SymptMtit *f D lit reuAritirtf from STOMACH ULCERS DUETO EXCESS ACID FrM BookTe* jolHo moTrMtmentHut Mutt Htlp or It WIN Cost V»u Nothing Overthr** million boltiesof llio WII.LARH TRKATMKHT have been Gnlil Tor rcltof of .lymptomaofcllslreesarlslnR from Stem*ch and D«o4«n*l Ule*n due lo Cie«« Add — PMr Dlcwtten, S*ut or UpMt ttonuch, ainlum, H*artbMrn, SJt«frf*MmM, *tc., ilue to EKC«M Acid. Hold on IB days' trial! Ask for "Wlllvd'i M«u|«" which fully uxplftina this treatment — KIRBY HI-WAY DRUG CO. K1RBY DRUG COMPANY OWENS REXALL DRUG CO. Armor* I: ARMOREL DRUG COMPANY Luxora: PETTY'B PHARMACS FOR SALE TRACTORS and Equipment Now On Display At Our Lot JOHN DEERE FARMALL ALL1S CHALMERS FORD All Sizes and Models We can furnish equipment for most of these tractors. If we don't liai-c what you want, we can get it for you . . . THESE TRACTORS AKE rlllCEl) FOR QUICK SALE! See Us Before You Buy BUD WILSON AUTO SALES to attend" classes In the yard—that the Invasion really began. This year, about 1,000 feminine {"CATKINS' PRODUCTS i Now Available i A Complete Line ' Famous Since ISdS | Mrs. B. Justus, Dealer • 1411 Ash St. Phone 3115 students study In mixed classes- the nation's oldest university. rtlitf from HEADACHE! I You'll it"> "kit C.psdin, h voiJirfeUr f"l ! ir.i ttttltrt. R.licvti 10 qol.llT fcctieit ll'i liquid. Follow <fintiioni on hbtl. Corner Main & Frunklin Bud Wilson - Jess Homer Phone 2037 r Vertical Hactric Steam G. E. Toy Electric Record Player 6.95 X 100% »•** , io»re« of ! pow«r to run mrr other toys ... l"a lot of fun In iU«K. U Inches high. Noma Hook and ladder 38 Uke-apart pieces plus s 32" hoae and nozile, 36" extension ladder on a swivel bane. Fascinating fan to take apart and rebuild. Champ Doll-E Hi-Choir 1.49 AH steel —with pastel bine or pink finish, ivory trim. Has rubber - capped legs, removable twy. 18Vi" high. Hand Driven Film Projector 7.95 "Admission t pins." Step right this way to see the "Our CUIIR" comedy — can't you just hear that happy youngster operating his movie. This fine projector •sec an ordinary 100 watt bulb —shows 100 ft. of 16mm film RtKliUrJl'riee J21.95 More than just a toy, it plays 12" and smaller records. Has volume control ami gaily decorated metal case. A "grown-up" gift with tremendous appeal to youngsters ... an ever entertaining source of amusement with music and stories. An exceptional value at- this special price. Betsy-Wetsy Doll 9.98 A darling 12" rubber-borMed "baby" to keep a liltle "mother" busy hours on end. She sleeps, drinks, bathes, and wets. Set includes mnny .dress and "care" accessories. f Steam Shovel and truck Toys on wheels are always a favorite with youngsters, and this combination tope the Hat, A steam shovel that swings on its wheel base and automatically unloads, and a big- truck with removable loading skid, crank and chain hoist. No. 4</ 2 Erector Set 3.00 r It's the set with tlie powerful mechanical motor, m i n i a lure house, girders, wheels, base plates and other parts that build a horizontal engine, windmill, triphammer nnd other toys. It's « gift that will-bring a gleam of joy to his eyes on Christmas morning and happy pJay for time to come. Automatic Uncoupling Put 1947 Power Into your car with this brand-new Bulck Firebaii engine O WN up. Don't you dream about bossing a hoodful of flashing 1947 Buick Fireball power? Doesn't your pulse quicken nt the thought of nudging the treadle and feeling the surge of lift and determined drive these sleek new babies have? Then here's something you'll b« glad to know about. You can get a brand-new 1947 engine for your car — a factory-fresh, Fireball straight-eight for any Buick buiit in the last ten years. It's the selfsame Dynaflash beauty going into new Buicks every day. You see, we can build engines faster than we can build cars. It's sheet steel, bodies nnd other parts that are short and that hold back complete automobiles. So we have these engines right now. We can lift out your present one, lower .a gleaming new one in its place, and there you are with one of the keenest, liveliest power plants on the road today, and with a car worth lots more when you're ready to turn it in. It doesn't take long — far less time than a thorough overhaul. And it usually costs less .in the bargain. So here's your chance to get snappy, powerful 1947 performance. It's next best to getting a new Buick. Drop around and let us give you facts and figures. ELECTRIC TRAIN $22.95 An accuraw scale model, BO real looking and acting that Dad won't be able to keep from operating it too. Set includes locomotive, coal and water type tender, four freight cars, 16 sections of track (one with built-in uncoupling ramp) and transformer. Cars cnn be separately detached by automatic control. Pon the Panda 2.49 'Pull the string _ and h« ambles on all foura . . . h« sits op and betr> too. A cute little fellow, with black and white cant. A* wrtra'blff and *trong truck for Wt«b/hard play. All steel with rcmcrablc tail )r>te ami liltinr dump body. ZOX " long. 36 blocks with ABCs and entertaining pictures. Smoothly finished in colorful, harmless Incqucr. Jr. Miss Sewing Machine 7.50 Not a toy — a precision built miniature sewing machine guaranteed to operate. Comes with thread, needle ami fastening clamp. 2.49 Husky, useful tools—just the ri^ht size and weight for a junior carrwwUer. A n .11 r pi a iw an<J wvk el that takes off, zooms around the control tower ami then comes? in for n landing. Jxtls of action. V- V| LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555 Goodyear Service Store -..•> -,-_*.,-,..„„

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