The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1947 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1947
Page 17
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1947 JLYTHEVILME (ARK.).,COURIER NEVft* Classified Advertisements H«fp Wanted txm't mlM your bly ch«nc« to mu~- •ulra ClirlstmM money. O'Stecni *"' BUT- from »10 to »25 weekly In com- mlEtloru lor «tnt noun work. X """"b'STEEN'S STUDIO 115 W*«t Main SI . BSlored of wftk. »»tton. 4I Klrl fnr iMu^worH contirl Mr«, Iv«n « ». St., i-h' 3 <!.V H. Vtn my, Morris Corenswet «nd others, ienry Dickinson, Jr., and the Manic Lamp Company. totory to Nominate BRISOL, enn,, Deo. 4. (UP)—I W. Palmer, prominent mamifaclur of Kintjspoit, will be nominate! by Bristol Rotailans l^r preslden ol Rotary International. Ihe pro posal U beliiu sponsored by O. Rarkrader, o! Bristol. Lost and Found • J. P. Mortan collection of old Ivcr Included a Renaissance ttild- I silver chalice, made In Augs- irg In 1550, which sold for $7i5(M. he IS-lnch-hlgh chalice, tradi- onally known as the "CelHnl Cup. s wrought with scenes, bird and eaf scrolllngs and masks. "Cellini Cup" Sold NEW YORK (UP)—An auction $75 REWARD FOR IN FORMATION LEADING TO RETURN OF 1946 Plymouth 2 Door Sedan, Deluxe. Color black. License No..114X850, Arkansas' 1947. Serial No. 22042714 Motor NQ. P 15G9509. Call Blytheville City Police. Heater, red striped seat covers, no bumper guards approximately 24,000 mileage. 11-24-ck tf Perton who llndi blaclt rcot)l« Udy's billfold lost Saturday may keep cash if they will return valuable im- U plcturfs. - Mre. Clalr Miller. Clinic. 12i2->k-5 K r> in Lilly $.W REWARD for billfold lost Frl- duv mornlns three miles north of Leachvlll« on Arbyrd Road. R. W. Ly«rly. Route 3, L*achvill». Private Rooms Rend Courier Newi Want Ads Mor« than h*U tlw trlmes com- mtttcd In liullnna In r. surveyed six-month period were by persons under tht ate ol 30. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best l'ric«« Kirby Drug StoreS F HAZIER Bus Lines New Location 105 North Lake Street PHONE 2391 Buses to— • ARMOREL • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 9 • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES Eat Shop in Connectio MALONE Plaster Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boot* and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. and Stucco Phone 2029 Bedroom, 111 w. Mtin. itMm h«tt. Fhont 3325. £l«eplni . room*. c*ll 2318. L»rgt »le«plng room. Ill E. Ash St_ . J14 N. .th. Comfort»ble bedrcxjrn. Close to town. Men only. 310 W. 'W.laut. Bedroomi for m«i only. 713 Utht houitketplni "»™;,. j^M '-Bedroom, kitchen al.-iPhont M80. option Wanted to Buy WANTED to buy fftrm tractors ~~ michlnery. St»te price »nd con- Ion. Cleo Muiselmin. CWreoln. Iowa or • room hotiM In BlythevUU fcoderitely prlctd. Steele. Mo Bo 114. UiJ-pk-. FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Organizations BLYTHEVIILE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Strcc NOTICE David t. Cooly Buiklei' & Cuulraelor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Mustek In Charge DIAL 4357 for FKEE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. W« BUT FUR AND PECANS Hlgheil prices p»W. see «» before '° U S JO« HESTER'S GROCERY 8. Hlghwuy «1 .. „!<,„ SwiU OH M" Used electric.-t«ITlger»tor mutt be «ood. Write PO Box 310. Armorel. Art. laiJ-Dt-6 . - WANTED -• General merchandise .jtores. Ca»U. Boi 131. Ch»rle»tan. Mo. All •!» home*, dupleies. lots, store bullrtln?!-. farms, conlldentldl llstlnga Cash buyer». Phone Field. 3394 WANTFD 30.000 POUNDS PECANS Don't Bell till you Get Our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 Ka«t Mulii St. Phone VI 3 1214-cli-ll By ETHEL HAMILL *,r (5 A» H.u»,Inc.; Dilt.ib.m b, HE* SERVICE, INC r . - - XXXI C AM saw her cousin's dark eyes 22 KHM in Airplane Crash in Montenegro PRAGUE, Dec. 4. (UP)—The Yu' goslav News Agency reported today that 22 -persons were killed in. » pline crash in Montenegro on November 27! The Yugoslav tylnUtry of Communications said the crash wa« caused by "rery adverse weather condition^ .tof, lorn- clouds and •rmVitonru." ,•.-•-.' .The plane went down near Bar. Seventeen passengers and five crew members were killed and one passenger jcapd with.bad injuries. ' WAA Studying Five Bids For Former Navy Center t ATLATTA, <3a., Dec. *. (UP) — nr Assets Administration officials ! today were studying bids by five groups (or the 75 acres and buildings at the former Naval Sepera' ticm Center in Nashville. ', . C. Chunn, of Columbia, Tenn., ' submitted the apparent low bid of $142.030 yesterday. He said thai it ; he obtained the property, he prob- • ably would lease it «s an Industrial ''. site. Other bidders included the Na: tional Salvage and Furniture Coin- blink rapidly willl shock. Then Iron Man Blair's prelty daughter began to tremble, her checks framed in gray fur gone chalky white "Cam—1 said I wouldn't date Joel il he were the last man left at Carter. I know I said that. 1—I 'thought 1 hated him, because he'd played such a mean trick on you. I thought I'd always hate him. B-but—" "But now?" Cam's choked murmur was nol without compassion. "It he's going away—1 don'l hate him. Cammie, I don'l hate himl I've got to say goodby to him, flr«t. I've just got to, Cammie." Then the small, smart figure had broken away from them and' was racing through the archway like a leal blown helplessly by the wind. She was gone from sight. Cam heard those ridiculous heels jitter swiltly away down the hall outside. She heard the front door slajn "Well!" clucked Herbert disapprovingly. "I—somehow, I never thought the child had that much jmotion .in her." Cam was too dazed lo realize thai she was speaking aloud. "1 always thought there was too much of Uncle David her.' "She'll get ovor it with a little time," pronounced Herbert practically. "Men like Conroy simply aren't worth a nice girl's tears, i( only she knew it. All charm and no stability." ' Cam had no mor« than half listened. "It Joel is leaving Carter, Herbert, it must mean that he's given up his hopes of winning one of Ihe awards. And—listen, Herbert—he's going lo get one! If only he had wailed to resign until this time tomorrow." "T ET'S not talk about Conroy, Herbert complained. "Now thai you are about to become Mrs Professor Powell, it can't be o the least Importance to us what becomes of the boy Well. Camellia! This news of ours will cer tainly create a sensation aiounc the club. Powell and the Dean' daughter! Nol bad. eh? Not Bad it all!" "Herbert," Suid Cnnl very dis linctly. "get out of here." "Out? Why. Cam—why. loo here, my dear girl—" Cam repented il. firmly. "Out! "Bui »'us is no way to new fiai.ce! This is no—" "You are nol my flance. Herbcr You never were and you neve will be. You know that perfectl well. If I ever had the slighfc intention of marrying you. yo wouldn't have heard about it se ond-hand from Joel Conroy. You have been the first one in th world to know, and you'd ha done all the telling yourself." "But—you distinctly wrote that young hoodlum—" "I never thought he'd tell yo That was merely a formal reas for breaking off an understand! Joel himself would have broken a week or two. That was just ' jilled lady's alibi." Herbert pouted. "I must say! Of all the shabby—" "Go. Herbert." Cam pointed the way, too weary for further argument. The hand she had extended was trembling, but not with any emotion inspired by him. "Herbert—go!" the last of ybui shirts," said Beefy Dalrym- plc, dropping a neatly folded garment into Ihe open suitcase on Mrs. funk's spare studio couch "Leave us see. Socks—toothbrush —pajamas—* -The shirts wind it up." Joe d been cinching a strap nronnd slack of textbooks on the ckcr table. "And there's still If an hour till train lime." "You're a dope." Bcely informed friend bnkily "What's with ou and lliosc choochoo trains, lyway? Why won't you break own and let me drive you to cadia, like I said?" i 'You're o.i your furlough, fel- ow. I'm sorry enough lo have asset! up this much of it. without ragging you off to the'sticks. Ills way.'youM' still'have'enough cfl lo nil a few of the his city ugh spots, and—" But Bcely wasn't listening. His gly mug had drawn together in a avagc scowl "! should ought 0 of taken a poke a. thai profej- or character, cominfe around her* ticking his nose into your busi- ess I clirin'l like that morrkey." "C;in't say I'm Ko'nK to miss him much, myf-'olf." 'It would nave been a positive pleasure"— and Bcely's thick, nie- lensile fingers flexed—"to of changed lhat smug map aroum ittle. Just once over lightly would 01 made it more human like instead of as if on a dummy in a slorc window.""The lady seems salislicu wilh il Ihe way it is.". "That dame! Honest, .loe. when I remember—'; 'Nevci mind, Beefy." Joel's eyes were blue steel. "Okay, okay Bui .1 cnn'l help thinking, can I?" They were able to carry all of Joel's few possession? between them down the uncarpeted attic stairs It was nisi as they were timing into the lower flight that he front door opened with precipitous suddenness and Maurine Jlair stumbled inward across the .hreshold. Her dark eyes held the wild look ol one watching the conflagration which is reducing a life's work to ashes. But as they fixed on Joel ,. lillle of Iheir franlic brilliance faded. She ran toward him ciuick- ly. "Joel!" she was sobbing, as s'-e came. "Oh, Joel, 1 gol here in lime! I was ntraid you'd be gone, and I love you so—I love you so!" (To Be Continued) tional Salvage ana rurnuure worn- - ^ . -• — 6Tl¥l>UR~WAY r ^ByT R . Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ^ . LI VJMERE THE L^ST 50 SEARS, Sr-KX>Z UNDER T CLUB ? HASHT GOT A PROP-*- WOT oo't WITH THE SINGLE TREE-.' — HOP lr-i,<=0 gay, AND vieVL Tew?. IrJ VODR. , , FATHER.?~~EG^D.'TOO BW3 W£ CA^T MftKE TrVE TRIP, BUT WAS SORE WOULD PROPELLER — D VOO POP • THE AERO- HilP 4 By MERRILL BLOSSEK FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS , ... EVEWBODV ... RHETT BUtUR, TVf B j SlLW BOY.' I'l-L BE RMtTT QUIT ir! •you ALL ARE JUST JEALOUS; /-i"" "— r~', ROAST 'POSSUM/ "Oh. I've learned loads this »eme»t«r—a simp « hairdo, natural fingernails and neat shoes «r«, preferred nearly all the boys!" ,'KISCIU-A'S I'd She to/d me so herself her- father escaped from prison! Oops! Went through)_ a red police man didn't . nml RALPH LANB M1CHAK1, O'MALl.KV ONE MAIF HOUR SINCE I INSPECTOR 6ROWI. AND NOT A WORD FROW HIM SINCE/ I'M , x QUIETLY 6OIHO % WIUOOGIIBV SURE EARNED HIS 51RIW510DAV,GP.OWl HE BUSTED HIS lEASIIIO 6H At CHIMES WHSN ME SAW 1 WAS IN 7HOUB1E IMtS ADW1IEO KllimS JANUS AND LUCRETIA WADHAW.VOOU PINO THAT SUITCASE OVER lUfRE LOADED WITH WADHAM'S MONEV YOU MAY BE A GREAT PAXE.WIltY, BJT TO WE VOU'RS A GENUWNE PO- WASH TUBBS WE'RE FROM McKEE IMSOErV TORIESi MID WEfeE FRIENDS Of DR..ADDAMS. MM WE SEE HEMt. TBERt's A, COP STILL HERE. It FOB r\ NEfl HOUSIMS PROJECT WHEN THE WAR NEIGHBOR.- HOOP, EfXSV! \VS M.MOS1 DESERTED WHERE BIS BOM VMF\S FOUND? ARE^OFOtDWMSE- HOOStS, DH.WIDMEC BUlLDlMS&i HMD A fEVN COMOEMMED TEH6MEMT5. NNMCE WOMDEWN& IT GOT THERE, CCWE WITH ME TO THE ROOF! FIIED BARMAN WE'VE GOT TO SAVE rtlfA DUCHESS' I KNOW' THE fW& CAUGHT flovo i\e 6ot T FROIE KANE WlLl' rAURPERER -' •jt GOT ibu BlU HUPP •tW *y THM'5 ME.B3E WE OUOHTA START J YOUR MOM LOOKIN'.' A. \s*s eoiNff BJT IT'S SUNDOWN MOW, AN" SOON'Ll BE DA*K. AN' THESE M00VJAN JUNSLES ASE NO CITY ,\ND 1IKR BUDDIKS HEY! tW.BUOO we COULD t CARRIAGE FOR FREE!

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