Victoria Advocate from Victoria, Texas on December 12, 1978 · 29
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Victoria Advocate from Victoria, Texas · 29

Victoria, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1978
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Christmas Season By GARY ARNOLD 'cl l'7e Left Anatics t m. s Wistiog'o Pes: New. Vrvtip Traditionally, the peak periods of movie attendance are the summer and the Christmas season, when school holidays increase the likelihood that young people and families will look to films for entertainment. Consequently, one might expect something light-hearted, festive or inspirational about Christmas openings. But the record of the past decade indicates that audiences have no clear seasonal preferences. The last picture with a definite thematic link to Christmas was probably 'Scrooge" - a flop - and it's been -some time since the major studios conceived material like "Holiday Inn" or "Miracle on 34th Street." ., In fact, the Christmas "traditions" of recent years are both varied and secular. Clint Eastwood, of all personalities, has become a Christmas staple. The trend began with "Dirty Harry" in 1971 and continued with "Magnum Force" in 1973, "The Enforcer" in 1976 and "The Gauntlet" in 1977. The Eastwood for this Christmas is "Every Which Way But Loose," a knockabout farce in which Eastwood plays a braqling trucker and evidently submits to consistent upstaging by an orangutan named Clyde. And audiences expect a jamor new release or important revival from the Disney Well Fitting Shoes DEAR DR. LAMB-I read for you? I have one and it has a your column about the lady who speedometer on it. How far had bad foot odors;-Myhttsband Avould4-have4o tidein aday2 i I M..uiA i IldU 11113 UUUU1C (Jills CUIUS (1I1U callouses. Finally, I made an appointment with . the foot doctor for him and said, "Go." The doctor looked at his feet and at his shoes and sent him to a good shoe store and told him to have his feet measured- and fitted. He had always worn a 10 C and came home with a 11' AA. ' ' ' . The feet healed and the odor left. That was 40 years ago. Just recently he decided he wasn't going to spend that much money on shoes and bought a 10' 2 B. He had to throw them out in a short time. DEAR READER There are many factors related to a bad f o ot odor . Cer t a i n l v inflammation oFTrrMIo6f tvm foot pan rnntrihntp tn the problem. Most corns and callouses are caused by ill-fitting shoes, in fact 75 percent of the foot problems that people have are because. of improper footwear. I would add to your letter that properly fitting socks are also important. You should be able to move your toes freely without constriction or binding from the socks as well as the shoes. Shoes should also give proper support as well as provide a good fit. If a person is having corns and callouses, the proper step for permanent relief from the condition is obtaining proper footwear. I am sending you The Health Letter number 11-8, Your Feet And How To Care For Them. Others who want this information can send 50 cents with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for it to me in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station. New York NY 10019. DEAR DR.. LAMB-You say walking is so good for you. I would like to ask if a stationary bicycle would be just as good TRY US FOR LUNCH LUNCHEON MENU 1 1:30 A.M.-2:0O P.M. TUESDAY THURSDAY Chicken & Dumplings Beef Tips Swiss Steak Pork & Beef Sausage WEDNESDAY FRIDAY Chicken Fried Steak Baked Chicken ,. Meat Loaf Fried Fish Plus; Choice of 3 vegetables and Salad Bar Tea or Coffee FRUIT SALAD PLATES DELICIOUS SANDWICHES 15 SALAD BAR SALADS THIS WEEKS FEATURE CHRISTMAS COOKIES AND ' PARTY D0NUTS organization, which this year is reissuing the greatest of its animated features, "Pinocchio." Moreover, many successful Christmas releases are not planned that way. One of the great hits of last Christmas, Steven Speilberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," was originally intended for a summer debut. So was "Superman;" the likeliest crowd-pleaser among the new pictures opening this Christmas. 1 The popular films of Christmases past have been as diverse as "The Goodbye Girl." Rocky," "The Pink Panther Strikes Again," "Silver Streak," "Young Frankenstein," "The Sting," "Sleeper;" "Love Story" and "The Owl -and the Pussycat," as well as "Saturday NighL Fever," "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "The Man Who Would Be King," "The Magic Flute," "Godfather II," "The Exorcist," "The Last Picture Show" and "The Wild Child." The only certainty is that each holiday season brings about a dozen new releases. This year's Christmas list appears a trifle slim: 10 new titles plus two revivals both of them, "Pinocchio" and "The Thief of Bagdad," quality items. The parade begins on Friday, Dec. 15, with "Superman" and "Oliver's Story," John Korty's film of Erich Segal's follow-up to "Love Story," which finds Ryan O'Neal as the bereaved Oliver Barrett IV finding love anew in the company of Candice Bergen as a wealthy divorcee. HEALTH CORNER DR. LAWRENCE E. LAAAB DEAR READER-Walking is good for you because of the exercise it gives your body and also because it gives you an opportunity to relax and think about other things. A stationary bicycle is good for weight control but I 'don't think an indoor bicycle is going to do the same thing for you that a good outdoor walk would do in terms of relaxing you. How far you have to pedal to lose weight depends a lot on how much exertion you are really doing with the type of stationary bicycle you have. If you can increase the tension on the wheel, you can do a lot of work with it. If you can increase lhrtension-on Hhe-wheeVyou can do a lot of work with it. If it's .just a pedal with no resistance to pedaling, then a lot of miles is still not going to use many calories. You should have a model that you can put enough tension on to actually feel that you are doing some - realwork. -Gradually develop the length of time you bicycle and do it every day. It's the regularity that counts. There is no set limit to how many miles you might use it as long as you don't try to pedal too fast. Always exercise well belowyourpeakcapacity,. . It's the steady, repeated exercise over a long duration of time that counts. I'd rather see you set the tension at a level that will be comfortable for you and then pedal at a speed that doesn't make you tired. If you are able to do so for 30 minutes, that is better than a fast five to 10 minutes of hard exercise. Speaking of exercising outdoors,- if you like to ride a bicycle, why not get one that has two wheels on-it and try it out around the neighborhood? That, way you can smell the . flowers along the way. -Capitalizing on School Holidays (aRAPFlW 16 NO I) V Astrological Forecast By Sydney Omrr Tusday, December 12, 1978 Cancer persons, especially those born on the 8th, 17th or 26th, are capable of amassing wealth, either through business or marriage. Successful business people are born under Cancer, in the summer months, more so than at any other time of the year. Furthermore, 8, 17 and 26. are "money numbers." Success in commerce and industry seems to go together with being born under Cancer, especially on one of the three designated dates. Cancer persons also are excellent chefs, especially if born between five and seven in the morning. ARIES (March 21-Apnl. 19): Emphasis on adaptability, curiosity.. learning processes. Gemini. Sagit- tanus persons figure in scenario.' You can expect significant change, chance for travel and a variety of contacts. Member of opposite sex could put feelings in writing. TAURUS -(April 20-May -20): Spotlight on collections, payments, improving quality of life. Libra, Scorpio and another Taurus figure prominently. Family member makes intelligent concession. Respond accordingly. Be a "gracious winner." You add to "possessions, receive token Of affection and know that you are "worthy."- - GEMINI (May 2l-Junc 20):. Judgment,- intuition are on target. Moon, in your sign, coincides with revitalization, personality, bright colors, new starts, pioneering procedures. Pisces, Virgo persons figure prominently so docs the number 7. Steer clear of self-de-; ception. See places, people as they actually exist: ' CANCER (June 21 July 22): Business deal, arrangement takes place behind scenes. Line up your . own priorities. Don't depend on others. Greater degree of self-reli-' "ance is necessary. You gel additional information concerning building, costs, potential, primary investments, blueprints. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Wish comes true. You wonder why you made "that" wish. Key is to be wary of what you ask for it could be delivered at your doorstep! -Aries, Libra persons figure prom-inently-so does the number -9. Member of opposite sex makes declaration of love. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You gel boost up ladder through fresh concept, contact Stress originality, independence. Superior wants to make room for you at lop and will prove it You'll handle added responsibility. Reward will be greater Leo. Aquarius and Pisces persons play key roles. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct, 22): You perceive potential -your extrasensory perception works overtime. Aquarian plays key role. Emphasis on journey, educational project, preparing yourself to step up ladder. Individual who counsels off family affaire has something of importance to say. Listen! Full Four pictures open on Wedesday, Dec. 20: As well as the new Eastwood, there is "Brass Target," a melodrama of conspiratorial speculation about the auto accident that fatally injured Gen. Geroge Patton in December of 1945, with George Kennedy as the general and Robert Vaughn, Patrick McGoohan, John Cassavetes, Max von Sydow and Sohia Loren as suspicious parties. Frank Pierson's "King of the Gypsies" dramatizes Pete Maas' iron-fiction account of a dynastic dispute in the gypsy subculture of the United States, with a promising cast that includes Sterling Hayden, Judd Hirsch, Sudan Sarandon, Brooke Shields, Annette O'Toole, Michael V. Gazzo, Annie PottsShelley Winters and newcomer, Eric Roberts. And "The Thief of Bagdad," the 1940 Alexander Korda production that represented the height of special effects fantasy at its time, still retains considerable verve and charm, thanks to the luster of vintage Technicolor and the appeal of Sabu at his most engaging A second quartet appears Friday. Dec. 22 "California Suite," Neil Simon's reworking of his hit stage comedy about the crises faced by several guests at the Beverlly Hills Hotel, has Herbert Ross directing the intriguing tandems of Jane Fonda and Alan Alda, Michael Caine and Maggie Smith, Walter Matthau and Elaine May, and Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor. "Force 10 from Navarone," is a belated sequel 'When a Stranger Y oung Director mven $1.7 Million 'Debut' HOLLYWOOD (API- Movie directors are getting younger and more ingenious all the time. Example: Fred Walton, 29, whose first directing assignment was a short film. Walton recently finished When a Stranger Calls," a $1.7 mnfibTTlTiniTeTwlfhTarleT" Durning, Carol Kane, Colleen Dewhurst; Tony Beckly, Rachel Roberts and Ron O'Neal. It is another movie financed bv the SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Your natural abilities, talents surge to forefrqnt. You know what should be done and you'll be in position to do it Cash flow resumes. Financial ''understanding" is reached with one close to you. Be adaptable without abandoning principles. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Accent on marital status. Protect what means the most to lyou,Choose happiness, not m- ingue. -Message should become crystal -clear. Scorpio. Gemini persons figure prominently. Legal affairs require close scrutiny. Gather data for future use. At present, avoid direct confrontations. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Work methods, procedures grab spotlight One who "depends" upon you needs special comsidera tion. -Gemini. Sagittarius persons figure prominently -so does the number 5. Keep diet, health resolu- tiohs. Change is due and you'll benefit. ' AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You locate "escape hatch." Be ready for change, travel, variety, intensified relationship. Personal magnetism draws to you a special person. Taurus, Libra. Scorpio persons figure prominently. Minor domestic adjustment should not be a matter of concern. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): You receive clear answers con - . ceming land, property, security requirements. Another Pisces figures prominently Stick to factual material. You may be asked to appear before the media to represent group, organization. IF DECEMBER 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you travel more than the average person. You are conscious of physical appearance-weight is a factor that is of concern. You have fine sense of humor. You are artistic, tend to scatter your ' forces. ' You make, many resolutions and keep about half of them. You laugh easily, people liRe to be around you. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius persons play key rolesin your life. In 1979. you will have greater freedom of thought, action. If single, you could marry. If married, there could be an addition to family. March and December will be your- most important months. This month, December, you face facts. Sortie illusions may be shattered-and this will benefit you. You are on the road to greater happiness, fulfillment 573-4312 FOR -ALL SHOW TIMES FIRST SHOW8:00 ONI WICK ONLY BABY FACE TOUCH ME ofNewFilms to "The Guns of ..." with the late Robert Shaw, Harrison Ford, Edward Fox, Carl Weathers and Franco Nero trying to pick up where the earlier commandoes left off. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," Phil Kaufman's A-budget remake of Don Siegel's B-budget supernatural hqrror classic, brings together Don Sutherland, Leonard Nimoy, Brooke Adams, Veronica Cartwright and Jeff Goldblum as a group of San Franciscans alerted to the threat of soul-destroying pods from an alien universe. And in "Moment by Moment" a melodrama of illicit romance set at Malibu, a restless housewife played by Lily Tomlin finds herself attracted to a young drifter played by John Travolta. Finally, a pair of delightful cTristmaTDajT arrivals: "Pinocchio," in its first revival in a decade, and "Movie Movie." a witty pair of miniature features "Dynamite Hands" and "Baxter's Beauties of 1933" - conceived in loving parody of early '30s entertainments by writers Larry Gelbart and Sheldon Keller. Admirably directed by Stanley Donen, it has a dynamite cast of farceurs including such familiar names as George C. Scott, Eli Wallach, Art Carney and Red Buttons and a splendid group of young performers, most in their first movie roles, who ought to be headed for stardom Harry Hamlin. Barry Bostwick, Ann Reinking and Rebecca York. Happy holidays. Calk' ubiquitous Mel Simon, the Indianapolis shopping mail millionaire who seems to be sponsoring more films than most major studios. At least Simon seems to be taking more chances. No studio would risk $1.7 million on a TUmmafceT-whose prevwus-experience was limited to industrial movies in Detroit. Fred Walton, who is handsome enough to be an actor, "was weary when he reported for an interview. He had just filmed "When a Stranger Calls" all over the.Los Angeles basin on a tight, 18-day schedule. Although Mel Simon takes chances, he doesn't throw his money around. Walton now faces three months in the cutting' room, assembling his movie for release in mid 1979.. Walton grew up in Chevy Chase, Md. His father was an attorney for clients appearing before the Federal Communications- Commission: . His mother wrote plays and helped found the Arena Stage in Washington.- Fred discovered . films in his junior year of high school and became a theater major at Denison University in Ohio. "After graduating, I got married and went on an 11-month honeymoon to Europe," he said. "When 1 got back, an uncle helped me acquire a job wjth wilding an industrial film company in Detroit. For two years l aia everyining production assistant, editor, assistant director. It was great training, but of course I had to go West to get into the film business. ."In 1975 my marriage fell apart, and 1 came here, hoping to break in as a screen writer. I met with little success. For a time I answered telephones for ( producer) Allan Carr." Before despair could set in, Walton ran into Stephen Feke, who had been president of the film society at Denison. He was also having scant success in the movie world, and over lunch they dreamed up the idea of making their own short movie to demonstrate their talent to the bigshots. The plot came from a news item Feke PICARDIA MEXICANA I :i'I 1 i'Sn "" " MIITRTCAIM . KNAL INVITES ALL COUNTRY CARD MEMBERS , TO ENJOY THIS MOVIE FREE. PRESENT YOUR . CARD AT THE SALEM SIX BOX OFFICE FOR ;' ONE FREE ADMISSION TO THIS MOVIE ONLY. MON. THRU THURS. . THE remembered about a babysitter who was terrorized by-mysterious phone calls. I'll direct, you produce, and maybe we can make a little money," Walton suggested. Both worked on the script. They seraped-togethef-SUCu-and shot the movie in three days in May 1977. Titled "The Sitter," it was photographed in 35-millimeter rather than in ' 16mm. "We wanted to avoid the look of a student, film' he said: Processing and editing brought the total cost to $25,000, which the pair had raised almost - from friends. "' carried the final film off the MGM lot still owing $2,000." Walton recalled. Walton and Feke had been warned-that producing companies weren't interested in short films. That turned out to be true. Now the two young men had a 21-minute movie and nowhere to show it. Through a friend they were able to land a one-week showing "arcfWestwood1heater-for consideration at the 1977 'Academy Awards. Walton . remembers the audience reaction: "After the first 15 minutes,, they began getting tense. Some relieved their tension by talking back to the screen: 'Watch out!' The climax brought a big scream. I " floated out of the theater." .- - Managers producers Barry Krost and Douglas Chapin had come to the theater to. see "Looking for Mr. Goodbar." They were impressed by "The Sitter" and sold Simon oil the notion of expanding it to a feature. ' 0 Mon thru Ihurs. J 30 OKU Sun Mit 7 f M San. En 7:30 ADULTS S2 SO CHILDREN 11 00 "DEATH ON THE NILE" 6 Hon. Ilmi Inurs. 7 30OHH Son 2PM 7 i 9:15 ADULTS 12.50 CHILDREN 11 00 A wrk ifo thrymrr ttrangm An hour jgo they wit town. Nick Nolte WhdlL Stop The Bain United Artists 51 Enjoy SALEM SIX i, -Till 1 a. b -I 1 1 U-H SI i VICTORIA ADVOCATE. Tuesday, December 12, 1978-11B Berry's World 1 978 by NEA. Inc. ffw Then I want wage and price guidelines SALEM SIX BARGAIN HOURS -TKgBJSKP I MESSAGE FROM SPACE HI 2:30 4:45 7:00 9:15 WOODY ALLEN'S INTERIORS' ink el. iLJ vj " A A V5 ' fl HllD ijf Fjx? 2 4:30-7-9:30 9 TH BIG WEEK I PLAYHOUSE DKOrilU LinilDC Dnnumn nuuno DOUBLE "Oft, 2:13 15 HELD OVER JAMES AAN JANE - Jill BACK pJSSSV 7:1 5-9:30 L f000 M 2il5-4:3C 6:45-9rOC L - JV - ii Lixnt 9S13 1-6 P.M. MON. THRU fWl. adults $1 children w FEATUUE "ONE OF THE BESTPICTUCES OF THE YEART TIME MAGAZINE , 2:15-4:454:45-9115 t FONDA JASON ROBARDS OPEH6:30 PJJ I IMI AWHTSB.59 START 7:00 I fl 2 I 'j 1 1 1 I I Dmfcr 13 FREE 575FTi IfctmmXIJ mrsMIUFtltt SCREEN I SCIKNH "Blazing Saddles" 1 JTj rOIuS plus pc; C v" THE BABY SITTER MESSAGE FROM SPACE 3RD HIT jTup "lo (IXSWI 7-9:30 & MORE 6 A.M.-10 P.M. DAILY ' 2:15-4:30 6:45-9:00 1901 HOUSTON HWY. - 3739301

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