The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1947
Page 12
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i? hi* !•,„»( TWELV» BLYTHEVILLH (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1947 ScoH Gets Berth On SWC Team \SMU Chomps Place i';'Four on'Mythical Squad Named by UP i i; BJ td rite i '(Unitedv Press Sports Writer) ' DALLAS, Tex., Dec. 4. (UP) — ^ohr members of the chxmplon- »h!p SMU Mustangs were placed on th* 1947 United All-South- weit Conference football team, while ninnerup placed three, nice tjrfo and Arkansas and Texas eiirlstian one each. Ifour of those making the my- thlral eleven were unanimous chol- etf — backs Poak Walker of SMU, ' Bobby Layne of Texas and Clyde Scott oJ Arkansas — while tackle pick Harris of Texas lacked only one vote of being the unanimous c'rjpice of United Press staff writer* and sports writers throughout tji« seven-team circuit. 'Other Mustangs getting th« coveted nwnrds Included end Sid Halll- <!dy, tackle John Hamberger and Giiard Ea/1 Cook. Rice placed center Joe Watsoi »nd guard J. W. Magee nad TCU'. lone berth went to fullback Pete Stout. Competition was not even close for most, of the positions with the tightest races being for one tackle »nd one guard post. Humberger, one of the mainstays iu. SMlTs staunch line, nosed out Texas A, and M.'s Jim Winker by three votes us a running mate to th* def garnerei place ballots. Hambcrger gi : 'Joe Magllolo of Texas nnd Chuck Stone of Baylor pushed Cook Sower, Mentor of Undefeated Jayhawks, Is Coach of Week BT H, Pettrs* n 4 (United Prrsx SporU Kdllor) | NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (UP)— He vns rnfsod on the beef and brawn of powerhouse football, but his first ,hree requisites for a football player are spirit, £i>ced and stamina. He locsu't draw the line anywhere on he weight chart. Anyone who can nut And block •an play on his club and his sys- ;em lias paid off well. He's the United Press Coach of the Week, big' George Snuer of the University of Kansas' unbeaten Jayhawks. So far ns the fans In the Midlands are concerned, he also, is concli of the year lor in Us'O seasons nt Kansas he has transformed a chronic second division ten.m into a championship club. During his first- season at the helm, the team won seven. g alhcs against two losses and R . tie and shared the Six cham- City Basketball League Teams Begin Play Tonight Piny in Use "V" Oily Basketball league gels under way tonight at the Armory with Jive learns set to iscal Lay Hell Chevrolet's defend Ing champion quint, j Three games: arc scheduled for to- nllihl and ea'ch Thursday night thereafter, with time out for Christmas and New Years. The schedule Includes ton Ramos for each team with an additional round to decide the 'championship at the season's close. In the season's curtain-raiser, Loj Kich plays Simpson Oil Co. at o'clock and this Is followed by the Hays Store and . Ark-Mo Powei Game at 8:00. The finale for the evening will match Wakeflcld Serv- ' votes us a runiung maie ™ ( seasons ant efensive wizard, Harris, who . . . e red 27 of a possible 28 first-1 " cd *; Dl " e " ballots. Hambcrger got 16, '"i 10 "" Blg SU Ul plonsliip with Oklahoma. This season, In K tough 10-game schedule, his club won eight, lied two and again shared the conference crown with Oklahoma. When the team dcfealed Arizona in a wild scoring game Saturday night it marked Kansas' first undefeated season sitice 1923. They had been fired for that game by (heir selection Io oppose Georgia Tech In the Orange Bowl at Miami on New Year's Day. I.EghU-sl I.nnp! Clnl>s Each of his clubs at Kansas has been the llRhtcst in the conference. The 214-pound coach has carried a 120-pound halfback on his squad for two seasons and one of his Iwo- oicc, weighs only 155. "If they can block and tackle play on my team," Saner ice Station afialn'st Playmore Hards. flil- Forrest City Meets Parkin In Grid Game John V aught, Ole Mi$s Freshman' Coach, Homed SEC 'Coach ot the Year' NASHVILLE, Term,, Dec. The University of Mississippi's John Vaught, a "freshman" • in head coaching ranks, was named by his fellosv mentors today' as the 1047 "Coach-of-thc-year" In the Southeastern Conference. Vaught, who led Ole Mis* to the Conference championship, wan named for the lop spot by seven of the 12 coaches In the Nashville Banner's annual poll. He also picked up a total of 82 points on a 10-5-3 scoring basis for first, second and third places. That nave the former All-America guard at Texas Christian a healthy lead over VanderbiR's "Red" Sanders, who was second with three place votes and a total of 48 points. "Red" Drew, who returned from Mississippi to Alabama this year and thereby gave Vaught. his head coaching chance, was third with 40 points, picking up the remaining two first place votes, Bobby Dodrt, of Georgia Tech; Pan! Bryant, of Kentucky; and Al- Jyji McKeen, of Mississippi State placed fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively. By United I'rrss Scmi-finnl play in tlic Arkansas Conerly Has His "Day"; Clarksdale Citizens Present Him With New Car By William }. fox (1'nilfil Prnn BporU Wrller) CLAKKSDALE, Miss., Dec. 4 (UP) —Charity Conerly, (he kid who passed his way to immortality with a collene football, was a man will) honor In his own home town today. The "chunkor," who led the University ol Mississippi to Its' Jirst Southeastern Conference title In history, had his "day." Clarksdiilc and the people of Hie rich Mississippi Delta came last night to pay him honor. They gave him a car and said nice things about him. The home town folks cheered and kidded him. The local paper published a special edition in Charley's honor. ned Grange, the fabled "Galloping Ghost" of the Illinois teams of the twenties, praised the kid and wished he were young »gatn. Bui Charley Conerly, quiet, served, shy in the midst of such acclaim, said nothing. The home town folks, the kids especially, honored Charley u »n All-America player, holder of a new National Collegiate passing record. Southeastern Conference passing records, and fireman of the rebels' Delta Bowl-bound steam-rolling team. Conerly, • fromer mortar fun- ner in the Marines, stood In quiet embarrassment while orators polished and embellished the football legends. Ultimately, Conerly hoped to play pro baseball or football. He Is draft property of the Washington Redskins of the National League. Detroit was considering him a* a baseball prospect. He played third base and pitched for the Rebels and Is a powerful hitter. But today, Charley Conerly was the hero here. As one story had It, a small boy stopped a waitress about to wash a cup. "Don't wash that cup!" the small- fry commanded. "I want It—Charley Conerly drank out of It I" Practice Session Tonight For Dart Ball Leaguers Teams In the "Y" Tnter-Chmch Dart Ball League will engage In a 'practice session tonight, at 7:30 in the "Y" rooms, In preparation for school football playoff gets! the opening of championship play LSI/ Favored Over Tulane But The Wave Is Hot About Oats underway tonight with Parkin meeting Atkins at Forrest City in All will Alone 01 nnjiui puntiL-u ^-\Jv^ iv** i . - ..A,, the other guard post. MaGee got j explained. 'Otherwise, they re bet- 30;points while Cook got 16, Mag- llolo 14 and Stone 12. Baumgardner, Halliday and the Utter's running mate, Dick ncink- Ihc, dominated the voting at Mhe Bnumgarrtner got 28, Halliday 24 and Retaking 13. '. i. Watson Tops Center Voting ' Watson, whose terrific play was Instrumental In Rice's late strong Ahowing, dominated the center voting, getting .23 points to 12 for SMU's Cecil Sutphin. /There was no question about Iji'yne, Walker and Scott for three •ffthe backfield posts, but Stout's mefisaticnal performances In late t»rneE — especially against SMU— brought him the edge over SMU's Dfelc McKlssack for tho fullback irjbt, stout got 19 poinU to Mc- iKiss!ick'« 11. ' frhe »econd team balloting was *3p»« In ionic spots, but the choices irjsnt to Ranking and J. Williams #' RJ« «t'. end, Wlnkler and Jim Minor of Arkansas at tackle, M|«- •Uolo and Ston« at guard, Sutphin ter off in the rooting .section. The big man from Ncbtnskn— he was an All-Amerlcaii fullback there in 1933—Insists on two tech- nlciiics. "Defense is natural," he holds. "Players have to learn to block. It is hard for most of them. But it pays off on good offensive football, and yon can win many games wltli only n minimum of scoring." That typifies Bauer's coaching methods. Like most of the new generation of coaches, lie doesn't tear into the boys at half-time with pep talks and verbal lashings after defeats. His approach always is eool, pains-tnking and> intelligent. He analyzes opponents' strengths and weakcnesses to his scguad. There is no effort io Inflate the opposition or degrade it. He presents the tnsk at hand in a concise manner, thet sets about arming his charges to perform It, like n general conducting an important campaign. Tin method is (he same whether the "B" Division encounter, other games in "A", and "B" be played tomorrow night or Sat- rday afternoon. Ill the other "B" game. McCrory vill play ncrmott at Stuttgart to- norrow night. Meanwhile four Double "A" con- cmlcrs are completing i ji series of ight workouts today before mov- i; Into (heir semi-finals. Sublnco Academy's Trojans will ilay at North Little Rock tomor- -ow night, and Little Hock will i>ay a return visit to El Dorado Saturday afternoon. Little Rock seeking revenge for an early-sen- son tie with El Dorado, will be Rt ull strength in Saturday's game North Little Rock will be hoping 'or a comeback after .dropping its first game of the season to Little Rnck on Thanksgiving Day. In "A" Division play, Forrest City will meet Hooncvillc In Conway and Paragonld will play Magnolia in Jonesboro. Both games will be played tomorrow night. Final games arc scheduled for next week, with the Double "A" championship Io be played in Little Rock. : »Vcenter .nd'Huey Keeney of Bice, i Bi'ne be major or minor. CHI Johnson of SMU, Tom Lnndry "Anrt the procedure still will be he same for Georgia Tech and 11 Texas »nd McKlssack In the ' ^Honorable mention* vent to:. '' ^Ends — Schwart?.kope of Texas, Bijltey of TCU, McGaha and Can*4* of Arkansas. , Tackles — Edwards and Killman *ti TCU, Tinsley of Baylor. Ethridge ot SMU, Petrovich of Texas, Sprutll of Rice snd Lively of Ar- •Guardj — Btautzenberger of A. in^i M., Pike and. Hicks of TCU, iiwis of SMU" "and T. Roberts of 'Arkansas. \Center -r- B. Iliomas of Arkansas. [Backs -^ Berry and-Knox of .TCU, Gillory aucl Canady of Texas. Page and Ramsey of SMU, Du- .§ek and Hollmlg of Texas A. M., and Price of Baylor. and D.urocher-Vfill Manage Burnt- Daily Mirror Says NEW-YORK, Dec. 4. (UP)—Leo •Durocher has-been signed to man- Orange Bowl," he, said. in January. Actual play will begin January 8 with tour teams already lined up and ready to go. Additional teams would be welcome. Teams already entered represent First Presbyterian's defending champions. First Meth.dist. Lake Street Methodist and First Christian. Ily Charles Nethaway (United I'rrss Sports Writer) NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 4. (UP) — ['he odds-makers had made Louisana Slate a lUH'-poInt favorite today to whip Tnlane here next Sat- irday. But some ol them hadn't icard about the oats. Anyway, the 20-foot letters sliding "L. S. U." across the face of the Tulane gridiron had looked like oats, And if the Tiger.s lose before an expected 08,000 fans, they c charge it to the seed department. Since the oats popped into plain and embarrassing view, Tulane has been mulling over various plans for Christmas Trees I Holly & Mistletoe I Cedars—Any Size " iSpecUl Price* la Business Firms, \ Churchei and Schools ' Place Your Order How!' \ Morelond's \ MUSIC STORE |Phone *m 315 So. 2nd Football Fans fo See Game by Television at Mere $20 Per Spectator PASADENA, Cnl., Dea 4. (UP)— Reserved .seats were celling for $20 today to see the Michigan-Southern California Rose Bowl game—by television. Cocktail lounges in the vicinity of the Rose Bowl with television nge the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1948, the New York Daily Mirror said today in R copyrighted story. 'Die question of whether Durocher would return to the Dodgers following his one-year suspension ended when he flew from the West Const to Dodger 1 President Branch Rickey's Chesterton, Md.. home, the Mirror said. There Durocher supposedly signed the contracl. Pel Manager Traded To Birmingham Barons NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 4. (UP) — Fred Wallers, who led the New Or- L'lniis Pelicans Into n photp-finish for the Southern Association pcn- nnnl In his first year n.s manager, lortay was traded to the Birmingham Harons lor Tirst ha.scinan Bob TlcicJ, Acting General Manager Vincent H».'M, Riuiounccd ihn trade for the Pels, said the ricnl wsus a straight layer exchange with no cash inched. Walters piloted the New Ortenns jlub fo second place in the 1947 Southern campaign, '['he Pels fin- shed a hnU-gamc behind .Mobile i a race that went undecided until hu day of the .season. Razorback Cagers Win Initial Game FAYRTrEVILLE. Ark. Doc. 4 lU.P.I—The Arkansas Kap.orback were oft to a flying slnrl in tlicl 1D-17-48 basketball season toda after plastering PiUsljnrg, Kan Teachers 75 to 42 here last night The two teams played before at ! all-student aiiclinnce. -•• Leartins; the scoring was tower day he granted a 12,400 bottom on ing George Kok, veteran six-ioot! purses. The horsemen accepted. ten-inch center, who flipped In | 13 field goals for '2(i point-s. lie was followed by .sophomore forward James Cathcart with 14 points The visitors failed to make' a. field goal during the first 13 min-l utes of the game. The Hogs rest until- Monday night when they tanple with Culver-Stockton College of Chn- Idii, Mo., here. They will not open their Southwest Conference play until after the first of tile year. Owners' Boycott Ends At Gulf stream Park . HOLLYWOOD, Fla.. Dee. 4. (UP) —The pates of Gulfstream Park were flung open today follow in; settlement of a horse owners' boy- noil which kept the track dark for two days. GuHstrcam had opened the Florida Winter sea.son Monday, only to be shut down Tuesday when owners demanded a minimum S2.500 purse, At first track president James Donti refused to budge from bis minimum $2.000 purse for the first 10 days ol (lie meeting, but yester- revenge. The oats had been yanked out by the roots, but that wasn't enough. ! A victory over the Tigers, Tulane said, was the only way to right a grave wrong. There was no indication, however, that Tulane had been molding back enough all season to whip the Bayou Bengals. Except for a shocking win over Alabama and a runaway over pool' Auburn, Tulane had suffered mightily all the way. The Greenles tied Florida, of course, but nobody here bragged about that one. Tn the Southland, it was a well- known fact that the thing LSU liked to see best were flying teeth spraying the field from Tula tie brldgework. Y. A. Tittle, LSU'R great quarterback and passing star, hoped to continue his role against Tulane. He hns beeti poison to the Wave for the past two seasons, and If his ankle permits, he promises to be more of the same this week. The Greenies escaped with their lives, barely, in a clash with Notre Dame at South Bend, and appearec hi good physical condition. Morale was high on the campus but onl; so-so ! in the locker room. Coach Henry Frnka wasn't talking. LSLTs 5-3-0 record looked cnougl better than Tutane's dismal 2-5-! figure warrant boarding the Tigei breeze in the season-ender. Concrete Tile Sewer Tile SI in 4, ( and K Inch Culvert Tile Si«» !•. 12. IS. II, 21, H M •nd M Inch A. H. 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Brought o America originally from the Or- \verc a.ssipnlng scats for the New Year's Day game. Tlicy paid as n fls aH the .scats were occupied •U ^anie Eiine, doors \vonirt be locked r duration of the name. Tlie price did not include re- frr.slimcnts.' These units are reconditioned strictly in accord- »nce with factory methods—clutches, brake shoos, crankshafts, •,and many others. They give the same service "and .long life, as new units. You can buy .International Exchange Units from us »nd put'them in yourself, or we'll do the installing. For any kind of truck service —from » simple lubrication job to » complete program of preventive maintenance —come to us. Our' \ filled mechanics use International-Approved equipment and precision-engineered International Parts. Our service provides real ton-mile economy. Phone or stop in today. 912 SOUTH 2»P ST. IIONAI^HARVESTE PHONE863 British Ryder Cup Team Tees-Off In Orlando Open ORLANDO. Pia., Dec. 4. (UP) — Two British Ryder Cuppers and almost the entire American team were in the lineup today as the cream of (.he nation's golf pro.l iced off lor the first round of the $10,000 Orlando Open. Eric Green and James Adams were the Britishers in the field, holding to their pro-Ryder Cup match promise that they'd have a Fling at American dollars during their stay in the U.S. Only Byron Nelson ami Lloyd Mangnim were missing from the American team. However. Bantam Ben Hogim, a winner of the Orlando Open two ycfir.s ago. was suffering from a bad ba^k ?nd may not play. He wn.s here, however ready to lee nff if he felt right. It was an nmaleur—Ferlice Torza of Hartford, Conn.—who led the 100-man field which played in the litying round yesterday. The top pros did not have to nurvllfy. Torra shot a 6(i. Next to him wa Herman Scharlau of Blooiningtoi 111., with a 67. while Darwin Whit of Atlanta, Ga., had a 6fl; Harol Paddock of Chargin Palls, O., a 69; mid Will Miller of Chattanooga,. Tenn., John Teal of Jacksonville, Pia.. and W. Binkcmo of Detroit all shot'even 70s. lent, this game bird is Being flown to islands of the Pacific to restock bird populations depleted by the \vnr. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT "Sour Mush" WHISKEY YELLOWSTONE Bottled in Bond Boiirbon 100 Proof POUND FOOLISH if, ,» P . dfs*rve good »hoe repairing. See U H-fl LTCRS QUflLITY SMOG SHOP 121 w. M a i N ST. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Wafer Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced r . Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 2611 — 2611 — 2611 — 2611 IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN A FIRST LINE TIRE . . . GET THE NEW HOOD 400" Barrett Hamilton, Inc., iMMribntor, Little R fust ask...*re like to say "YES" to LOANS AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, Privat* Service • Personalized Attention GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE 1 CORPORATION Com* j'n or iilephonm 2923 122 W. Ash St. BL.YTHEVILLE 201 West Ash Street Did You So/ Service? 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