The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1947 BTjTl'HBVILLB (ARK.)" OOTJRIER NEW! PAGI KLJBTOf Latest Thing in Flying Boxcars _-_ .,._ — ..-.(-..•—,—f,w; * Anti-Inflation Plan Proposed NAM Offers 12-Point Program and Placet Stress on Production NEW YORK, Dec. 4 (UP)—The Natjonul Association of Manufacturers yesterday laid down a U- polnt recovery program designed to cjjjo inflation and assure aid tol TBk oft , or a lcst nop ^ Hageistown, Md., i> Ui« Air : Force'i fflRign nations. newest dying boxcar, the C-119. Designed to csrrj a nine-ton Earl Bunting, president of the earl!o „, ^pj !md mBV c,iel for 2000 miles, the craft has a cruising Association, outlined the plan b«- increase of ZB mph over Its predecessor, tlw fore the NAM' 62nd annual Con- JPJ^ ^ iTsaid that 700 ol the new planes could cnrry a full to- gress of American Industry here. • fantrr division and all its equipment. Under it, provision would-be made I for tax reduction, debt reduction, 1 " curtailment of inflationary bank credit expansion, and Increased productivity. Bunting stressed production the only cure for the "squeeze" which high prices have put upon skilled craftsmen, white collar workers, the self-employed, and others whose In , comes have Increased less than the wages of manufacturing workers. He said that President Truman State's Post-War Crime Wave \Apparently Didn't Materialize By Bob Brown I murder. (United Press Staff Correspondent) 1 Johnson told prison officials lha TUCKER PRISON FARM. Ark., i h)s cfn , nale Ira c . nrown. had posl-war | bna5teri of the slaying of I'crc. iDec. 4. lUPt — "•-"• • '*" ' - • r . . UUU.IUi, - - .•-••*- -. .- ^,u „..,.. .„._„..-.-...-.-. | cl . imB wave | n Arkansas, as rcllect- W allncc Hill on the Union Station ba had said, in effect, that the only; ed in ^editions during 1947, failed ; pl[l/a , n uu)p Hock |njl Ja|1 4 » a way to defeat the police state hoard to materialize. i ofliccrs however, were nimble to is to adopt police state methods] Records at the state penitentiary is to adopt police state methods Records at the state penitentiary j hl . calc rjVown's alibi and t at home," and that he disagreed. i, ere rcv cal that six convicts died mn | [ c | crk - s killing with any such premise. !„ t)i e electric chair in 1947 — a unsolved _ Earlier In the day speakers figure slightly above the average . stressed the challengs to the American system ol free enterprise of the Soviet method, which Allen \V Dulles, p" ident o* the Council of Foreign Relations of NAM. s'lld Is striving to prevent our helping to restore Europe's economy. Dulles held that the Soviet Union Is gambling on the failure of our system; not on the success of Its own method. Outlining his 12-point program. Bunting said that "we've got to take every step courageously, with our eyes and our hearts fixed, regardless of!selfish group of individual Interer 1 -,.on the nation's welfare." His program follows: l.'Reductlon of government spend of 4.5 executions In ge previous Ihe rail- remains ] IXJIU-uiuum; 1&& by maximum efficiency In ad-1 t ax i driver. mSistratioi). elimination of exces ten years. The records also showed that the total was one below the ten-year high of seven executions in 1939. Assistant Superintendent Lee Hcnslec said, however, that the number ot executions was not high, being only a little above average : and not quite as high as the.pre- j war years of 1938 and 1039. | He added that only two persons. were electrocuted during each of the war years of 19+3 and 1915. Of the six men executed this year, five were Negroes. Tlie only j white man was youthful Vollie Bill I Bales who died M*y 16 ror the ] cold-blooded slaying ot a Mena Others lo die, nil NeRnics. were: Clifton Holmes, executed Jan. 10 for rape In Jefferson County; Albert. Hodges, executed Jan. 17 fnr rape In pulaskl County; and Jeff Henley, executed Jan. 24 for imir- der In Lee County. Snyder Invites Congress to Deliver Ideas WASHINGTON. Dec. 4. lUi') — Secretary ot the Treasury John \V. Snyder today Invited Congress -a rome lip wllh Us own Idea* on how to tight IntltUlon, Snydrr told a press conference Hint President Trumnn has no in- ontlon of IryiiiR (o sluit off or onlrol coiiRrossloiKil thinking on lie r.ubjrct. "He'd be pleased if I hey had Ideas o[ their own," li* said. Snyder, wlio has made some ap- warnccs before congressional coni- nillces lo elaborate on tlie Id-point ))an In Mr. Truman's congress-op - ning speech, said the administration's layout still in in the process He said that lie and Uhalrman Maiiiner S. Ecclos of thn Federal Reserve board would "try to sit down and work out somcthlnR" on the conflicting views they expressed belore congressional coiumlttecs. Ecclr-.s suggested thai some of the Inflationary easy credit could be dried up by ie<|iilriii|s rominc-rda! banks lo establish special roscrvo funds. Snyder wasn't enthusiastic and conti'tiilcd the most powerful \vcnpon a«ahisl int'lallon Is the continued reduction of the federal debt. Snyder's pic^s oonrrronce remarks pointed up Ihe political as»ocl o! the capltol's worried concern ovei the c<Ml of living. U.S. Worm American! In Paltitint of Danger WASHINGTON, l*c. *. (UP) — The Slate IXnurtmrnt h»s elerled Its diplomatic office* In the Near Bunt to posalble danger! tO'Ani*- ilcan'nallonuls as » result of r«- cent anil-American demoiutra- lons and Hi* growing tension b»- wecn Arabs and Jewi. MilhorlU- Ive sources dlsclowd yeMerday. These source* said It WM po«*'- ,le thnl American clllr.eii*, particularly women und children, mlghl b« advlxA to •vuuat* teouM«d a-1 WM du» through the utonjr nofl to r«a« If (lihtlni Utvtlopa u aeo- Unrry waUr from ihe Salt Rlv«r. n ^ n %™££&AX. »'• «"<"•• »».«• «P to ,0 it It was tmphailMd howev«r, .that nothing ho occurred y«t In lh« Ne»r Bast which would «el evacuation plum In motion. Crop* ht DM*ri In what now U only arW Arl- »ina d«»ert, «rl» American In- dlani grew bounUtul ~ oropa lon« before Ihe d.yi at Columhui. ») h«nd labor alone, « network at Irrigation Canali 1*0 mllti In l«n«lh in width, urf place*. W to* Read Courier Ncivi Want Ads. AUTO UPHOLSTERY SHOP Steel Oil Barrel Rack* Any Ar LEE MOTOR SALES, 307 East Main Street Inc. Phone 519 Yes, we do nil kind* of unto iiplioUtevijig, uslinc onl> Ihe most durable MA pleasing mat«ri«l«. We m»Kt SKAT COVKKS, tailored to fil your cushions. «« also do DOOR PANELS, BACK PANELS »nd ARM R KSTS Alw VlBAl) UN1NG, SKIMN TOP DUCKING end CONVKKTIBI.K TOPS, Wo rebuild truck scats—fit rubber mats, cut, fa »»<i bind Iwok snil. cm-pel*. 'M.,- l,ol voni- initci upholstery trouble* be mil troubles. We do onr work efficiently and economically, "iour business appreciated. t Thomas J. Lilly & Son For the Beft In Tailored Auto Trim T. L. MABRY 4tl MISSOURI IT. ril. U21 CityblJi* 1407 F*r m Felix A. Carney DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON 1 CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality llO'/i E. Davis St. , Phone 4641 nive personnel and activities, and postponement of all government, expenditures not Immediately necessary. 2. Immediate and substantial reduction of Individual Income tax rates to provide, funds for further capital '"vestment. 3. Adoption of a systematic plan for the public debt, with EL minimum amiuat debt retirement of 82,500.000,000. 4. Retirement of poveimnent bonds held by banks with the proceeds of a new long-term government bond issue at rates atractlve to individual Investors. Reduce Bank 8. Biscouragement ary expansion of bnnlc credit by permitting Interest rates to seek their own levels, free of government domination. 6. Redoubling of management's eff9rts to increase production, lower. Four of the men died for murder while the two others were sentenced for rape. Probably the most brutal crime was the murder and criminal assault of a Forrest; City woman taxi driver by Lawrence Willie Dukes, St. Francis Covmty Negro. Dukes, who was captured shortly after the death of pretty Mrs. John Boyd. died Aug. 8 In one of the state's few double executions. Joining DUkcs in death on that date was Cubic Lee Johnson. Little Rock Negro who had succeeded in postponing his final hour by attempting to implicate a fellow convict In another Little Rock U.S. Low Would Prevent ! Strikes As in France \ ROANOKE. Va., Dec. 4, (UP 1 Rep. Fred A. Hartley. Jr., R., N. J., UIL^IH LUOIA, flJT^J^paF^ .OH .. t>'«~.***-'"-•*?•• ot such increasedproductlon to the; public. ' , 7.. Elimination of present U. S. •easury pressure upon business to itrlbute at least 70 per cent of its ^.ofits as dividends, in order to en- j;eburage business to plow back earn- i'ings and increase output. t' : . 8. Abandoment by labor leaders vSof demands for further general in- ii'creasts in wages without a corres- jjponding Increase in productivity, •';; except in cases of gross Inequity. \s 9. Setting aside of all restrictions •' of Individual productivity not es- '/senllal to the safety .and. health; of f-jemployes, and of all "feather-bed- ling" rules. 10. Provision -at emergency for| v-elgn relief in fcoods, not In dollars ^with an American relief agency ;^'.making the necessary piir^ase. kx whatever goods in whatever markets '•'•here or abroad, prove most economi ''', and identifying them as provid I.-.ed by the United States. '.') 11. Reconstruction loans as di.s i^tinct from gifts and grants should h .iofinanced through the world ban ^and private sources rather tha .*^from taxes collected from th j.American public. >r 12. Foreign nations should be re , v .quircd as a condition of our ait 'i: to establish sound currencies •i modify and eventually ellmina i'f price control and other controls ov . '^Internal production and distribution Uof commodities. 7 author of the -Taft-Har'tley Lair' fAct,Vs'a'id"*yesterday- thnf law ould prevent any riots and strikes the U. S similar to those now aking place in France. He blamed the French distnrb- ncses on "Communist infiltration nto labor." ' Hartley told the Virginia Horti- ultural Society, here that he will itroduce a "right to work" bill i the regular session of Congress i January. The new bill, he said, would lake it a federal orrense" to Inter- eve with a man's right to work by "mass picketing or force of arms." 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