The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1931
Page 4
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COURIER NRWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THK COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, AdvertUing Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Tbotnu F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, AtUnta, Dallas, Sail Antonio, Ban Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered at second class matter at the post office it BlytuevUle, Arkansas, under act o! Congress October 8, 1917. Served by the United Pres» SUBSCRIPTION RATKS By carrier in the city ol BlyUicvlHe, 15c per week or &6.60 per year In advance. By mall within « radius ol 50 miles, 13.00 per year, »1.60 for six months, 85o (or tlircc mouths; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 16.50 per year, lu zones reven and clijlit, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. School Election Rumors Scarcely credible lire .stork's Hint have been going the rounds to the effect Hutt, certain county l>o:iril of education candidates in today's election were pluccd in the race as an opening' wedge in an effort to bring about the removal of Miss Willie l.awson as coun- . ty superintendent of schools. If there really is such :t plan the Courier News has been unable to lind among the county board candidates any who would confess to being it party to it. If the candidates do not like the county superintendent they seem to realize that it would be noor campaign material to take an open stand against her. On the other hand circulation of a rumor that a certain candidate was involved in such a program might be an effective way of putting him out of the running. 'Worse tricks than.that li'avc been pulled in political contents, i Most persons who take an active interest in school affairs in Mississippi county agree that Jliss Luwso'n is doing a lirst class job. Her office is a nonpolitical one, and ought to stay that •wily. We think the voters of the county will show what they think of any attempt to bring it into politics if the parties responsible will come into . the open. . Federal Paternalism AiJSSHlJSSi'y" i" government,' veganlotf by-many as [Imigei'otis, is now claiming the allcntion of those interested in public ^<T;iii's. It is. the gnultuil dc- velopmenf of federal ]iatci'nalism with a consequent lessening of |x>wcr of the statei. It is a medieval jdea, detrimental lo both national nnd state KOV- ernmcnts. Already it lists been proposed that the federal government collect most of the tuxes and return part of them to the several stoics. Only recently the federal authorities lii^ye stepped into the Chicago picture,'to punish gangsters who have laughed at city and state officials. There arc pleadings for federal aid in this or that. The idea of a strung central government is sound. Rut if it becomes so strong that it destroys the initiative and self-reliance uf the states, there is OUT OUR WAY danger ahead. Calvin Conlidtfe warned of the tendency seven years ago. He who doesn't clean up his own backyard isn't likely to. care much about how the public slroet looks. So is it with the slates. The .Highway Audi I The failure ol tlic 1931 li^WcUurr, v.e are told by the state Audit Commission, was not In making too small an appropriation bill In so limiting Hie powers of (lie commission that it could do no more than examine ttie books of the Highway Department. II found llsolt without power to uo cut nnd Investigate n slm:ie piece of road work, to have k'tls made ol Hie materials used, or engineering studies of the quantities nnd character of construction us contracted for nnd as finally paid fur. 11 had no authority to employ uny expert aid save that of accountants. It had no jKJVicr to subpoena witiKMcs nnd recoids, thus verifying the liiteijrily ol payrolls and inulvrhil purchases. H had nu nu'.horlLy to check macliineryj ccpilp- nient aiut UK- Material on hand, oi 1 to view, appraise and Inventory such Highway Department niopcrty. In its own words, tlie power of the commission was restricted to "Ihe cx.mi- hjalion of rccorO.s." Of 111? in.-itilfidciicy ol such mi examination (lie audit body says: "If there lias bcL'n any Intentional wrongdoing In the allntis ol tlie Highway Ueparl- incnl, It can be discovered only through mean's extraneous to the loconis. A wionadocr nalur- ally seeks to avoid having Ills wrongful -acts appear of record." Deprived of the use- of such "extraneous means" to conduct n real investigation,' lha Audit Cununlsslon readied the imnnlmais conclusion that to proceed ivllh Ihe uudlt inicler the limited powers prescribed by the Iciilstatlvc net "would be a waste of muney." For this frank, honest and decisive action the, members arc entitled to Hie thanks of tlic public. But the public- Isn't Boins; to l« content to wall two years more to let another legislature Imvo a try ut passing :\n audit measure that will give the people an accounting for 'public'' expenditures that will finally reach a hundred million dollars. —Arkansas Gazelle. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Tlic silk \turm, after all, is the iraar hubby who Is obliged to keep his wife in hose. All Ohio burglar stole u baflifub and l;oL away will) it- Police expect him lo come clean. Modem pugilists, opines the olflce sage, arc like erratic motorists; they are imbued v;ith the hit and run Idea. Those college professors appointed tu study prohibition won't lose any time, of course, In putting It lo n test. An optimist Is n South Amerlcfin president v.ho thinks Ihe shonlirig outside is one [ireslden- tlal salute after Ihc other. The vogue fur reducing might acquire some significance if it also uppltc:! to heavy artillery. As fnr as most housewives arc concerned, swatting illcs • will soon become Hie nalioiuil pcst-tinic. Naturalists arc asking New York to adopt u stale bird. We were ol the impression the famous Bronx cheer was the stale bird. The fact mi increashv; number of phon? calls arc being made at Ihe While House should convince you that (he Republicans are quilc a busy party. "The instructor suggested bit more modern." WASHINGTON LETTER ;;ipll:il Gossip: Woman's Party Tniisctl Tor Aitlinp Dcpurtfrt i\m- criran-lUirn \Vcnian; Kaiilu "ISoil- crs' Haunt 1'ulilii'i.uis; 1). A. K. Still dor llans Tubacco; Apple Vcn- pcncU the more difficult It, la- conics. In an address on this subject, Mrs. L. Pelton, who has befn actively concerned in securing installation of hearing equipment, emphasized the fact (liat ttie normal child hears for more than a year before It begins to imitate Hie sounds that It hears In the form ol 6i>ecch. Great progress has been made in Hie teaching of lip reading to ttio haid of hearing. The combination of education In hearing ar.d :>ptcc:i education and lip reading and (ht- provision of suitable devices lor those who hear with such devices means a much happier worW lor these handicapped people In tlie lJ- lure. it has been estimated tho- thcie arc at least three million children In the United Stales who have defective hearing. Early attention to their defects is important Iran the economic iwlnl of view, since Ihe provision of suitable education will make them better able to earn a living fcr themselves and to ii/j normal social lives in tlie future- TODAY IS THE-, ANfilV-ERSAI Erich Itcmarciuc, note;! author, blames German militarists lor circulating the story that his name was once Kramer. He warns them to wutch their llcmarqucs. By Williams iiY »OI>NI-:Y DUTCHKK XKTi Service Writer WASHINGTON.— The National Votnnn's Party finds its cars ring- ng with on unaccustomed amount if praise since it directed everybody's attention to the Labor D> yirtmcnt's cruel Irealmcnt ol Mrs. jillian Larsli, the destitute Amori- :an-b3in woman who was deported lions with her four little girls to Canadian lown where she kn?w 10 one, simply because her husband lad been a Canadian. Usually the party is found push- ng Us equal rights amendment and s bitterly razzed by other women'.-, ;ronps because it would abjlisii lu- jor legislation designed to protect u'Otnen along with other' legal inequalities. It will now, however, work lor a bill lo permit Mrs. Larsh's return and for once all women's national organizations piubably will be on the same side. The Columbia Broadcasting Company's opcialor who cut- (iff President Hoover's radio speech awhile ago still has his jab and that incident and ll-.e one that happened to Democratic Chairman Jonctl St-.nus: 1 in San Francisco rcccnlly arc making public men more careful. Itcov- cr had penciled a couple of nddi- lional paiagrahps onto his speech ns first prepared and the operate: 1 , olimvlng Ihe original copy, sin', lim off before he could gel them on the air. All was satisfactory explainjd. Shouse's radio S'.iddcnlV l-.card him telling a cath- cilng Uiat he was "olf the air" when he wasn't and Republican namnan Simeon Fess charged hf nad then said things on.' woiii.ln'i hav dared say lo a radio audience. ly slill believes lliere Is somc- Ihina bliglilly profane alyjut tobacco. Signs in corridors of Memorial Continental Hu.l primly admonish one: "No Scmk'iis. This is a Memorial hall." * • * Apple vendors have dis.ipp-.'ared from the streets of Washington, but most oiflce buildings liav. 1 in- i'.ed a favorite vendor -if frul-:s mid candies who always looks vciy poor nnd usually undei-lakes to strengthen his position by invdgh- in,' against the Comnr.!:iU[s In various offices. The Junior League bought .the -man who <voi't:s i'S block a swell hat and co:u which he now- wears on his round.-;. A recent article publish-ci by llu- Methodist Hoard of Tempor- fince. Prohibition and Public ,\fcr- n!3, to prove that while :i C/T- tain quantity of wine or bi'-.ndy makes a man crazy, beer in corresponding quantity makes him s'li- pid, contains this tlioiighl: "Su:ne of ns prefer an interesting m to a brutalized idict." Anyway, cocktails are not, being consumed fast enough to take care of a biiruhis of grap-jfr.iit juice ar.d orange juice. The Agriculture Department says pra',:i- eally all citnis-groiving countries I fire increasing production lastei | than world consumption now- ;uiil Hint production probably will kcvi. on increasing, which piesmi,nol> means that just one more serlipr cf agriculture is going to suffer Irom overproduction. AISNli OFFTNSIVK On May 10, 1917. (be Germans. In a detvinneJ effort to secure the initiative, launched a powerful attack on a front of 1*0 and a half miles northeast of Soissoiis. They attempted to break through the French lines north and nortli- wcst of Laffanx Mill, wtic:c the Fmich seriously threatened the whole German position as for north as La Fere. S3 huge were the masses of troops thrown by the Germans against the French lines that at several points the French were driven back l>y sheer force of numbers, but counter-attacks im r mediately organized enabled them to regain lost, ground. The following day the Germans hammered away at tbe counterattacks, especially ou tbc Chemin des Dames. As otic correspondent describes the situation: "The French advance was desperately opposed from (he first, and t has been possible (o extend il nly slightly, but the chief end has been fully attained. The tide of the German assault . swells up, iplashcs over a piece ol trench here or there, is broken, and in its ebb caves terrible human wreckage to nark one more failure." 1'tpularily uf S^usasc Cirows LONDON, England, (UP) — The owly sausage has at last come into Is own, according to manufacturers who sny .Maylair butlers have doubled their usual standing orders. SATURDAY, MAY-16. 1931 THIS CURIOUS WORLD ( SHEWtfBD DOG" is IHE 7t7V-e Aoopreo INTHCiWTeO S'tKTES, BV THF B&EE O Sf£CIAOy CWSAMI7ATION, FO«. TH& ALSATWN SHEPHERD," GER/MM POi-tCE, POLKE DOG AMD W01.F O03 ABE NOT" CFFICIAL PROHIBIT THf R-YtNS OF ARRAMES OVffR. AM STATS' PRISONS, ATi£S51KAU (ooo FEET SHEPHERD oos). SUCH CHURCH EXCUSES -Hy George W. "lie lias not dealt, with us nfter cm- ?!ns; nor rewarded us according to our initmitia;. For as Ilia liEavens is high above tli» earth, so great is liis mercy toward them that fear him." i':irt of 103rd 1'salm. ATTEM) CHURCH SUNDAY Committee- 110,000 Chinese Children Reported as Illiterates I'EII'ING. (UP)—Jlorc Ulan 110.000 of tlie 130.0M children of school in Pciping cannot road but asks that n gradual increase in the number of schools IK made. write, and there arc no schools to To Cremate Pauper ST. LOUIS, Mo., (UP) — at. Louis has substituted a crematory for the potters field, as the result or ' of an appropriation of $30,000 for that purpose, because the present teach them, Wans Chier.-lisia, di- |ioUcrs ^ '- K mcA lo capac i ty . rector of the city educational mi- Play Golf CCHVALLi;, in High Ilccls Origon. (UP) — city rcau, declared, in submitting a quest for increased funds. Wang says that it is possible at j Properly dressed golfers itrj af- present to teach only 20,000 beys forded good comedy by the new and girls in Peipiiigr. lie admits j gr.rb of Oregon .State College cn- Iliat the bureau cnnnot provide | cd mashic swingers. High heels schcols for all children ;it cnec, f and afternoon frocks predominate. " LOOvX-LCOK* \ t GOT HERE. MEAO AGO AKl' \MtMT" OUT AM 1 MftOE. A \.M(£H. HE. BE A Hi AM BE. ~\ MADE . -. AMD \OOE5NTSVAMT" PEOPLE KNOVXJIK! BOLL &AV& TH' SEMO OFF- -- SO, SORE 8oU- H\M ooT OP 6E1M' A POOR, HIS AGIM , \F A GOV VClCKS VOU GOT OF A BOAT-To AM'VOO c T& svnM —IT'S HARD "To THAUW' 'iM. •STiLL MAO AT1H BOLL O' "fa VMOODS FER v\ivAV, Senator Davis of Pennsylv.inu'.. former secietary ol labor, .-ji-i.-- tinies known ns "nanja Jim." :s:r; always taken seriously here, b 1 .;: C.L Ct;:hdsp recently lold :i frieiiii th:r. whrn he had y\iiiitfd lo get a tliii:-^ dor.c Davis u;is tli3 most <!cpi-:i:l.;- blc in his cabinet. Jim. i-.." i-x- pluinc:!. h:ui a faculty of in_;r,U!- atir.y himself nnd getlint; p^jp^ 1 to do those thinys. Tin- famous D. A. R. A speaker ut ll-.e recent, Chamber of Commcicc meelings departed from his prepared speech lo tell inlerestliie tales about how the mtcners - Illinois corn crop used to go to Connclinn distilleries bill didn't any mere because of competition and how Mohammedans in the Sudan were persuaded to work only on promise of trips to Mecca in return for two years' labor and then tcld al Mecca they must work a couple of years more for their passage home. Ther.- was n bi» story just before tin- Inlctnational Chamber of Commerce Congress thai foreign delegates would all?.ck Ihc United States for trading with Uussla. At the congress itself you couldn't [ir.d delegates from any important ccuntry that wasn't trading with Russia, so tint's presumably why th:re wasn't anj falkics Add New Handicap to Millions of Hard oi! Hcarina IIY nu. MOI:I:IS rism:i;i\ ^iliti:r, Ji.tlinal nf Ihr ^nuiji Mr;iic;il Awo.-i.iliuu, niul ci llvRi-i.i. Ihr lir.illh ^l.iM'iu. One oi Ihe most Intcrr Un : i •-:r,voinr;its in bohalf n[ iian:lica;)pcd that has laki'n ; in net-lit years Is a sr.-utii.ii ,v ^ion of pcrnianenl ihsta'hi'.i'tvi dcucrs in clnirch; r . tl-.r.iters. Whrn Filrnt motlo:i p. • rrpKscnlrd the only lypr a\,.i:.i pfople who were har-1 of I-..- .: fo'.it:d lliem particularly .i: : .r.-.- as pjacos of cntcrlainni.-i-.-. 'i' catr.r Ihe talklrs iind ir.n •. o: ph-asure in alleiubnce u n-.. liirlme.s disappeared i--r :;: , h.i:;d:rapped people. In the meantime, i: h?.:'. ';. .: frimd Uiat manv pcopl 1 -. ;:;:•'. '.am !:,p"s of dcnfne- 1 - .-.'.M - : . well, provide! lliey Yt.i\<- :h.- .- ; anci- of Miilable h'av::!.; i',\ : .,. UnfoiInnately surh hcaii:-.: ut.,i, demand special cnmpmnr. w'.:-.,:i ; r.o: r:;iwrally available. When these facts were tro ;-.•.: HEIRLOOMS OF 1931 A Young member of some far-off generation will take down a piece of stemmed glassware from a cupboard. . . . "Look, they used this glass on their daily table.". . .He will- lift a length of glowing drapery from a chest ____ "They used this curtain at their window" • ,.;.-..:: i'<V.U'.:l .places of pnblir iiifirurtion and riv •in''tcrlaiiimeii:. partitnlarly in Chi f cago. Ihcy rircidcd lo co-oporati and to iml.ili lh:> necessary equip '.'- incut. There is hi Chicago lo:l:v ' one theater in w!;:ch M seals Iiav. been prcvidctl for the harrl c, '••• hearing. When Ilir deafened |x-o '•' "-' |.le conic lo ihis Ihe.ilcr Ihr :-;l merely ask at Ihe hoN olficc aiv Ihcy arc pio\i<lcil witli car phonr . , vhlrh nrc pln-j-:cd into (he elrc- I... lricc-,1 conntcf.on on the special i.,- r*-at A half dozen theaters rievoi- ;-. . id to talking motion picturos nrc ;, n rimllarly cq-nppt-it. Many clmrclie.s! •' • lia\c provide:! the necessary equip-! ; .., incnt in the form of electric con-1 ; t nertlons nnd I'.eart phones. j T"?-t? linv? brcn m.Kle of lhon-. •:-. sands of school children, and u II.IN ] 1 - l::rn found that mntiy oi (licm who j •i ,110 con^idrrrii deaf have slight rr- ;- mains of Ihe hearing nppar.itiip. •' -. IL is necessary to e.liioate thrro prcmplly. otherwise Ihc! pcrtiens of tiic brain devoted to' the tense cf hc-.innj beco'.ne quirs-! cont from disuse and the Heirlooms such as these will indicate to them our 1931 civilization. But there will be another record— the pages of our newspapers and magazines. licre in advertisements they will read of everything worthy that is posscssablc today. They will sense tlie countless shops- that carry these offerings . . . the .end less labor in factories, improving, perfecting things. Likely enough they will marvel a little that you can buy goods so fresh ("This mayonnaise might have just been made in your kitchen") so carefully prepared ("It took us three years to perfect this cream") . . . so dependable (This cigarette has always the same satisfying fragrance") ... so recent (Only the other day this diamond bracelet came to this country"). !)l Perhaps those for-off readers will want to make some of these pin-chases themslvcs— and won't be able to, because of time and distance intervening. But you can! You do!' Neither time nor distance deters you. Here it is — anything you wish to buy. Homespun tweeds from Scotland . . . breakfast flakes from sunny whcatlands in, the West- There is romance back oil every advertised good thing. Romance of change, of the .ceaseless effort at perfection. Advertisements arc true mirrors of the best to be had today. They give you an easy, happy scrvcy of all that is buyable. They help keep you chic in yourself, your surroundings, every inch of your purchasing. . . . Read them and remember their news: the attention o£ owners of v,i::y.-j trie time of re-education Is post-11

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