The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1947 BI/YTHEVIUJ5 (ARK.)' COURIER NEW* Pay Control Bill To Be Introduced Schwellenbach Says He Will Offer Draff To Show Republicans WASHINGTON, Dec. 4.' (UP) Secretary of Lalx>r Lewis B. Schwellenbach said yesterday would give Congress a bill f nek which would show how the .Imlmstratioii's emergency If-nnd- when proposed wage control program could lie put in etiect. Anssvcrin" Republican Congressional crltioism that it was imixw- sible to draft legislation on tlie basis of President Truman's aull- inflBtion program, schwcUcnniicli said lie would have the bill ready for the House Bnnklni? committee to "show It can be done." High Butter, Meat Prices Spur Congress to Act on Living Cost The labor secretary that It would "in no sense lie an administration bill." His draft, he said, would merely' set out detailed proposals "In legal language" and it would not be an attempt "to cive this to the committee as our final legislative mutter." By Lylr C. Wllnon United I'r'ess Staff OorrMponiWnt •WASHINGTON. Dtc. 4. (UP) — Butler at close to »1 a pound and high meat prices combined today to prod Congress toward action on the cost of living. The hot spot Is the Senate where business is lax at present. Republicans were struggling to come up with a party program in answer, to the wage-price control bombshell President Truman tossed Congress hist month. Practical politicians taw living casts ns the top Issue ol the !04« presidential campaign. Purther- , more, they believed that the party held responsible by voters for high I prices probably was going (a lose. ! The making of party records on the I overall issues of living costs will I consume much time In the ciirrenl inhnsl/.ed i session and more alter Jan. 3 when Congress a?ain convenes. There was considerate feeling that Mr. Tinman's message asking Congress for emergency action to cope with inflation was much mor effective politically than the de vclonment of the administr.itioi Sclnvellenbach's statement was program by cabinet members ap marie after a hearing before the , pearins before Congressional com banking committee. Ho did not in- ! m iitees. The comparative weakness dicatc what proposals his bill would ; „( t |,c artminlstvation case before contain. 'Congressional committees genera ly Bill lo <;d Allrnlum jwas attributed to division in Ihc i-fKiv manv congressmen were a-'cabinet on such basic issues as la- Tut It was certain llv.t his hill : lioiiins. 'price controls and wage would receive careful atrntlon. Al- | ceilings. larmcd b v the announcement of | Republicans still lacked « party the new (MO wage drive for "sub- i liro oram. There were some Indi- slantial" increase. ] cations, however, that their first President. Truman has asked Congress to give' him, amoti£ other powers lo combat ti.sir.g in'ice.s, authority to control prl -s and wages But he said this authority would be used only if it- became absolutely necessary. Schwellcnbach told the committee that, pasaec of (lie emergency foreign aid bill to help out Italy, year's campaign. That put II »P to Tall In the Senate where he Is recognized as chief parly spokesman on domestic policy. When • Senate Republicans bcstn to put their program together they probably will come up with * combination of Taft's plan ns outlined in Philadelphia Monday night and the recommendations of he .Senate group of which Sen. Ralph E. Flanders. R., Vt., was halt-man. One or the other und sometimes both of these programs agreed with Mr. Truman's (n some important notably on continua- loi> of rent controls, action to curb commodity market .speculation, nore elelclive control ol exports and ^domestic credit and voluntary measures to conserve food. Flanders' group wns a subcommittee ot (he Senate Economic Committee which is representative ol Western States. That group Joined Tu 11 In opposition to price controls but would ration scarce items such as butter and meat if necessary. Neither the Flanders committee nor Tad wanted wage controls. On some riue.stlons the Republicans were [ar apart Erom each other iKit, they were confident Dial If Mr. Truman's program were put to a vote in either House the Democrats also would be pretty badly divided. Meyer's Blood Same as Alleged Child, Test Shows NEW YORK, Dec. 4. (UP)—Tests huvc shown thut press asent. Johnny Mover hiis the s;mie blood type ns trta't iif I ho 10-nunitlis-old soil ol Patricia Mhos. I IIP former nlRhl club ctairot girl who disi'Rcx he Is I lip falher ol the child, II was Icurnrd yeMcrilay. The fact Hint the blood urmiptuns arc the .same doe.s not nccvsstirily indiciue Hint Meyer Is the futhcr, but il llu' uroiniiiigs hurt been different lie would have been excluded ;is H purenl. Huieniity innceeilhtiis broiiKlit- by Miss Miles will bittiin IOIIIOLTOW in Stxtrlal Sessions Court, [he early years of tills century for bull annum, to prevent hall. The mortar-like cannon discharged n whirling ring of smoke, but no projectile, and, of course, was entirely worthless. RUB ON Known me remedy to relieve "les of chilli's colil Is t Jf VAPORUB Santa Says; Fiance and Austria would have no further effect on present prices. _Hc said it already has had its ef- Wect and been "discounted in advance." Meanwhile, both Repuilicans and democrats in Congress were concerned by the announcement of the CIO's new wage drive. The CIO's plan was announced b\- President Philip Murray who said that wage earners were caught in a "deepening inflationary crisis. He denounced as propag. nda that wagc-s were a fundamental cause. Schwcllcnbach, himself, ha.l predicted to the House Banting Committee Tuesday that labor would seek a new round of wage Increases. - CIVL1UII3, ijv»*."-., panicky reaction lo Mr. Truman s 10-polnt anti-inflation plan was I easing. Pressure within the party I on Capitol Hill wa.s for development and aggressive support of a pro- oi'Riu which will be an alternative to administration plans and acceptable to the voters. That is a | pretty large' order. Until R consid- ' „*i a degree of agreement has Trlftl to 1'revciit Hull III many Kuropcail countries great amounts of money were spent In been obtained, there will be party bickering such as has been Hashing lor a fortnight around the heads of Republican National Committee Chairman Carroll Recce and Sen. Robert A. Taft, R., O. GO I' Brawl Looms If Republican leaders are unable lo come np with something generally acceptable lo congressional Republicans, the OOP Is in for a real family brawl. The party wa.s at present in a difficult position of anti-inflation policy. All hands , know that and realize they must SHE SHOPS "CASH AND CARRY Without Painful Backacha If iny auft*r*r» relieve rutrini bacltxcho Quickly, one* Ihcr dt»coter that tlia r«»l CAIIB* of their trouble in»r ba tired kiitn*y. • ThekidneyamraNature'a chkf wnyof Uk- ln» the «cen »cid« »nd waste out of It blood. They help moit people pu§ about When diwrder of kidney function rerm! T»o[ionouini»lter to remain in your olood, jfl«bt», •ireUlnj, puffintcs under the *yc r>»!HKr« with amartinff »rid burninjt som timei ahowi there li BomethlTic wron 2 wi vow kidney* or bladder. Don't wait! Aik jour druccEit for I TiLla, «. alimulant diuretic. ua«d BOCCCI -.y TnillioTii for over 60 yeari. Pcan i tkppr relief and will help the 1& ml your blood. Get Doan'i Tilli. chimge situation before next On/y 16 until Christmas Credit is Free at Fitzpatrick/s JEWELRY STORES II tiikrs only 1 Minnies (o Opr a Chlinrco Account Railroads Seek 3 Per Cent Hike In Freight Rates WASHINGTON, Dec. 4 (UP1- The nation's railroads s'csterday Rskecl for a three per ccnl hike in Ji-eight rate, the third boost requested since last July. This would bring freight rates to 20 per cent tvbove present levele. ( In the past five months, the railroads have asked successively for 17 per cent, 10 per cent and three per cent hikes in freight rates. The Interstate Commerce Commission recently granted them 1U per cent temporary boost pending a study of the first two requests. Regional hearings on the first two requests already have been com- •plcted. Final hearings will star here Monday. Approval of all three request \vould boost railroad revenues ai estimated $2,010.700,000 annually. Read Courier News Want ftds. 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