The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1947 oLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PAGE" Classified Advertisements Lost and Found $75REWARD" FORIN FORMATION LEADING TO RETURN OF rj( 1946 Plymouth 2 Door Se mn, Deluxe. Color black. Li cense No. 114X850, Arkansas 1947. Serial No. 22042714 Motor No. P 1569509. Call Blytheville City Police Heater, red striped se» coven, no bumper guards approximately 24;000 mile age. 11-24-ck t Perttm who iluds black reull lady's billfold lost Saturday limy kee cash If they will return valuable na pen and pictures. Mn. Clstr Miller. Beauty Clinic. UU-'ck-i MO REWARD for billfold lost Friday morning three miles north of LeachVllle on Arbyrrt Road. K. W. Lyerlr, Route 3. Leachvllle. : armcr of South Carolina Found Guilty of Peonage FLORENCE, B. C., Dec. S (UP) — John Ellis Wllhelm. of Hnrtoville S. C., today faced a year am! a <lnj .11 federal prison and a $500 fine for forcing a Ne«ro youth to work for him. Wllmelm pleaded guilty to viola tlon of the Civil LlberUea Act. li peonage and kidnapping charge (ilnit hli fdlher, Jamei Pr*d Wll:lm, wei* diopiwd. The younger Williclin pltudcil ullly to (orchis Jiinies DeWlu. oung UarlUivloii County Negro, to ork for him, but Federal District udit J, Walles Waring Nol pressed h»r«e« agalrut tl>« father, who had eportedly taken D«Wltt to Georgia id forced him to work there. mail coin purse containing *'l In money. Reward. Areetft Mobley Manila. Arlc. 12'l-pk-4 Notice Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM--Wed., Dec. 3 Featuring: Beautiful Immlwork, pillow cases, bnby doilies, aprons, etc. • Also: Homemade cakes tmc! candles Food booth with everything fresh from the country LOOK What the Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST • fitter priz . -LA Sensatio . Vnto Itartlr Fewer Kamcs es (none leas than W) n«l new bingo cards . ing pr*mplly at 5100 TU All at the Legion Hut id by ladles oc the (JathoUo lllll-ck-lllll Private Rooms Mroom, •team W. Uiln. Phone JJ25, 11121-pfc-iaiS Lar|« sleeping room. >h. 4*05 c&U 28LB. ' 11I29-PH-13IS 111 E. Ash fit Bedroom 314 If. Bth, pnone 2328, Comfortable bedroom. Close to town M»n onlj. 210 W. Walnut. Bedroom, al. Phone kitchen 2180. privileges option 12il-pk- Btdrooma lor men on\y. 713 chick •uwb*. 1213-pk- FRAZIER Bus Lines New Location 105 North Uke Street PHONE 2391 Buses to— • ARMOftEI, • HUFFMAN • PROMISED LAND • NO. 9 • • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES Eat Shop in Connection Rctd Oourlwr Newi Wtlil Adi Clsssldfrt AdvertUInf funvlsliM the newspaper Industry vith tu htroiigcsL |)ioo[ Unit public svi'vlte Ic the cornerstone o( publisher profit. PRESCRIPTIONS Krwh Stock Guaranteed Bwl I'ricw Kirby Drug StoreS BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boot* and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. .PLANTERS I HARDtVJMH «).lii< FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To f'V"irches, Schools, Businesses, Cl" 1 '" »"d Organizations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 B'irat Street NOTICE David T. Cgoly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. KRKCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB How •!)<)«» It Go? • • ' <, "Y»», I'm fodlrig Joan b«(or« John (*ti horn*—line* we'r« on the food-s«vir.g program, K« «»t» half h*r baby food showing her how good It l»l" 0 L>T* DATING- f J It WAS, \ SnWffi K*J LOfWSO IN J^X A MESS/ glGHTfTHlS The BOYS DEEP : SlMPW WAi-KCD I MASQU 3ur OhJ ME!—A \ MAS 'ETVIANV HAD DATES WITH LA.HO •AT 6. FRECK. AT 7.AMONUTIY AT 6. TlllS f DATING' IS AM QUO MORTH CAROLINA COSTtM, sur IN SKADYSIDE — THING. 1 THREE , AND S WOUrW ur WITH NormN& BUT tM CHECK/ THATS A COUOSSAt- 1DETA ! THANKS. MASQUERADE! WE'LL GWE PARTY THAT CEALW SST THIS , ibvjn on ire EAR/ i>uiscii.i.A's ror With AdtomRtlc Inlak* By AI, VKRMKER Ll»h» 3929. housekeeping room. phone ll!23-pk-UI3 Wonted to Buy WANTID to buy «nd machinery. State i dltlon. Cleo MusselniarJ farm tractors irlcp and con- OsceolR. Iowa. Five or C room house In Blythnvllle. jXtder&telr priced. St««1e, Mo. Box WE BUT FUR AND PECANS Highest pr1c«8 paid. See" UB before you flell. . JOI HESTER'S GROCERY S. HlKhway «1 Below Swllt Oil Mill 12I3-PK-H3 By ETHEL HAMILL .« K*^', l«e.; DiittiV.M b, NIA SERVICC. INC ' TJned electric refrlKcmtor must be •OO4. Write PO Bo* 310. Armorrl. Ark. past. !2f3-pk-« ' «!. XXX fT was Saturday once more. And once more all of Carter was streaming toward the stadium, blooming in gay chrysanthemums and decked with pennants. • Curled up forlornly in the window scat of the front parlor, Cam watched the festive stream flow Maj.-Gen. Lemuel Shepherd, as •istant commandant of the U. S. Marines, is considered a likely choice as the Corps' next commandant. He would succeed 60- year-old Gen. A. A. Vantiegrift, who will retire when his fbur- y«ar t«rra u chief expires Jan. 1 ler? She couldn't just crouch here a cornei and wallow In her misery! Other girls had been iilt- ed before now. Girls who had not been allowed even the empty gesture of breaking off a farcical engagement themselves. Other girls had gotten over an ache like hers for Joel. Maurine, dressed for anticipates touchdown! in • dashing whiff o: hat which was mostly nose veil and a pert-frny fur iacket which framed her plxle fare In Its flared upstanding collar, canr* cliokini into the room on stiUlike heels. "Aren't you even in Tour coa vet T Cammie?"* Cam shook her head. Tt wi the sort of question her rousin w; forever asking, and it neither ex nertec nor required actual an rwering. "But honey, well miss the kick off!" "I'm not going to the same, Cam told tier "You run alon alone. Maurine. There'll br olen- tr of Eta Mus to sit with. onr*e ••on get there." Maurine shrugged lightly and was turning bark toward the nail , *vhcn at 't* far end the front door Clammed. They both heard the 'oua sound, and the brisk tramp of feet whlrh followed it Their eyes met as ttw steps drew swiftly earer. Whose? Not the Dean h ertainly, who had not hurried in e past 20 years and whose fallen re tics made him shnfTle its he alked. Maurine began, In a frightened oice. "If it's Joel—" "It won't be." But Cam felt cold nside Js she sprang to her feet, racing herself for the advent of rouble. "After the note t wrote im, I'm sure we won't have to worry aboui him. He wouldn't iave the nerve to face me. And why should he come? He's gotten is award, hasn't he?" 'T'lLEY were instinct, velj close together, ly united front with dark eyes and green nailed to the opening from parlor to hall, as rlerberl strode through it A grinning Herbert A Herbert who ooked so much like the symbol of :he day before spring that "am. staring al him without any other emotion than amazemen^. scarcely realized until he had reached her side that his arms were held out to her. "Darling!" he shouted, with what for young Professor Powell was a complete and riotous abandon. "Camellia, my darling!" Herbert!" Too late. Cam sought to back away from him. "You've made rru the happiest man on the Carter Campus. Camellia. I might say. without exaggeration, in the whole world!" His arms were around her now drawing her triumphantly if none too expertly into their tight rlr- eycs unmistakable. "If Conroy indn't assured me that he had it i vriting that you intended to nnrry me, I should never have tnou-nl" "C-Conroy?" Cnm still struggled silently lo free herself. OT half an hour ago, In hii attic at that dingy boarding house pince." Herbert, v'.y?se quarters at the Faculty Club were the ultimate In bachelor comfort, sni.Tcd discinlnfully. "1 wont there, Cammie—I don't mind acimilling this to you, now—I went there to find out once and for all jusl how far matters hnd proijresped between you Iwo." i "By what right, please?" Either Herbert had not heard thp question or considered it more expedient to ignore it "But when 1 found him packing up to clear out—with that rather crude intimate of his. that sergeant, helping to close the suitcases—I coultl see I'd been unduly exercised. And when Conroy himself congratulated me and told me of your note, then at last I fully comprehended how unjust I'd been/ 1 For the first lime sinre Herbert had marcher] h.s one-man Roman triumph Into the front parlor. cle Cam's first *ensat.on was that to go back first to some bleak little the breath was being choked out! farm he owns. I understand he of her Her second was sheer disbelief- mingled only slightly with disapproval of Herberts careening about in thi? mucous fashion. "Let me go. Herbert Powell! W-whm on earth—T" •1 never dreamed you were actually tn love with m«l' crowed, the triumph in he his gray OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ( SHE SAYS SHE WON'T EAT OUT OF A SECTION \ HANP'S YVA9H BOILER V AMD HE.VVONT EAT ( OUT OF A NlNWV- W DON'T GO CWU-V-HOOF o*J MO\M -~ FIRST VT WAS SOUR 9LOOD PRESSURE, ^ ftT FMHCR-—OMP—AH SPliTT/—ARE tfXJ POSITIVE; •KX5R PLAME IS Wi PRlrAC COlDlTlOKs? — AW-UM..' -I'rA E A6ER TO M-MPvKE "ME .oe cooest.Bur HES6 BLUEPRINTS OF M.V *,lTtDMMlC BED — IT) TO AMD NOW WOSE GOES < OriTHlSTRlR \ VOO'LL NENCR HK4E TO Of* UGrfT B1LI.«> At-iV cwl HE'LL VWRW BORM •MWTY >E*R«. TOO fiOON 's the /ttfsf OT cookie jars, guaranteed to prevent stateness! Oh, you mean Y you've got one of ; Bv MICHAKI. O'MAIJ.RY ami HAI IT'S VOU.GROWl. SPfAK Of THE DEVIL, (HTCOME IN AND RE UfllO, H£ADQIJARTtR5t HISISFUMT.GIVE INSPECTOR GROWL THIS IS THE P1ACE. LET* GET GOING, 'l HOPE FLIMT KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING/ By LKSSLIB TURNER WASH TUBBS BUT H6 "\ I KNOW. I»KS. HIVPM'T BEEM \W&T WWMT THE \1tt THRT lt06BEP...r}ORWAS\6DRT 0' THWG HM7EMSTO! klip I VSOH'T BE SATISFIED TIUSKNOWHOWITOCCUSRE OWLS THM HE y^^6...l*u* MUED IN SOMl WN...fl(OMn. < f I KMOW NONE OP THE OtTMLS SET BUT I UMDERST^UD THE POUCE 3U5T HOW t* WET HIS DEMH, YOU'RE DERM KIW EI^SS. HOD IM 6RHEFUL FOR . McKEE'S TH006HTFUI »E&5 ftKD GEWEROSITV, f WE'KE Ml CtEPLV OR. « ONt WHO WW3E WOWS LIFE WAS OEWTED TO HIS VNORK MID HOW. 60 INCREDIBLE THE LEAST WE CAM DO IS TO RELIEVE I vny CF UWED1ME •J CJVEE. EX?E»J^E5' By FRED HARMAN Out of tht Pan— DEVLIM GOT WLt HUM»-' 1 CArtT <SST MOOD SHOT P AT HlfS 6EHIND •frtXI -TREE.' THROW UP TOUR HANDS 156X11(4/" D£V1.1N'5 SECOND SHOT CATCH6* HUPP IN TH6 SHOUUDER" ELU>. %C1S! GO TELL ICTMIKNOW 1VE ROUCSHT OOf HOME TOCCHOWJ EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VS OViMV AOO VOO S(S\O Mnurine spoke. Her voice sounded small and stifled. "You »ay Jo«l —is leaving?" "Probably has left, time." smirked Herbert. "But that Isn't the way I—I mustn't leave!" It wa! at moments such as this one. Cam realized dizzily, that Herbert's classroom techmnue stood him in excellent steid. He knew uncrriHRly low to epitomize satirir amusement with an eyebrow and pronounce the death J sentence with a patronizing little ! smile. "His idea. I gathered from remarks between him and thit rather repulsive Beefy person, is plans tc close and sell it After thai, I believe, he will head for California and enter some other institution out there." Maurine could tcarcely have looked more stunned if Herbert, the impeccable, had clapped her in the fare. (To Be Cvntlnned)

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