The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1947 BLYTHEYTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE ELBVEM Trader in Grain Hits U.S. Policies Present High Price Of Wheat Defended By Board of Trade WASHINGTON. Dec. 3. (UP) — A grain exchange spokesman, de- ng that wheat prices are toe :h. now, testified yesterday thai ree price system is the best available means of "rationing" food. The testimony was given to the House-Senate Economic Committee by J. O\ McClintock, president of the Chicago Board of Trade. He was the first of a group of grain exchange representatives invited to tell the committee their arguments asalnst the admlnlstra- lon request for power to regulate commodity exchanges- McCllntoclc accused the administration of making "unfounded political charges" against the exchanges. And he blamed govern: 18-Year-Old Farm Girl Cans Enough Food to Feed City Family Six Years CHICAGO, Dec. 3. (UP)-Mlldred Parlu. an 18-year-old farm girl, hai canned enough food to last the average city family for almost six yean, but she still has time to talk about Perry Como with as much authority as the next bobby soxer. Mlxi Parks, Rlcevllle, T«nn., won an award yesterday for cooking and canning—two activities her city sisters know little about. She and five other teen-aged culinary artists received $200 scholarships at the 26lh National 4-H Club Congress for winniug the National 4-H Food Preparation Contest. Miss Parks took full responsibility for the cooking nnd canning for her family of four when she was only 12 years old. When she wasn' 1 going to school or doing her homework, she was In the kitchen cook- Ing roasts, baking pies and cannlni tomatoes. She found she could listen to he favorite crooners while she wa cooking, just as well as she could 1 ---- - . - she were silting with her ear agalns menl buying policies for driving ] R ^ c i^jj prices upward. I At tne „,;,, of 18j ,| le has cooke. Sen. Arthur V. Watkins, R., uUh,i R totn , 0( 4j172 balanced meal: who favors government purchases:^. , more thnn lwo R da) . fo of Ihe entire wheat crop, as^ed ; U)c , t s , x s Thcse meals ln McClintock what would happen to r . . -. . wheat prices if there Is a short | .. If crop next year. The fitness refused to predict what would happen to wheat prices, but suggested that "the factor of price is the best rationing system that exhlsts." Pressed by Watkins to say whether he believed current wheat prices are too high, McClintock said he did .not think they are] "compared with other conditions In this country." . H e testified that" wheat prices! were driven up by allocation ot' grain for exports and that they could be brought down by reducing • those allocations. If the export program is to continue ro- ' pardlcss or its effect nn domestic prices. . he said, "there Isn't any ~"l--er." 17,134 separate dishes an ongr>»6 for homernnklng. • 'Hie muri were Marjort* Davit, 17, Ickory Ridge, Ark.; Mildred Oor- andt, 18, Crestwood, Ky.; Sue Klrk- atrlck. n, Louisville, Miss.; and nry Foster, 18, Waco, Mo. Each inner received a $200 college schol- rshlp. Winners of the National 4-H Can- Ing Contest, who put tip a total f 18,464 Jars of fruit, vegetables, ims and jellies, poultry and olher leats, were: Mary Wysong, 18, Forst Hill. Md.; Irene Hoiman, 17, famllton, Miss.; Nella V. Swln- ord, 18. St. Vrnln. N. M.; Bonnie e»n Moore. 17, Ml. Airy, N. C., nd Norene Dupy, 18, Red Rock, Okla. Springdale Girl Diet When Fire Raxes Home SPRINGDALE, Ark., DM. J. (UP) — Nuielecn-year-old Edith Maude Slandlfer was burned to death yesterday when flamei de«- troye<l the five-room frame houae in Sprln?dale where she lived with her mother and two brothers. Mrs. Roy Stondlfer told Investigating officer) that she was awakened hy flamei and went Into another ioom to wnke her daughter. She then left the flaming home, but the girl apparently was overcome by smoke In » hall where her charred body w» found Inter. The fire Is believed to have started from a defective kerosene stove, The girl Is survived tv her mother and three brothers. Head Courier News Want Ad*. Moslem Leaders Issue Call for Jehad (Holy War) CAIRO, Deo. S. (UP) — The heads of the largest Moslem university In Hie world * yesterday proclaimed « Moslem holy wnr to prevent th» partition of Pnlcs- tlne. The proclamation cam* from the Aluzhnr Council of Ulomas, > Kvoup of religious louder* who have no offlclul connection with »ny government body bill, who command hteli respect throughout Islam. "The Council of Ulemaa call» on all Moslems throughout the world for a jehcul (holy wtxr)." the council sulit In » formal proclnmnllon. Under Moslem rcllglnus lur, nny Moslem who ignores the cull U * ilnncr, Beer License Revoked I.1TTIJB ROCK, Ark., D*«. I. (UP) — Revenue Commissioner Otho A. Cook today innounccd Iho revocation of * beer license Issued to Mr». Audrey P«t*ri who op- emtei a tavern on Hljliway 6V •oulh of Tuckerman, Cook >alrt the revocation followed the conviction of numerous person* on rivuukenneu and dls- lurhlng the pence chnvgea as re- Ileclerl In the nuinlolpul court records «t Newport. ffnappjr Action >V»»lecl NKWl'ORT, N. H. (UP)—Less limn 30 seconds after (ho biimliir nlnnu nl 111'- Flrsl, Nftlloiml Dunk hnd sounrted, thn sheriff of the county nnd his two deputies hud surrounded the bullilini!. The trio had been chatting Just across Ihe street. 11 proved to ba ft false nlurm Dial 2231 for Fre« Delivery on All Staple and Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (I,iv« or Dressed) Freeman & Two Navy CPO's Report For Recruiting Duty Here Two chief petty officers, both Ar- knnsans, have been added to the staff of the Navy Recruiting Station in City Hall, CPO \V .P. Fisher, TJSN, recruiter - in r charges, announced today. They are Chief Motor Machinist's Mate Ecll Odell Morris, USN, of Bearcy and Chief Machinist's Mate Charles D. Chambers. USN, of Beebe. Aviation Chief Ordnanccnian C. W. Weatherlorrt, USN. formerly at-' tached to the recruiting- station here, has been transferred to E\ Dorado, Chief Fisher said. She also raised 5*6 acres of gai den vegetables and canned 4,3! jars of food. Figuring that the a\ erage city family of four uses abov two cans of food a day, or 730 year. Miss Parks' output would kee them in canned food for almost 6 years. The other winners included: Willie Joe Brandon. 17, Senatobia, Miss., who cooked 1,261. meats in seven years, and Catherine w'ilsdn', 17, Cranbury, K. J.. who cooked 1,005 meals for a family of eight In seven years. The girls received (heir prizes for other domestic work, as well as cooking. Some of them have won prizes at fairs and 4-H competitions. Prizes also were awarded at the is hubby huffy , for bifcuitJ fluffy! 1 w HuMKo /^x™ E \Dainty COOKING FAT Jts Wonderful! Now Showing a Galaxy of Toys! Buy Them Now on Budget Terms or Lay-Away Here's a Toy They'll All Enjoy, It Rvni in Each Direction, The Soldier* in Thii Army Jeep ore Sure to Pan Inspection I Henley 2010 West Main St. W. H. (Bill) PEASE •' • • -.- <, ' ' • . Local Agent For Hat tit Venetian BUa* Muter Metal Weatlur •tripping, •Xalo- All MeUl Ser*«M National Window Gurfe Screen j>«er Grille* Mule Hid* Nu-Tep R*»flng Til* Kock Wool Insulation —Free EiUmatM— U M 1» 1 ,1 E K V The four soldiers aro In military colors. 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