The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1952
Page 4
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TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 1952 RI.YTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER XT.WS PAGE SEVEN Arkansas Farmers Ahead of Last Year; McC!e!lan Gets Rare Pat on Back i WASHINGTON ',? — Ark iinsaR j lion proposal svbu'h would hnve N.iilmi Gordon, vjis a Washington. | fanners arc si ill running well [pin' fd poMm:i-u>rs undrr rivil sr-r-1 V isnor the pasi wc*ok. HP visited ahrart of 1^1 yr*r m The matlnr , vie* and rlimiiiiireri tru-ute^m re- !Krr| , r , arv 0 , rhp A -,nv Frnnk Pace of rasa rrro]|ir> (mm marketing i quirr-mem ihnf fiir-ir nnniinations of crop- nud livwfnrk ! be' rnnl;nnr<l b\ r!ie :-^M;H'\ me n{ :iu> ("'A i-fimnir-iv A Dep:irimpnt rif A^rtcuHurc rp- port shows thai up 1o May 1 ihis year cash rrmiMs of fprm^rr; tn- tfilotl 5132.ft27.OflO c-ompnrpd wuh $n4.2fil.omo for the first four months of 1951. and Vifill 't her of (inn Is ^ ;i" "frUirllv Rilry, nf the Al-'L, SAID "this; j« (n thnnk you for ihf ireim>nnfnr.l\ Arkansas Ben. McCloilnsi receive 1 '!' fmr isintmc". 1 i which you i-icr-tfc {% a commendatory letter this week tho resolution nf di'-sippiov^l on He from ihe- American Federation of or^nmzruion rirm No. 2." Labor for his leadership in drlrnt • — — inc President Trumrm's roorpranixa-' Ai i;j'i:--:r>' lir-sMrnniri ::i>vn ii«r mr-iv' hiir said Ins li oni private." IMS ! :,:iir1. When the Wn-hinciou p^ce Fclmnl 101 R ' had £i nrluntion o\o]ri^p=; recently. one of those rorrivinp bis diploma •A^.3 William Owfii!-, Thompson, of Mnmicello. An nppoimee n£ Rep. Nor roll, lie h« > he en a house pace since Insi January. HP plans lo u» lo college nnv-i Inll. Department Store Trend: Open Branch Away from Congested Downtown Areas resident Truman's J n -u 'o Ihe sialn tn d^dirau i k and Bull Shf-th riam Thr [ifih rnndidnip. Jiu-k Tackett, Cherry Appeared M •&• M. « ff I R. 8 * (g flirrtllic'fi il IK'V,"; . Tinier? HIT At Pine Bluff Last Nsglrtj'-^^^^ Drmoci ntu 1 ^ubonuiioi ir.l randi- a sir nor votes. dales nova Tarkeu of Na-imUe Altv< fipn> \\>? MSSITV':; tirurt- nnd Chiincfllnr Frnnns Che HA- <if q u;u u»rs . s:) iri Muirv would -n m .lonesboro \wc- in Pine Bi,ift l:isi p lhp Hl , lff Inm0 t row Hfirnirmn m mpht <Mnm1jn->; Tnckpri in rnnke . M10: , k before Ihe npivlv-nriram/pri n speech and rhrrry in ronfrr wuh . ,j p ff r ,. son coinm- Women'-, Com- Jeffrrson roumy -upponr t <; rm'ien for Murry. Tarken spnke at n Pine Bluff Junior Chumlier of Commerce picnic. HP re 11 or n I cd his si ;i nd 1 h a 1 a roiiMMimoml amendment proposed hv Ins opponrni ^ TO 1 uke the Hishwnv Commission mil Irnm \ MrMaih's office said the envoi under rrnnol of tlie povernor will fly to Houston, Tex , Run would no! work. 'lor the Nations 1 fJnvenn'H 1 -: Con AI Leiisi iwo nf HIP three i,>m;iin-; f^nre and will rpiurn in tun. ing rnndidaips ^Iso will murney; tn Pine Hluff m nn atiempi to y 2 Nor- woiild have in "important annourm men I." Hnlt. T.litl" RW'A attorney and former nUornev ^r-riorn], formally hi-: rampahrn. last Saturday in l.itrlo And GI-IV. McMnth wijl formnlK- open hi^ bid for a ihird torin nominal inn at Pino J3!ufl next niyht. Lip again— are hik- By'SAM DAWSON N'V'W YORK (AI*)—Dcparlmont ptoro owners—with sales picking ing a much brighter view of near term business. But over the long term many of thorn are haunted l>y a couple of menaces: Detroit's busy auto plants and postwar trends in housing- Together, traffic congestion and i the flight nf middle-income families to the remoier suburbs threal en to deprive many a hie city department store of its best, paying customers. Some stores arc- rViasintr these customers to their new homes. So unexpectedly successful have been many of the Viranch stores that ri'Vsve burgeoned since the war in "suburban centers iha( some tm e managers foresee a day when the tail will be wagging the do;r. Downtown department stores arc Quick to blame the g rowing irnftic congestion for loss of sales. Get ting to and from a store becomes increasingly unpleasant. City planners are tackling the problem. The first Item on the opening session today of the R n- nual convention here oi rhe Ameri can Institute of Architects is: "The Automotive Revolution/' P \ V e Johnson, president of the Auto motive Safety Foundation, is gu inp some 2.000 architects in at tendance a report on what is bein? done to adapt buildings and cities to parking, traffic and safety needs. Institute President Glenn Stanton of Portland. Ore., says architectural dnsipn can melt traffic Jams by providing off -street parkinp anri loading facilities. Rui the stream of new cars al TV ays appears to grow (aster than the city planning attempts to deal with them. The housing trend Is a newer .menace tn the merchant." Since the ^jl Tar, in many larger cities, construction of livine units has been confied in most part to two types: housing developments for lower- income groups anri luxury apartments for the highest income brackets. In many cities there is a shortage of living quarters for the middle-income groups. And they have been increasingly pushed toward the suburbs to find homes. Depanment store owners feel ; this keenly. The high-i n r o in P ! groups are likely to patronize the | high-priced specialty shops. The - low-income families' a re likely to i shop in the bargain basements. It Is In the rnicirile-inc'ome CORNY, BUT NICE — Kay Cloud ron, of Kuim>, models a rorn-decornU'd bathing suit, designed b_" rj.Tsberri, one of Italy's foremost stylists. The kernels of roi n are the ieal thing, and on hoi tiii.vs may keep things pop- pine on the IxTtrriPp. Bum Check For Filing Fee RaisesQuestion LITTLE ROCK itf — The Arkansas Supreme Court will hear n. :uit next Monday requesting removal of a candidate's name from lie Democratic primary ballot because he a Mejjedly paid his filing ! the ee with nn inadequate check. DEADLY FLOWER — This carnation-shaped cloud of smoke "blossoms" from a 16-inrh rifle aboard the. U, S. S. Iowa, as the battleship opens up on Chongjin, Communist supply and transportation center on Korlh Korea'* west coast. Two Paroles Are Revoked of two Arkansas convicts—one fac ing Kentucky robbery charges, thi othar in a federal penitnnttary-- were revoked yesterday by State | Parole Officer W. P. Ball. State Sen. W. K. (Bnckl Fletcher of near Srott. has charged that although the candidate later made .hp check proocj. 1he licXol already hart closed. HP contends lhat Ihe candidate's name should not appear i the ballot in Lonoke county. Fletcher named his opponent for position No. 1 Ln the 19ih district. 1 J. Twedell Gunter of Cabot, as ( defendant. Two years ago. Gunlrr j Fletcher's opponent — at-| Ipmpted unsuccessfully to have the senator's nomination voided. Annthrr Protftrm Fletcher appealed to the Supreme Court from Chancellor Guy E. • William's decision against him. It 1 appears that, if the Supreme Court] should rule In Fletcher's favor his.i opponent's naine still could nppe&r ' on the ballot in the district's three 1 counties — White. Woodrufihto i other counties — White, Woodruff' and Prairie. Fletcher's attorney, E- NT. Arnold of Little Rock, said Gunter's $100 check for the Lonoke county ballot lee was returned unpaid because of insufficient funds. Gungei made j the check good but the Lonoke Arkansas River Bill Attacked By Douglas WASHINGTON -fr -- Srn Don; < Oil! • snys h* 1 thinks a plnr make the Arkansas River nnvit;: may necotne known as "Congress 1 folly." >Ic UTIS siipportiiifr his contention ihai fhe Senate should cm ino million dollars from i he Rivers and Harbors prniods iu the Ci^'il Functions Appropriation Bill — 7 million dollars for Arkansas River hanlt stabilization work. Sen. McClellan ro-Ark) told the fllinois senator ihat tlie v.-ork included in the bill was for a project to hall bank cave-ins thrcalrn- I ing expensive loves, highways. [ railroads and turm land alojig the banks of Ihe Arkansas. The money stayed in tlie hill In Senaic — but now faces a ^ hudgel-mindcd HOISF-P which orici- nally voted only 2 million dollars for Ihe work. The budget request ! rails for 4 millions, ami ihc* housn ' has an almost inflexible rule j apainst hiking budpet osiirnaics. 1 Tn view of this rule, the i tional 3 millions added in the ', | Senate may bn in jeopardy. Mcv Clellan said he'd rather yield on ; the 3 million dollars added lo tlie bill for Table Rock Dam across' the line in Missouri than the bank, stabilization work. ROCK W»H-The parole Bal1 said 3fi-y<*nr-o!d jamps Bradshaw, paroled 4 \Tarch 5 from a 2- • i ,_ . ,, , .,_ ,_ year sentence In Ntississippi Countv, merchan!. Many of the new homes! is bpine hp]tl at Maiinrii Kv 0 n . in the suburbs - like the new j ,, rm[ , d rnhhery Rrid as , sail!t to mur . anartinents in the cities — are ,j er c harces. much smaller than those built be-; HQ ., ,"—»,-, ,. fore the war. | in "o.M J?om'a^."^"ntenr^'Som There is a lack of room for as'Phillips County, was sentenced Mav _much furniture as the stores once I 9 j n Northern \fis.sis.sippi on a roiip thatj coulri Kel1 a family and often a i cnarce of robbing a Lambert, Mis- the department storo used to find j lack of cl05:RI ^ >:1CP for as man >" I sissippl bank. Its best, fiistomcrs I clothes -ns the merchant would like county Democratic Committee ru]-! plaintiff;;. Faulkner Co. Gets Segregation Suit LITTLE ROCK lff\ — Harold Flowers, a Pine Bl'iFf Ncsro artor- '• ney. ,aealn is challenging Arkansas .school seprepation laws, in the form of a suit aRainsl a fan Ik tier county , school district. , Flowers tiled the suit In lederal court here yestrrdnv afiain.M. school board mrmbers of the May flower School District No. 7B and SupL Earl E. Hflffinsion. Fifiren school [iJit-rons wore named ed that pear his name would not ap- the ballot because the The flight of these families to the mushrooming suburbs has, at the same time, added to the congestion of highways and streets and commuter transportation facilities into the hipr cities. • to SCP There is still another side fo the i more customers for the branch postwar housing that worries the j stores. some ^Lrp™*U™"*re r T* 0 } Re;iA Co " rlcr News Classified Arts! ™<^ r r ^> boosting Ihe shift, away from cit-! ies. A growing number of them plan tn build of fire headquarters and plants i;r the suburbs—making The croup soucht n rlecror to clarc setire^arion law nn- tickot had closed. IL resrinded this • constitutional, it charged inequality aciion. Arnold said, afte Gunlerjanri sriRieKation rxistrri in 1he May- nppearpd in person before the! flower Histrict and requestpd a 3- Connnittee. I judne rnurt lo nilr on Ilir petition.] He ->aid Fletcher, in Iho menn- Throe time, had paid the increased ballot fee required of unopposed candidates. The Court said yesterday It would hoar Ihe rnse nrxt Monrisy in order tn allow a decision by July ~. the opinion riay helore pwi ?ri\ /-- 1 - WATER-BORNE RAlLROADER-H^brri ^\VoM?, of Fcnlm. m.. Rivc-r, at Drr, enport, Iowa, rn roule !o St. Lo us. \Vcnri? n'-.-i ]ri ; .inri:eci The ciafl, made of ;ni;ci t'Jljc = . a' tenlon, nn Fin; ^ Ui^cr. DANCI N /^\ '"B^ T jT~^ ~3~^ O 1ICE The foliiivvin.c: .shdp rrpnir yfnros "ill be upcn all rl;iv Wednesday nntl. will cltisc nl noun Thin sd;n , liririnnin-j Ihis week ntul In^lins; Ilininul'""! Ilic r. In rnnpcrnlion »ilh HVI) fln> s. HALTER'S QUALITY Slice Shop HEUER'S SHOE REPAIR WILSON SHOE SHOP HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 . ^ Come To Rose Sales Co. SALE STARTS 1:00 PM On Wednesday, I! VI) Day in Lily Ihc vilk>, drop mil In Rose Saks Co. and nltrnd Ihis hie aiiclion. We niv offering lo Hie public hundreds of items nl HIP bidder's price . . . pvi'vylhinir in Hie slnrr will he fur and ion. Thai's 1 :()(! in (he aflerniion—rain or shine. Here ars just a few of Ihe items! 0 rurntlura K Roofing O l/iinibcr O Poll cry • Dishes Hiway 18 West Plenty of Free Parking Spnco m-r pending nurt^. Full Power on regular gas... thrilling '"^^fe^fef' 7 proves it! 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MOTOR SALES 110 West Vralnut—BlytUcvillo fttiOTO-FlYWOUlH Otolen p'tuni «l!OUCHO MMX ,*"<"* B«l Vo,,r III.- tvtt,, » e .k 0 ,, bolK Hojii end t«f(vtiloji...M»t »>(»

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