The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1947
Page 13
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER Z ( -1947 BT.YTHBVn.LB (ARK.) COURIkK NEW* X PAGE THIRTEEN Classified Advertisements for Sale. Miscellaneous SMALL DRINK BOX $22. LAKCiU DRINK I1OX »56. . COMPLETE DOUGHNUT • FAOTUBINO EQUIPMENT «85. WAUM MORNING UEATKR AND rife MO. 12 HOL£ IOE CREAM CABINET »140. 1 WATER BAUHULS (10. 10 WOOBJCN UENC11C8 »S EACH i.;l.A»C]E LOT USEU lAJMIilK, ^•BEEN DOOU3. SHEETING. ~«A LAMBJJKT. PHONE Ht. l-ek-4 alrl'< bicycle ind FrlgliUIre. IK I ftjrctmori or phoa* 377J. 1211-PK-4 OM rcnsr. good. Phon* .9734. Rebuilt Army Show 93. Army Use< that ptcKi milord's She* Shop. 106 B s«cond. HU-n)t- PrftctlcaUr n«* couch mnkek b»d blue. 133. Tiltphoiu 3404, 40 Kalian etectllc Hotpolnt wale heater, excellent condition. Phon 3329. 12'2-DH- Brown circulator coal hunter. Llk new. Bargain, $25. Phone 2932. IJl-rik- H*/p Don't mls.1 roiir ble ch^nr^ to xfft ChrlFtmas money. T Stern's xvl °T (rom HO to S25 w«fXl,T In ron mimlon* for Mtra hoxire wnrk PTTJDTO 1)9 Wr^t Main St. T«l*nlion* 320? Private Rooms Bedroom, phont 3129. Comfoi-tablt bedroom, phone ? 11 23-ck-12i l.llhv 920. UMknplng room, Dhone Wanted io Buy AUmkt lnpr*r« CittU CHICAGO (UP) — RudloRCllve .r*cera are pavln» thf »'»)' for healthltr liytstook In lh« atomic nge. Scientists In the Institute ol Radloblology nnd Blgphyslcs, one oJ thfee Institute* In the University of ChlcoKo's 112,000,000 nuclear research program, report It Is now possible to learn how copper and cobalt Influence th« arowth ^of pastures and cuttle grailnj there. With trac- er* «clpntl»U ran follow the** mln- ernls from the KIHSJ rlnht throuth the-cow'* digestive and circulatory KKKCK1,KS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO88EB Or a Snake ' „ , , , . WANTEU to .nd machinery. dltloD, Cleo U'l bur f>rm tr«c(or« State price and con- Mlmtn. Oftceolt, low* Plvt or 6 room hoiue In Blylltevllte, iioderBtcly priced. BtfeU, Mo. Box 314. 12'2-pll.5 Gets |2* I.fswn PI1TSBUROH tUP)—A smartly- dressed woman entered tlie beauty shop where Mildred Wamplcr worked and Identified herself us a sister of Miss Wampler's fiance. She said she needed $20 and her brother had suggested borrowing It from Miss Wampler. A much wiser Miss Wnm- pler discovered later her fiance his no sister. Read Courier News Want Adj Ht/p Wanted, Good farm truck and tractor mechanic. Well-equipped shop. Good house, rent free. Attractive proposition on percentage basis. Telephone 4141. ll-19-ck-12-8 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS IT'S TIME TO EAT "RUSTIC INN New Hours: 11 a.m. til 12 p.m Try Us For Fine Foods HUNTERS! v - Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boots and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. HAItDWARF rO.Inc «*AM* of r*jt^* • ,..-*.-• r Wanted Experienced Mechanic Apply Smith Pontiac Co. 126 S. Lilly Lost and Found FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS' • LOUDSPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and • .-•••-. Organizations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Street NOTICE David T. : Cooly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charg* DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work, 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. $75 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO RETURN OF "" ^1946 Plymouth 2 Door Se dini Deluxe. Color black. License No. 114X850, Arkansas 1947. Serial No. 22042714. Motor No. P 1569509. Call Blytlieville City Police. Heater, red striped seat covers, no bumper guards, 'flpproximately 24,000 mileage. ll-24TCk tf Person who finds black reptile lAUy'c billfold lost SftUirdfty niay keep cuh if tbey will return valuable papers and pictures. Mrs. Cl&lr Miller. Beauty Clinic. ' . I2I2-VK-5 »50 REWARD for blllrold lo»t Friday mornlnc three miles nortn or teacrnrllle on Arbyrd Road. R. W. Lyerlr. Houta 3. Leachvllle. LaclleB ainall coin u\irse contalnlnK 142 In money. Rewxrd. Areeltt Moblcy. 'Manlln. Ark. 12El-[>k-4 e To l love By ETHEL HAMILL l.dfcrNEASERVICE.INC ttitetm H04.U. IK.; [ Notice Gigantic Church Bazaar starting at 10 AM-Wed., Dec. 3 CMM, Mbi clothes. Aprons, eta. Also: RomvtMdt C*Xes and candle* Food bpotli with tverything Yresb from thi country LOOK Wiiat tht Fathers have cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST Fewer name* Beller prllM (none Itu thin »J) Senutlonil ntw blnio ordi Bingo stRrtlHg promptly at 8:00 PM All «t the Legion Hut sored by L&dle« of the Catholic •ct> 11111-cX-l Private Rooms Bedroom, iteam • II W. Main. heat. Phone Sleeping roonv^, c»u L«rg« slteplns room, iji r. Ash 3p Bedroom 3H H. «th. nhonp Bedroom. : si. Phone kitchen J4SO. option- •. : . . xxix tCT—I had promised Joel that I'd go out with him tonight. MaurJnc." Cam's voice was so steady, now that there was even so small a purpose as temporary escape behind it, that it amazed her. "I can't keep my word. I've got to go out—right now." "Ol course," Maurine murmur«d, solicitously. "Ol course, dear." "When b« come* for me, if you like, go out with him yourself— since he'* 10 inlevesled in you anyhow—" "1 wouldn't accept a dale from Joel Conroy," cut in her cousin, virtuously, "if he were absolutely the last man on the whole Carter campui. Not alter the way he's treated you," C»m l«It her lUnding there on the stairs, a tiny figure of indignation, and closed the heavy front door almost loo hastily behind herself. W»lWng swiftly, she cut across a c»rnpus already swimming In the dark pool of an October twilight. She had chosen her direction by Instinct alone; and if anyone had stopped her to question the reason for her choice, she mlcht have answered that it wo because the river lay in the oppo site direction from the elm-lined walk up which' Joel might be Striding even now to keep hi date with her. She might h»v answoied so and believed, herself in the logic ol the answer, Tha th« rlver^lheir river—could be caUHng to her was ridiculous. T wasvcldse lo ; midnEght 'when, without turning on the light In le familiar hall. Cam crawled er noiseless way up the stairs •here she had left Maurine slnnd- ig in -virtue. Likewise in dark- ess, she found her bed and fell cross it, stiff and exhausted. When her eyes dragged open, cxt morning, slowly ind as if nwilling to admit that another ay had started, it was already ate. The unreslful sl»«p which at] blacked out her thought! for handful of lethargic hours had one nothing to rpstore her. She elt 3 Ihoui-'nhd years old, and wice as lireci. When she came downstairs at ast, an opened copy oJ the Carter Daily lay beside her breakfast late in neat alignment with hor iapkin. Her foUier and, Maurine nust both Have left |hc house, and ong ago, one'for his meeting and he other for her early classes Cam nicked out tht page foldcxi uppermosl before her, and piarjcec lown wilh the habit of years a' he big headline. Today's rend Dean's Awards to Be Most Ocn- erous in Carter Illilorj. There wns a second head to the story which followed, but this WM a mere three-qolumn mailer in type icrhaps a third as flamboyant [•resident's Committee, it ran Meets Today to Pass On Appli cants and Faculty Promotions. She sat for a moment storing back at the neat phalanxes of let lers. Tomorrow's front page woul carry, probably as a boxed lea lure, Ihe alphabetically arrangci list of the successful ones. An Joel Conroy would appear then high among the C'l, Her faille had practically assured her lhat. Cam pushed her chair bar swiftly, and it mode a little angt sound on the floor as it move Sh* could not havt swallowed moullifttl of . food If tier life hnd depended on it. 'THE dock in Hie liull, which had licked a\yay so ninny events of her life, bolli yrent and small. ' showed by what a hopeless mnr- i gin she had overslept her own eiirliesl'chiss. Dclibornlely, she cul er second one. She had a nole write: and. since the Dean was usy at that meeting for which he ad prepared so arduously, she ccted to write il at hei father's esk. Il was big and familiar and s solidity gave hor the backbone 1C knew she would need to make ic words come out the way they lUBt. Deal Joel: Let me congrali.U:c you on cinching y n u r trholarship. And now 1 am in Line for congratulations, too. Herbert Powell and I are planning to be married, very, very sonn. Tljiinhi fur tanglix. They (lid licln liuth of us pas* Ihe lime, diiln'l they. Joel? Yau know, don't you, lhat I'm *'lshinp you good luck? ^ Carnmfe -She in the post box at l« edge of the campus, on tier ray to the day nursery, This was 'riday. and the nursary was her 'rlday job. Even heartbreak lidn't moan that the children iiere needed her any the less. There would be a lot ot time she ould give them now. Empty days, imply weeks. Perhaps she would volunteer JT a complete extra shift at the ursery. And for at least one more afternoon each week at the lospilal. If she kepi busy every piomert, she wasn't nearly so ikely to remember. If she tired nerself out. day after day— But at Ihis moment, this first moment atlcr Ihe slol of the mail box had clanged shut on her good-' by to Joel, she could nol complete even lhat one bleak thought in her mind. She fell loo numb, too be- wilderod. The clap of .that iron lip. closing on her, note, had sounded too much [ike the end of the world. . (To He Continued) OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Mdj. Hoopl NOW t-OOK HGRE.SOPA, 1OJ MS TO ALLOW •<XJ ONUV ONE ANOTHER. 6PV TO TAPER, HIM OFF Trf SMOKES HE'3 HOURS •COCAO N'T GO PUU.IM' £UCM TRICKft *A THAT.' YEP, so.'i.x SOUGHT i op-rmosENevTzipt PLACES -~ THE HEUICOPTER, ^A«s, TOO AVUCH Orvi TKe HORSE-AMD-BOGGV Te^A.PD WlS 6ABV X'NV 6ADDUlr>ie sM H«S HDP \MiTHOOT eATlAlKi" l-lP\RD.— OUR' TRIP WILL Or-SCf Tf^'rie /X COUPLE Of -,•!>«, HOURS/ #> , , <-!<AFF.' ISNi'T THAT IJ-36T PRO-PROPULSION? ~~EGf\D. FATHER ,TM W DOESsrr S\ME A MAN! MUCH TIME TO CEMEL it- 1U& SCENERY, DOES IT? — LET'S GO INi M.Y 1,1 \VOUS1 I^E.' ALL HIRE* Of UV.TING WMY W4SNT I 00«M WIT>I A SOUTttERN WHY DOTM6 6OI-S LIT BETHANY Gtf MUCH HC TUtNS, WORM IS "Junior It changing his shirtt mor« pft«n this ««me»t«r— •he mutt h«v« found a jlrl h«'» really serious about!" I'RISCILI.A'S POl I'm just 3 failure.... 3 no-good... 3 iur friends own their vwn homes-i> ut I w*»n't needing much holpjust then 11AV WHERt YOU , WHIlf I UU THE COPS TO CO*I AND G£T YOU. ONI MOVE AND I LSI <i / WE'VE WAITED IONS ENOUGH Km VIC TO PHONE BACK. I'M GOING TO CALL INSPECTOR GROWL LES8LIE TURNER I VfM»r HOO TO CN-L OM 60H.RS TO *MU WW.AOOAWS. HWHIHG Wt CftW t>0. M1P TELL HE* t*cKU IMOU*T*I6S WILL TAKE CMUS ftf HER IKS POLICE HW16 JUST CMA.ED. HrS BOW HKSBEEN fOUNP...WJb IMPEK.MEIW I TM.KEP TO HIS WIFE &F1ER HIS ot>D WHU.E SOU WERE MMW SE«..,6\T SOU KHEW DC.AOcAUS OF OUR RE SE «C Ml W- OlOtrT SOU FRED HARMAN SHERIFF NEWT'S HOR56 PROMb, BILL HUPP.' HERS -Off BALANCE, PEVUM FIRES WILDLY AS HUPP TAKES THE SHERIFF'S HORSf i HEARD HOTS OUTS ice.' . YOU CAN MAKE Doya«V| aSTTER'N MOST I KNOW ' '^*^ 5O5TOP ACTIN' LIKK CLOWN AM' C3CT YOURSELF SETTLED DO\>N! I 6UT_ IT 15. VXNO\V.TIME XV . VOio. AN'OOOLA, J~Jf^y &» C* HAMWHi* BOOT TH AB»I«D AV.AY ' l c! l .S?J'n«A OCW'T NEBO NO M\M.. lis™ IM { SHE CAN TAKE SNRE IISTEM 1 HERSELF' HIM SWIN BKXJ4KT EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HKR IUJDDIKS

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