The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, DECEJrBER 1, 1947 BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.)' -COURIER PACK KLBVEH BETTER HOMES Experts Warn Against Holiday Fire Hazards Insulation Used To Combat Colds ^400 Million Colds Expected to Result- In $5 Billion Loss It is conservatively estimated lhal American* will contract 400 million colds tills winter, that 23 million persons will be laid up at the peak of the head-cold season, and thai, this will result in the loss of 59 million working days \vith a total economic to the nation of five billion dollars. If yours is an average family, you .probnbly will be among victims. Therefore, you should lie. tremendously c o n c e r n.e d with cold-preventive methods. Science, in its long: search for causes and cures for the common cold, has discovered that ilrafiy conditions in hojnes and pJncrs where people work are re.sjx>nsib]c f:>r n large percentage of all colds. For that reason, intensive efforts arc being made today to eliminate • drafts, especially in homes. Cold Walls Cause Draffs *-' No doubt you have felt cold blast.s of air pouring inio your home around windows and have blocked out these drafts by caulk;- ing, weather-stripping and install- Beware of holiday flrr hazards, fire protection authorities warn. Festive occasions such as Halloween, Christinas and the fourth of July usually see additional perils brought Into the home tn the form of Inflammable decorations, candles, lanterns or fireworks. To be on the safe elde, authorities advise purchasing decorations which are impregnated with a solution that will prevent, their bunr- liiu easily. Asbestos, Instead of cotlon or spun plass, Is recommended for chirstmas "snow". Never u?e candles on Christina, trees, the fire safety experts warn Wherever candles are used In the home, they should be placed In sub Mantis! candle-sticks and placei well auay from curtains or othe ih£l:\mmable objects. The s]X>t you select for you hrislmas tree should not be to lose to radiators, stoves or othe ources of heat, the fire prcvenlloi uthoritle.s point out. They art Imt a Christmas tree should b ept standing In water all the Urn I is In the house. The water leve hould be maintained well up o be tree by addition of water t he tub or Bland In which the trc is propped. This procedure, when isecl with fresh trees reduces heir Inflammability as effectively any flrcprooflng chemicals the authorities declare. Colonial Cottage ng storm sash. But even after this Is done/ yon find drafts still continue, and search as. yon will, you cnn " find 'no apparent source. Science hns a quite explanation. The average home is not properly insulated (only 15' per cent of the homes in America are so protected') and because of this lack, walls an:1 ceilings are HS much -as 11 degrors colder than the air temperature in the Drafts are created because warm air follows a, natural law and moves to these co!d sur- **^i^L2^- !> >\ $'*••*£$• Winter Weather Hard on Roof; Check of 'Overhead' Advised Winter jropprly Inkpfl a damage, heavy loll parlloulArly in* of l hom«§ which cost* for th« The hous« pictured Above i* one of • R*rtf».of r-mt • re aimer! at iillbslnnllally reducing high building home builder. The arrangement of the plan in thii colonial cottage elimlnatM Ihe use of moms [or halls and crentts a (teling nf ap&ctousneiii !!>_ the combined rooms. Generous storage wall closels have been provided atid (he narage offers ample room for storage nnd family ^lohhtcs. Household chores are made easy because of Ihe unto- miticnlly equipped kitchen-laundry. Kadianl floor heating Is lh« •nswer to the "Cold r'loor" problem in this home. tlon of all human-occupied structures as a fuel conservation- mca- sure, has this to say about drifts: "By reducing heat .'transfer through walls, ceilings and floors On the other hand, it -has been proved that such drafts are vir- I tunlly eliminated in the house that -„ --.. --- T ---„Is insulated full-thick because this in winter, insulation raises the protection keeps walls and ceilings | Inside surface temperatures to such within two or three degrees of the j an extent that . drafts vrxulUm; and air currents | from wnrm Bir coming in contact with chilled surfaces ore noticeably reduced " The Bureau further suggests the Cork Tile Floors Popular for Use In Men's Studies air temprature are not set up. Surface Temperature Raised The United States Bureau of Mines, which is urging the ir.snla- use of insulation material made Here's An Idea That's SPAN KING NEW r Give a Gift That Will Beautify Your Home! Charlie's Electric has * new, belter .selection of fine lighting fixtures. Fixtures Hint will make your home sparkle with the Christmas spirit. These include (he latest in Colonial rt'sloraiimis and itii[inrtccl humlciit crystal ... a real sight lo behold! Come by our shop for a show- In K of fixture* soon—Remember There can be no belter £Jfl lhan ft "brighter home," CALL ON US WHENEVER YOU HAVE ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS. OUR MEN KNOW THEIR WORK! CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116,North First Phone 2993 Coi'k tile, available In varying shades of brown, today finds con slderable use 1 In libraries and studies where men like Its rugged ap- pearAnce. It Is quiet nnrt easy lo walk on, its anti-slip properties ars good Mid it docs not show waU*>' itain.s. Cork should be swept, with a soft brush and mopped with a lukewarm soapy solution made with mild .soap. Rinse \vnter should be chained of- , ten and only small areas washed at j one time and Immediately wiped dry. II should Never be cleaned witn j alkalis. j Ceramic tile is mosl, often found in bathrooms. It come,s In a variety of colors, Li virtually impervious to liquids, Rrease nnd c.henl- icals, is durable and easily cleaned. Cleansers containing abrasives should be carefully used and than only in cose of the most stubborn stains. Tcrnizzo floors arc seldom used in the average home. Their use Is generally limited to entrance halls and bathrooms in the more costly homes and apartment houses. They are permanent, non-resilient and cold. Sweeping and mouph)^ is about all the attention needed, bin since tcrrazzo can be damaged by using alkaline cleansers, only neutral soaps should be used. Cement floors arc found occasionally in sun porches nnd entrance tialls. Their widest, use is in basements. The root is the Hist line of tlc- onsc nRnlnsi the ravages of snow, sleet and ice. And a nusly winter wind, \vhl|>ulni! evprything in Its >alh. Is likely to tour loose shingles. Sinnll teuks, developing In an old roof cturliiK the Winlcr, mny not seem serious nl first hut rooting experts wain that cracked plaster, Mnincd wallpaper nud rotllng invny of studs nnd sheathing ultimately spells costly repnli'5, 11 p-nys to have n thorough check made of Ihe loot aj soon «s whiter relaxes its yrlp. If Ioo5c shingles nre round, If Hint 1 pro small crack.s, or IT the shingles are badly split, or curled, repairs should be in ado Immediately. Patching Seldom Vuy» '• Except ns nn nmerncncy men sure, It .seldom p:iys to piitch \\\\ old roof. AceonltiiR to Ihe U S, nurciui of Siaiuinrds, '"riu'ru cy.nes t\ (line ILI tho life ot u roof on every jjcnnniu'iit .strneluro when U Is no longer prnoliciible or tH-onu- inlcnl to effecit repulvs, it ml when that time [tomes re-roofing l.i the only .solution." 'Hie first lenk In nil old roof !s Almost n sure sign thiU n new roof Is needed. When re-i'ootinR Is nc- cs-snry, wentlicr-tl^ht nnd \vlnd- I'slRtrxnL mnlerliils. .siivh ns itsplntU ...... ,Cfi. .should tjc Hclcrlcd. Ax- >hnll sh Ingles n Iso a TC 1 Ire - proo f md so protect the root from chimney spnrhs. » Sound Kcof K.ssrntlal In rurnl nrens winter storms tend | n be even inoi'o dfxmiiRlnR Lhnh In ' cities. Usually, the lmru nnd other buildings nre situated on high ground where wind, sleet find drift nig snow can do the most damage. Unless the roof Is wenlhcr- tlfclil, livestock, ciops mid machines nre cndiuiRcrecl. Shelter Is Hie prlmnry uurposo °f structure. Unless the roof Is .sound, a buHdinR docs not, provide shchcr. Yet roofs, "out of sinlit nnd out of mind," ai'n likely to ho neglected until they "Kivo \v«y" 'under iho lncc.sxnnL bnttcrhiR of wind, inln. Ice, slceL nnd snow. A round roof Is nn economic ns- sct. It reduces Ihn cait- of nutln- tcnancc, .-saves fuel, provides shelter nnd comfort and. when ot blended colors and pleasing textures, otkts new beauty nnd distinction lo the home or farm. Building Permits Totaling $17,400 Are Issued Here Nine, tmlltlhig ' pi'iinils for ... csllmntdl $17.400 worth o[ rcslclen- llnl cntislviictlO]! atul repair hnvc becti RriuHcd dnrlni; Ilie |>nst two works [rom tlio ofilce of oil) Eiiglncrr Jon Carney. One permit (or Inislnosi rnnstr lion wns ls.snod to 'IVini A. Little for nnto storimc buildings nrijnmi to the new niythevlllo Motor Co Inilldlnii undcv connlrnctlon a Bron[|\vny nnd Chirkn.siuvbn. The iTsldcntlnl permits were IB sued to: Nfnx Parks, for n Ihreti-roon frunie pin'n^e-nixuliiu'nt In the iv:u- of K!33 c:li!i'kas:uvl)n; cMllmnl- cd cost, $a,0«fl. ll^rry Ho^au. for n .ilx und n luilf-ronm brick and tile re.shli'ni'u I ill 1000 Wiiliuit; I'.stlmatecl ecvsl. Hurry Hoi;an, [or a four nnd one- hulf-rooni KnrnKo-»|iurliiu'nl In the rcur of 160n Wuhuil; estimated cast, $2,000. Rny K Holt, for n one-room franc residence nt S2S Norlli 10th; estlmnted $, r >l)d. , lloycc Monrr. lor n s "lliree-rtxil» fiiinio roslrtpiico »t 'JHI1 I5nsl Cherry; cslltmUcd cost, SflQIl' Nelson Illcks, !or n Iwo-rooiii frame rcstdi'nce <in Soiith 10th; es- tlmivtcd cost. $T>00. A. L. RlrliHiclsoti, for repair* lo a one-room frnmc residence In lie real- ot IOD West Cherry, ce- tlmntcd cost; 4500. A. n. Snntlcrs, for addition of two rooms lo n residency on South llth; estimated cost, $800, Milton Hunch, for addition of two rooms lo a residence on North 5th; estimated cosl, $MO. FOR SALE QUICK BARGAIN Second Hand Bath Fixtures -5' Bathtub on Feet -Lavatory 1-Closet 1-Sink 1-Florence Water Heater 1-30 Gallon Boiler All for $112.50 "PETE" The Plumber 109 North 1st Street Phon. 2731 Tn cotf Water, Fuel Are Wasted By Unprotected Pipes Millions of gallons of wntcr and enormous amounts of fuel nre wasted fu the home. 1 ,' of Amcdcri every year because hot writer supply iplpes nre located within cold "Ksscm'p nf ('nfft'i' 1 ' Onidovn. Mexico, "essmiec of o" is used to make cot fee. A .oonful Is added tn u ciup of k milk, sqmid hot with llio nicnl. oulsldp walls. IJefote 1ml wufcr can reunh Uu* faucets, the nilh'fi i>ipn must lie hentcd, but several Billions of \vn- tcr ni'O rcMiutrrd lo do It. Also Hdcllltonal fuel Is used to lieul Mils wii.stnl wntcr. " This condition can l)e overcomes {If UK; water supply plpca nro protected by Insulation wll.iln the wnlls. Fireproof mineral wool cnii be blo\M> inio such spnc-e.s nnd the liiMilnllon then. sun'outuUnR the pipes wtil ret ft In Uic heat gen- crnled by the warm walcr In them for lotis'iiorlotls and tlioro will 'bo no long, wasteful walla for hot'wa- Quality Wallpapers MONEY -FOR MATRIMONY OR MATERNITY Milestones call for money. When you're getting married or expecting a new addition to the family, get the money quickly from G. C. P, C. PHONE 2928 122 W. ASH IT. BLYTHEVH.LE GENERAL' CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION THERMOSTAT and AUTOMATIC CONTROL' STOP FOOLING WITH COAL INSTALL IN YOVR FURNACE KRESKY Modern Trend Toward Compact Heating Units The trend tn modern heating units is toward 'units which are extremely compact in size at no «x- i pcnse of heating comfort. Noteworthy among modern units are the I new convector radiators which, because o! their compact size, Ken- ernlly can be installed beneath windows. Their size jwrmits substantial saving of floor space. The re- \ ccsscd models taXe little or no floor space, and lloor cabinet styles, unlike old-type radiators, are installed flush against walls lo save valuable space, or may be recessed, too, If desired. They simplify room arrangement and the location of furniture. $ 109 85 BUY FROM YOUR LOCAL HEATING EQUIPMENT DEALER S-Bedroom Howe Sin... JESSE W. PROVINCE PLUMBiNG AND BlythevilU Krtaky Floor Tumacei tnd Space Heattcra from mineral products, such as mineral wool, because of "it's resistance to fire, termites, vermin, electrical short-circuits, moLsttirc anci decay." This substance In loose or nodular form can be blown Into existtnB homes, and baits or blankets ot the material can be nailed in place where there Is rooVn for a man to work. A Beautiful Home Is Never Out-of-Season! A clover home, decoration plim will bring lots of , compliments iluriiig the coming holiday suason. Let us show you our latest arrivals in quality papers tomorrow. We have a complete color scheme for your home. 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