The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1947
Page 10
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FAGE-TKN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIEJi NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER t, 1947 A-Bomb-Proof Canal Proposed ; Change from Panama Locks to Sea Level Waterway Suggested WASHINGTON. Dec. 2. <UP) — Brig. Gen. Joseph C. Mclintfcy. governor- of (he Panama C.innl Zone, proposed lo Congress ye.stcr- day thai the canal he converted Into an atomic-bomb-proof, soa- level waterway at n cost of $2.- *63.<KK),000. - The proposed program would eliminate the locks which now raise parts of the canal 85 feet above MR level. president Truman transmitted lo the House and Senate Mchafley's report which said that the present canal "is.totally lacking In security to meet future needs of national -defense-" He prepared a .10- vearr reconstruction program. ' "The service that the canal performed in the recent war." he said, '.'was made possible only because 11 was not attached." :• Mchaffey added lt\al investigations have Indicated that "bojsln- ning about 1080 (he Panama,Canal will be unable to meet the demands of inler-occanic commerce without Inflicting delays that will become Increasingly more serious lo shipping as further traffic increases arc realized." He said th?.t already several o- cean-BOing vessels' arc too bis t« go through the locks and that ill size of the canal for many ye^r size of Aapilal ^hlps constructed has been a factor In limiting the by the Nnvy. Closed Only Temporarily Hie report said thai even R sei level canal could be closed lempo- • rarily to traffic In wartime by 1 the sinking of one or more- ships In the channel or bv blocking '-he , channel with deb-Is resulting from a direct hit 'from an atomic bomb, I but thai "such closures would be j of short duration compared vith ; those that could result from an nt- | tack on a lock canal." j •: It added that an atomic bomb hit on a lock canal could put the waterway out- of operation for several years or perhaps permanently. '-In no sense,'! the report continued,, "could a sen level canal l>n destroyed as could a look c.inal. The. largest conventional weapons would not be a significant threat to;security of n sea level canal-" ;' Mr. Truman sent to congress -with the: governor's report R letter from Secretary of Army Kenneth Roynll, who said that the point chief., of staff and Secretary of Navy .John L. Sullivan had concurred in Me- haffcy's recommendations. Royal! said he would report his own conclusions soon. Trusty Commits Burglaries at Night filling Station Operator Held For Conspiracy CHICAGO. Dec. 2 (UP)—A filing .station ojiRi'alor was arraigned vo.sttudny on a charge of conspiracy nn $80,000 Jewelry robbery at Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 30. A Chicago Jevi'ler ft rid his -son, ilso nrrc.sted In tlie robbery, were riur.stloncd by authorities. Andrew Carln.scin, the niicrnlor, [ilratled innocent when arraiRiied before U, S. Commissioner Pklwln K. Walker. lie wiut released on $5,000 bond pending a hearing Dec. D, and will be tried here. The other two men, C!coi[;u T. Ercktnan, SO, and his son, George T. Erckman, Jr., ID, wore/ires.ted on a fugitive warrant Issued In Alabama after the jewelry store owned b> i Louis M. Perry wrus robbed. Ctiriosrta was charged wllh having a rom'crs.itlon with a "G. H Parsons," which led lo Iho disposal of the jewelry to fences here. As the result of Carioscia's arrest Federal Bureau of Investigation agents expected to make other ar- ami several warm ills were tailed. Side-Saddle Bike Airport News A government contract authorizing Hood Flying Service at the Municipal Airport to tmln holders of private pilot licenses Tor commercial and flight Instructors' ratings has been negotiated, it was aa- iiouneed lotkiy by officials of Ihc flying* service, The contract, received Friday, provides for both flight and ground j lakins over. limiting flight early thij month. The return trip was mnde'ln tlirrc hours. ' Mr. and Mrs. L. S. HaiLzoic flew to Alabama In his Bellanca for the Thanksgiving holiday. Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Tullos flew to Hot Springs Wednesday and returned Friday after visiting relatives there. They made Ilic trip In the Blythcvllle FJyiiiB Club's Acro- ica, Transient pilots landing here during the past week Include O. n. Griffin Jr. of Ashvllle, N. C., Beechcraft: Lee D. Bowman of Kccne, Kla., Bellanca; Robert H. Smith of Wlnonti. Minn., Stlnson; L, w. Byin of Hillsboro, Texas. Culver; Billy Flcevcs of West Memphis. Cub; D. C. Bass of Memphis, Lu.scombe; Vernon Mitchell of Kennett, Mo.. Cub; James Campbell of Union City, Tcnn., Cub; Pied McKay of Ilayli.. Mo., Cub; Rauph W. Mitchell of Joncsboro, Stlnson; Harold W. Spei- dll of Joncsboro, Stlnson; ami M. S Carroll of Ruston. La., Bcechcrafl. Ohio In 1803 as the ths Union. 17th state III Ohio lo Cclphralc COLUMBUS, O. (UD—Ohio will celebrate its scsqulccntemilal In 1953. The 150th anniversary celebration will commemorate the founding of Christmas Trees Hotly & Mistletoe | Cedars — Any Sire | Special Prices to Dusliieu Firms,.; | diuretics and Schools '*: Place Your Order Now! \ Moreland's MUSIC STORE t <* *<*_W Tullio Lo Monaco, ol Milan, ll.'ily, believes that a fellow should hsive his girl at his side, even when bicycling. So lie invented this bide-sJiddJe bilte, on whirl) both rirloj-s pedal but only one sleeis. Photo by NEA-Acme correspondent Julius Humi. PHONOGRAPH Records LFSS THAN 1 2 W. 'A. nenncll. n trusty nt'llic Wallers, okln. jail, has admitted that lin Is Ihc one responsible tor a .scries of llicl'ls at- nfeht In tlic city o[ Walters. Bennett, 18, held In jnil since last April, made tile following admissions: !. That lie hurt burglnriTcd the lawyer who was clclemung him. 2. Tliat lie had burglarized the jewelry department, o( Marshall's drug store, nnd two oil stations. 3. That lie gained liberty from Ins cell al. night by using a "key" he had fashioned from solt meial in the window sill. •!. Thai much of the loot he had obtained was hidden in his jail cell. tNEA Tclcplioto.) Air Base there which that city is sctiool training for both ratings. I Training is now under way and en- rollmcnts arc being taken. John Johnson of BlyUieville nude his first -solo flight yesterday. C. n. Woods. Farmer England Ernest Ilalscll and C. V. ijebaugli flew to Stuttgart yesterday in MI Woods' ncllanca and Mr. Sebaugli , Navion to visit the former Army Mr, Scbaiiph nnd W. T. »Sonny \ O.slxnnc Jr. Hc\v to Omaha. Nebr., Wednesday to pick up Mr. Scbaugh's plane which had been left there when grounded by v/ealhcr on a Popular Hit Tuncx-of ihc (ley by | lending recording urtlsis. Featuring i fiiurh Majestic Artist* n.i Etldy Howard Morion Downey. Jnck Smith, slim Oall- lorc!, Korn Kobblcrs. Hraaicv Klncald and many others. ($10.50 Value—Now $4) Your Cliuice-12 Ilccorils Eadli Album No. 1 Album—Popular Music , No. 2 Album—Hillbilly Music I No. 3 Albuirt—Race Music r No. 4 Album -Combination of Nos. 1, 2 ami 3 Scud SKJO lor ntiy aUjiini (12 rccorUs) or tmy posuii^n COD. np:CORDS SALES COMPANY. Normal P. O. Box No. 88. Memphis, Tcnn. 1 i Mail Running 99 to 1 Against Price And Rationing Controls Wolcott Says By Rex Chancy (ITniteil Press Staff Cnrfcspomlent) WASHINGTON. Dec. 2 (UP) — 'Chairman Jesse P. Wolcotl of the House Banking Committee sn'd yesterday his mail was vunuing "HO to 1" against the price and rationing controls requested by PreMdenl j [ balttc with Ic^Limony before house nnd Senate committee*. WolcoU's banking conniiitlcc sclicduled another session with sec- Tlie rour-vohnne Mchaffey icporl Trumau to ftght tnflatton. retary of Commerce W. AvercU llnrrlmnn. Wolcolt complained that ,idministrf\lion ofricials were .spcak- only in generalities in .seeking Included three alternate" plins to the sea level cnnal: 1. Exj?nn.sioii of the present ca- nnl "to meet only ricrnantls of commercial' traffic to the year 2000" at nn estimated cost of $130,000.000 The governor salt! "the key feature of this plan Is structwal alteration of the locks so as to abolish the .present needs, for closing one of the lock lanes for overhauls for a period of four months every two years.'* He said this plan would neither alter size of the present locks nor increase the security of the cnnal, Cnulcl Rn-BiLild Locks 2. A coustniclcd lock canal to satisfy, the future needs of co:n- me'rce and nfford passage for the largest projected Naval ships :it a At the same time, the Michigan, Republican assallcrt wbat ho called the iirimlnlslralton's failure to specify just which commodities it mlRht control nnd said he hoped to announce his own inflation remedies nnd telegrams from nil parts of the within a few weeks. Wolcott suld he was Retting letters country on Mr. Truman's proposals niu} that only one out of 100 correspond en Us favored "any kind of control." Despite widespread Republican coolness lo much of Mr. Truman's program—nnd the Republicans control congress—lop administration spokesmen were continuing their sea-level canal has been found to cost of SI,126,000,000. This canal i b c entirely feasible." would . still be vulnerable to nt- j Such a canal, he said, would have tack, he said. n capacity greatly in excess of pre~ clic-ted requirements aurt would af- 3. A lock canal to satisfy "nu:l- mum feasible security in n lock canal" at a cost of $2,308.000,000. This plan, he reported, would include enlarging the channels and constructing widely separated locks, but "irreparable damage to a lock could be inflicted by.a hit of a single atomic bomb." • Mchaffey said the board of con- :sultlng, engineers was agreed 'that "construction and oi>en\tton of n ford, far greater security agalnsl attack than any lock canal. Ho .said construction of a sea- level canal, which would take bout 10 years, "could he accomplished with insifiniflcnnt interference wllh the operation of the present canal and would follow th general route of the present cana with considerable Improvement in alignment.' 1 rice control, rationing and alio- alion authority and expressed hope iiat, Harrlman would bc more speci- ic. Mr. Truman risked for authority o control v/apcs, along with prices,; Congressional .lit he did not RO into detail. GOPidatc of Dec. 20. coiifiros.smen have been anxious to hear hnw far the administration would go—whether wa^e controls would bc exerciser! on a selective biusls, as proposed for prices, of whether general wage control authority was desired There was no indication that Congress was going to bc hurried into enacting anti-inflation legislation. One of the least controversial of Mr. Truman's anti-inflation, proposals—restoration of installment buying controls—still is under discussion in the Senate Banking Committee. And the House Banking Committee has not taken up this phase of the problem preferring instead to review the whole price and Inflation situation at one time. j ~^v Wolcott said the House committee i _JT^. hoped to begin writing legislation by the end of next week. But even that would be only a few days before the adjournment target C °2ENS OF SPARKLING SHIKIS FOR A PASTE SHOE POLISH Mode by the mtikers of LIQUID DYANSHINl IOC r Ff? 1 Family Shoe Store 312 W. Main St. . Chnstmas Stockings Gordon HOSIERY Slic'll say "thank you"— and mean [I, when you give hor lovely Gordon Hosiery! She knows that Gordon stands for proportioned fit ••nd long-wearing satisfaction, 'in fau[l- M»*i »h*«r hosiery of the newest Icg'- , IfclUimg sh*dc»l x ANEW SMITH PONTIAC CO. MARVIN I.. 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