The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, l'J-17 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK;) COURIER N13WS PAGE Palestine Is Land of Laughter, Tears As Jews, Arabs React To UN's Partitioning Decision (Edilors note: Robert Miller of the* 'United Tress made a week-end Uriir of Arab and Jewish states lo IIIVCB- tlRatc the Immediate effects of llje United Nations decision to partition •Palcsllne. He elves his impressions he following dispatch.) U the A Wreath of White Orchids , By Iloherl <;. Miller (Unlleil Press Staff Correspondent) j JERUSALEM, Dec. 2 lUP)—Pal- e.stine Is a Innd of tears and lauglt- ler. joy and sadness, threats and promises. It may become al any liu,ie a country of bloodshed and violence. Swinging through the country as it was hearing the news of the United Nations decision lo partition it, I saw tanned and muscled Arabs weep without shame and bow tui- bancd heads in uncontrolled grief when they were told about the partitioning. I saw toothless grandmothers in flapping gowns shouting and snake' dancing lu Jewish settlements with youngsters whose joyous celebration of the birth of a Jewish state reverberated through the Jordan Valley. In Nablus, Hebron, and Jerusalem, stern-faced sheiks met in the warm sunshine to plot revenge and draw plans to thwart the establishment of another state—plans which if U.S. and Canada In Border Dispute! Islands in Minnesota Area to Be Re-surveyed ' And Shared by Nations DULUTH, Minn. (UP)— Commissioners of St. Louis County crinpe when they look northward lo a group of "orphan" islands In the Namakan Lake region on Ihc Canadian border. An unknown number of the islands are scaltered through the waterways of the Kalny niver District of Ontario. No one knows which islands belong to what country. The commissioners long for completion o[ a cou:ily land office survey this winter. It will—they hope— allow them to sleep undisturbed by complex boundary and tax problems map complications and involved' land sales. rite survey is expected (o pre,. carried out would mean war nnd I velll rccun -cnce o! such situations ' 'billing. ' ^ ..vhcii Ihc commissioners prcscnt- x ! In Haifa, Tel, Aviv. Tiberias and I c( | a sl48,COO tax bill to the now Jerusalem, other men met to pic- I nefunct Backus-Brooks timber con- pare for the birth of a new country ccrn O f International Falls, Minn.— which had been conceived thousands 1 only to find the levy was against of miles away by groups representing nearly every civilized country .^ except Palestine. Little Violence So Far So far the violence had been sporadic and unorganized. A group of Arab youths stoned the Czechoslovak Consulate, shouting -j£j wn with Czechoslovakia." They *We dispersed by police. Some 500 Arab youths paraded - through Jerusalem's old city this morning, shouting demands for the return of the grand mufti, Haj Aniln El Husscini, and establishment of an Arab state. Jewish buses were stoned near the ; Jaffa Gate, but none was Injured. A spokesman for Hagana said much Incidents had been expected. . adding that Hagana would not attempt retaliation for the death ol .seven Jews killed at Lydda unless the attacks persist. What the Jews feared most was ' organized warfare waged by Pales tinian and neighboring Arabs. Arab league leaders In yesterday's meet Ings swore to carry out their threat. | . of a holy war, and to kill any Ara 1 dissenters who failed to join the! campaign. Palestine's frontiers, however, wer peaceful, and spots where any in vasion must come were quiet. * Everything "Routine" ..At the bridge of Jacob's Daugh . ter over the Jordan River in,Hul Valley, Syrian guards said evcrythin was routine. They shrugged the f ^toulders when asked for reactio '™j the partitioning, saying soldiei Canadian land. Courts Back County Or the time when 11 islands be- ame tax delinquent and the com- lissloners arranged a land sale— ily to learn they again were traf- icking lu Crown soil. The lumbering firm paid Ihe tax ill when a court ruling held the Jnlted States had provided fire and lolice protection for the area and hat, therefore, taxes should go to he county. The land sale was dropped and he commissioners decided lo look ook orders, and did not question henr. t The Arabs called today the "be ginning of our resistance to a] lorcign Interference in our affairs. Entile Gltoury, secrety of the Ara Higher committee, said the Arab blamed Great Britain "for all thi iragcdy, but they are really happ .hat the United Nations openly ric clared for partition since it unmask the lies underlying its principles of American democracy and Russian Communism." Reliable sources predicted that the first retaliation for the Amcri- J.S. Building Proving Grounds n Western Pacific for Testing fewest Type Atomic Bombs By Josn'li I" Mylrr I'nlttd 1'rrsj Staff C'orrnpoiKfciU ! WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. (U.L'.l—Tlie United States today replied o Russian nlomlc rumor it with nn nlomlo fact—Hits country b Mitlni il> In Ihe PiK-Ktc ft bnso for losdiiB the "Miptr" bombs 11 1» now irculik'lng. Five yen is lo the dny nftcr man Ilrct brouKlil About » nuclear cliuln rcnrllon—In SlnBB Hold nt Clilcngo—tho Atomic Energy Com- n!sf.loti niniounccri tlutl construction lias started on mi atomic proving i'mnul M Unhvctok Atoll III the Western Pacific. There from time to lime It will* '• rx[>)ortc for Uwl inn poses linuroviul , e flri ^ bomb lc ., t w nj take place. Crowds press against the tomb of Eiiglnnd'fi unknown Wnii'ior Westminister Abbey \vhcie the bouquet, o[ white orchids curried Mnccss Elizabeth during her wedding ceremony wns plRcccl al own request. (NBA nadlo-Tclephoto.) 400 'Rotations Expected i«>iiviiie. FI«.. pr«>kicni.,c>r rtofnry . . . . _ r International, will be the giiMl of At Meeting in Stuttgart STUTTGART, Ark., Dec. 2, (UP) — S. Kendrlck Guernsey of Jaclc- the other way until someone straightened things out. The confusion sprang from the original defining of the border, a loosely-drawn line through the main waterway from Lake Superior to Lake of the Woods. Survey I'lanncd , County Attorney Thomas Naytor and Land Commissioner L. h. Bcatty explained a Joint Canada-U. S. boundary commission compounded Ihe confusion in 1D28 when the border was rc-dcliiicd. Ttie federal maps were changed but the county maps were not. As a first slop. Bcatty will send two men on a cruise this winter through the region. They will survey each Island and determine to \vhlch country it belongs. When the survey Is complete and honor when some -100 Arkansas llo- tarlaits gather here for a banquet tonight. He Is paying an official 'visit to the 38lh District. Porter John, Stuttgart, club president, said 27 clubs In the district will be represented, including Little Hock, Pine Bluff. Forrest City, Hot Springs and Marianna. flcad Courier News Want Ads. xjinlxs which sVlonltflr.Vmrces here jclleve lire itcrlwps 10 times more powerful limn Ihc atomic mlssilo thai wrecked llluulilnm. Thutuomb wits Iho energy equivalent of 20,COO Ions of TNT. Enlwclok, the commission siihl. was chosen because of il.s isolation. The atoll is 2,000 ulrllno inllco southeast of Vladivostok, Siberia, and 0,200 mllc.i Southwest of San Francisco. II Is 200 miles northwest of Bikini, Us MnMlmll . Islands neighbor, where two bombs of a now obsolete type sank nearly 150,000 tons of shipping in a test nuclear e.vplosive.% against navnl vessels. The atomic energy commission •mild not admit there was any par- Icular significance In the liming of Its nunounrcmciU. Unl li followed by only u few weeks a European eport—believed false by nucleai experts hcrr—lhat Russia har tested a Soviet-made atomic boml n iSibcria. A U.S. official close to -aUmili developments said the announce men!, "certainly might bo construed ns nn answci 1 lo tile Russian m mor.s." The commission, however, sal< the Entwclok te.-ils will not be.llm ited to atomic, weapons. They als "will facilitate advances in )icacc fill . . . applications of atomic en ergy." Operation of the Enlwctok Prov ing Gfoiind will be ns secret Rs Ih Aloinlc linei'gy CtJinmls-ston aitti tit national military establlshmci know how' to make 11. I'hc conmils sion will not even hint as to wltc liul a spokesman said there will ; "no more circus lesls" like, those I Bikini In Ihc Summer of 1M6 hlch wore wilessed by score* of .•porters and representatives of »ll tutted Nttllons, Bikini wns not suitable R» a ]*r- mnent proving ground because II s not large enough, the commission aW. Mkcytho natives of Bikini'In 9M, Iho Hi Mursliallese now living n Enlwetok atoll will be moved Vo ionics of lh«lr own choosing el««- vhcre In the Islands. They will be, mid lor Ihelr land and will be given asslslancc ami care" In gel- LIIK resellled. Dial 2231 h'or' Fr«« Delivery M All Staple and Fancy GroeetiM Quality M«at» GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Mvt or Dressed) Freeman & Henley 2016 West Main SI. W. H. (lill) KASB Local Agent fat', Mil* HM* N«-T«* A*»Il*rt TU* E*ck Waol Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY ('hone 2043 1011 ChickniiBTvba can position would be taken against! ;ill charts arc unanimous on island oil pipelines with probable Syrianj nationality, several definitely will rejection of an agreement for a change governments. line tc cross Syria. Spokesmen for Hagana, the Stern group raid Irgun Zvai Leunti said they would forget their differences and unite In mutual defense of the newly-created Jewish state. Read Courier Mews Want Ads. Beatty said a preliminary check showed the U. S. will lose Boltic Portage Peninsula and Erlclcson. Blue, Randolph and several smaller islands. The U. S. will gain many islands from Canada, including Blind Pig, a famous navigation landmark. Remember! S J TUDEB AKER8 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Siki ITUDHAKH hnto ATTENTION, »TCDMAME OWNIEIi Drive by for a free check on your DefmUr. Bt prepared for winter. A K E R STUDEBAKER8 A (ood HlwUoa e( n«w arid uatd trucks. Atao, a I at UU mod*! UMd can ... all fiunato**'! H>«rw4 ud AD, tint* r,*x OkaMbUp Dial 2115 Bill BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 TOPS IN EVERYTHmf* PUT PRICE! F.r>iw.tlh M.d.l OT-M4-Smoolh, fl«w- '• Ing lln.l .xpn».<l It Juurout >bony plalllc. * FARM (Jk LOANS Horn* Oflk*. Ntmrk, N. i. LOMO nsM rmo«»T CLOMM* CALL, WHITE OK IU RAY WORTHINGTON 118 8. Third Bt, BlyUieTlD«, Al*. flection IS T«ui Bcrrtac TMh THE riUDENTIAL 1NSUUNCX COMTAKT Of AMBUCA' In memory of those whose lives were so wantonly taken on December 7th r - 194t r we must pledge ourselves, through the United Nations, to work for eternal peace. Blytheville Water Co BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" TABLE MODEL RADIOS Each Fanisworlli lablc model offers wide ranging reception comparable lo that of a large console. Sturdy plastic cabinets in sinking modern designs make llicin Ihe ideal receivers lo fil those many special "exlra radio" needs, lull resonant tone—accurate liming controls—lasting dependability.mark Karnsworlh lalilc models as today's most distinctive snnill scls. cepllon. wllhbulll-t* loop arltnna ond ay- nomk ip»o««f. Ploy Po — Opeio DC t>ow« . t»U-fon1oin*dfninioti/r« |jai!«mt. Slrong, liflfil 111-1 wilh imoolh l»arrv«r rlte lavarlng and al hocliv* bralaid carry ing ricndl*. 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