The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DFXEJIBER , 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SKVEM j f MS _ mitt, a n ... I Q flW c P flf fit La] Bow ' S e *~ U ? '" U- S- an< * Territories ^•"t! R«/-««,OC n Rit noetic os Jan. 1 Nears (Editors note: Robert Miller of I! Becomes Q Bit Hy Stun Onolimsky ] (United I'i'fss Spoils WvitiT ' NEW YORK, Dec. 2. «J1>> — Tile nation's newest Tart nl bouncing bowl biiis from the Atlantic to the Pacific land poinls WesU United Press made a week-end tci; got screwier- than cm- today alter of Arab and Jewish states to Invqi one post-season game invited three tlgatc the Immediate effects of 111 teams. United Nations decision to partlll<! it was '.lie Pineapple Bowl at -Palestine. lie gives his Imprcssioj Honolulu which got caught in the 'to the following dispatch.) i[ most cinbaiTnsing prcdicaiuei?. as %r ,i invitations crackled over the wives By Kobcrt C. Miller i S.i a frenzy- Hawaii was picked as (Dulled Press Sta(f Correspond^ ! one team, uiul the University ol JERUSALEM, Dec. 2 (UP)—Pi ' Louisville and Redlanrts ot Cali' e.stlnc Is a land of tears and lane! fornla both were tendered invi- tcr, joy and sadness, threaU an! lations as the visiting eleven llotli : promises. It may become nt any lint; accepted. n country of bloodshed and violencj It was a mess, and the only tiling ei-on. Okla., Aggies were named' to plr.y In the original "Little Rose Howl." Still Mure llowjs Had enough ol bowls? Don't quit yet. Tile University ot Nevada was picked to play In tlie Salad Howl at Phoenix. Ariz, liut when the ; North Texas States Teachers Col- tho'ul'd. Wasn't satisfied with the : opponent. Two of the proposed bowl committees not a little-towel. The Lesion Bowl set for Los Angeles Deo. 20 and the Alumo Howl scheduled for Snn Antonio, Tex., Jan. 1 both lack ol representative For Cage Opener Football Togs Stored And Interest Shifts To Hardwood Courts With their football logs nil cleaned ^ r\ • • n IJIYIf* " f AIC knugnroo-klrkcd their way to vie- tovy over Finis Hall Mid Krank Mar c ol ,| („ the lau nialcli feature of the Amorican Lesion's weekly wre.itlliiK a country ol bioocisnea anu YIOII-IUI " »ao » i"<.-^, •»»" >"<.- umj nuug •_,,._ ... ii,.!,. ..---„,,. r nl . Swinging through the country I to <io was to let the Hawaii team ; '™ lns as lhc " lc:iso " s f ° l it was hearing the news of the Un'Pick Its opponent. It picked Red- °" l _ ted Nations decision to partition 1 lands. Couch Prank Camp of l.ouis- I saw tanned and muscled Aral; vlll e admitted he was a "little dls- wccp without shame and bow tui 1 appointed," but would not elab- bancd heads in uncontrolled gric- orflte when they were told about th , Bllt "^ was only part of the partitioning. pm' pageant enacted by the bowl 1 saw toothless grandmothers i: "rcatnren. . police E0 i flapping gowns shouting and snake o^Thc"' 7, t,™"™ r *«\™i«\ for dancing in Jewish settlements wit °, Little youngsters whose joyous celebratlo of the birth of a Jewish state -• But Cor all the hectic happenings, some bowls did get something ber the pooses shifted from the gridiron to liic maple floor this week to bcglr intensive drills in preparation for the opening of the 1947-48 oasket- bp.ll season. Twenty Chicks and nine Pap answered Coach James R. Fisher' Hist call last week-end and Include In those numbers -were nine Better men, seven for the Chicks and twc for the Paps. At present Coach Fisher's chic BIRMINGHAM. Aln.. Ucc. 2. <UH — Tiir Uiiivi'islly of Arkansas Ku- orbacks will oppoxo wnUiun and lin-y In tin; tiiauRiiral uumc oi tho Dixie Uuwl Chairman Holt Dust _ s ) u)w , lt ( | u , j, c(! i, m Arena last, . aid the tigroonu'iit wus madu ivitli j Thc Uvo f nV orHrs not off to * Athletic Director John Ilarnhhl of , Mow s([u . t ,, y , os |, 11( tll() fi ,. sl rolmd Arkansas yestoid.iy an.l the bid was • bl] , stlll(C(l ,, ,. om( .bnck In tho sec- accepted last week by William and 1 <)|u , n|u| - Ull| . (l , n ||, (o cl(llm t | !(1 at vcrberatcd through the Jordan Va to start, its own bowl and challenged Tyler. Tex., Junior College. Tyllie two teams %"e'sun'Vlowl at 1=1 Paso, Tex.,] worry "is "w l"ck of time In whir paired Miami University of Oxford, lo 8Ct hIs team In coiKUtlon loi th '- • • — — • opening tilt. The Chicks will ope their season In (lie Haley Field gyi one week from today when (he take on Coach Unbe Boycc's Oscc ola Scmlnoles and the Paps wl begin play the following week I Luxora when (Uey meet, the Luxoi O.. against Texas Tech. The Raisin Bowl signed Wichita to play college of the Pacific, ectc'f lor | Thc 'Galor Bowl at Jacksonville, Pasadena i Fla., lined up Ma/yland and Geor' decided "'The Dixie Bowl at Birmingham, Ala., secured Arkansas for William and Mary. Junior Panthers. The Chicks seven returning lette Bowl at San j men are Dudley Hardy, Bobby Mul- Riley and Long Win Tag Match In Legion Arena In n whirlwind third-full finish Tex Ulley and Johnny "Tiger" Lon« Lujack Homed Number On* Playtr of 1947; to Receive Heisman Trophy NEW YORK, Dec. 7. (UP) — Quarterback Johnny nijuck of Notre D«me has been chosen «s the outstanding college footbtll pUyer c during 1 1941 and will receive the annual Heisman Trophy, the Downtown Athletic club announced y«a- .lary, Southern Conscience cluitn- >lons. The Haz:>rUark.s have, a mediocre record ot five victories, four <lu- ] 'eats and one tie but Uowl oIEici.ilsj lointcd out thai they have defeale'l i ooth teams appealing in Memphis' Helta Howl, Tc.xus Christian and the University ol Mississippi. The Conference learn ulso defeated Northwest Louisiana, North Tcxa.s State and Tulsa. Tho setbacks c'limr trmn Baylor. Texas, Rice and SMU. Arkansas tied Toxus A and M. Is led by \Irtory. Hall and Marconi grabbed (lie round in 20 minutes with Marconi eliminating lltlcy In IS minutes with body .slams and a pin and Hull defeated Long live minutes later with a Jack knife. I.oni; and Hllny Klartcd tlielr comeback In the second round, a «lam bang affair which saw Just about everything happen, Long eliminated Marconi In 10 minutes with body slums and a pin and then returned to defeat Hall lour minutes later wllli a blistering flslic attack which Tlio r*u-><M hi^k-O ftf-f^nso U ]f>i\ l»v " ll11 " miotc-niiK uoiiv. nvviv^r* >»»v,i Clyde • slm'Z^r'' Scot,! a form" >>< I"""""" «" """ • w <" ft "" llcd S3«2S Sb^ek. AU * UtteNl •«.«•_.«?« «. a ^ one William and Mary ended the tea- son with nint 1 victories aiul one loss. The Indians defeated Davlds>n. Thc Cltaik'l. Virginia Tech, Doslon UnivcrMiy. Wake !-'ofCSt. VMI, with Long and Rlloy claiming victory after 20 minutes of effort. They went to work on Hall and It tooK them Just one minute to eliminate him after a series of kangaroo kicks terclay. l.ujack received 742 votes from the niUlon's sportswrlters and broadcasters, who participated hi the balloting. Thc Notre Dame star, 13tli recipient of the trophy, will b« glvm tlio award here Dec. 10. liunnertip In the voting was Dob Cliappuis of Michigan with 555 votes Doak Walker ot Southern Methodist was third 108. Clinrlcy Concrly ol MIsslMlpnl fourth with 180 and H»rry Oilmer of Alabam* mill with 115. Bobby Laync of Texas, Chuck Bednarlk of Pennsylvania and Bill Swtackt of cohunbla finished sixth seventh «nd eight respectively. Hijack was chosen Hie Number One Ulaycr .to Eastern, Southern nnd writers anil broad- caslers, while ctinppuls was Number One with Mid-Western voter and Walker /list with Southwestern Balloted. Weekday* B»i Oftlec t;W p.m. Sh»w"BUrU «:4f Saturday Box OfKce Openi 12:4» y Show gUrU 1:M f.m. 8und»j Box Office Opeu 1:41 Show BUrti 'i'.H 'Where Ha|>pineu Gotta B* Tonight "DUEL IN THE SUN" (In Technicolor) with Lionel Barrym»r« an< Waller Hiutec ' and an All Star «upportln| tut' Kcwi and Cartoon knife. In the two one-fall preliminary matches Marconi defeated Long in the lire! wllh flying tackles and a pin and Ulloy won tho second In inutes ft'llli a double Jack In Nablus, Hebron, and Jerusalci Jerusalem, other men met to pni pare for the birth of a new connti which had been conceived thousant j^of. miles away by groups represent B'lythcviife""Girir" Start,Coge P!ay With Manila Teair Nancy Ponder and'12 mem Little Baseball LeaauesSeek ^ToktaKo^. Higher Status Ry Carl Lundtiuisf (United 1'rcss Sports Writer! MIAMI, Fla., Dec. 2 '.UP)—Thc Fisher's Inilal call were Leon Ashby. . ... . T"*I n i R. C. Allen. Donald llncy, Mosc LOUIS-WOlCOtt Title DOUt simon. cordon Hammock, c. o. f o g e Curiosity Affair; Wcdnesday & Thursday (IMMIBI.K, FKATURE) "Scnrim.ntal Journey" with John 1'ayne and Maureea O'Hink Also 'She Wrote the Book" with .lack Oaklr and Joan Uivli Also hort the Blytheville Squaws, thej"'U« leagues of organized baseball \ Pomz cityi O kla., 41 from the cross-roads and way-sta- • .Tlie Arkansas Bloodhounds, one of the South'; finest, semi-pro basketball teams, were forced to put on a last period scoring spree to no:;e out the First Americans, an all- Indian professional team from lo 40 in a „ _ played in the Cooler High lions of America tackle the problem 'school gym yesterday afternoon, today of how to keep future "Babe j ^^ \ wnlnrd Tillcy thc r or Ruths" from winding up as office mcr aU _ stMe forward from Jones- workers or factory hands. | boro , [jgh Schoo , r the Bloodhounds It was a problem of inflation and I roared through the fourtli quarter and the officials of 53 leagues. | to come from behind and pull tho opening the annual National As- I game out of the lire. Running Fox, sociation of Baseball meetings in | the Indians' forward, copped high- Blytheville High School girls baskcl- ball squad \voimd up their pre-season training yesterday afternoon and began preparing for the opening of the 1847-48 cage season against the Manila Lionesses in Manila tonight. Strengthened by the return of seven members of their 1946 squad, the Squaws are looking forward to one of the most successful seasons. Coach Ponder issued her first call for material several weeks and the girls have been praticing every since. Edna Overman, a letter winner on last year's squad will serve the Blytheville lasses as captain in to- j sound for them to make any gen- night's contest. Other members ot eral increase in .salary limits, the Squaws roster include Dorothy) Mo5l m h wr league club owners, Thaxton, Ann White, Mary Jo Ross, ;„-,>„ in lhc past f ew ycar3 O f tin- Ruth Hopper and Peggy Hawkins, j prc cedentcd prosperity for sports, this balmy, palmy resort town,'admitted that it was a hard one to combat. They realize that there is a grow- point honors by hitting the basket for 24 poinl.s. Tillcy led thc Bloodhounds in scoring with 16. The Bloodhounds will ing tendency among American boys I Indians In the second not to make a career o! the great American sport, but they also realized it would be economically un- meet the ol their scheduled -four game series in the Luxora High School gym this afternoon ami will meet them in the third game in the Holland gym Wednesday night. Tiie fourth game ol tlie scries will be played in Joncsboro Thurs- guards; and Whisenhunt, June Stires, Bobbie Sue Widner, Joyce Shelton, Lounell Overman, and Oleta Bailey, forwards. Kentucky's Wildcats Prepare for Lakes Bowl made only modest among those whose profits teams and, were day. Redman Jr., Carl Whyatt, Jim Berry, R. O. Belknap, Jack Duclos, George Xeno.s, Jerry Frankum and Charles Frankmn. And non-lettcrmen of thc Paps include Sonny Sllres, Ted Vance, Buford Hopper, Don Wallace, Bob Webb, David West, and Dick Reid. Almost 90 per cent of bolh the Junior and senior squads also played football and were unable to nUciul opening practice sessions three weeks ago but Coach Fisher stated this morning that his ( leams were round- ,ng into shape nicely af.'d he expected to have them in pretty good condition by thc time (lie season opens next week. This Is the first year In more than a decade that the Chicks and Paps have had a full time basketball coach. In previous years tutoring ol the basketball smiad was left up to the football coaches but members of the high school athletic committee, In an efort to broaden the athletic program of the school hired Coach Fisher as a full time basketball coach for both Junior and senior squads. Coach Fisher Is a graduate of Henderson State Teachers College in Arkadelphia where he lettered that transports u jnun rntive obscurity and chronic Josers, there was plenty of red ink in thc ledgers. > Amonij the clubs which emerged with profits, there was eagerness to I seek higher minor league classifica- I tion where higher salaries can be "LEXINGTON, Ky., Dec. 2. (UP) i P aitl anci better players attracted. — Coach Paul (Bear) Bryant had ' Several leagues, notably the Pacific Kentucky's Wildcats back at work' Coast loop, sought to advance into today preparing lor the fifst foot-1 higher brackets as a unit, ball bowl game in the school's The coast ]oopp led by its deter . mined president, ex-big league umpire Clarence (Pants) Rowland, was ready with a' resolution asking the National Association to give it major league status. "Our club owners Yesterday's lineups: Bloodhounds Pos. Holman Tilley U6> Malonc (13) lour years in basketball. He was ! mentioned on the Arkansas high Indians < sc hool all-state team two successive. F Running Fox (24) [years while a member of the Friend- P Boy Chief (61 I ship, Ark., high school squad and he O White Horse (3> 'was elected to the Arkansas Inter- Montg'ery (2) C J. Keller (2) < Substitutions: Sky Chief (6) Rod IVathcr Bloodhounds — game history — a debut that came off two years ahead of schedule. When defeat - weary ' alumni brought Brvant in from Maryland In 1046. he told Wildcat backers that it would be at least 1?48 and probably 1949 before his team would arrive. Interested alumni, a top-notch coach and a few good boys proved Hcnson (2). Jumper (2) and S. Keller (4). Indians—Sky Eagle. Gosnell Cage Teams To Meet Missourians wil1 P ay ! salaries, and we can draw big league crowds," Rowland said. "We will never stop fighting until we get recognition as a the formula that put Kentucky ; Pacific major league and it is some- into the Great Lakes Bowl against, (hins that our fans out there de- Villanova Collegiate all-state team In 10-12 and 1946 while attending Henderson State. May Answer 3 Questions NliW YORK. Dee. 2 (UP)—Curiosity ot the fight fans, rather than their usual lust for buttle, may provide a sell-nut gate of approximately $210,000 Friday nlifht for the strangest heavyweight championship bout In ring history. Champion Joe l.ouis and Chal- Jerscy Joe Walcolt—two Negroes, each 33 years old—are fig] ng for the most coveted and most valuable title In ail sporUs. This most-desired diadem has been and can be the magic whee rtmi compa- povcrty tt world-wide fame and fabulour wealth. It did that to Gcno Tnnncy for example. With thc richest reward In nl sports at sdikc, the frns are avidly curious lo hear, first hand, th answers to the lolowlng questions: 1. Can Louis, an elderly champ ion, make successfully his 24lh cle fense of the crown, despite an in tcrval of nearly 15 V months rill Inactivity? 2. Can Walcotl, father of si children, succeed—because of his shifty style and crisp left hooks— where 23 younger challengers failed? 3. Will this 7-1 betting light prove the final fiasco necessary to kill boxing in New York State, where the sport already Is breathing convulsively under widespread criticism and prolonged Investigation? New Theater Manila's finest tthuwi KVKRV NIGHT Box Open* Week Da;i 1:M p.» [Vlalliiee Saturday & Sunday at.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont gbowinf Browns-Senators Deaf Is Voided by Chandler CINCINNATI, O.. Dec. 2. (UP) — Baseball Commissioner A. B. Chandler yesterday voided the rc- Th Oosnell Pirates' senior boys' cent deal between the Washington nnd senior girls basketball teams ' Senators and the St. Louis Browns will get their 1047-48 basketball I by whlnh Washington was to give season underway tonight when they | Infleider Gerry Priddy and *40,000 take on two Cooler, Mo., team In the Gosncll High School gym. The two girls teams will play the first same with the boys game following immediately after, Tip- for Inllelder John Bernardino. Shortly after the deal was made public, Bernardino announced he was retiring from baseball for career as a moving picture actor. Waslilngton club, nskcti Chaiujlcr to hold up flnnl npprovnl of the deal Efforts to learn whether Bcr- nnrriino will play nny more bast- ball, especially In 19W, \vcre lu- tllo. Chandler's office said. The commissioner, ncliiiB under major league rnle 12-F. prepared to rc- tuin the paiiers nertaliilnK to the to Griffith along'-with tha Washington Club's 'check. Rule 1'2-p prcscrllws a plnyci transfer shnll be void "In the event ... of a player's bona fiilc retirement from the game cluritip th( interval between assis;nment nii( the date nl reporting to the ns- slgncc club." olf time of the first game is 1:30. j Clark • Auto Repair • Appliances as the Stars SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENDED VVHISSEY. 86.8 Ptool. 65=i Grain Neutral Spirits Ssagram-Distillers Coiporalion. Chrysler Building. Ne* York These units are reconditioned strictly in accordance with factory methods—clutches, brake shoes, crankshafts, and many others. They give the same service and long life as new units. You can buy International Exchange Units from u» and put them in yourself, or we'll do the installing. For any kind of truck service —from a simple lubrication job to a complete program of preventive maintenance —come to us. Our .skilled mechanics use International-Approved equipment and precision-engineered International Parts. Our service provides real ton-mile economy. Phone or stop Jn today. Tonight "LADY CHASER" ' with ' .. , Hubert Lower? and Ana S*»r* Selected Shortl Wednesday & Thursday The Late George Apley" with L C'olman A Fell? CununiM. Also Short Subject* Opens at 8:30 p.m.! Start! 1:M 3/2 SOUTH 2HP ST. PHONE863 TOMORR'OVJ, /XNYD/W" ELLIS POOLE DEAL AT POOLE MOTOR CO. Tonight ,^ "G J N G E R" 1 with Frank Albertson, Barbara Held Scrlnl: "The Seahound'* Abo ShorU Wednesday Thursday "THE VERDICT" with Sidney Gr«en»tr«i and Fcter Lorre Fox Movietone Ncw> RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark: GET CREDIT EASILY REPAY WITH EASY MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS! 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