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Princeton Daily Clarion from Princeton, Indiana • 3

Princeton, Indiana
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EBBURBM PBINCETQN, HO)IANAV WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 1933 THREE, AS POST CONCLUDED HISTORIC AIR ADVENTURE AT NEW YORK CHAMPS TO PLAY 2 GAMES SUNDAY led here by bis manager, Leon Balkin. Londos, with his manager, Ed White, arrived In the city today and with his training completed, will rest until he crawls into the ring defend his crown. Ilommy Marvin will meet Abe Kashey in the semi-final match of the card at Bosse field. Cnrls Huber will referee all matches. Judging from the advance ticket sale, six or seven thousand people will fitness the championship match.

Ii i- Ji lll International Illustrated News photo taken for this, newspaper a moment minute flight around the world, shows the exhausted flyer being greeted by 4 could not hour the cheers of the vast throng that had waited for after Wiley Post landed at New York, concluding his 7 hours-ll) his manager. Post was stone deaf after his harrowing experience and hours to witness the end of his historic adventure in the skies. CRASH FT. BRANCH IT. BRANCH, July The Methodist Junior Aid will meet Thursday evening with Mrs.i Frank Davis with Mrs.

A. R. Sides assisting. Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Hoffman spent the week-end In Chicago attending tlfrtt i world's" fair. jh Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford, of Ijifayctte, are visiting Ids parents, Mr.

and Mrs. George T. Ford, and Miss Kathryn Ford. (: jl Mrs. S.

H. West has returned from a visit with friendft in 'Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dodd, of Ja.sorn ville, 'spent the week-end with, hhj brother, John Dodd, and family.

Dodd's condition is reiwrted tO; tv worse. i Airs. J. H. Robertson and Mrs.

A f.N. Pritehett siient Monday in Uvansville. Mrs, J. T. Jones and grandson, Jack Jones, spent Tuesday in Kvansville.

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford spent, Monday and Tuesday in Hickman, with her mother, Mrs. Mary Ligon.

Mrs. Hartley Hawlick lias returned home from Crete, after an extend ed visit with relatives. She was accompanied home by Garfield Hawlick and her nephew and niece, Gordon, and Marjorie McCarty, who will visit their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Walters and Mr.

and Mrs. John McCarty. T. It, Black, of Sullivan, was in Ft. Rranch Monday ou business.

Mr. and Mrs, James Bolshaw have returned to their home in St. Louis aft- or a short visit with her mother, Mrs. Wade, and other relatives. Mrs.

J. P. Jackson and William Parkinson have returned to their home in Indiauapolls after a visit with relatives. The Rev, L. II.

Ice and the Rev. Amos lioren have gone to the Epworth league institute camp at Rlvervale to siM-nd the week. Charles and. Karl Epperson have returned from Chicago where they attended the Century of Progress 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 PATOKA 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 July S. My rick wft.s an Evansvillt visitor Tuesday afternoon.

"Miiisr Paulino Mllburn; Byron Field ami' Paul Ijannian," weije visitors in PaWiniy III, Monday. The otHolui boa rd of jtlie Methodist church met Tuesday evening and made final plans for a social and bake sale to be held on the street Saturday evening. Paul Baker .5 and Charles Stermer were busini-ssvlrttors In jChicago Tuesday, Miss Brittle Baker, of Indianapolis, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. II.

II. Baker. Mrs. Klmer George spent Sunday lu Vlncennes. Mr.

and Mrs. Will George, of Prince- ton, siient Sunday evening with Miss Maude Georce. Miss Mildred Langhery has returned in Palestine, 111., after vis- Mlss Mllburn. Mrs. Wolflnger and daughter, Miskel, of Mt.

Vernon, were visitors here Mr. und Mrs. Fred Antell and family, of Princeton, sient Sunday with Mrs. Kva family. STERILIZATION IS NEW NAZI LAW BERLIN, July 2(1.

(JF) A new law authorizing sterilization at the individual's own request or, in extreme cases even without the consent of the individual, was announced today by the nazi government us effective Jan- nary 1, 10,14. Till. fl, at 'J Ml J'UI ti ink me German race by sterilization of the unfit, such as hereditary epileptics, the dear, itunib, congenltally feeble minded, the deformed or chronic alcoholics. Control powers for execution of the llIU 11111 lut t.iut.l a in riHTiui uerea- Itnry health lidard." Appeu win heard by supreme health council nt three experts whose decision will bo jllnul. Dy Cliff SterrcU mF MECHANICS DOWN HARDWARE NINE The Mechanics team downed an eight-man team- of Miller Hardware ctub by an 8-2 tune in a Twilight league tilt played In Lafayette park yesterday afternoon.

Uoth teams played ragged baseball, the Millers could hit but did not have the punch to score runs while the Mechanics scored almost every time a man was on base although they were weak at the bat. Kell pitched for the Miller Hardware and held the Mechanics to live hits while striking out eight batters. Whittaker hurled for the winners and allowed seven hits, fanning four. Kell-, Hardware pitcher, also led the hitters of the game, with a triple and a double. Score by innings R.

II. E. Mechanics Oil 040 28 5 0 Miller 010 100 02 7 3 iintterics: Mechanic's Whittaker and Padgett; Miller Hardware Kell and Turpln, Painter, SAVE OLD OATS FOR SEED NEXT SEASON, ADVICE WASHINGTON, July 20. Save old fats for seed in 11)34. This suggestion comes from snee al sts of the United States department of agriculture who have been receiving reports from the oat belt.

The reimrts are that the oats from the current crop are generally of MMir quality, esjiecially In the great unrth-central region where the bulk of i ne crop is jirouucou. ino seeu-oac sit- nation may be serious in some sections spring, say the. specialists. Con- sequent ly they suggest that farmers who still have old oats from the PK12 harvest may find it good business to hold these oats, either for their own seeding or for sale to neighbors. The.

harvest this year has been so poor that in many areas there will be a age of satisfactory seed of adapted varieties. Good quality. seed from the I0.I2 crop' Undoubtedly will lie la de- tnand for wed in tho spring of 11)34, out soclalists say. the film business. Not only the house but many of the furnishings are being offered.

Real estate men advertise that the property will not be shown unless satisfactory financial credentials are produced. Otherwise, the place would have been a sideshow since the proposed separation of Mary and Doug was aiiiiouuciHl. Clandetle Colbert got only a telephone goodbye from Norman Foster when he left for Honolulu. Hut she says it was because he suddenly discovered that, the Imat sailed a day before he thought. Come Poccmlier and CBudclto hoN's to be taking a trip her- Tt iienniipiiny her if he can get away.

Charles Chaplin still promises studio employes that he will start his picture In about a month. They seem skepti however. The comedian sjiends most of his time on his 33-foot cruiser, the "I'linaceu." On the less crowded iilglits he and Paillette Goddard sometimes slip into (lie Cocoa nut Grove Richard Dlx has Just had a ljrthday. They gave him a party on the set Ami the latest star to buy a ranch Is Unity Leroy. Ills mother just got it for him.

DM Yoii Know-That Wallace Reerjr once starred In a series of pictures made In Jniian and can carry on a limited conversation In that language? POLLY AND HER PALS X3U EXPLAINED TO WJU. FIRST MEET HUNTINCBUKG AND THEN TAKE ON MT. CAR-'. MEL IN NIGHTCAP Due to the increasing popularity of the Princeton. Chumps lias arranged double-header Sunday baseball attractions here, Manager W.

H. Nettles) of another twin bill for next Sunday afternoon at Legion field, Lafayette park. The ChainpH will play lluntinghurg at 1:45 o'clock und upon completion of this game, the Champs will 'cross bats" with Mt. Carmel, 111. Actual count at the sates last Sunday, when the Champs raptured the double bill over International Trucks, of showed that more than 1,500 people entered Legion field.

The. Champs have been playing their finest brand of the national pastime aTid have not et loat a mime at the new park. They are hoping for and. expecting a double victory tiext Sunday. The locals defeated Iluntingluirg twice last year and one this season, hut Mt.

Carmel, reputed to have a tsrong outfit, is a now foe jn the Champs The proposed game here with Kockiort next Sunday ban been cancelled, due to Rockport having a conflicting date wltH other teams. Manager Net Ilex iiniiouuees fhat Jim Holl and Ivan Hollcn will pitch the double bill for the Champs with Hust and Jack White receiving the respoe. tive pitchers. The -remainder of the Princeton lineup Is expected to be practically the same as last Sunday. Admission to the games, as in the past, will be donation at the gate, with a set fee of a dime at the grandstand, JM LONDOS IS IN EVANSVILLE READ FOR MATCH WITH O'SIIOCKER AT ROSSK FIELl) FRIDAY EVANS July O'Shocker, Irish heavyweight, who will meet Champion Jim IahhIos here Frl- day for the world's champion- ship, has liecu in Kvansville the past three days, fiii1rtg off fur the match and iiroiiounces himself in iierfecl con dltlon for combat.

He was accnuipnn- ly HAltltlSON CARROLL. (Copyright, l'XXl, King Features Syndicate, Inc.) HOLLYWOOD, July your hands, readers, lies the success or failure of a project dear to the heart of Munrlce Chevalier. The French star wants to get out 'of the boudoir and to create a permanent character, like Chaplin's pathetic tramp and Harold Lloyd's bashful youth. He'll Introduce this character, whom he describe as a Parisian gamin, in his final Paramount picture. "The Way to Love." The verdict of the fans will Iks his future guide.

A man, whom Hollywood writers are prone to think of as difficult to talk to, Chevalier unburdened himself freely today. And he told me some surprising things j- "I have never liked the sophisticated characters," he said, "because they are not me. What I want to bring to the ncreeii Is the real Chevalier, tho one they know In Paris. There I don't play the Mciijoti type of roles. I am the gamin, the fellow who walks along Jauntily, who might lie making more mojiey doing something else, but who prefers to take life In his twn way.

"He Is a character of the people. In Paris, the galleries recognize him as natural and cheer him. Put he amuses the fashionable set. too. Last year In Cannes, I gave a benefit performance.

The charge was $10 a seat, which was a lot of money even for Cannes-. Hut they crowded in. They like me because I was nntitrnl I was not trying to Imitate one of them." Chevalier expects to sign within the tiext few days to make "The Merry Widow" for Metro-GoldwyiiMnycr. The role of Prince Hanlllo, of course, will not be along the new lines. The French slur admits he will do some of tho old type of stories, For Instance, if Lubltsch, whom he likes, gels (ho right vehicle.

But his heart Is seat on creating tho gamin. "When I play a prince," he said, "I'm acting. I want to be myself." Hollywood Parade! Numerous inquiries have been received fctnee riikfnlr went on sale; and io6tlatl6iSt Ira now en -ita a ft AfcfVeeita ftifehAStr who Is not of i- ii niaa, ii i ii giiwiiftHiawn'-ifi-ifiMtriirfc-Trr-n mil (rf iiiiiinrmMCTMMrawraBra nrr- i -wn it mn ti "ii i The wrecked plane Seafarer, in which James Mnllisou and his wife, Amy Johnson, crashed in tluj 'mni-'dics out-' side Bridgeiiort, sixty miles short of their New York city goal. The 400 gallons of fuel, tfiey took aboard at the start of their flight had run out. Mollison was slightly injured, while his wife was only shaken up.

International Illustrated News photo. STANDINGS AMERICAN LEAGUE Won Lost Pet. .641 .033 .503 .488 .474 .407 .444 ,301 Pet. .558 .543 .511 .511 .415 .410 Pet. .035 .557 .530 .505 .490 .45 .408 .300 Washington New York 57 Philadelphia 47 Detroit 45 33 33 40 4S no 50 01' Cleveland 4.

Boston 40 St. Louis NATIONAL LEAGUE Won Lost xcw York 30 a -43 45 45 53 50 Chicago iittnhurgli nt. nston Cincinnati 31 47 47 41 Brooklyn xniiijuk-lpliia AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Won Lost c'oluniluis til 35 30 47 37 40 40 40 51 40 53 40 5s; 41 04 Toledo Louisville Milwaukee Kansas City TODAY'S GAMES AMKKICAN LEAGUE New York at Huston. Washington at Philadelphia. 1 St.

Louis nt Detroit. Cleveland nt Chicago. NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago at Pittsburgh. Cincinnati nt St. Louis.

Brooklyn nt New York. (Only games scheduled. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indiana poli at Columbus. Milwaukee- nt St. Paul.

Louisville nt Toledo. Kansas City at Miniiciiisdls. YESTERDAY'S RESULTS NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago, 3-1 Pittsburgh. 4-4. Cincinnati, 1 St.

lxmls, 3. Only games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York-I'osloa, postponed, rain; two games tixlsiy. Washington. Philadelphia, 1 (live innings, rain St.

Louis, Detroit, O. Cleveland, Chicago, 1 (10 Innings) AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Louisville, I) Toledo, (night game) Indianapolis, 1 Columbus, 4, Milwaukee, 8-1; St. Pniil, l)-5. Kansas City, 10; Minneapolis, 0. MOTHER OF FOUR SLAIN 'STANTON.

July (P)-IIer- FLIGHT RED BIRD IS BACK AT HOME KVANSV1LLK, July 20. After more thau a week's absence from the home of Ills benefactors, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Lewis, Nloy, Main Mickey, the bird that gained nation-wide allenlion for lewis, re- turned yesterday to his former home and announced Ids pleasure through noug. i The return of the bird to Mr.

and Mrs. Lewis, who found him with a law" ago when only a lledgliug and nursed ''callh. was brought ubout il .1 1...... I 11.. uty I'niled States Game Warden E.

Meon. lewis received the following note from the game warden: "You are hereby advised that the department has just issued Instructions that yon may have your red bird If you so desire. "The obove does not mean that you will esi-ape prosci-uliuii for Missession of a wild bird uiider In acts of tlie state of Indiana; therefore, your acts in i ne mutter win he governed accoru-" Prosecutor wlnlleld K. Denlon, al-. ll.l.lHrl, lli.t'li.,,.,) 1,1 Ittiltlt ,1,.

nient relative to poxsihic iirosecutlon of Lewis under the slate laws, hull- tiled that he was not greatly con cenied In the mailer. I ENDS MOLLISONS', and calls for a purse of $1,300. Governor Ruby Laft'oou has signified his inleution of being present when tfie race is run and will present a silver trophy to the owner of tile winning horse. Applications for stables continue to be received from horsemen- ut all of the leading trucks In the country. With more than 50 horses already at Dade park, additional train loads of the thoroughbreds were unloaded at the track early this week.

NEW LIMESTONE CODE FORMED WASHINGTON," July 20 (P) A second revised code for the Indiana Iimeslotie Indus! ry, provtiltng lor miuiiiium wage of 38 cents an hour, was presented late yesterday to Hugh S. Johnson, Industrial recovery administrator. The first code submitted to the re- covcry administration set a minimum wage of $1 1 a week. This then was revised and the wage was raised to $15.50. 'Those drafting the code decided later to use the hourly basis in weekly for minimum wage.

Tin' new draft also provided for rep. resent at Ion of employes and stipulates Ihe manner In which their represent n- lives are lie chosen. It also prohibits employment of persons less than 10 years old. Scholar I $30,500 IN PURSES AT DADE PARK IN FIRST WEEK OWENSBORO, July -0. A total of 130,300 is offered in purses for the first seven days of racing at Dade Park, the meeting opening Saturday, August Yi and continuing through September 0.

The first wndition book was Issued from the Owensboro offices of the Dade Park Jockey club this week. The Inaugural handicap for three-year-olds and upward at six furlongs, carries a purse of $1,000 mid will attract, some of the best sprinters In training. The Kentucky state convention of the American Legion will be in session in owenslioro August 14-10 and on each of these three days the features races at Dade park will ho in honor of the legionnaires and I lie American IavUiu Auxiliary. than 8.000 World war veterans ure expected to attend the convention, C. Kills, president of Hie Dade Park Jockey tclnb, luis announced that complimentary tickets will lie Issued to all of tlnl retoraus and the muuibcrd of tin- Auxiliary who do An Apt ohell Adams, 25, of Rosslyn, yesterday fire 10 a I tend the race nt the western kltled Mrs.

Diddle Anna Tipton Slierl- Kentucky track. dan, 32, mother of four children, amlj The. Governor's handhup wllPbe run ended his own life, A lover's uuarrel on Huliuilay, August 10. It Is for three-was given as the cause. year-olds anil upward over mile route II tfL T.T'.

I I II! Ill I wic cuaddcpi MPDCllCJ ll WP-MEMQ I COCOA, THAT IT WAS WICKED izz: suttimlvi rii wsyas per this here BtIhat-s my TO STEAL OfFM I I -nj A.T rOlTTtQ 4 i. NU II Vi 7. 'TI wwUU I l-rSlK. lit I llVitA'.

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