The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1947
Page 6
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I ', I' . snr BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hid Cnurt Rultt VA Discovers $7,500,000,000 in Surp/uses; Miyii uiui iivuiw pro s to p D i y ' lf jend on Gl Insurance On Liquor Case Craighcod Decision Upheld by Statt't Tribunal LITTIJE ROCK, Ark., Doc. 2. IUP> —The Arlt»nsa* Supreme Court ruled today th»t » 1947 law making posusilon of more than one gal-' km of liquor In dry territory a mts- <Jerne»nor his no application wheic less th»n » gallon . o[ whiskey is held for saJe In violation of Die law. Trie decision was one o[ 13 handed do»n by the court today. It af- limwd » Crilghead Circuit Court ruling In refusing to override a J250 fine uiessed by the Justice of U>a peace court against Art Jayncs of Jaynes had contended thai the Uw did not apply because he was in potces&ion of three quarts of wine »nd only one pint of liquor. The Supreme Court agreed, but lor a' different reason. , "The 1941 statute has no application where the possession of a ouintity 'of Intoxicating liquors, less than t gallon, is for purposes o tale In violation of the law," tlv opinion said. The court also upheld the cir cult judge In going ahead with his action despite Jaynes absence. Tlu decision said Hint the circuit court had authority to continue if the penalty Imposed by the justice of the peace was merely a line. For Arkansas Only In other action, the court re-affirmed its recent ruling that anyone seeking a divorce in Arkansas must be a bona fide resident of the slate. The decision came as the court reversed a divorce decree granted Joseph Newton Swanson by the Garland Chancery Court. Originally a resident of Oklnhom.i, Swanson twice had sought a decree' in Oklahoma courts before coming to Arkansas. Today's rulinu upheld a recent decision which overruled a long-standing short- term divorce precedent in the state. The court upheld a life sentence by the Saline Circuit Court Tor Charley "Boots" Willis, on a chnrgfl of rape and incest. Willis allegedly attacked his 15-year-old daughter. The court upheld Pulnskl Circuls Court, Third Division, in dismissing a suit for treble damages filed by Shelby Arringlon against the Sam Penick Garage 1 in Little Rock. ArriiiBton had contended that lie had been overcharged J488 when he bought a hall-ton truck on Jan. 19 IMS. The lower court dismissed hi; »uit on the grounds that under thc price control act it, should have By l)ou(Iu Larsen NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Nov. 29. (NEA)— A surplus estimated to be between H 5 an-! $2 billions, which like Topsy, "Jest growed" In the Veterans Administration National Service Life Insurance fund, will be dlstrl- mted among the nation's veterans i cash. The great majority of veterans vho held a GI Insurance policy itand to get some money back, re- jardless of whether they have lot wlicics lapse,, This Is the first of- liclal announcement by VA that the surplus fund will be divided imong all present, plus most former GI policy holders, and tl',at' payments will be in cash. Based upon the most conservative estimate of the size of the fund, it is believed the average dividend will be $100 per veteran, VA officials themselves refuse to estimate how bin the surplus is. All they admit is that there is a surplus. But an Investigator from Congress who has worked on VA books estimates thc sum to be at Legion' experts say it Is *2 billions, and could be more. Tables Outdated The v< , tt , rall S |,OM-II i-hecklng up on his NSLI policy (below rl&til) ] usurill , c(J office Is nuw In line for more than .ssurauce hL policy Is «. K. Hut promised dividend wll , «,«!« up U, MOO mor VA c | cr ks like the one »l left for huse bookkeeping t»ik. to repay it lo policy holders in the will have to be a time limit on how ' Army Explodes 'Slave' Airmen jMyth in Lololand r> "H n; Is louiul to be In the kittj Present estimate is that 90 per ales «c?e available when the gov- (lie first tasks is to determine just priinienfs insurance program was how much Insurance wns In lorce resen esmae is a created for World War II. The ta- at the end of each month since cent of nil former Ols.who bought h K med were based on death rates the start of NSLI. This job alone government insurance out of thslr In America of many generations means carefully checking through service pay will get some money aco People live longer now. So the files of 19 million policies. back. Approximately 15 million for- nremiums which Gls had to pay. To do the Job, VA officials csii- mcr servicemen held a total o[ 10 lid are slil! paying, :irc too high, male that between 2000 and 4000 million policies— a- mmi could ake ' nsur- than arc now on out more than one policy as long TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1947 Storm-Lashed Tugboats Reported Out of Danger SAVANNAH. Ga., Dec. 2. IUP) — Two tugboats lashed for hours by a whistling storm off Savannah were reported out of Immediate danger today after sending out frantic distress signals yesterday. A third vessel, a surplus Army tug, still drifted without power and with no one aboard. The Coast Guard Cutter Travis i went from Charleston to aid th»; El Greco, Panamanian tug north-' bound from Brunswick, Ga.. aftcf the El Greco reported its power and tMilcrs useless during a heavy storm. Clmnge of Pace IRONTON, O. (UP)—Sherman Rlghtsell has quit the automobllt body and fender rcpHr business to , become a hair stylist, in a beauty I shop operated by his wife at London, O. DOUBII-DUIY NOSi DROPS Worics Colds Start id are sl payng, :irc , mae In addition, the general VA insur- employes more than arc now on I in. been drawlne three the payroll would be needed. VA wni ,c a h " s been in the U. S. Trcas- last year but wns turned down ay ,,i c a m ,b,(. in tie ^ * t(()U lhc Diu . cnu o , lnc Budg(!l . Ask,,,. for'tl e great size of the surplus i.5 Congress for n supplement^ appro- thr- imcNocctedly large number of prlation to do the job soon is a vctcraswhoCc let 6 their policies question now being discussed In lapse Thev paid millions into the VA. fund' never too nnvthing out, an:l How soon will veterans gel a divi- ' As-ovth search for downed airmen reportedly held ns "slaves" by Lololanders in far west China ended when uvo American soldiers, disguisea as Chinese priests, relumed utter living six monlhs will, the primitive tribesmen. After exhaustive investigation. Capt. Edward McCallister. of AllcBhnny Va., and Sgt. John Fox, of Taeomn. Wash., proved their was no truth to such rumors. Above, Father Jose Compos, one of the missionaries who aided the Army in (he long mvcstiEalion, is pictured with a group of Lolos. Don't delay! At the first warning sniffle or sneeze, put a few drops of VicUs Va-tro-nol in each nostril. Peril used In time, Va-tro-nol helps prevent many ~ "" colds from developing. Relieves head cold distress fast. Try ii! Follow directions in package. 11 e;u;ii uva- >, Va-tro-nol » out more than one policy as long as the total wasn't over $10,000 worth. If the conservative estimate of $1.5 billions is taken as thc ste of thc surplus. It means that the average dividend would be $100. TULs would vary according to how much insurance a man held, how loni he had kept It paid up. and his age. After the first big dividend is Blytheville Alcoholics Anonymous Jnit Observes First Anniversary fun never oo , low I e government doesn't have dciul on their policies Eighteen After the first big .dividend i to keep aside any money for the mO nths is the most optimistic esti- declared. VA snys that Its bookcep evenl of their death. mate. Even after Congress appro- ing w.ll be ki shape to d«l»re '« r neclcctrd the problem ohegro wul 8 surplus and the need at top speea. VA insurance oltlclal. say there force, to compensate for the higher premiums caused by thc outdated mortality tables which were used. Two Million Families Now Serviced fay RE A WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 (UP1— price control aci it anumu ..»• =. The 2.000.000th consumer will be beoi filed within one year after plugged into the rural network of purchase ol -the vehicle. government-financed electric power ines sometime this week. Claude R. Wicknrd, hend of the Rural Electrification Administration says It will mark a "conspicuous milestone" In the agency's, campaign to bring the electric light bulb Into all U. S. farms. Two fifths o! all farms still have no electricity No one will know Just who the. Difference in Operation Costs Defended by Bell ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 2. (UP) — Southern Bell Telephone Company defended yesterday the difference In its "bperations costs between Georgia-and Tennessee as "sound, economical and efficient." The difference had been attacked by a Xew York traffic expert during the current Public Service Commission hearings on the company's request for rate increases. The average telephone In Georgia U' used far more for long distance than In Tennessee, a company official told the commission. He added that this requires bigger investment In plant facilities and more maintenance work. "No Atomic Secrets" Chicago Educator Says WASHINGTON. Dec. 2 (UP)— Chancellor Rcbcrt M. Hutchlns of the University of Chicago" said yesterday that any talk of atomic secrets is "nslnlne" and that "we would be foolish" to assume Russia Is not consumer is. Wickard said maklns: atom bombs. "Today," said Hutchins, writing in the December issue of the Aineri can magazine, "the production o atomic bombs is merely a manufac turlng process. There is no secret." He said many students of the po tentlalltics of atomic war bellev the only hope for sslavation "lies In establishment, of international morality, a mutual acceptance of the futility of further warfare and a mutual avowal to keep the peace." The Blytheville Group, Alchollcs, Anonymous, hns finished Us first ear here as an active orgnniza- ion. ., » Alcoholics Anonymous is the or- anization which, through the work ol its own members, seeks to show acute alchohollcs how to recover heir health and lead sober lives. One year ago In Blytheville. four men — all once termed hopeless ilchohollcs — banded together to ie!p others overcome their addiction to excessive drinking In the same manner they overcame the habit. Members of Alcoholics Anonymous are not reformers; a spokesman said, but offer th e benefit of their experience only to those who seek aid. permanent sobriety and move than hall have had no relapse despite thc fact many had been pronounced incurable alcoholics, according to the statement. * The Blytheville Group has its own club room, open to members at all time's. Group meetings arc i held Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons. | The group plans to schedule an out-of-town speaker to appear at a meeting In the near future. The meeting will be open to the public to acquaint the people of Blytheville with the working of AA, the spokesman said. AA has but one purpose, the statement said "to help the sick alcoholic recover if . he or she wishes. Aleoholics Anonymous has lies to recover. In doing so, he on!; maintains his own sobriety." the' The spokesman also s.iid that spokesman said statement prepared .j,UW,UUUUI uullaunln l^. » ii*i\m vv OI.IM i the program was going so fast it "If we are to preserve ourselves,' would be Impossible to single him | he said, "we must acknowledge that out. Every 21 seconds of the work a world crisis exists—not next week week a new consumer joins one of nor tomorrow, but now, today, for thc circuits. there is very little time remaining." In thc' Blytheville Group, two- thirds of the members who sought id have laid the foundation tor VERWFERED/ Anti-Lynching Bill Slated for Legislative Hearing WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 (UP) — Ben. Albert W. Hawkes, R.. N. J., said yesterday the Senate Republican leadership, had assured him his antl-lynching bill would be placed on the 1948 legislative pro-1 ''gram. ' H»»'kes said he expected senate »ction shortly after the 1848 ses- tion of Congress begins. "I believe that every American, regardless of race, creed or color, is entitled lo complete protection from illegal violence and to a fair and orderly trial regardless of thc nature of the crime lie Is suspected of having committed," Hawkes said 'Nn good American can candone mob violence or the denial of due process of law.'* HUs 7 "- — J LAMP ,,v.„„..., wishing assistance from AA may make confidential inquiry by writing to Alcoholics Anonymous, Post Office Box 873. Blytheville Gigantic Church Bazaar "Starting ot 10A.M.,Wed./Dec. 3rd Featuring: Beautiful handiwork, pillow cases, baby clothci, aprons, etc. Also: Homemade cakes and candles. Pood booth with everything fresh from the country. LOOK What the Fathers Have Cooked Up Bingo At Its Best Fewer games Better prizes (none less than $5) Sensational new bingo cards Bingo starting promptly at 8:00 PM All at the Legion Hut Sponsored by Ladies of the Catholic Church. Admission $1.00 Pleasure Driving Now A Crime in Britain LONDON/- Dec. 2 (TJP)— Pleasur driving in Britain became a crim Inal offense yesterday, puntshab by fine up to $2,000 and a priso term up to two years. Filling stations were forbidden sell gasoline for pleasure drivii after October 31. But motorists we allowed to use any gasoline they h In storage cans or in their lank until last midnight. Many took their last drives In the country Sunday for the duratl of the economic crisis. Thousands of nutomobilcs have been put on blocks. WITH NITE LIGHT TKAT CLOWS IN THE DARK Only 3-WAY INDIRECT , \\ LIGHTING / • ttFri^.irXuiuii'n Thru 12 Freezing Winters haw* •*•* tU» for cou»h$ of CHEST CO IDS Th« QutatiipWU have ifo-ays relied on Musterolc to relieve coughs, sore throat t&d aching rnuacles of colds. Musrerole bietinf relief I It iclually helps break up 9*inful Mrftt* congestion. /xJStmifffo: Child's Mild Musteroic, * uUr ftnd Extra Strong for grown- At Complete with Rcyon Shade THRtE-WAY CANDIE UGHIS pelting a hcauliful sniivi-l looking floor lamo willi not ; , nnl ., no t 6 , ln.1 7 clcitrces of l! R hl- illB . . . for H little over SUI.OU <=cn«alionar.> Thai's scarcely the word - - - One of these u«al lamps is yours for only 510.0:'.. OUR RECORDS show it—Lincoln and Mercury owners keep coming back to us regularl/for every service need ... for service that is finer, faster, more courteous in every way. Lincoln and Mercury motor curs are our business. We know exactly how every job should be-done to save you time and money. And we have the modern, roomy service facilities to get work clone right, promptly. There's no better time than now to stop in and have your car checked o,or. We want to show you why and how Lincoln And Mercury service is our way of makmg friends. MUSlEROlEBHcr*. HIIBPARD FURNITURE BlythevilU Phon* 4409 STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO, SEE Phone 3479 112 Walnut St. US FOR FASTER, FINER, SKIltEP SERVICE

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