The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1947 BTATUKVILLK (AUK.)' COUIUKU NEWS PAGE FTVJL Soviets and United States Favor Partitioning of Holy Lands But Motives May Be Very Different (EDITOR'S NOTE: The only time the United Slates <uid Kussla found themselves on the same side of an argument over a major Issue'In the 1947 united Nations meeting was when It came time to vote on Ihc partition of Palestine. In the following dispatch « reporter permanently assigned to the UN gives the background of the ncwly- fonned partnership between America and the Soviet Union.) By Koberl Mannlnc United Tress SUft Correspondent LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., Dec. 2. (UP.)—The uiiswcr t/> peace' in Palestine seemed to depend today on how long and Russia can maintain their iiewly-lonned partnership Russia, for the only time in tiu» — . 1917 session of the UN General Assembly, lined up beside the United States on a major issue. They both voted to divide Palestine into Arab and Jewish states. What caused the Russians to do this at a lime when East-West relations otherwise are torn by con- rifcuy rigure "wur or America No one, out.side the Kremlin high command, can .say lor .sure. But liei'e are some of the reasons being mentioned in UN circles: 1. Russia wants Great Britain out of Palestine and partition means the end of British control there. 2. Russia may want to send Soviet troops there In event, of targi!- Bell's Tennessee Phone Rate Case Returns to Court NASHVfLLE, Tcnn.. Dec. 1. (UP) —Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company went back lo tlw courts today in round seven of a j so-far unsuccessful battle to tjec" higher phone rates in Tennessee. It got Chancellor \V. J. Wade late yesterday to lake charge of the rate case and to review u Nov. 6 scale trouble, and particularly if , ordcr O f- t he state Utilities Coin- other great powers dispatch forces i m ission that it could not hike its | state rates. The company since June had Irecn trying lo win lest'.l approval of a 16,27 per cent average rate increase—a hike that would add 25 to 75 cents a month to the average home phone bill. Chancellor Wade is lo have a hearing later on three handcuffs Gor altlinc HuGsing of Ihc Figure Sknlinc Club cuts a prctly figure as the polite miss spirals on Chicago Stadium irc\ Woman's Death Near Ncttleton Caused, by Drugs JONESUOHO. Ark . ni-c. 2. (Ul 1 ) —A 54-year old joncsboro Noun womun—Cupltolu llennell — was iioliiR held In CrulKhcad County Jnil .odity chiu'ui'd with nninblau^hk'r in connection with the death of 11 -year old white woman. State 1'nlrolinau Wyatt 1'atrirK said the HcMinetl Woman wn.s responsible for the death ul Mrs. Martha Fraiicm Ashley of Nriil-!- lim by imlawfuliy tuimlnisUTliiK drugs. Mrs. A.stiley died In a JoiH'.sboio hospital Sunday. Osceofa New* Faces New Prison Term JONKB1SORO. Ark , Dec. 2. (Ul't —Federal JuiUc 'I'liomns Trimble lias ttentcnrcd Cnrtl.s Woodio'.v Vanovcr, 25, to two nml a half ycavs in federal prison, mi I'hiu^t'.s ol trruifspnrtliiK n stolon cur across .slate line.s. Vnnover \VILS accused o[ taking a .stolen car Ircmi Slke.sloti, Mo., ',o, Avk. Ik 1 is now seivlun u ihree ye:u' term in the Arkansas ilt'lUU'n- Ikuy on a cunnil ubusi? chinw. Tin- new .soiilt-ncu will start following the expiration o! Un: pro.soui lerm. Iteaci Courlur Nc\v.s \VaiK Ads Mrs w. \V. PrcwlU Ij siiciid .several days In Fayellcvllle, as j Kwwt. of 'her sou. Dick 1'iewltt nnd Mrs, I'rcwIU. Mrs. John Younu mid M'n. fU'Htite iijj and children, sncnl (he holt- days In Ciirulliersvlllo, Mo., a* of relatives. I'litsy Miller and 1'alilcln Oniw- liower. Ktndcnls ill SI- Cecelia Academy. Na.shvllle, Temv, returned to sctiool Sunday. They Joined Mau- recn Nonl.s in nlylhcvllle and Mi 1 . and Mi.s. Sam Novrls accompanied them to N'ushvllle. Miss June Hoberl.s had as her osl this week Mnrlha Jane Move- land of Tyron/.a. Ark, Miss Evelyn .lean Plutf. "Indent at Undewvuod college, St. Charles, Mo., spent llu> ThnnkK«lvlnn holidays here with her parents Hhe was accompanied by Miss AHcc Jeler of Jonesbot\> and Miss l<yn Hughes of iieiilon, Ark. Mrs. Chnrle.i I'. Hnlc will leave Friday, for Sclma. Ala., where she will join Mr. and Mrs. Frunk Crll- tenden for a immlhs vacation on (he const. Arkansas 4-H Club Girl Prefers Culinary Art to Beauty Parlors ar ^ UlKliMity (luttttunl tip KII'ON, Cnl. (Ul'l—ThliiKs were Kumnu'd up on Ibo Rl|)ou lIlKliwu.v \vhcn u truck i-nvryliiK :i.00l) tons (if mohtssi'.s sprung u leak. UnU i\ mile ol niolnsM'. 1 ; wus siireutl on the lilKliwuy. u t<>»k (In- sinlc hlKhu'ny ctcimvimrtU Ihrro horns to r.lrim ill). CHICAGO. Dec, 1. (UP) —' Girls who s|icr.d tlielr lime In tlic lu- liim's bcrnlty parlor and dress sa- loni In nn i-llinl lo mnkc UIOIH- .sylYi's nlttactlvo lo men ai'e Just uiiMliiK tlielr time. Muijonc l);ivls n-ycnr-olcl 4-li Clul) nionibcr (voni Hickory Hldge. Ark.. i> fnnn eoniipunity o( 5SO|«r- .sons, snys Ihc ulrls would y,cl IxHtrM' II nii-'j'it .siicixi inoiu lime In tin: kill hen "AlU'r nil," she said, "Uie Ijcst way to a mini's h<j«i! Isslill UirouKh lilt, sloMKich Tin- Kill vim l(X)i:s K<iud limy be nWe U> nllracl a nmn Imt she's got lo be nblc lo cook In order lo kc'Ci> him." Tin! 8K')'-cycd, hrown-lnilml hlnh I .school tjcmlor qijitltrU k s hi Ijolli de- iitniiMitK. Her MiilU 1 mul huiiLlhy tioorl luok.s .should be rnoiiBh lo catch any iniin's eye, unit n JliOo collcnc scliol- nr.sliLp .she won Ihc hnmcmakiiiK nl lliu Niillonul 4-11 Club COHKIWI n jU'imr oT her dome.stlc nbllUlos. "IJini'l w<ii'i'y," she InuiOicd. "I)o- n'l Ililnk IVo been willing my time." Mnrjorle luis iircpiucd and served 1.0-U mcnls duilliK Ihe pust iix years, ninde 2fi pieces o( rlolhlnx inul canned 1/7K2 )nr.s of fond. Her nbllltlcs have won her nmny 4-11 Club luvnrds dui'ln^ the period. And Just lo prove «h<i knows wlicrc- ot'she spciiB. six pro4ue«* k ^^ lino' ot "Clint," « I1-)t*t.-»tt neighbor boy, »iio appuvsUjr j>B»- a discerning tyt and,'» Santa't Will-With** HOY* Right TtfepfcoM. Number But Wrong City MEMPHIS, Tenn... Dec, .1 - (UP) Hetty Ozanne thought IV wu • 'KflR at'first. The office telephone ccpt rinsing, caller* with "hlfh treble voices' 1 'aalclng "Is'Sant* in,* "I wouldn't mind the calii'» bit," :iss Or.anne said, f'(t we )u*t h*d a man to utiswer th« telephone." It .seems that •• Santa-minded youngsters had stumbled **croc« a New-York date-lined »tory In the locnl newspaper ask In*, children to phone Santa. The telephone hOm- bcr given except for the "exchange wns the same- "IVe tried Lo tell some of the culler,-? thai Santa clatis Is ^gone for the <Uy," Miss Ozanne ML Id. "Hut I could very well undersUnd how upset they were when they hcnrd a womnn's voice." U lias been estimated Uut '*. Kood-sl/.ed specimen of 'Riant, purt- | ball insy conlaln 7,000.000.001),f>"0 | spores, each one capable of producing a new plant. ' - v there. 3. Russia wants "a finger iti Uie pie" In the Holy Land without shouldering any immediate or clear-cut responsibility. 4. Russia needs oil and a part in the future of Palestine could bs Ihe start of gradually growing Russian Middle East. 5. Since its beginning, Soviet foreign policy has emphasized coa- t-em for minority groups, like the heavily outnumbered Jews in Palestine and Ihc homeless Jews in European displaced persons 'camps. Most TJM diplomats appeared confident the UN could bring about 4 partition without inciting full- scale hostilities in the Middle EuL;t if the United States and Russia stick together. They were not so confident, however, about the per- nianc'iice of the partnership if and when trouble in Palestine forces the controversy into the UN .security council. A proposal to send American or j state nnd federal constitutions, British forces to keep peace in Ilia Middle East probably would be unacceptable to Russia. And it is not likely that the Western powers will approve any move to let Russia police Palestine by herself. All Eyes Glued to Oil Fields The present Russian-American accord on Palestine also might Ihe company wanted to put,on the- commission. These would keep tin commission from enforcing its order, keep the commission from in- terlering if the company f;o»'* ahead and collects the higher rates and to keep the commission from levying penalties against the company for collecting higher rates. The company's trip to Chancellor Wade'.s. court had been expected since the Nov. 6 order WHS issued. In asking the Chancellor to take over the case through a writ ol' certiorari, the company charged that the commission's order denying the rate increase had the effect of confiscating the company & property in violation of both the break up over the rich oil fields of the Middle East. For decades Russia has hoped to cut into the American-British monopoly on oil from that corner ot the world and assure a permanent supply Cor herself. The security council fight over Soviet troops in northern Iran more than a year ago was the sharpest manifestation of. Prescott Mayor Leads • . Primary Ticket Seeking 19th Term in City Office PRESCOTT, Ark,, Dec. 2. (UP)— The way has been paved for a-decision 011 Dec. 15 by Prescott Democratic voters as to whether or not Mayor R. P. Hamby will have a 19th term. Hamby and Curtis Ward are the only candidates who remain in the running for the office, following yesterday's preferential primary. The two men were only four votes apart, with Ward's 290 taking the the Russians' desire for oil. New tension has developed in Iran over the Teheran government's refusal to grant Russian oil concessions. Trouble which carried Soviet through with politics, but friends first renominated him, and he promised __;e. R. T. Murry, who got 164 voles, was eliminated. Hani by became mayor in 1912. This year he announced he was troops into Palestine for the time would expose vital Anglo- \ American oil facilities to interference by or, in the event of major trouble, seizure by Russian forces. With little difficulty, it would be possible to cut or take over the vital pipeline carrying oil of the Iran petroleum company across Syria and northern Palestine into the Jewish port of Haifa. One branch / of this line runs into Tripoli and another has been planned for a stretch of land in Lebanon barely 30 miles north of Palestine's bor-T der. Syria's government has tentatively approved construction of another pipeline through Syrian territory by the American-controlled Trans- Arabian pipeline, but American support for partition threatened to turn Syrians against that project Tn such an event, the Haifa' link to serve if elecled. Highway Commissioners Discuss Turnback Suit LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Dec. 2 (UP —The slate's side of the count- turnback fund fight was to be aire today when Attorney Neill Bohlinger appeared before Ihe Arkansas Highway Commission. Some 48 counties have filed suit against the highway commission in Plilaski Chancery asking lo participate in $1,500,000 worth of highway turnback funds allocated by Ihe 1947 legislature. The st.ilc has filed a motion asking that the suit be dismissed. The state charged that the cotm ty administrative officials agreed controlled by Great Britain, would : that the appropriation was to take be an even more vital factor in the ] effect beginning next year and oil strategy of the Middle East. Parking Meter Proposal Before Fayetteville Voters PAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. Dec. lUPI— Voters are going to the polls here loday lo decide whether or not king meters shall be installed in «»I- thereafter. Two separate appropriations were passed by Ihe legislative to provide the counties with $2.000. 1)00 for lliis year. down-town Fayetteville. The proposal has Ihe backing of the Cham- Mrs Hilda Gcrold. <6-j'ear-old widow of New York Cily, has a gricranre against one Jark Glolzer and Iclls (lie world about rt \vilM 'the sign she carries as •he pickets his home. Object: matrimony. . , . iNER'S PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE OF BRAND NEW SHOES Good Looking Fall styles that- you can wear now arid on into spring. Mostly all sizes, 3 1-2 to 10 and widths AAAA to B. You'll find SUEDES, POLISHED, CALF, Alligator CALF AND GABARDINE in black, brown and red, in low, medium and high heels. You'll also find SPORT OXFORDS AND STROLLERS in low heels in brown, red and black. Then there are scores of the ever popular brown & white SADDLE OXFORDS. Don't miss this big event! SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY, 8:30 A. M. REG. PRICE $11.98 $10.98 $9.98 $8.98 $7. $6.98 $6.00 $5.00 $7.99 $7.32 S6.65 $5.95 $5.32 $4.66 $4.00 $3.33 Buy Several Pairs of These Good Shces-md Save No Exchanges No Refunds 202 U). MAIN Blytheuille, drhansas Ml Sales Are Final

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