Princeton Daily Clarion from Princeton, Indiana on April 15, 1911 · 1
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Princeton Daily Clarion from Princeton, Indiana · 1

Princeton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1911
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INDIANA FORECAST FAIR TONIGHT AND SUNDAY. LIGHT FROST TONIGHT. TODAY'S NEWS OF THE WORLD TODAY. IT Ml TFTXT07T7'TP, Ok CLARION PUBLISHING COMPANY, (Inc.) PUBLISHERS. PRINCETON, INDIANA, SATURDAY, APRIL 15. VOL. XIX NO. 74 Housecleaning without several cf the almost in-despensable acids which our stock affords you are certainly not ready to do the work in the most satisfactory manner. Soaps Borax Ammonia Potash, Sal Soda Disinfectants Insecticids Sponges Chamois and many other helps Ed.Shoptaugh ALLEGED HEALER FINED BY MAYOR j j j 4. SOCIETY. ASSISTANT GIVES TION IN COURT Archibald Warnock entertained a number of his friends at a tennis party this afternoon at his home DEMONSTRA- north of the city in honor of his cousin. Miss Lydia Williams, of St. Louis. CLAIMS IT WAS WORKING OF SPIRIT UPON HER. Mrs. Robert Warnock entertained the Social Thirteen, the Tourist Club and a few other guests Friday afternoon at her home north of the city, complimentary to her cousin, Mrs. Recovers When Chief Haley Opens J Elmer T. Williams, cf St. Louis. Re- Window D. W. Medcalf Fined $25 freshments of pimento sandwiches, and Costs on Charge of Practicing cold pressed meat, pickles, salad. .. . . i S. vni I pineapple, cake and coffee, were medicine n inuui i i nesses Testified He Treated Them BIG TICKET SALE PLANNED 'FOR NEXT WEEK BY OPERA HOUSE WORKERS. Intention to Thoroughly Canvass Princeton and Sell at Least 1,000 Tickets. At the Commercial Club meeting Friday night the opera house project was given a great impetus. A com- INVASION WARNfNGiPRIZE WINNERS IN J CONTEST IS GIVEN FEDERALS AND REBELS BY TAFT. Shots Across Border Will Be Signal Another Battle Is Imminent at Agua Prieta The Situation. ins served. W ASHINGTON, April 15. Follow- the receipt of reports hy Presi dent Taft this afternoon that another battle is imminent at A sua Prieta. mittee of not less than fifty was ap-four troops of cavalry were , ordered pointed to begin Monday a thorough j to Douglas, Ariz., from the nearest canvass of the town in selling first -patrol stations to reinforce the Doug- night ten-dollar tickets. The club has cavalry under Capt.. Gaujot and has every reason to believe that if aid him in enforcing Taft's warning JUDGES AWARD FIRST PLACE TO GEORGE BABER. CAPT. PETER AULD SECOND, JIM M'CORMICK THIRD. The Minnetaqua Club entertained Tiai'b lorlv f ri r la o PVinnt or During the trial of D. W. Medcall, . the self-styled spiritualist healer, in roomg on the wegt side of the public Mayor Davison's court Friday even- SqUare. Their rooms were prettily ing, where he was arraigned on a decorated for the occasion. Twenty-charge of practicing medicine witht- two couples were present. Music out a license, his assistant, Mrs. was also' a feature of the evening. A Grundy, a much advertised clairvoy- delicious two-course luncheon, cori-!ant and spirit communicator, came sisting of chicken sandwiches, salad, 'near turning the court, room into a pickles, coffee, cake and ice cream 'pub'ic seance. " an4 mints in the club colors, green When the healer testified on the and white, was served. stand to his wonderful powers and that there were spirits of the living I Mr. and Mrs. John Caufield tender- and dead hovering about the building ed their son, John, a birthday party and mingling with the crowd, Mrs. J Thursday .afternoon from 4 to 6 at ; Grundy pulled off a demonstration I their home in south Race street, the !v.. moto ovan cnmo nf tti etrnti e-est I occasion beiner in honor of his fifth L 1 1 a l. tiinuv . v. u .jwi. v - - -m - ' hearts shudder. She began dancing birthday. Twenty of his little friends about in the crowd of spectators as were present and they thoroughly if she had suddenly taken hold of a I enjoyed the afternoon with games Estrone electric battery and as she is I and other amusements. John was Stop' quite a muscular woman she had lit-J the recipient of numerous presents Hair Ixss. They get at the root of ( tie trouble in making sufficient elbow both valuable and useful. Refresh-the trouble. jroom among by-standers to clearly ments of ice cream and cake were Marinello System affords different ; demonstrate that she was really pos- served. Glenn Davis and Miss Mar-antiseptics that destroy any germs in sessed of something out of the ordi- garet Loehner, of Evansville, were DON'T FORGET Windstorm Insurance . wis Sitiio and the W. L. S. WOOD FIRE INSURANCE AGENCY Furnish s the Policy. Insure now. . Look Out For Tornadoes! A Healthy Scalp Means Luxuriant Hair J Marinello Scalp Treatments one thousand of these tickets are sold the balance of the money can be secured. A committee was appointed to in terest the ladies of Princeton and the hair, without any injury to the nary out of town guests. successful treatment known -for the scalp. . Marvelous improvements result texture. Also searching ointments,! uer antics were mistaken for a stimulating tonics, and soothing io-; conniption fit by some of the men i jrrs. John Ashmead entertained tions. m standing near and they sought to hold the C. I. Club Thursday evening at Klectrk-ity, and Scientific Manipula-. fcer, but she flung them, carelessly her home in east State street. Miss tion combined with the preparations aside and continued her spiritualistic Nellie Redman won the club prize, a umnaitu lud, .iiiireuo iub mi penormance. i silver spoon. Miss Armstrong re- Chief of Police Dan Haley, who was ceived the consolation prize. In the seated in the court room, thought center of the dining table was a beau 1 -1 1 ."1 r A .1 X- wA.nvl I . . m . . - . . - , iMjuieixju v iiau lamreu auu ne i aucu mui norai DasKet niiea witn master from all treatments given for any oT .the window. Either the fresh . air or I eggs, and from the chandelier to the the following troubles -Dandruff, the noise of the excited crowd brought J fOUr corners of the table hung fes nair ix, un, ouj ur Mrs. urunay DacK to tne material toons of smilax. At each plate was Scalp, Itching boaip, hx-zematous (WOrld and she ceased her demonstra-la little chicken in a nest. onaiuon ana i tion as suddenly as she had begun. supper consisting of boiled ham, j.wai i.ihvj- m . f ... 6'":tiaa me nature 01 me mciaenr ueen i frnit c a if ?irTc r,it qh generally known in the crowd at the brown bread sandwiches, green on-time it would doubtless have created ;0tis, ice cream, cake and coffee, was considerable stir, but as it was the served. Each guest was given a fan- court was able to proceed without Cy basket filled with candied Easter any unusual delay. . ' J eggs as favor. Mrs. Grundy explained afterwards to tne omcers mat n was tne spirits HAIR TELLS character. headuuaki tKb tuK maik buuus working on her. She inferred that only by graduate operators, who are supplied with all the latest apparatus. For appointments, call or telephone. Miss Lockwood MARINELLO SHOP Special Easter Ice Cream Molds ' See them before giving yoar , Easier Ice Cream Order Easter Flowers HALLETT'S the incident last evening was only ajcolor of Hair Said to Indicate a Per- ; mere breakfast spell to what she was J son-s Temperament. vapauie in aoing wnen sne was unaer Many people believe that blonde ;full swing with spirits of larger di- Qr light hair denotes affection and .mensions. Idark hair constancy. A person with j Prosecutor Sanford Trippet was out hair is not devoid of characters .questioning the "doctor" when the far from it. The disposition of the ! demonstration occurred. The healer average bald-headed man is to show had just testified that he was aided such solicitude for the welfare of ; by spirits in making his wonderful others, that he neglects himself. ' A that a repetition of firing across the border will be the signal for an invasion of Mexico. Taft is much worried over the situation. The landing of 30 British their clubs in the -work of canvassing; marines at San Quintin, Mex., yes- for the sale of tickets. This commit- jtey during a threatened rebel attack tee hopes to have many ladies active- is interpreted as a warning that this ly at Work early next wreek. Many country must prove itself capable of of the ladies have expressed a de-jhandling the situation to avoid Euro-sire to help rebuild the theater, and . pean intervention. they can do much by enlisting as! canvassers. ; Awaiting the Battle. Another committee was appointed to solicit the business section. This DOUGLAS, Ariz., April 15. Despite warnings, nearly the entire popula- committee expects to begin work : tion of Douglas is gathered on the Monday. An effort will be made to border to watch the impending bat- interest the various lodges and union tie . Capt, Gaujot has notified both organizations in the hope that each insurgents and federals that" if a sin-organization will take some tickets, gle bullet is fired across the line The city has been blocked off and during the battle, U. S. troops win committees will thoroughly canvass intervene and stop the "battle. He their respective sections. , With all also gave notice that Mexican com-committees at work, it is hoped that batants crossing the line will be ar- by next Saturday night the entire rested and held until the close of the one thousand tickets will he pledged, revolution. The club decided to begin "Wednes-. day and publish in the two daily pa- Juarez Battle at Hand. - pers the names of those who have JUAREZ, April 15. To meet the signed ticket pledges, together with enemy in the open instead of fight-the number taken. This will inform ing from the housetops, Gen. Navaro Uhe people with the progress of the is moving out into the open three movement. As there are already miles from the city. The insurrecto more than a thousand dollars in ticT attack on him is expected any meets pledged, .by Wednesday there ment. should be a big list of subscribers to Many Booster Ads of Merit Submitted and Judges Have Difficulty in Finally Selecting the Winners Ads Selected Will Be Attractive and Tell Much of Princeton. - BOOSTER AD. CONTEST. First Prize George BaDer. Second Prize Peter Auld. Third Prize Jim McCormick. announce. London's Opinion. Every, person can take at least one. LONDON, April 15. British diplo- ticket, and many should take blocks "mats and military experts are a unit oT ten and five. The theater build- that the United. States should now ing is a necessity for Princeton and intervene in Mexico, even though it now is the time for the people to- involved war between Mexico and make it possible to rebuild. the United States. Military experts - o insist the insurgents desire, interven- Fixall is the best articTe ever produc- tion because the border patrol has ed for the home, and there is nothing cut off their supplies. Their fighting to compare with it considering its in- on the border is to bring about insignificant cost, that will produce so tervention, the experts declare, much. Improvement and brightness,' and being sc easily applied it pro- Try the fifteen cent lunch at South- motes artistic temperament in devel- ern Depot restaurant. " all-d5 oping the beaniy and attractiveness o of all surroundings. Biggs' Drug RECIPROCITY UP. Store. s . WASHINGTON, April 15. The o new Democratic house today began Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Kurtz re- its formal consideration of Taft's Ca-joice over the arrival of a new son nadian reciprocity agreement with a today at their home in north Gibson certainty of enacting It into a law. street. Kitchim. Democrat of North Carolina, Princeton, Ind., April 14, 1911. To C. A. Shubart, Chairman Booster Ad. Committee, Commercial Club, Princeton, Ind. Dear Sir: Your committee appointed to award the prizes in the Booster Ad. Contest begs to submit the following report: First Prize, No. 48: "This is Princeton, Gibson County, Indiana. You are passing over a Seven-Foot Vein of CoaL Gas and Oil. Crops Never Fail. Write Com mercial Cluo." Second Prize, No. 20: "Locate in Princeton, Gibson Coun ty. Indiana. Natural Resources ior Manufactories. Best Steam Coal in Indiana. Write Commercial Club." Third Prize, No. 35: "This is the Biggest Princeton In tho TTnited States and there : are twenty-four of 'em." Respectfully submitted, W. J. WALSH, J. C. GORMAN, r - F. R. EWING, . " Committee. -'I 'opened the debate -with' a speech on Need any house-cleaning help? We J Democratic "principles, have lots of them. Ammonia, borax, I ; o- ; cures on the human family. "There are spirits in this germ causes baldness. Prof. Sabour- sal soda, moth balls, furniture polish, now," said the witness. room I aud," of Paris, France, inoculated a hovering about us." f3 n INSURE 1 I "What kind of spirits are they?' weeks' time. - To rid the scalp of , questioned the prosecutor, "Spirits of men seeking to help us," sary to apply Newbro's Herpicide. SI answered the doctor politely. "Destroy the cause you remove vour horses, mules and caf Hp 31 At tnis Pint tne woman began her the effect." y against death from any cause. j performance and the doctor looked sold by leading druggists. .Send When wanting tire or II ; contentedly m tne direction from 10c in stamps for sample to The Her- tornado insurance call and see me. The best of companies represented in this office. etc. Just say the word and we'll bring it to your door. May's Drug Store. o " ... The St. Andrew's Guild will meet these dangerous germs it Is neces- Monday afternoon with Mrs. Thomas Brown, in south Main street. "They are rabbit with Dandruff germs, causing it to become totally bald in five ,wnicn tne noise came, wnen pressea i pjeide Co. Detroit Mich. to be specific about the matter the j bottles guaranteed. Granted Increase of Pension. W. H. Wilkerson, a civil war veteran living south of the city, has been granted an increase of pension , of from $15 to $20 per month dating from March 24. through James A. Sprowl's agency. One dollar j Agniel Loan Co. 223 W. Droadway. Princeton. y Old, But New Your Great Great Grandfather knew of the strength-giving properties of Cod Liver Oil for it was during his time that it came into existence. Fof PURITY and QUALITY our iTJOD LIVER OIL is u n-excylled. ,healer mentioned the name of a local doctor whose spirit he claimed to rec-.ognize. When asked by the prosecu-jtor if Dan Haley's spirit was there, !the doctor made no reply, but glanced in the direction of the door Hi t 1 " I )' ' l i I i il ...... ,. I u ,uusu lue cmei naa ,eu tne serving an excellent dinner . for 25 i I ,'ro moment before. cents. all-d5t lesiimony or Patients. r .i "i i . .vieucau exp.ameu to tne court that osteopathic and spiritualistic applica- ne treated nis patients ny rubbing ti Qne had been healed of q TODAY'S WEATHER. Early, 40 degrees. 2 p. m., 64 degrees. o The Southern Depot restaurant is them in addition to applying spiritual certain deformity of the feet and was !l ' toaphinp' Hfl claims nnt tn ncc on- i ... - ... Easter j teaching. He claims not to use any made to walk in newness of life, ae s knife or drugs and says he is not a cord5ns to her statement, -physician as the term is generally Doctor Used Medicine. understood He had never thought it 0n wltTM, ttifvin- for the j necessary, he said, to secure a license state asserted the doctor had given to practice .medicine, ror ne used no her medicine which Medcalf did not drugs. The healer thought there was deny He XBlained that often the much virtue In rubbing, but asserted spirit prorapted him to give medicine. his greatest strength -was in the The spirit, he claimed, always Inform- ! spirit. i Clark u t Son DRUGGISTS Kidd Hold Corner Togs i in He was represented in court by Attorney W. W. Medcalf and several witnesses were introduced in support of the doctor's claims that his treatments were effective. Two or three colored women testified as to having been relieved from various ailments through the healer's wonderful pow er, one ed him where the medicine : should be purchased. i ' The charge against himwas made ; by City Health Officer C. A. Miller; and local physicians gave testimony. It was proven that Medcalf had made ! repeated visits to this city with his j assistant, treating patients each time. ! After hearing the evidence Mayor : woman who had received Dnvison fined Mpdealf S25 and costs ! benefit from Medcalfs treatment was1 and being unable to pay, the healer' , employed as domestic at a local nhv-'waa taken tn the rmintv lail. Tt U I J ,. lwo nne women understood that Mrs. Grundy is try- . '-laiuieu io nave nppn ii oinc i .x. , . . . i .v. Uj ue ing io raise money to pay on nis nne. I 1 1 OPRING "Imriprials" nrp hprp tVif hnt full of snaD O and vim, full of novelties' in soft and stiff hats a greater assortment than ever offered, before, . -. ; "Rummeir makes, $1.00 to $3.00. , We're welf healed on Easter Togs for Father and the Boys. Rounded up everything that's bright and new in SPRING SUITS, UNDERWEAR. SHIRTS, REGAL OXFORDS, GLOVES, NECKWEAR? etc. We're certain we'll please you. Welborn ;& Criswell Where the Styles Come From Make Your Feet Feel Good Comfort Shoes for Women's K. T. A. Women's Fine Kid Balmoral "Zeigler" Shoe, low heel, plain stitched tip. very, dressy and most comfortable, a pair $3 00. K. T. A. Women's Oxfords, same style as above $2.50. 503. Women's Juliet, patent tip, rubber heel, $1.50. 502. Women's Juliet, patent tip, rubber heel, $1.50. v 509. Women's Juliet, plain toe. leather heel. $1.50. 406. Women's Kid Shoes, plain toe. rubber heel, $1.50. 96. Women's Oxfords, plain toe, leather heel, $1.35. 161 and 111. Women's Kid Lace Shoes, plain toe and double sole, a pair $1.50. Women's Dr. Reed's 1 Cushion Sole Shoe, pair W. D. DOWNEY At the meeting of the Commercial Club, held Friday night, the judges appointed to pick the winners in the Booster Ad. Contest made the above report, and the club awarded the first prize to George Baber, three dollars; second prize to Capt. Peter Auld, two dollars, and the third prize to Jim McCormick, one dollar. The judges had quite a difficult task in making the selections, as there was a great number of ads submitted and all had more or less merit. The judges would like to have had the privilege to award more prizes. The first and second selec tions were made because they, in a few words, told much of Princeton's advantages. The selection for the third prize was made because of its uniqueness. All the answers received will be returned by the judges to the secre tary of the Commercial Club and no doubt in time many ads not in the prize list will be used in advertising Princeton. i ' . o : I Fixali will produce at a trlflng cost the most perfect imitations of expensive hardwoods and it is possible for . an inexperienced person to transform old and faded furniture into beauti ful imitations of modern finishes. It stains and finishes in one coat, and works equally as well on hard as on soft wood. Biggs Drug Store. " - ' II Henry Collene is quite sick at his j - home, 1027 south Prince street. . o- TTnii iHnnnfs at Southern Depot n Home Made Candy Easter Eggs Get them at the Greek Candy Store HIGH WINDS will cause you no anxiety if you get Tornado Insurance ol us All Kinds oe Insurance Tichenor & Danks 111 South Hart St. Phone Us MONEY to LOAN on Farm or Cty Property at 5 per cent and 6 per cent interest rate W. D. Zimmerman. North Side restaurant for 25 cents. o all-d5 The "PRESIDENT Line of LAWN MOWERS i Special Song Service. 1 There will be special song services r morning and evening at the First. Presbyterian church under the dlrec-; tion of Mrs. Irene Coolidge. The ; INapir has devoted consiaerauie , fWUe preparation of the program and' sortie excellent numbers are prom- ( sed The public is cordially invited . to attend these services.. ; KJ ' ' Fixall has a multitude of : uses In every home, but it. especially excels it is fast suterceding linoleum, matting, etc. Rugs are tak-, A spiendid line of HIGH GRADE v o r r9rn(.ts. not only on MOWERS. Every mower warranted to account of the pleasing appearance, do good worK. but are more healthful and give the . $3.25 tO SI 2,00 each . . -n: ! - ' surroundings a rennea tone. , . , to t- Drug Store. Emaline, the little daughter of Mr. j and Mrs. Oliver Mdrton, is reported seriously ilL you need a new mower it will pay you I to call at SCANTUN'S West Side Square

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