The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1947
Page 12
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.PAGE TWELYB BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWB MONDAY, DECEMBER, 1, 194T Labor leaden Seek Big Vote 1948 to B« •iggert Politico! Year For Labor Union* yfa C. WU*oa Bteff WASHINGTON, Dec, !. — Big tfy>t; labor leaden are organizing today to make 1941 their biggest po- Communists Raided In Paris Many' of them apparently hope to prevent nomination or eleclion •T Sen. Robert A. Taft, R., O, to the presidency. But the prime target will be to pick off M many H posalble of the congressmen who ToUd lor the Taft-Hartley act. That »et forbids use of union dnw for political purposes. labor hop** to get around It by obtaining millions hi voluntary contribution!. The Republicans will examine this labor movement care- fuUy' because the political buttle of IMt will be decided in the nation's p*»t Industrial areas. The GOP recognized that fact after the 1940 presidential elecllom Republican headquarters advised party workers then that in 1946 and 1M< they must turn the tide In the It major industrial counties and eltles of the United States. Otherwise the Republican party cannot elect a president next year. The CIO and AFL have scheduled aeparate political powwows here this week to plan 1048 presidential campaign strategy. CIO President Philip Murray will meet Tues- ''d«y wilh CIO vice presidents. AFL President William Green will meet thj latter part of the week with the AFL Excutlve Council and leaders of some affiliated unions. Labor Seeks Bin Vo(e Basic In O1O and AFL political ' atrstegy Is belief lhal labor's best offense is a big vote. Murray has committed the CIO political action committee to help in a nationwide 1948 campaign to get 60.000,000 voters to the polls. That compares with 47,968.000 voles cast In the 1844 presldenllal election; . Green estimates the AFL should b* able to influence 25.000,000 to 30,000,000 Totes next year. Both figures are elaborately optimistic In light of past experience. The record shows that more often than not national labor leaders cannot deliver the millions of voles about Which they sometimes talk. But the labor Vote U a power house when it can be controlled. The late FDR wms able to handle It even in 1»40 when John L. Lewis boiled to the late Wendell- L. Wllklc and tried to take the CIO along with him. Lewla, now back in the AFL, lUll has hia own political organization called labor's Non-Partlsan League." It is expected to be active again to n«it year's election. The smalTaiid Independent Communications . Workers of America Is setting up a 1948 political action pro- Pollce and Mobile guards enter th« plant of Humnnlte, one of two Communist newspapers In Parla, France. Premier Schunmn asked the National Assembly for power to crack down on agitators for strikes or sabotage "by sjweches, writing or tracts.'* (NBA Kadlo-Telcphoto.) Brick Apartment House To Make Journey NEW YORK (UP)—Thirty-five families will get a ride across,, a highway in their own house soon. The city announced plans to move a four-story brick apartment building to make way for new road work, The trip across the highway probably will lake several days, wllli Ihe building moving four feet In about two minutes and then standing still for an hour or two while workmen reset the more than 1,000 steel rollers on.which it will move forward. The tenants will continue to have electric light, plumbing, water and heat, 'through flexible fixtures. Road Funds Suit )ismissal Sought State Wonts Court To Drop Litigation Begun by Counties By Boh Brown ;UnHrd 1'ress Staff Corespondent) LITTLE RO3K, Ark., Dec. 1 (UP) —The. State of Arkansas Saturday fltiked the Pulaski Chancery Court a dismiss a suit filed by 48 counties scklng to recover $1,553,389 from state highway funds under & 1317 law. Dismissal was sought on the grounds that the suit should have been brought by the various prosecuting attorneys Instead of by private attorneys. * . The suit was tiled by Marcus Keitz ot Jonesboro and Leffcl Gentry ol Little Rock. The motion to dismiss was filed! by Attorney General Guy E, Williams In behalf of State Treasurer J. Vance Clayton and State Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey. Simultaneously, Gov. Hen Laney told his press conference that In his opinion the matter "has gotten beyond the point of a settlement and would have to be settled !>y court action." The governor also struck at the Idea of private attorneys collecting fees for pressing the suit. "If fees are to be paid out of the collected money, that means that much money which should go to the roads will go Into someone else's pocket," the governor declared. "I've never been in favor of that." A statchouse attorney previously had said that fees In such matters generally ran 10 per cent or more of way Department attorney, announe- ed that th* Highway Commission will meet In Little Rock next Tuesday to discuss the question. He said a "strong statement" will be Issued following the meeting. Might Haull Road Flaiu Laney said that should the money be allotted to the counties It would mean a curtailment of highway plans. "Thai money has been included In our future plans," Laney said. He also pointed out It would reduce the federal aid available to the state. Yesterday, Slate Treasurer Clay- Ion lashed out at the suit. He said ho felt sure attorneys' fees will be' denied by the courts." Clayton said the Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled that such proceedings should be filed by a prosecuting attorney and have disallowed fees for special attorneys. The case was filed In an effort to obtain more than one and a half million dollars In excess highway funds which remained In the treasury at the end of the 1940-47 refunding year under a 1947 law which became effective last February. However, slate oficials and some Army Plan* Crashes; Two Americans Aboard TOKYO, Dec. 1 (UP)—A detail from the 9th Light Tank Company >tart«d Climbing Mt. Fuji today to find a C-47 transport that crashed with two American officers on noard during a routine training flight. The plane crashed while flying of the county Judges, say that the counties received $2.000,000 under two other bills and that the money In question was not "morally" due until the end of the current year. Among the counties filing the suit were Ilempstead, Polk, Qua- chita, Boonc, Jackson, Mlslsslppl Sebastian, Miller, Independence one Washington. Read Courier Newi Want Ads. ROOM FOR RENT By the Week ABRAHAM'S TOURIST COURT / Highway 61, South from Haneda Airport, Tokyo, to Itamt Field, near Osaka. A Japanese saw the plane crash yesterday about 5,000 feet up the mountain. Both oflcers were feared dead, but the army declined to release their names immediately. CAMBRIDGE, Mas*. (UP)—Some 500 Harvard students earned $13.150 last year as professional blood donors. HEADACHE Cipudirw reliivti he*d»c»»« j tut bcciUM it'* liquid. It* lm- l«ditflti w* aircidy dljwlvtd t —j[| re*rfy to b«(Eit tiling the I p*]n. II ilw iootK*t ncrvt t«n- • «*n du« to tfcc pain. UM j Phone 2054 W. H. (Bill) PEASE Local Agent For Hulllr Venetian Blind* Master Metal Weather Stripping "Lato" All Metal Screen! ,-4 National Window Guard* -," Screen i)oor Grilles '. Mule Hide Nu-Top Roofun Asphalt Tile Rock Wool Insolation —Free Estimate*— $18.26 and $18.50; sausage bulls, $18 down; good and choice vcalcrs, $2 the amount collected. lower; lower grades, steady. ' Meanwhile, N> 'clll Bohlinger, High- 42 Billion 'PHont Calls Made in U. S. in Year NEW YORK {UP)— Tin average American used the telephone 301 times last year, building up a total of 42,000,000,000 conversations for the whole nation (n 1946, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company reported. The United Slates has three- fifths of the world's telephones- one Instrument for every four persons, compared with a world aver- gram which will be discussed this; age ot one for every.« persons. veek. at a meeting of its leglsla- ! New York led the world's cities bro- tlve committee. The railroad therhood are going Into politics formally -for the first time next year with an organization called railway labor'* political league. Give Trnnun an Advantage The brolherhoods and Ihe AFL were urged Into more active political organization by the *2\ft- Hartley act. Much of this adds up to-pretty good news for President Truman and the Democrats despllc the fact that a majority of congressional democrats voted with the Republicans for the Taft- Hartley' act. A- F. Whitney, president of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, denounced Mr. Truman In '' 1M6 when the President broke the nationwide railroad strike. But he •has changed his mind. In a mcs- «ege to his membership last Summer Whitney said labor could not support a Republican presidential candidate because a slate of "re- 1 actlonary" congressmen would be elected II the GOP won the White Bouse. 'Whitney also warned his member* against third party maneuvers. He said such .a movement would serve "no olher purpose than to divide liberals and insure return to power of a reactionary administration In 1948." with the most telephones In service 2,213,628, Frjince, or more than in all oE Smith Have Field Day LINCOLN DOWNS, R. I. <UP>- Sevcn Smith were represented a owners or trainers in one race nt this horse track. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Dec. 1 CUP)—(USDA1— Livestock: Hogs 21,500; salable 17,500; market fairly active and prices steady-to with average Friday In largest hog-run of year. Good and choice ISO to 300 Ibs., $26-20.25; top, $20 25; few enrly $25.15; 160 to 110 Ibs., S25-S25.15; 130 to 150 Ibs., $22.15$25; 100 to 120 Ibs., $19.75-$22; good BOWS, -150-lbs., down, $25-525.50; heavier weights, S24.60-S25; stags, $17.50-521. Cattle 8.100; salable 1,500; calves, 2,500, all salable. Market moderate!) active and generally steady on sleers and butcher yearlings. Co\vs, slow; bulls, steady. Choice yearling steers to $32; two loads mcdlurr to good sleers, $23.25-28.50; medium lo good heifers and mixed yearlings, $17$25; good beef bulls quolable around NEW BUS SERVICE TO BLYTHEVILLE The Dyersbarg-Milan Bus Co. announces a new schedule linking Milan, Trenton and Dyersburi, Tennessee, with BlytHerille, Arkansas. Blytheyille Depot for this new bus line will be. Greyhound Bus Station 109 North 5th Street SCHEDULE: Lv. Blytheville . 2:00 p, m. Ar. Coltonvfood Pt 2:45 p.m. Ar. Dyersburg 4:05 p.m. Ar. Trenton 5:00 p.m. Ar. Milan 5:30! p.m. WANTED Young man over 18 years of age ' to learn Printing. Apply to COURIER NEWS Attention Woodmen! There Will Be an Important Meeting Tuesday Evening, Dec. 2nd —Please Come— C. A. Cunningham JOE "Before we start . bouj;hl> this gun COMPANY!" . . I reckon I oughtta tell ya I at HUBBARD HARDWARE STUDEB AKE RS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Solet * STUDEBAKER * Service D E B A K E R STUD EBAKE ITTENTION; STUDEBAKKR OWNERSI Drive by JOT a frM check on your clunatlser Heater and Defroate*. Be prepared for winter, A good selection of new and used trucks. Also, a number ol lot* model used cars . . . all guaranteed! Railroad >u>[i Ash StrceU Lex Chamblln Dia! 2195 Bill Chambhn D E B A K E R BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151. If you have tough jobs...and lots of em A Jee FARM (Jp LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. LONG TERM PROMPT CLOSING tOW RATE CALL, WRITE OK SEE RAY WORTHINGTON US S. Third SI., Blylheville, Ark. 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Pride & Usrey General Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 SEE THE fllGHTf '#EP' AT POOLE MOM COMPANY Ellis Poole, Owner & Operator . Couth Highway 61 at St<*I«, Mo. Phont Sleek It DON'T NEGLECT YOUR KIDNEYS Slugpish Kidneys can Impair your health. They permit tile accumulation rf wastes that make you drowsy, achy, tired. Don't neglect your kidneys. Drink the famous health water from Hot Springs, Ark., that has been prescribed for over 50 years. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Ait.

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