The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1947
Page 11
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1947 4LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PAGE ELEVEN Classified Advertisements Notice Gigantic Church Bazaar starling at , 10 AM-Wed:, Dec. 3 Jtittturlng: Beautiful handwork, pillow V c*«i, baby clothes, aprons, *tu. Also: Homemade c&ke« »nd candles food booth with «rerytWng *" ' from ih* J country LOOK hav« x What the Fathers cooked up! BINGO AT ITS BEST Fewer games B«U*r prlz«« (nont JtM than W) Mautlontl u*v blnio card* Blaio lUrtlng promptly at 8:00 fU All mi the Legion Hut flponsorvd by Ladles or the Catholl Church llil Private Rooms Btdroom, itMra -' §11 W. Main- heat. Fhont. 3315 -U Seek "Unipoi/ed" Natives On African Expedition NEW YORK (UP)—A new «xpc- ition to explore what M'as lermed the lasl remaining bastion of mi polled native Africa" has sailed aboard the S3. African Rainbow or Cape Town. Dr. James L.. Clark, head of the department/of preparation nnd lu- itallaUon o! the Museum of Nit- i ural History, headed the expedition. The group hoped U, encounter two "tribes of "unspoiled" natives, the Dinkas and the Nuers. They wear their hair piled on top of their heads In elaborate coiffure* and when tired they rest by utandlnj on one loot »nd holding the other in the air. The expedition also hoped to photograph for the first time a white rhinoceros. lelghbori upitalrs a little less noisy. Potters are perfecting unbreakable itiimerwsre, according to W. A. Betz, Kcretary-treasurer oj the U. Pollen' AMOciatioiv. It will mean thai belni hit by a flying »a«cer will be Just u painful, but the dish won't make »o much noise when It hlt.s th* wall. Beti said the new dlnncrwure would be ospecially useful in hotels and restaurants, where the rate of breakage Lt high. GIs and others going to build are watching the "For Snle, city property" ads daily. Hnve you put In your ad? Steeping rooms, cull 28IS Large sleeping room. Ph. «OS 111 J!. Ajh SI. FurnlBhed bedroom riTllfRcs. Clou in. 11 With kitche S. Davis St. Bedroom 3H N. 9th. otione 2338. Bedroom, kitchen >1. Phone. 1480. prlvllpgw optlnn- Bedroom, phone 3129. Comfortable bedroom. Unbreakable Dinnerware Promised by Potter* EAST LIVERPOOL, O. (UP) — The American dlnnerware industry promises to make the quarrelsome PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Kesl I'rices Kirby Drug StoreS ITS TIME TO EAT ""RUSTIC INN New Hours: 11 a.m. til 12p.m Try Us For Fine Foods HUNTERS! Protect your health with HOOD Sportsman Boots and DRYBAK Hunting Clothing. ji • IMvht htnIsrtesplnR room. nhone M. H1tt-pk-ll!3 Wonted to Buy WANTED to b u y f*rm t racton ^rl machinery. fltat« price and con'•ban, m«o UuMclmtn. O»ceola. Iowa ^ lllB-pk-12'8 Free , Delivery Coll PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Organizations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Ptfone 4467 112 First Street . KKKCKMCS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO88EK She G«ls 'Km • i NOTICE i David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Musick In Charge . DIAL .1357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. "I want a new suit and overcoat and they have to 1 fit loose my wife is threatening to put m« on » reducing diet. t ABSOLUTELY SAW IDcWr |ARO WITH BETHANY/ /S1L! P UKSS OATIMG BETHANY, ] Tl<R EE DATE? \ ]HeG*L MUST BELLE: OP TME BAtOU I I AT ONCE/ J BE AM OCTOPUS! FRAZIER •Bus Lines New Location 105 North Lake Street PHONE 2391 Buiti to— • ARMOREL • HUFFMAN• PROMISED LAND.. • NO. 9 • STATE LINE CHARTER BUSES Eat Shop in Connection e To Love ETHEL HAMILL , U£ ; OUt,*^W ky NEA SUVlCf, INC. Dial 2231 For FTM Delivery on All 3Upl« and Fancy Groceries Quality Meats GROCERY Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) . Freeman & Henley 2016 -Weet Main St. XXVIII ' CHE heard her father's chair push backward, scraping on the wide-board floor, and then Ihc slow creak of a loose plonk under his heel as he shuffled nearer. The door in front of her opened inward. William Austin's lined face appeared in Ihe narrow aperture. "Well, Cammie?" 'Dad, I know the rule about applications for scholarship aid being confidential, I've never asked you to break it before, but —please—I've got to make sure about one thing now, and nobody but you can tell me. Joel Conroy didn't apply for a Dean*! Award did he?" *"Conroy?" For a quizzical moment the Dean learched her se white face, as if he were looking for something he was not quite certain he could find in its expression, "Yea, Cammie.** He nodciec slowly, then. "Yes. he did. It w just yesterday, late in the afternoon.'* "Is—does he stand any chanci of rating one?" "A very food chance, I'd lay child. Hii war record wai excel lent. Two decorations, you know And he made fine grades when h was here for one semester, year ago. He'e sound college material. Just ye5terday. Late in th afternoon. The bous seemed to be rock ing under Cam's leet as she stooc there. That would, indeed, b- since Beefy had assured his budci that a good strong personal root ing section would be behind htm in the Dean's own household, No. It wasn't true. It couldn 'ic true Not about ^oeL "Dad—there wouldn't be thing personal In your recom mending him for an award? wouldn't have anything to <Jo wi -with—T* For so brief a time that it mi ell have been n reflcctioi. of ligh ancing across his bifocals, th can's pale eyes seemed to wnrm ith amusement. "Well, now, I d the boy," But hist b-be"cause Joel anc 7" , "Would it hurt rivy lone off pring's feelings if Conroy got it of extra money? I've bee ver his finances and he really eeds it to stay on here. Even a mall award will make all the dif- erence.*' 'I—I sec," Cam said slowly. Then this award is "vital to him?" "I'd say that it meant a Lot. ow don't you fret about Conroy's hances, honey. Your old Dad will to it that—" ~^AM turned awav from her fa- ~* ther with a small and stran- [ling sound in her throat. She realized as an isolated Tact thai he den door closed "softly behind her. x If it had not been true—what Vlaurine had been saying on the ;elephone—JoeJ surely would have applied for such important scholarship money much, much earlier? Just yeslcrdayl The words had become a tolling inside her like the tolling of disastrous tells. "Bui 1 still won't relieve it." The meres- whisper cf sound in' the still hallway told her that she had spoken the desperate thought aloud. "If ii were true^—why. then, Joel never would have fought with me las' night He'd have wanted to keep things pleasant He'd have been as sweet as honey." She had not realized that Maurine was back in the shadowy embrace of the stairwell, drawn downward by the murmur of voices at the study door: not until her cousin's hesitant voice spok* out of the dimness shove hex. Camrriie—- did you niean that ow Joel raised about Gary Mnr- owe? I—I have to tell you about hat. 1 don't wont to. but 1 have o. He—he jusi staged that, just pretended to be raging mad about t So that this morning, when ae suddenly proposed, it would .ook more genuine." Cam's face twisted, and the leap of green fire into her eyes wns so visible thai Maurine shrank back ngainsl the ratling. "How did you even know Joel' was here last night?' Much less what we talked about?" •• "He told me himself, this n'ter- noon." • « • TVTAURINE shuddered back into •"•* the protective gloom slil. further, before she continued, timid in the face of Cam's raw emotion. "He was wailing for me aflei my Bible History conlerencc group, Cammie. and he told me jl! about it then, I—1 almost hated him. He must think I'm a perfectly awful person to condone such • mean plot I—I think he even expected me to tell him how clever lie wns." Cam stood there, a figure of stone. "1 still can 1 ! believe it." "1 wouldn't, either." Maurine answered, hurt and outrage twisting each syllable from her. "He's so handsome. And so exciting to be with. While he was away with the Army, he musl have learned how tc make girls ill around the world believe whatever he wanted them to. 1 know I'd have believed him. if ll'd been me he wns bent on making a goose of. I'd have believed every look of those dreamy blue eyes." The thought ol Joel's eyes cut into Cam «o deeply that she actually winced with pain. She had to get away from here, away from this nouse This war where ne had asked her to marry him She couldn't just itand here, practically on the very spot where h* had stood bracing himself for that breakfast Interview with the Dean, and let Maurine watch her heart bleeding to death. She nad to find somewhere thai ihe coulci be alone until the worlfi stopped rocklrur. (To •• Continued) OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople , I WOTCHCO XX1--A HAT ON 04E EAR AND THE OTHER HUMPED INTO A . SKIMPY COLIAR.' HERE •yC-J ARE. JUST BECAUSE VDU HME TO BOTHER WITH AN O/ERCQAT/ OH, PLEASE.' IVE ADMIRED AN 1 LOOKEP UP ~K> YOU ALL MY LIFE "NOW PLEASE / PONT LEAVE ME HAVE f^ SUCH A MEMORV OF YOU AS THAT.' you Oiosn .TELL JAB.' HfWE VOL) HELICOPTER ? BEO YOU IfWElviTSD MAV fiOT BE JliST K CRACK |t4 THE CROCK KNO\M A FELLER VJlTrt A 6OFT SPOT -SUCK GAO&ETS \we'L\- HOP AMD RUr-i OOER AMD SEE HIM,~~VT'S OMLV ABOUT 6OO MILES.' OF MAGIC RU& ARE VOO FLlTTIfSS CLOUDS OW _ tHe SPIRITS OF YOU VL 6 AL VERMEER 1'KISCIU.A'S I'OP So youve been buying that gum Hv MICHAEL O'MALI.EY and RALPH LANK (Mimes lunjed at my eyes witK the hot poker and I went over backwards CAIL HIM Off I Ht'll KIIL Mt! LKSSLIE TURNER How tn Spend It WASH TUBBS 3.992 ICE CREW* SOCIVS Wl) 1WNK1W POUIVRS l& f. MIGHVI SKIWW HE PROTESTED UStWS IT FOR IHM TILL 1 SMt> IIE COULD HWE SOME OF II TO SPEWP. WELL,1 TURNED TH STOCEkl DIAMOND IU TO TtV POLICE. CAROL. THEM SKi TOWWLt. GET T«' REWARD AVIBISHT! MJ'IDNE THM DESERVJES IT tEM.,.BUTITNILL HAKE f HSf, HOW W»N /(SCHOOL FUND?) COUID I BUN ?/ ^ST < A NICE NEST ESS FOB HIS- FUTURE EDUCMION By FRED HARMAN 50 RYDER'S <30T THAI InStllLSHERIFF, i^JEN IF YOU HAMS BuMOUCWyTACI. AtfD AS <THIEf DEPUTY, It's rvf HUPP ffff. fRO^^ THATAVJB V. T. IIAMLIN SOMEONE AL- SOVEO>JE v, «EAPV HAS... wraaic ?TM£\ 0"Z OKIE HIM ^LL OUT TH- ORESS1NS OP MM • V DCAVN OF HI6 OFH.M. r- LIFE ._ REAL LV QURIVfT WM UP.' SOME WEN.EHC TAKB IT KN'COP /THAT S3t .REN'T Too NO MATTER HOW 603. TO YOU DID TALK: By EDGAR MARTIN This Way, Folks! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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