The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1947 BLYT5IKV1LLE (AHK.) COUKIEIl NEWS PAGB in the Mouth--.-ls Q Good Holds Interest Former Commander Of Legion Says He May Be Candidate By Mob Brown ^(United Press Sluff Correspondent) If LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 1 (UP) • -—The political situation in Arkan/ sas made news twice over the svcek- cnd. One prospective candidate withdrew frotn gubernatorial consideration, and a newcomer broke into the " talked of" slage. In a move regarded as highly significant, Highway Commissioner William Harold Sadler volnnlccred the iulormnlion that "I shall not seek public office in 1948." Slnvul- . tancously, Wesley Sampler of Rogers announced that he was "considering" making the race. Sadler's announcement, coming just before a promised statement from Gov, Ben Lancy as to his political aspirations, was seen by many observers as opening the door to a llilrd loi-m for Ihe governor. Lancy, however, denied that he wits Involved in Sadler's decision. In further statements Ihe governor confused his plans lo announce his decision. He set Dec. 20 as the dale he would make an announcement, but he added that Ihe announcement at lhat lime might be one of further delay in his long-awaited decision. Asked why he could not announce his Intentions at, this time, the governor answered that he was-doing his "own thinking," and that, he has "always hcen a little slow." He also refused to comment on other candidates or .suggest the man he might support should he decide to retire. "Every man who wants to run -"^jhould be allowed to run without ^interference from any ex-high official or any present high-official," Lanoy said. "I don't believe in any pressure being brought in an effort ; .to make anyone run or not run." Sadler, a long-time backer of the governor, thanked his supporters for their "many voluntary pledcgcs of support." While it said he would not "seek" office, it dirt not preclude his making a race if he is drafted. Sampler Is a veteran of World War II and Immediate past slate commander of the American Legion. . "Many sugestions have come li me from all seclions of the stat that I become a candidate for gov ernor," Sampler said. "I am giving It most serious consideration." Meanwhile, other polcntial can dldates kept mum and awaited de velopmcnts. Those mentioned prominently in . - elude former Attorney General Jac Holt, Attorney General Guy E. Wi] Hams, Joncsboro Chancellor Franc •- Cherry,; Lieut. Gov..Nathan Gordon '" Marion"County Judge Cy Bond, Hi Springs Prosecutor Sidney S. Me Math, and Internal Revenue Co j.lcctor Horace E. Thompson. government officials, based largely on Ihe fact that this winter will sec the first widespread use of littliumcnl ImidlUR systems — the radio beams which guide pilots Ihrough "jouti" to «lr|>ori nin«- *'»>'»• •' •..'....';. Approach and landing accidents nnd mouuUIn crashes have ' ac counted over the years'-it>r a largo majority of »lr fatalities. To combat collision hazards, I ho airlines ' are instilling ' terrain warnuiB devices in nil-their planw Ordered- h>' lluv government, this work must be completed by Feb 15. . VnllahaSMO, Ailaiilii, Knoxvllle,' Cincinnati Uaylon, Indianapolis, Erie, linffalo, .Uelrolt, chlrono, .St. Louis, Memphis, Jnckaon, New Orleans, Brownsville, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dalian, Fl. Worth, Oklnhonm .City. Tulsu, Wlchlla, Auuirillo, Kl, Albucique, Pen- vcr, chcyi'iuiL', Aroivln, Ij0» Angeles, Columbus, NMhville, Onmku fuel Molino. 2 A number of ulrllnr.s ulready I Inu'i5 put terrain Indicators In their planes. This was ordered on recommendation of President Truman's Air safety Board. The" Olvll approved two kinds. One h th c mH modified The Rev. Wendell Hansen of Chicago, who uses n varisly ot birds to point up his sermons, holds a piece of rounded metal smeared with cod liver oil for his trained sword-swallowing gracklc. The bird, one o£ 45 in the pastor's troupe, actually swallows the "swurd." , • • ... • • ,, Uary radnr, modified by Howard ulr transportation will | HuehcSi wWc |i G , vcs j, W nlng»' w'|;u * plnnp comes within '2,000, 1,000 and 500 feet of lh« ground. In ic other category are several types Winter Flying Made More Safe r hru Use of New Instruments By Charles Corddry . (United Press Aviation Writer) WASHINGTON, Dec. 1. (UP) — ir transportation this winter hotild be inherently salcr than in any previous bad-weather flying season. And travelers should encounter fewer 1 schedule cancellations and delays. These are the views of airline and make'In the 1947-1948 .winter sen- son a modest approach-,lo all-wea- ier flight. Ultimate achievement this go»l nitty lake another 6 _ 10 years, .depending upon do- elopment of Rddltlouil navigation nrt landing aids, the amovmt of loney, available for the work arid lie development of j)llot' : confldcnu n Ibe devices. The present situation shapes up his way: 1. Twelve nil-lines now are au- horlze'd to use Instrument laud ng systems at 43 eilles. Mor« are icing approved rapidly. By using he radio beams, wliich activate cockpit instruments and point the way to a landing, airlines are permitted Rene-rally lo come in under a 300-foot cloud celling. Tills I. 100 feel under previous minimum^ The system will make for more orderly traffic procedures in Uac wealher, less congestion and fcwc schedule cancellations and delays Airline officials sny there shoul bo fewer potential landing accl dents. The 12 airlines are Amcrlrai Brantff. Delta, Continental, Chi cago ,fc Southern, Northeast, I'n American, Southwest. Eastern, Na tlonal, United and TranscontlMiita & Western Air. Dinntff, with the longest exig- ence, now has been authorised fly Into Amarill6, Brownsville. Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City and San Antonio under 200-foot, cell- Ings. Instrument landings by the. other 11 airlines are authorized, under 300-foot ceilings, at these cities: Hartford/ Neiv York, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, Raleigh, Charleston, Boston, Jacksonville, these, sround crtwi «pot pl»n«» on radar scOIK'S and monitor l«nil- liilis. It planes deviate from the Uuttiuintnt luidin* u»Um beanii, Ihe rudir crewk c»n w«rn the plloti. They »Uo vUl five lind- l',i( ctlrecttotu'li pilot* request them In -lieu ol iuln< the Instrument Undlac tyiUm, ! 4. Surveillance ruUr sets are; looted »t W«»hln«loo, New York inrt [>l(Uburgii. Now under service :e«t, they theorell«»liy will «irt tra- flo controller* In luldliic plnnes. B».'k« KIT* SpteUl Vit*'Birds have many tptclaj types of . 'itiey are u*td for chisel- Ing, ileanln«, liamnierin», Insect e*tln(, opening, «n»pplnf, »p»dlBf, >pc*r. itif, 6lr«lnlnf, »nd ' radio nlllinctpr, Riving nlwohlto tltudc nbovc leirnin at all times. 3. Qronml-controlled approach ntlar sets are Installed at OhictAo, Vnshlnglon and La Quardla Field, N. Y.' They also me nvalluble In mei'geiictcs nl inllitaiy fields. Wllh \VATK1NS I»RQ1)IJCTS Now Available A Complete Line Famous Since 1868 Mrs. B. Justus, Dealer till Ash St. Phone :U15 Steel Oil Barrel Rack* Aajr Ik* T. L MMRY HIISOCKI BT. ra. tan DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality I. Davl* St. . - Wealth Is Comparative ".'. CANTON, O. (UP)—The Amer . can millionaire of loday would'have "been worth about $100.000 51 years * ago, Jacob C. Meyer, Western Re- Y serve University professor of hist- • *, ory, said here. "We have over $200 '•'per capita in circulation, while in ;'• 1895 the amount per person was but ' $21.44, bringing the value of the ' dollar to one-tenth of what it was *.-\ then;" Meyer told the Ohio Bankers ' Association. . . Just ask... wo /lire to say "YES" Phone 4641 to LOANS Come To Our TOYIAND1 AUTOMOBILE • SIGNATURE CO-MAKER • FURNITURE It's the most complete toy display in Blytheyill*. LOOK AT THIS— Win. THICVCLES ».»S Overland COASTER WAGON ... ».»S 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE Auto & HOME BLAN HEATH FARM DITCHES DRAGLINE EXCAVATION R. M. HEUCHAN OONTRACTOm Slyth.yillt, Ark. P. 0. Box 883 First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE! PROTECTION > Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES B1TTNBB Contractors can build it better and faster with READY-MIXED CONCRETE • For building f loon, iidewolki, driveways, foundation and scores of other Improvementi When you build, of course you want concrete—firesafc, enduring and low in cost. Ready-Mixed Concrete helps contractors deliver a quality job at a satisfactory price-Evcryiruckload is strong, uniform, watertight concrete, designed for j««r specifications. Low delivered price for a quality product is made possible by our volume production and modern concrete proportioning plant. l«t uh pwl you In tenth wifh VK- p«H«n<«4, r»puf«bl* tentractorl L who w* mrm iur< wHI «)r* r"> • Right up in the FOUR-FRONT HUGHES & Company. "R«ody Mix Concrete" Building Materials South 70th St. At R. R. — Phone 3531 S CATTERED across this nation are ' some of the easiest automobile buyers the world ever saw. They cut their eyctccth on a steering wheel, so to speak — they know car values from A to izzard — and you have to he plenty good to step ahead of your price class in the volume of your sales to them. That's why it's startling — sometimes even to us—to see the double-barreled story of public preference that's written in the sales records and registration figures: ' ITEM: Only three cars outsell Buick — and all of these are in the so- called "low-price field." ITEM: In some localities — and quite often in polls that ask "Which car will you buy next?" — Buick ranks not fourth, hut third, actually ahead of one ot the lowest-priced three. Naturally, the smart buyer will ask "How come?" Well, the most standout style of the season, the style that's the clearest forecast of wonderful things to be, undoubtedly has much to do with it. But that isn't all. The dollar is still a pretty important measuring stick. So we don't think.Buick could be where it is if it didn't offer a bigger dollar's worth—bigger in size and substance, in lift and life, in soft ride and easy handling, bigger in (he all-round happiness you'll get out of your buy. Tun» in HtNKY 1. WIOR, Mutual Ntlwotlc, Mondoyt onrf FiWo/l When better automobiles are built BUICK will build them Which suggests, of course: Why go against the solid judgment of your fellow men? Why not see your Buick denier now — with or without a car to trade — and place the order thnt will put you where you belong, right up in the four-front? ONIY BUICK HAS ALL TH1SI •k if FtKMAU POWER ir ACCURII1 CrUNDE* BOMNO ir SIIIHT ZONE BODY MOUNTINGS it runwBGHT HSIONS •k tUKOIL SMWOMG •ir fuiL-imam TOROUE-TUIE DMVE ««*w-F»*t snatmo * SAFETV-tBt KMS , * srrroN MKKINO §t*« •k DtfPFUX SEAT CUSHIONS * CWl-AKOUND HJMfOtS it TEN SMART MOCX1S ir loor *r rtsnat LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 5S5 Have You Tried Bowling? Regulation 10 Pin Alleys! En joy 1 his Healthful Sport Regularly at CHITWOOD'S 10 PIN BOWLING ALLEY In 500 Block on East Main StrMt Phono 4929 ^____ FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contract™ LYNCH BLDG BUr MEVk^- ^ ^ t

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