Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 28, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1891
Page 7
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How wretched is the man who has fallen a victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with all the horrible attendants. Look upon the picture. Poor man, being tired of dragging out a miserable existence, he is the picture of despondency; altogether, he is rather a forlorn specimen.». Do we pity him ? Of course; but at the same time feel assured that in a measure he is to blame for the bad state into which he has fallen. A sure, safe, speedy and easy cure can be found in Simmons Liver Regulator—Nature's own remedy. No mercury or deleterious drugs, not unpleasant to the taste, and always reliable—just such a remedy as you can pin your faith to without a shadow of disappointment. Read the testimonial, don't take our word for it: "I have been subject to icvcrc spells of Congestion of the Liver, and bave been in thehabic of taking from is to so grains of <:Uomel, which generally laid me up for three or four days. Lately I have .been taking Simmons Liver Regulator which gave me relief, without any interruption to business." J. HUGO, Middleport, Ohio. - jr. H."xJEXL,ijr~tf co., SOLI PHOnom-OKS, PHILADELPHIA, PA. PRICE, 81.00. Ms Pi FOR TORPID LIVER. A torpid liver deranges tbe whole sy»- toui, and produces Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Rheumatism, Sallow Skin and Piles. There Is no better remedy for these common diseases tliun Tutt'* Liver Pills, as a trial will prove. Price, 25c. Sold Everywhere. Srtup llttla fortunmhRTebren m&detE work for us, by Anna PHRC, Austin, 'xjiH, »nd Jno, lionji, Toledo, Ohio, c cut. Others nrodoinp/u Well. "\Vh/ Hnotyou? Somet-nm over if 500.00 & niOntti, You cnn do lli- wqrlt and llva at hompi \vherevtjryou are. Even hc- frlnnem nrc cnslly eamlnc from !F5 to irlOftdny. All RR«. Wti»how you how and dtnrt you. Cnn work In spnre lima r nil itifl ilmo. Btp nionuy for work. cr«. Kniluro unknown runonp them. NE W mill wonderful. ParlicU Ini> free. H.XIull«tt<fr; Co.,Box »^Wl"ortluii<[,Maine JiCOOO.OO m.ye«r is bclnp mmlo by John R. Goodwin,*roy,N.Y.,iU work for UK. Keader, YOU mny »•* make us inuch, but we can .teach youijulckly how to earn from $5 to $10 it duyni the start, nntl nioro nsyou go on, Byth nexes, all ORCS. In nay-part of lAihcrica, you cun commence Rt home, givfhif: all your itmo.or spare momenta onl)-to tho worit. AH U MOW. Greftl pay SUHk for every worker. We start you, furnishing everything EASILY, SFEfiDiLT learned. J'AlcrifijLAltS FKKE. Addre«fl at once» ST1NSON A tO., I'DUTUM), FINE PAPER HANGINGS FRESCOI8G CHURCHES, .-fE RES1DEHCES, iC. V/e invite visitors co call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. P. NELSON & CO,, 193 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL, Are You Bioors? SOME PEOPLE ALWAYS ARE AND NEARLY EVERYBODY IS OCCASIONALLY. / TAKE DR. WHITE'S DANDELION ALTERATIVE. It is tbe beat remedy for diseases of tbe !Liver and Kidneys. It purifies (be blood and overcomes that feeling of weariness which yon so often experience. It will care yoar beadacbc, re* store your lost appetite, and make you feel vigorous enough to take any thing witbin yonr rcacb. Very large bottle for $1, and every bottle warranted. oold by B. P. Keesliug and D.E Pryor. ; "LUCK IS PLUCK" If you Have run a muck against some Discouraging Disease which you don't want your famtty doctor to know about,. remember that I OUR HEW BOOK [UUH ticn PUUIX Testimonials; Book mailed (sealed) trntmUmUtdUwi.eff.IZ HEDIOA1 ao.Baflilo K.Y. JW riQBTINO DISEASE, YOU JflLL FIND THAT "PLUCK WINS LUCK!" I -i®.^—^-^ ARABIAN bftl 1?a A M DAL 5An me or tie BEST MEDICINES ever MM PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, both Extemallyand Internally. It is safe and certain in its action . For Burns, Poisoning, Er , , Inflammation of the Eyes or Bowels, .Earache, Deafness, Rheumatism, Fains in Side, Back, or Shoulders, Piles, Sore Throat, Croup t or Bronchitis. Price 25 cts. and Jr. at all druggists. E. MORGAN It, SONS, Proprietors, PROVIDENCE, R. I. TB1DE SUPPLIED by ROSS GORDON, Ind. THE VERY LATEST. . Devics to Make Murderers ecute Themselves. Ex- >"c\v Fancied Device for the Kxecutton of Human I5«'lnp',—The Dial, tlie Ma- chlno and tli« Death Chamber ntwritH-d and Pictured. Colorado's hiAvmiikcrs will, ut this session of the assembly, take a hand in adopting 1 some late device for the. execution of human being's, \vrites Denver a Correspondent Of the St. Louis Republic, and raciy accidentally adopt some means superior to the electric method now in use in New York. Recently apian was invented by one of the i-onvifts serving a term in the Colorado penitentiary at Canon City, by -,vliii:h .lames Joyce, a condemned murderer, executed himself. Now a bill has been introduced in one of tlie houses asking 1 that this sj'stcm of suicide be legalized and adopted as the means of. carrying- ont the sentence of capital punishment with an excellent chance ot its becoming a law. The problem tbe inventor has attempted to solve was to devise some means by which the victim, by his own act, would let tlie weight fall and hang himself. The problem has been solved by the methods depicted in tbe illustrations of this article. A square platform, about three inches high, was placed .in the center of the floor. This platform is set over a THE DIAL AXT) THE MACHISK. spring, which bends down about half an inch under the weight of a man. It is the descent of this platform' that pulls the "jerk" that releases the weight. But it has been so arranged that a minute and a half elapses between the time that the man steps upon the platform and the time the weight falls. In the closet there are two square 'buckets, one above the other. The upper bucket, when it is full of water, weighs forty pounds. -It rests upon the end of a beam that moves up and down upon <in axis. At the other end of the beam rests loosely an iron ball, which weighs twenty-nine pounds. This ball is attached loosely to the "rod that regulates the large weight in the wooden pipe. The little window has been painted in the shape of a dial. A hand on the dial is attached by astring to a float in the lower 'bucket. As the water rises in the lower bucket, the hand moves from rightto left THE DEATH across the face of the disk. It takes about a minute and a half to run across from one side to the other. When the victim steps upon the platform the descent of the spring- moves a rod that pulls a stopper and permits the water to trickle down from one bucket to the other. As the upper bucket becomes lighter it rises and the weight at the other end of the beam lowers, at the same time the float in the lower bucket rises as the water pours in. The hand begins its progress across the dial. The upper bucket continues to ascend and the position of the weight at the other end of the beam becomes every moment more precarious. The weig-ht trembles there;-the hand has well nigh madp, its journey across the dial. Suddenly the weight slips off the beam. It falls. By that fall it pulls the long- arm that regulates the heavy weig-ht in the wooden pipe. The big weight falls with a crash, and the man is jerked into the air. He has executed himself. HANDLING UNCUT HAY. icrar wooden tracks supported from the rafters by malleable castings and hooks at intervals of four to six or eight feet It was not until I tried the experimcn that I had any idea of the strength o: these hooks and castings. -To get the hay out by horse-power is a very sim" pie process. Reverse the car on the track; bore holes about every fifteen or twenty feet through the four by four track so as to bolt on the iron casting which holds the car in place until the forkful is elevated. Put a pulley on the end of the track that projects out-of- doors, and another on a stake driven into the ground just beyond the wagon on •which you intend to put hay. Stick the For ealebyB. F Keesli A Device the General Adoption of Which Would ^Save Much Labor. It is an easy matter to "stick the fork" and.unload a load of hay with horses, hut it is not quite. as easy to loosen the hay in' the winter with'a hand pitchfork. • This is especially true where hay is put in, the barn in large forkfuls, and al lowed to roll down in any way so as to give room for.the next forkful. It is well to "mow away" the hay in sections and stack it nicely in the ,barn, but ninety per cent, 'of the farmers are often farced by approaching storms, lack of h'elp, breakages'or other causes to put the hay in quickly without regard to! how it tumbles. When hay thus put in has settled, it needs a well-muscled and good-tempered man to get out a ton in forty-five minutes. Probably the majorityV if not all our western ha_y barns hav.e four .by OPEX SHJiD FOR FEEDING CATTLE. fork, but not too deeply, in such densely packed hay, and start up. Go slowly when the forkful nears the end of track above the wagon. Trip it with the trip rope and turn the team around for another load. In this way two men and a team can put on a ton in twenty to twenty-five minutes without sweating like a southern negro on a cane plantation. Two of my men have spent an hour with hand forks doing the same work. As many barns are comparatively low, an open shed extension—see the cut—with a feeding hay rack in the center, would greatly economize handling uncut hay, and would, furthermore, save the droppings from exposure to rain and snow. The hay could be dropped from the horse fork into the feeding rack directly underneath and save considerable labor.—J. N, Muncey, in Rural New Yorker. Something is lost wlien you use Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. It's Catarrh. The worst cases yield to its mild, soothing, cleansing, and healing properties. No matter how bad your case, or of how long standing, you can be cured. Incurable cases are rare. It's worth §500 to you, if you have one. . The manufacturers of Dr. Sage's Remedy are looking for them. They'll pay you that amount in cash, if they can't cure you. It's a plain square offer from a responsible business house, and they mean it. It seems too one-sided, too much of a risk. It would be—with any other medicine behind it. It only goes to prove what's been said : -incurable cases are rare —with Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Other so-called remedies may^otf- liate for a time; this cures for all time. By its mild, soothing, cleansing and healing properties, it conquers, the worst cases. It removes offensive breath, loss or impairment of the sense of taste, smell or hearing, watering or weak eyes, when caused by the violence of Catarrh, as they all frequently are. Remedy sold by druggists, only 50 cents. —Jay Gould may be forgiven some of liissins, but nobody would think of condoning such jocularity as- he has been indulging in on his southern tr'p. For instance, looking out of his car window he said to an Atlanta reporter: "Why is it that black pigs eat more than white?" The reporter threw up his hands at the first fire, and Mr. Gould replied: "Because there are more black ones than white ones " —"Hello, up there!" shouted his wife, "what in the world are you making- such a rumpus about?" Husband (on roof)—"I am holding an inquest." Wife—"An inquest! Who is dead?" Husband—"Nobody. -I am in quest of the/eollar'button that slipped-down the back of my neck."—Brooklyn Eagle. ADVICE TO WOMEII If you would protect yourself from Painful, Profuse, Scanty, Suppressed or Irregular Menstruation you must use BRADFIELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR Delicious Mince Pie in 20 Minutes TIKE OF THE TEAB. NEW ENGLAND 'MINCE- MEAT. In paper boxes; enough for two large pics. Always res4y; easily prepared. GLEAN, WHOLESOME, CONVENIENT, SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. CAiiTEitsvn.i.E, April "0, 'JoS.1. This will certify that two members ot my Immediate family, after having suffered for yciii'S from ftlciiMlnml Irrc^tilarSly, being treated without benefit b 1 ,- i)Uj'siciu.ns, were at length completely on roil by one bottlo ofBradflcld'H female llcziilaloi-. ltd effect is truly wonderful. J. W. STBASUC. Book to " WOMAN " mulled FREE, which eonuilus valuable Information ou ull I'eniule dJacartw. 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Tenn,,':Fort Payne, "Ala., Meridian, Miss., Vickburg,-Mlss.,.Shreveport,.La. 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to'Lexington, Ky, 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxyllle, Tenn. •116 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and - '- Augusta, Ga.. • 114 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala 28 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham Ala. 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at New Orleans and Shrevepon For Texas, Mexico, California. Trains leave Central Union Depot, Cincinnati, crossing the Famous High Bridge of Kentucky and rounding the-base of Lookout Mountain ThoHman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains Over One Million Acres of Land hi Albania, tbf future Great-State of the South subject to preemption. Unsurpassed climate. For Correct County Maps, 'Lowest Rates anf full particulars addres, D. G. EDWARDS, Gen Passenger & Ticket Agent, - . Queen 4: Crescent Route, Cincinnati. 0. F Cklche*tor>« Emll.h Diamond BruO. ENNYROYAL PILLS .>?£•>. Orlrli.nl *ml Only Genuine. , t«t>V--**«, •Iwa.vfl rcllaolo. I.AD.ES wit Dracelst for ChiehtMler't Jfnqltsh L mond Jtrand lu Jtod and Coiti mc «c«. Bcalwl with blue rihbon. Tnlre uother. Refutedangerou*iMbttitus , \> and imitoti&n*. AtDrUggiatu, or»cnd4c. ttdoipi for jmrUculi\«, testimonials »nd .'*llcf for Ladles" in letter, by return jiL 1<I,OOO Te*ttnionlnl'>: A'amu Paper* crCheiiilcolCo.,MudUonS(iuiiro» l'i*. ' : . J'lilUdm., F». oy B. Jb\ NOTICE. To tlie Voter* of the City of Lotiun*.- port, Indiana, Of (he Change JM U»e Htouiiilnrlen of the Voting Precincts of Said (JUy, » itl^itu by tin- Common Council lit Tlnrir ECi-giilur H^ssinn, JTrarcli IS, 1S91. Tlie voters of Ui« City uf J.ogiiiiKpon, Ciuss County. ImlltiiKi. will hi-rt'-by take notice tlm the. following order was uiiulp.by clwC'omuioiiCouncil ol tlie Clt.v of LOKMiispoit, Ciuss County. InUluiiit, at tlielr regular .session. Wednesday evening, March IS, Kill. EletUon unwindsiisformetl In Die City o' Lo- tfmsport, Iiidliina; In accordance wiU) ;in act of the Legislature of the.StaieoniKlIan;:,approvedJlarcht;, 1SK9,. It Is ordered by tlie Common Council of tlie City ol' Lo- g;i.nsport, Ca.ss County Indiana; and they do now form uiid ado|)t tlie following voting prc'clncts. In tuoseveral wards uf the City of Lojgmsiiort. Jml. to nl FII'.ST 1VAHD. Preclnci No. I—All that u-rrltory embraced williin tile following nift»s and bounds. lo-wlu Coinmenc- JiiKattlienortwestcornerof Sycamore and OlUi- wa streets, thencerunnhig west alon^ the north line of Ottawa street to Vine street:, thence, south along the west line of Vliw street to Miami street, thence west onthe north line of Miami street to Plum sci eet, thence north aloni? the east line of Plum street to Bates street, thence west along the ii'irth line of Bates street to Holland street, thence north on the east line o! Holland streetto tlie uort boundary line of said First ward, and thence eat a.long the north line of said ward to Sycamor street, and thence south along the. west line of tiyei more street -.to the place of beginning An It Is ordered that the elections In said precinct b held In house on Ottawa street on the southwes corner of lot 10, In D D. Dykeman's 1st addition t west i,osan. In said ward. Precinct No. 2—All that territory embraced wlthl thetollowlngmetesandbounds, to-wlt; Coninieii' Ing at the northwest corner of Ottawa and sjycs more streets, thence running south along the we.s line of Sycamore street to Clilppawa street, thenc west on the north line of Chlppawastreet to Plun street, thence south on the west line of Mum stree to Os;ige street, tlieuc^ west on the north line Osage and WheaUiind streets to the Chieag branch of the Plttsburg, Chicago. Cincinnati Louis Railway, thence south along the line of sai railway to tile Peorla branch of said railway, thenc west following the north line of said I'eoria branc of said railway to the west limits of said ward thence north to the line of the « abash and Eri i anal, thence east along the line of the Wabas and Erie canal bed to Holland street, thence sout along the west llneof said Holland street to Bate street, thence east on tlie south line of Bates stree to Plum street, thence soutli on Plum street t Miami street, thence east along the south line o Miami siret to Vine street, thence noi 111 on the «is line of Vine street to Ottawa street, thence east 01 south line of Ottawa street to place of beginning And It Is ordered that the. elections Jn said preclnc be held In thebtildlingon thesou hwest corner o the school house yard in said ward. Precinct No.3—All that territory embraced with! the followingine.tes and bounds, to-wit: Comment Ing at the southwest corner of sycamore and Chii: jjewa.streets, thenrerunnlngvvest on the sout! llneofCiilppewa street to Plum street, thenc south on the east line of Plum street to Osage then west on south line of Osage street to Wheat land street, thence west on south llneof Wheatlan sireet to the Chicago branch of the Plusburg, Cln clnnail, Chicago & St. Louis Hallway, thence soutl along said railway to Market street, thence east on tlie north line of Market street to Eel river, thenc easterly along the north bank of Eel river, will the meanders thereof, to the place of beginning And It is ordered that the elections in said pr.ee.inc be held at cue engine house In said ward. Precinct No. 4—All that territory embraced wltMi thefol owl gmetes and bounds, to-wit: Commenc Ing at the westeixl the ofEel river bridge onMarke street hi said ward, thence west along the north bank of Eel and Vfaba <h rivers, with the meander, thereof, to the wvst limits' of said ward, thence north to the south line of the Peorla branch of the P., C.. C.& St. L.Railway ther.ce. east along tin Peoria branch of theP.C. C, A: St. Louis llailwaj to Market street, thence east on th< south line of Market street to tlie place of beginning. And it Is ordered that the elections in said precict be held In Uhl's cooper shop In said ward. SECOND WARD, I'reci net No .1—All that territory embraced witblr the following metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commenc Ing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence running south on the. west line of Fourth street to Eel River avenue, thence southwest on the north line of Ee River avenue to Third street, tnenceuorth on Tblrt street to Eel river bridge, thence northwest on east llneof Sycamore street to the north limits of the Second ward, thence along the north limits of sild Second ward to the west line of Stevens, Mobley jmd Clarv's additions to the city of Lognnsport thence north along the west line of said additions to tlie north limits of said ward, thence, east on the north line of said ward to Clifton avenue, thence south along the west line of Clifton avenue to Haiuia street, thence southwest along the north line ot Banna street to Pontiac street thence south along the west line of Pontla • sweet to the uorth junk" of Eel river, thence w est on the north bank ol Eel river with the meanders thereof to a point opposite Fourth street to the place of beginning And It is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held at what is now known at Schaefer's cooper shop in said ward. Precinct No 2— All that territory embraced within the. following metes and bounds, to-wit; Cummenc- .ng at Eel river on Fourth street, thence running south on the east Ine of Fourth street to Broadway street, thence east on the north line of Broadway street to Fifth street, thence sontli on east line of Fifth street to the Wabash and Erie i-anal bed, thence east along the north line of said canal bed to Seventh street, thence north on the west line of Seventu street to High street, thence west On the suuth line of High street to Sixth street, thence north on the west line of Sixth street to Eel liver, tad thence west alone the south bank of Eel river vith the meanders thereof to the pla e of begln- tlng. And It is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held at the North stieet engine house :ii said ward. Precinct No.3—All that territory embraced within the tonovUtig metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commenc- ii" un the south bank of Eel river at the. hi'ersec- :loh with Tiilrd street, thence running south to Eel Elver avenue, then-e northeast along the south -Ine of Eel Elver avenue to Fourth street, thence south on the eastlme of Fourth street to Broad- vay street, thence east on the south line of Broad- vay stree.t to Fifth str»t. thence south on tlie west ine of Fifth street to Market street, thence we.st on .he north line of. Market street' to Eel Hiver tvenue, thence southwest on Eel River avenue o the Wabash river, and thence northwest along ;he south bank of Eel river, with the meanders hereof, to the place of beginning. And It Is ordered that the elections in said ureciuct be held at he township trustee's ottlcein said ward. THIRD WARD; Precinct No. 1—All "that'territory embraced with n the following metes-and bi.unds, to-wit: Cora- nenclngat the corner of EelWver avenue and Market street, the'-ce running east to Elfth street, hence southeast to.'Oitk street.thence south along he wfsfilne ofOak street to Canal street, thence vest along the north Irna'of Canal street to Fourth treet. thence south on the west line of Fourth treet to the Wabash river, thence west along ti>e lortb bar.li of the Wi'iash. river, with the riiean- ers thereof, to Eel River avenue, and thence d th to the place of beginning. And it Is ordered hat Hi- elections lu said precinct be held at the Id brick school house-hrsaM ward. Precinct No.-;J.—All that territory embraced rittiln the-followlng metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at the corner of the >Vabash and Jrle canal bed and Oak street, thence running •ist. along the south line of the. Waiiash and Erie ana! bed to Twelfth street, thence south along aewest llneof Twelfth street to theWaba-sh Iver.them-o west along,the north ; bnnkof the Vabnsh river with the meanders thereof, to Fourth street, thence north along the the east ne of Fourth street to Canal street, thence ea-t n Canal street to Oak stree.t, thence north on the. ast line ol Oak-street, to the place of beginning. Vnd it Is ordered that taeelertlonsjn said precinct e held at Harry. Torr's, office In said ward. Precinct No. 8.—The third precinct of said ward s composed of all that part. ol. .said ward lying ast of the east line ot J. B. Shultz's third addl- on to Logansport and south of the Wabash ver. Including Blddle's Island. And It is ordered hat the election in said preclnctbe held at Amans trrlage trimming shop cm Burlington avenue In aid ward. FOURTH WARD. Precinct No. 1.—All th» territory embraced wltu- t tbe following metes and bounds, t<>wit: Com- lenclug at the corner of Sixth and High streets, lence running north on Pontiac street to Manna reet, thence, "east on the,south llneof Hanna jt'eet to Cill'ton avenue, thence north on the east ne of Clilton a'/enue to the ward boundary line. lien e east'tlong the vva'd boundary line to east limits r:f said .wind, thence southeast ".long the line of said ward t« Eel river, thence west along the north bank of Eel river, with the meanders'. K.I, to a point opposite • Tenth street, thftnce--', south crusslng said river to kace . srreet,-tnen.ee- west along/the north of Kace street-to Eighth'.? street, thence south along the, west line 0£ Elgbtfe^ street to High sireet, and thence west along the ?• north, luie, oi-HIgh street to the placeof beginning : : And It Is ordered that tlie elections In said pre-,'.' : - dnct be held at thebricK ofllce building at; the " ; -I Precliut No. 2.-A11 tluit territory embraced^ within the following metes ;md bounds. to-wit: : •-' Commencing ut tin' corner of gevi-mli and High,' streets, tliwice. running east on the south line ol- High street to Eighth street, thence north on th*.-; east line of Eighth s; reel to Itace street, thence :'. east on the south line 01 Race street to Twelfth; street, thence south on the west line of Twelfth' street to Broadway street, thence, west ou tb.*-: north line ol Broadway street to Seventh street.;'' :uid thence north on i.hee:ist line ot tjevantls; street to tlie place of beginning. And 'i Is ordered^ thnt the elections of said precinct be lieldat tb>>.' southeast corner of tlie school house lot, being fcxi^ IB. Tlpton's second addition to Logansjiorl, in s;ilos ; ward. . ' rrec'nct N'o. 3,—All that territory embraced; within the. following metes and bounds, to-wlt-; Commencing at the southwest corner of Twelfth.'' and B'O.idway streets, thence running south 010-' the westlini; of Twelfth sireet to tlie. wabasb atioT'': Krle canal bed. ilience west ,':lur/fr the the line o.f : > said ciinal bed to Seventh street, thence north on,, east line, of Seventh street to Broadway street.aail'•-• the.iice«ision south line of Broadway street to., place of beginning. .\i:0 ills ordered that Hie- elections in said i«rec!nei be Mil at Clem's liver*-. slable in sajd ward. :'. rrecinit No. 1.—All thiit territory t-uiljraced -'--TJ? within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt:-Jij* Commencing at Eel river on 'I welfth sireet.theiiw •v-Jfe running sonih tu Market sireet, thence east, WM'i'Sg north line of Market tuvet HI Sixteenth street. ? : sl thence north on west line of fix.eenth. the. south bank ot Eel river, and th< the south bank of Eel river, v.irh n of. to the place of beginning. And It Is ordered "v;;,^ that the elettlons In said precinct be held In the -"-'i>jj front room over tireen's grocery store, on Broad- -S'VV waystreel. Ill Xi-.id ward. ' . S*< Precinct No. 2.—All that territory embracing''/?^ within the following meles and bounds, to-wlt :''~'>ii$ Commencing at the corner of Twelfth and'JIarket ••e.S streets-, thence running east on the south line ol'VKa Market street to Sixteenth street, theiice sou!lH>n ^gj the west line of sixteenth street to Smead'atr,«t.,'-SsS thence west on the north line of siuead street'to; ; -Sp5 Twelfth street, and tliriice north on east 'iineolViJwsj Twelfth street to the place of beginning: "Awl lt>.;'i^i Is ordered that the elections in said precinct De''-iSt; held at the Fifteenth street enjne house to sa!d.-'' ; S>S ward. s^Sf Precinct, Xo. :!.—Ali that territory embrac«dv;fiS within the following metes and bounds, to-wlti.;j$f Commencing at hel river on Sixteenth street •''v^-f thence runtime south on east line of SlxteenthSiSy street to Market sireet, Thence fast on north llucv-,.~,i.-'f of Market street to Eighteenth street, th«nc»'-"2% south on east llneof Eighteenth street to Spear •;'*! street, thence east on north line of Spear street tovaffi the east limits of the city, thence north along the-.-'-'Ss eastern limits of the city to Eel river, tbence west. j:ii| along south hank of Eel river to place of begin-"g-3* nlnjf. And Ills ordered that the elections In said.' '"* precinct beheld li, the ofllce of the street car- bu Iding in said wani. . '-A PiX'dnet Jv'o. 4—All that territory embrace'dV within tlie i'ollowhig meles and bounds, to-wit;w. Commencing at the corner of the Wubash,SLLc«ls^r^ and Paclllc railway and Twelfth street.thence east Si? alone said railway to Seventeenth street, thencfe'ii^J nonh on the e:tst line of Seventeenth street to the Sia£ W abash and Erie canal bed. thence west alonEj;:.-/^ said canal bed to Sixteenth street, thence notch :%fe on east line of Sixteenth street to Market sireet, .f/ij thence oast on south, line of Market -street to,- ;i >;|<* Elghthteeiith sweet, thence south on west llne/.oC' 1 :^ Eighteenth street to Spear street, thence east on Sis south line oftpear .street to east-limits of citj-^i'Hs thence south along the east limits ol said city ._ ..„„ Wabash river, thence west along the north bank'",lv?$ is ordered that Uie elections in said precuict:b«i*;jS held in the house now owned by Rudolph Berndt, -Jjtfl No. C29 Seventeenth street, in said wnrd., ; . :fi^i PreelnctXo.5— All that territory embraced within;/;-^ the following metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commenq- -gg ing at the. corner of Twelfth and Smead streets.iff?' thence running east on the south line ol-Smea*;??' street to Sixteenth street, thence south on tlie west' -.'5 line of Sixteenth street to the Wabash anfli-Erie^iS canal bed. thence east on the line of said canal.'beitviL. to Seventeenth street, thence south on west line' o£ JS? Seventeenth street to Wabash Railway, thence west,' ;SyS itlong sudd railmiy to Tiyelfth street, thence northVpiS on the e;ust line of Twelfth street to the plate ol.be-VS: ginning. And it is ordered that the elect!ofu;'iii : ;>4» said precinct be held at what is known as Topp'.s..:;!Sg shoe shop In said ward. • - S's i he State of Indiana, the County of Cass, the City ot.%38 Logansport, ss: 'A'vS I,JohnJ,Tagg;vrt, Cle.rkof the. City of Losau.;5i« sport. Indiana, do hereby certify that the above ls-a-'S$ comDlftecopyofthenroceedingsof the .. .. . Council of the City ot Loganspbrt, Indlana,:.at regular session held in theramicli chamber ofsald. -as city on Wednesday evening March IS,1K91, 'relative'•• to the esUibllshiug of votins precllict-s for the. varl- > ous wards couiprisingthe City of i.ogansport, In--j (liana, as the same appears of record In my office: v; Witness my hand and the'seal ol'theCity of Lo':'" gansport, tliisJ9th day of March. 1891. [SK.U,.] JOHS.f.TASGAItT, Clerk City of Lojransport, Indiaaa.- .;•. Ladies $500 Reiarff.5 Dr. Anderson's English Female Heflulatlng-i Pills are the safest and most reliable. Give thenv> a trial and be convinced. At Drug store or* by mall, postrpald per box $1.00,8 boxes l'or.$2.'5fl:-'.-.';':. ^lokn Medicine Co., Toledo, O.^ For sale in Logausport, Ind.byBen Fisher, No 313. •'• Fourth Sti-eet, Mention paper. leblMtorSmV.'.^ Pianos Tuned, For the purpose of Introducing my work to' 1 musical people ol Logansport 1 have reduced my;> orleel'or tuning Pianos, $2.50 to SI.50. lalsv',; Seep on hand a ft.11 suppb of repairing material '•-; Pianos repolisbed, restrung, newniimraers.toiii '•' regulated, action rewalted, the touch " heavy or llgnt. First-class wort SSyeai ence. OrOers by mail or left at Allen son.s, 414 Fourth street* Organs as above. w. ». >nrMftlyilor Perfection Syringe treewitU . ooule. Prevents .Stricture. 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